Liverpool Mercury, February 9th, 1897


HARRIS / ELLIS, Feb 8th, Christ Church, Linnet Lane, Sefton Park, Charles Marens son of Kennett HARRIS Esq, to Emily Bandford, daughter of the late Thomas ELLIS Esq, both this city.

Silver Wedding

WILLIAMS / OWENS, Feb 8th 1872, Princes Rd, Welsh, Presbyterian Chapel, Robert 2nd son of Edwaerd WILLIAMS, 28 Doncaster St to Margaret daughter of Owen OWENS, Cefn Llech, Llaniestyn

Liverpool Mercury, February 25th, 1897


CHAMBERS / BANNER, Feb 24th, St Pauls Church, Princes Park, Edward Lloyd, 3rd son of Philip Henry CHAMBERS, D.L, of Dee Fords, Chester, to Winifred Helen eldest daughter of George BANNER, Liverpool, and granddaughter of Rev G. J. BANNER of Freiburg in Baden

EVANS / CROCKETT, Feb 24th, St Brides Church, Catherine St, William Alfred Edward EVANS of Cameroons to Amelia [Millie] daughter of Thomas Louis CROCKETT, of Liverpool late of H. M. Customs.

Liverpool Mercury March 20th, 1897


DIMMER / ARGO, Mar 17th, St Georges Church, Myrtle St, George, eldest son of George DIMMER of Cheltenham to E. R. [Lil] youngest daughter of Frank ARGO this city

MAXWELL / KENNA, Mar 15th, by special license, Robert Gilbert eldest son of the late Gilbert MAXWELL, Hope St, to Christina [Chrissie] youngest daughter of John KENNA of Tuebrook

Liverpool Mercury July 31st, 1897


DODD / KNOWLES, July 29th, St Philemons Ch, Windsor St, Thomas William DODD to Elizabeth KNOWLES, both this city

SANDERS / WAITE, July 28th, Parish Church, Whickham, County Durham, by Rev Canon Sanders father of the groom, Rev Roland Lewis SANDERS to Marion Alice, 3rd daughter of Eleanor and the late George WAITE of Newcastle-on-Tyne, at home 7 Ashbourne Cresent, Liverpool Sept 15th and 16th.

Liverpool Mercury October 8th 1897


COOPER / HODSON, Oct 7th, Everton Church, Alfred J. COOPER to Lilian only daughter of the late William Lawrence HODSON, of Walton, both this city

FARQUHARSON / McLEAN, Oct 5th, Fairfield, Presbyterian Church, by Rev D, FYFFE assisted by Rev D. McLEAN, Alloa, N.B, uncle of the bride, Joseph T. FARQUHARSON to Sina, elder daughter of the late Alexander McLEAN of Burgess Croft, Leswalt, Stranraer, N.B

HALLSWORTH / DEAVES, Oct 5th, Abbey Church, Shrewsbury, Frederick George son of Samuel HALLSWORTH of Liverpool and Bebiington to Kate Agnes youngest daughter of the late Edward M.DEAVES of Shrewsbury

HENSHAW / McDONALD, Aug 16th, St Barnabas, Woodend, New Zealand of Shannon, Manuwatu, 3rd son of the late Joshua HENSHAW of this city to Constance May 3rd daughter of Thomas McDONALD, of Invercoe, Walkuku, New Zealand

LEE / ANDERSON, Oct 6th, Gospel Hall, Archel Rd, Fulham, George Fallowdown Oulton LEE, of Riverslea, Neston, solicitor, 2nd son of the late Charles LEE of Chester to Elizabeth Pirie, 3rd daughter of Alexander ANDERSON of Rothes, N.B.

PEMBERTON / INNES, Sept 27th, St Andrews, Watford the Rev John Fishwick PEMBERTON. M.A, to Kathleen Maud daughter of the late Rev Stephen M. INNES vicar of St Michaels , Southampton.

URQUHART / BARTON, St James, West Derby, Ridley James URQUHART of Liverpool and Manchester, civil engineer to Louisa Cecillia BARTON of Stanley, Liverpool.

WOOD / PAULL, Oct 5th, All Saints Church, Princes Park, Sidney Moorcrieff WOOD of London, eldest son of S. W. WOOD, Liscard, Cheshire, to Emily Gertrude Saint youngest daughter of councillor Edward PAULL. J.P, Princes Park.

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