Marriages 1892

Liverpool Mercury, May 4th 1892


HOUGHTON / SQUAREY, May 3rd, Bebington Church, Philip Arthur, 2nd son of the late John HOUGHTON Esq, to Leonie Mabel youngest daughter of A. T. SQUAREY Esq, Gorsey Hey, Bebington, Cheshire


Liverpool Echo

July 1st 1892


BROWNLIE / CLARK. June 29th, Taver Rais, Barrhead, Archibald BROWNLIE of Monkcastle to Jessie dau of the late David CARRUTHERS, Bootle, Liverpool, relict of the late Robert M. CLARK, Thread manufacturer, Paisley.

HUGHES / SHANKS, June 28th, Christ Ch, Highbury, Thomas Herbert, eldest son of Roger HUGHES, Rhuddlan to Lucy 2nd dau P. M. SHANKS, 63 Highbury Hill, London.

JAMES / TIMMIS, June 20th, Bidston Ch, John William, eldest son of Charles Bartleet JAMES, Oaklands, Redditch to Jennie eldest dau of the late Charles TIMMINS, The Laurels, Birkenhead Park

JONES / KEARNEY, June 29th, St Philemons, Toxteth Park, Henry youngest son of the late Richard JONES to Elizabeth Jane 3rd dau of William KEARNEY, both this town.

MORRELL / SIMMONS, June 30th, Parish Ch, Edgbaston, Alfred 2nd son of George MORRELL of Sephton Park, Liverpool to Edith Alice only dau of Frederick SIMMONS of Oldfield, Edgebaston.

SIMPSON / MAYALL, June 30th, St James, Birkdale, Ricardo youngest son of the late Robert SIMPSON of Birkdale formerly Alderley to Florence eldest dau of the late George MAYALL of Liverpool.

WHARMBY / COATES, June 27th, St Nathaniels, Windsor, Walter 2nd son of Rowland J. WHARMBY to Maude Alma eldest dau of W. H. H. COATES, both this city.

Silver weddings

HARDCASTLE / TAYLOR, June 4th, 1867, St Chrysostoms, Sydney HARDCASTLE to Mary Ellen eldest dau of James TAYLOR


July 4th 1892


FRASER - CAVIERES, June 4th, Tocopilla, Chilli, William Fraser son of the late Robert B, FRASER, to Dora CAVIERES youngest dau of the late Valentine CAVIERES

LEATHER / SPARKS, June 30th, All Saints Ch, Princes Park, John Marriott 4th son of Joseph LEATHER, Liverpool to Florence Maria eldest dau of the late Robert Frederick SPARKS of Mobile and Liverpool and grand daughter of the late James MACKAY of Mossley Hill.

MAY / BELL, July 2nd, St Thomas Ch, Liverpool, Frederick youngest son of the late William Henry MAY to Marion 3rd dau of the late Samuel BELL of Liverpool.

THOMSON / MAYOR, July 2nd, Christ Ch, Sefton Park, Frank Nelson, 2nd son of J. B. THOMSON to Clara Ethel 3rd dau of the late Richard MAYOR both of Liverpool.


July 5th 1892


MC LAUGHLIN / MC LAREN TAYLOR, July 4th, Everton Valley, Presbyterian Ch, H. P. MC LAUGHLIN to Lizzie MC LAREN TAYLOR, both this city.

MAIR / OWENS, June 22nd, St Michaels-in-the-Hamlet, Alexander 4th son of Alexander MAIR to Mary Louise youngest dau of Thomas OWENS, both this city.

SEWARD / BORDERS, June 30th, Wandsworth, Harold eldest son of James SEWARD, Wandsworth, late of Liverpool to Florence Emmeline eldest dau of William BORDERS, Clapham Common.


July 6th 1892


BLAND / WOOD, July 5th, Queens Rd, Presbyterian Ch, George Percival, youngest son of the late James BLAND to Marian [Minnie] youngest dau of the late James WOOD, Supt City Police, both this city.

MARTIN / CAPSTICK, July 4th, St Johns Ch, Egremont, Joseph 2nd son of Joseph MARTIN to Ada Lette dau of the late Edward CAPSTICK, both of Liverpool.


July 7th 1892


BUSSWEILER / RENSBURG, July 6th, 2 Grove Park, Alfred son of H. BUSSWEILER of Frankfort-on-the-Main, to Alice Phyllis younger dau of Henry E. RENSBURG

GARTLAND / YATES, July 5th, St Anns, Ormskirk, William T. GARTLAND of Brookfield, Ormskirk, to Mary Ellen YATES only dau of Robert YATES of Yew Tree House, Scarisbrick.

HUMPHREYS / ROBSON, July 2nd, St Saviours, Everton, Walter youngest son of the late Thomas HUMPHREYS. H.M.C, Liverpool, to Louisa Annie eldest dau of William ROBSON, Liverpool, Carlisle papers copy.

LAIRD / BARKER, July 5th, St Saviours Birkenhead, John Macgregor, eldest son of John LAIRD to Theodosia Mary dau of Major J. Barnett BARKER, Chief constable.

LOMAS / LEDGER, July 6th, St James Ch, West Derby, Charles Bloomfield LOMAS to Elizabeth Ada [Lillie] youngest dau of Capt LEDGER this city.

YATES / MELHUISH, July 6th, Parish Ch, Halewood, John YATES, this city, to Mary Baylis MELHUISH of Halewood House.


July 8th 1892


BENNETT / RIMMER, July 6th, St Marys Ch, Bootle, James Wensley, eldest son of James BENNETT, The Grove, Great Crosby, to Mary Alice RIMMER of Bootle

BOZMAN / TODHUNTER, June 28th, St Augustines Ch, Honor Oak, London, by Rev Percy. White COLLARD, vicar, assisted by Rev F. C. BOZMAN, Samuel BOZMAN. H.M.C, Liverpool to Jessie Annie eldest dau of T. F. TODHUNTER of Forest Hill, London.

PITNEY / HORTON, July 7th, St Michaels-in-the-Hamlet, John Henry PITNEY of Memphis, Tenn, U.S.A, eldest son of the late John PITNEY of Liverpool to Margaret only dau of John HORTON of the city of Chester.

TYSON / BAIRD, July 6th, 26 Sardinia Terrace, Hillhead, Glasgow, Rev Henry TYSON. M.A, Crewe to Eliza Smith dau of Alexander Smith BAIRD.

WILSON / MACDONALD, July 6th, Wesleyan Ch, Amhurst Park, London N, by the father of the bride, William Courthope WILSON of Birkenhead, Solicitor to Catherine Amelia MACDONALD, youngest dau of Rev James Alexander MACDONALD of Stamford Hill.


July 11th 1892


JAQUES / PHILLIPS, July 9th, Antwerp, F. W. JAQUES son of John JAQUES, Liversidge Rd, Higher Tranmere, to M. V. PHILLIPS dau of S. S. PHILLIPS, Newport Mon


July12th 1892


HEGAN / ELLIS, July 6th, St Chrysostons Everton, Walter 2nd son of the late James HEGAN to Lily 2nd dau of the late D. H. ELLIS, both this city.

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