MARCH MARRIED 1888 Columbia Ceylon Thomas MILLER to Mary Lilian sec dau Rev David HENDERSON Rock Ferry


JAN 1st St Georges Presb Myrtle St John HENDERSON Glasgow to Agnes Hamilton CARTER eldest dau William CARTER Recross St

JAN 1st Rockferry Welsh Presb Robert ROBERTS Well Lane Rockferry to Annie M. ROWLANDS Brynglas Amlwch

JAN 1st St Marys Sandown Park Wavertree Thomas P. DITCHFIELD Sandown Lane to Louie second dau Charles TAYLOR Holly House Wavertree

JAN 1st, Canning St Presbyterian, Arthur James youngest son of Thomas FLEET of Chester To Margaret youngest dau of Hugh and Lily MACAULEY of Liverpool formerly Inverness

JAN 1st, Parish Church Liverpool, Archibald GRAHAM youngest son of Angus GRAHAM to Ellen dau the late Peter McGINN B'Head

JAN 5th, St Augustines Shaw St, Frank LOTT to Laura Elizabeth dau the late William Henry TOWNSEND of Burton-on-Trent

JAN 5th, Benjamin William Courtney CAYZER of Belknap Settlement, Monroe, Benton County, Oregon, eldest son of Thomas CAYZER Surgeon, Mayfield Aigberth to Johanna Emillie, only child of of the late Heinrich KAYSER. M.D, Surgeon of the Royal Prussian Army

JAN 7th, St Michaels Upper Pitt St, William McGOWAN Claremont Grasington Park,to Eleanor dau of the late George CANNING

JAN 7th, St James West Derby Alexander Anderson 3rd son late Thomas Mary Emily you dau the late John

JAN 7th, St Andrews Southport Cyril Arthur PRESCOTT to Caroline LOTHIAN

JAN 7th, St Michaels-in-the-Hamlet Thomas James SIMPSON to Georgina ROGERS

JAN 8th, English church Freiburg-in-Baden by father of the bride, Henry Bradley ROBERTS Lieut R. E. eldest son of Lieut Col, Henry Bradley ROBERTS Royal Marine Artillery to Alice youngest dau of Rev. G. J. BANNER, Chaplin at Freiburg formerly Vicar of Roby.

JAN 9th, John the Divine Fairfield, John youngest son of John Sutton MARWOOD to Edith 2nd dau of William Parry COLE born Fairfield.

JAN 9th Union Chapel, Caulfield, Victoria, Australia, Harry 3td son of W. J. CORKHILL. Esq, Liscard, to Frances eldest daughter of the late Thomas DAVIES of Liverpool.

JAN 10th, St Bridgets by Rev M. J. FLYNN brother of the bridegroom Thomas John FLYNN of Stoneycroft to Annis Mary eldest dau Fredrick T. RIGG Esq

JAN 20th, St Chrysostom's Everton, John Davies only son of John BETHELL, Everton, to Catherine youngest dau the late William SPENCER, Edge Hill

JAN 22nd, James youngest son of Duncan KEAN, of Lawrencekirk Scotland to Jane dau the late Thomas HALL, granddaughter of the late Thomas KIDD

JAN 22nd St Lawrence's B'Head David 2nd son of Richard HAMMARSTROM of Gefle Sweden, to Mary Ann only dau Daniel KEMBLE of B'Head late of America

JAN 24th, Christ Church Surbiton by Rev W. H. RANKEN Vicar, assisted by Rev J. G. TROTTER. M.A Vicar of Polesworth cousin of the bride. Rev John Hutton McCULLOCH of North Leith to Annie Louisa eldest dau of James CASE, Elmside, Surbiton Surrey

JAN 26th, Our Lady of Reconciliation, Eldon St, William 2nd son of Joseph ROGERS of Liverpool and Garston, to Margaret Agnes dau of James BYRNE Liverpool, one time Newry [Melbourne papers please copy]

JAN 26th, All Saints Boxley Kent, Albert son of the late John OTLEY, F.R.C.S to Julia Caroline widow of the late G. H. SNAPE, M.R.C.S and dau of the late J. G. NASH .F.R.C.S

JAN 29th, St Marys West Derby, Thomas Hedley 2nd son late William Henry TARDREW of London to Edith Steward, 3rd dau John REA of Stoneycroft.

JAN 30th, St George Dublin, Alfred C. BAUGH of Wrexham to Annie youngest dau of the late John Nicholson CONSTABLE, M. A. of Mullinahone, Beverstown Co Tipperary and Rector of Swinford County Mayo

JAN 30th, Thornton Hough by Rev Canon GRAINGER. D.D. and rural Deacon uncle of the bride, . Percy S COX 2nd son of G. R. COX Princes Park to Belinda J. eldest dau of David GRAINGER Stanacres Thornton Hough

JAN 31st, Church of All Saints Nottingham, Frederick John SARSON Auctioneer Llandudno to Kate Annie youngest dau of the late John ANDREWS Esq Nottingham


FEB 1889


FEB 3rd St Nathaniels Church Windsor Andrew HOGG to Elizabeth

FEB 4th, Parish Church Childwall, Edward Hughes, eldest son of J. SMITH, Gwernaffield, North Wales to Anna Maria youngest dau of the late Thomas and Elizabeth ELSON of Gateacre late of Spondon Derbyshire

FEB. 5th, St Peters Rockferry, Thomas youngest son of Charles FAIRFIELD of Solihull to Eleanor Louise only dau Walter W. S. PARRY of Liverpool

FEB 5th, Edgebaston Pk, William Winwood GOSSAGE eldest son of F. H. GOSSAGE, J.P of Camp Hill Woolton, to Lizzie 2nd dau Arthur KEEN, J.P. Edgebaston.

FEB 5th, St Michaels-in-the-Hamlet, Richard FIELDER to Lily dau of the late Capt William PETERSON

FEB 6th, Christ Ch Claughton, B'Head, by Rev O. F. PIGOT, Chaplain H. M. Prison Kirkdale, father of the Groom, Rev Edward Charles PIGOT. M.A, to Lily Mary only child of Samuel WHITFIELD Esq Hearherfield Claughton.

FEB 6th, Trinity Presbyterian Ch Bootle, Capt J. Leighton BERTIE to Lily 5th dau of Alderman LESLIE. J. P

FEB 6th, Holy Trinity Southport, by Rev J. S. FLYNN. M.A of Falmouth brother of the Groom, Rev Francis FLYNN. M.A, R.N. Chaplin H.M.S. Duke Of Wellington to Lucy dau of William COLLINSON of Southport

FEB. 6th, St John's Ch Annan, William Sinclair 2nd son of Thomas HIGGINS Esq of Etherall, Roby to Jean 3rd dau of James SAUNDERS Esq J. P of Seaforth, Annan, N.B

FEB 7th, St Michaels-in-the Hamlet, Charles JORDAN of Chorlton-cum-Hardy, to Elizabeth Bunster 2nd dau of John Henry PRICE

FEB 8th, Sephton Pk Church, John CHRISTIE of Admiral St to Jeanne Runcie eld dau Thomas BEGG, Chief Engineer SS. MORANTIN, late of Aberdeen.

FEB 10th, St Silas Church Toxteth Park, Herbert Andrew RADFORTH of Sheffield to Sarah Jane JONES of Park Rd Liverpool

FEB 11th, At Bangor John THOMAS, B.A, Mathematical Tutor at the Normal College Bangor to Catherine Anne ROBERTS only dau of John ROBERTS Rhos Farm Llandegai

FEB 12th, Willaston Church, by Rev W.E. TORR Vicar of Eastham, brother of the Groom, Herbert James TORR of Riseholme Hall Lincoln, youngest son of the late John TORR, to Rosita eldest dau of Duncan GRAHAM Esq Lydiate, Willaston, Cheshire House Sefton Pk.

FEB 12th, Fredrick William ROBERTS eldest son of Colonel ROBERTS of Windsor, to Eugene Augusta youngest dau of Sir James W. MACKEY. D.L.

FEB13th, Norwood Cong Church, John Mathews HAY, son of David HAY of Fairfield to Susan Emily 6th dau of William ROBERTS of Anfield.

FEB 14th, Christ Church, Sefton Pk. William HALSALL of Ringsley Rd Princes Pk, to Mary Agnes POTTER of Falkner Terrace Upper Parliament St. 14th, Christ Church, Kensington, Albert Edward, Youngest son of William Henry MAY to Cecillia eldest dau of Egerton Edwin ADAMS

FEB 16th St Mary's Kirkdale John MOSS to Sarah Ellis MATHESON Widow of the late J. MATHESON dau of the late Capt ELMES both of Walton

FEB 18th, St Clements Windsor Liverpool, Charles HOWSON to Emily Ann MASSEY both of Liverpool

FEB 18th Brougham Terrace by Licence Mr C. RITSON to Miss M. A. MEALEY both of Liverpool.

FEB 19th, St Paul's, B'Head, Allan Mc CULLOCH of Glasgow to Esther Caroline Hodgson of B'Head only dau of the late Detective ELLIOTT and Sarah Hodgson

FEB 19th, by license Fredrick B. RIDGEWAY of London to Emily ANDERSON youngest dau of Capt ANDERSON, 29 Mitford St

FEB 20th, St Cyprians, Edge Hill, Edward Hazelton TWINEM of London to Mary dau of the late Robert MARTIN of Liverpool

FEB. 20th, St Peters, Rock Ferry, Daniel Croft only son of Daniel GROUCUTT of Parkdale Wolverhampton, to Edith Emilee only dau of John LANDER of Rock Ferry

FEB 20th, St Georges Dublin, Rev Arthur Webster HOUGHTON of St Michaels Wandsworth son of Thomas HOUGHTON, Cae Mawr Cresford to Martha Kate dau of the late Hamilton WILLIS of Dublin.

FEB 20th, St Saviours Oxton, Albert John HUGHES of Cleveland, Ohio to Alice LEECE youngest daughter of the late Thomas LEECE, Liverpool and I.O.M.

? Christ Church, Kensington, William Henry, eldest son of William GICK to Elizabeth Landey 2nd daughter of Charles HARRIS, both of this city.

FEB 25th, St Clements Ch, Henry youngest son of John DUNCAN Esq, Fern Lea, Woolton to Margaret daughter of the late Henry SMITH of this city.

FEB 26th, St Stephens the Martrs, Grove St, Thomas POUND of Anfield to Alice Jane GRUNDY of Neston Cheshire.

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