Marriages 1885

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 1st, 1885


GRAY / MORRIS, Dec 30th, St Michaels-in-the-Hamlet, Thomas GRAY to Elizabeth, widow of the late Alexander T. MORRIS.

JONES / JONES, Dec 30th, Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, Fitzclarence St, Rev Jonathan JONES, [Denbigh] to Mary Elizabeth daughter of the late R. JONES, Sandbank, Towyn, Abergele and niece of Elias JONES, Rose Vale, Liverpool.

McCREATH / KIDWELL, Dec 30th, St Silas Church, Toxteth, Thomas McCREATH of Johnston, Glasgow to Annie Mary daughter of Robert KIDWELL this city.

PEMBERTON / TAYLOR, Dec 3rd, Linwood, Mamaroneck, New York, by Bishop POTTS, George Taylor, 2nd surviving son of John PEMBERTON this city, to Isabella only surviving daughter of Alexander TAYLOR.

SMITH / CALLWOOD, Dec 30th, St Stephen the Martyr's Gove St, Robert eldest son of the late Charles SMITH of Aigburth to Ada, 2nd daughter of the late James CALLWOOD, this city.

WILLIAMS / HUGHES, Dec 31st, Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, Fitzclarence St,Henry Edward youngest son of Edward WILLIAMS, Ty du Anglesey, to Margaret Anne only daughter of Thomas HUGHES, 5 Church St, Beaumaris.


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 2nd, 1885


FAIRLIE / MAWDSLEY, Dec 29th, St Silas Church, R. J. FAIRLIE of Dublin to Miss Mary MAWDSLEY of this city

MOON / BOLTZ, Dec 21st, St Thomas Square, Congregational Chapel, Edwin MOON of South Hackney to Emma, daughter of the late Thomas BOLTZ, South Hackney.


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 3rd, 1885


HAWORTH / HUGHES, Jan 1st, Stanley Congregational Chapel, John Hope only son of Thomas HAWORTH of Bolton to Amelia Frances [Millie] eldest daughter of Robert HUGHES this city.

PARKER / MEACOCK, Dec 25th , St Nathaniel's Church, Windsor, John Henry PARKER to Hannah Jane eldest daughter of William MEACOCK of Edgehill

TURNBULL / BAXTER, Dec 30th, Parish Church, Walton-on-the-Hill, James TURNBULL, engineer to Ellen BAXTER, 2nd daughter of William BAXTER, both this city.


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 5th, 1885


LAHAYE / KEMPSTER, Jan 3rd, St George's Church, Bloomsbury, London, Robert Foster LAHAYE, stepson of Capt Hamilton PERRY, to Ely Kempster only child of the late Frederick KEMPSTER, M.A. Oxon.


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 6th, 1885


BOUSFIELD / BODEN, Dec 25th, St Michaels-in-the-Hamlet, Isaac youngest son of Henry BOUSFIELD, to Anne eldest daughter of the late John BODEN.

GRINDLEY / KING, Dec 31st, St Mary's, Bootle, Henry Vincent youngrst son of Henry Thomas GRINDLEY Esq, of Bushey, Herts, to Annie Florence Mary, only child of Capt James Holland KING of Liverpool.

JOHNSON / McCORMACK, Jan 5th, St Chrysostom's, Everton, by the Rev A. F. JOHNSON brother of the bridegroom, Harry Benjamin youngest son of Eleazer JOHNSON to Jeannie only daughter of the late John McCORMACK, both this city.

SEDDON / SCOTT, Dec 29th, St Paul's Kirkdale, Frederick Henry youngest son of Thomas SEDDON, Bootle, to Marion youngest daughter of David SCOTT, Manchester House, Derby Rd, Bootle.

WEEKS / BARTON, Dec 31st, St Mary's Church, Edgehill, George WEEKS of Liverpool to Selina [Lena] eldest daughter of Charles BARTON, of West Derby


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 7th, 1885


ANNETT / WITHERS, Jan 6th, St George's, Presbyterian Church, Myrtle St, William youngest son of of John ANNETT, Ballykeel, County Down, to Annie Maria eldest daughter of the late William Thomas WITHERS, Bristol.

HUGHES / WAGSTAFFE, Jan 1st, Everton Rd, Chapel, William HUGHES to Nancie youngest daughter of the late James WAGSTAFFE, of Radcliffe Bridge, near Manchester.


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Liverpool Echo Tuesday, April 7 1885


ROBERTS - GOODACRE - April 6, at St. Michael's-in-the-Hamlet, by the Rev. Canon Eyre, William Farquhar, son of the late Mr. James Roberts, to Catherine, youngest daughter of John Goodacre, Esq., both of this city.

UNWIN - M'NAMARA - April 4, at Ravenhead Church, Thatto Heath, by the Rev. W. Hunt, John Unwin to Sarah M'Namara.


Liverpool Mercury, Aug 14th, 1885


KEARNS / ROBERTS, Brunswick Wesleyan Chapel, Moss St, William KEARNS grocer, 199 Brownlow Hill, to Elizabeth only daughter John ROBERTS Esq, this city.

LANCASTER / ANDERTON, Aug 9th, by license, St Michaels-in-the-Hamlet, Charles Frederick LANCASTER of Bootle to Helena Jane 2nd daughter of the late John ANDERTON, builder and contractor this city.

LEA / MAXWELL, Aug 6th, St Augustine's Church, Shaw St, William Alfred, 3rd son of the late John LEA. Esq, Wem, Salop, to Ellen only daughter of P. MAXWELL Esq, of Everton.

MALLEY / JONES, Aug 3rd, St Michaels-in-the-Hamlet, John Dickson only son of Christopher MALLEY of Liverpool to Elizabeth only daughter of Hugh JONES of Cerrig-y-Druidion, North Wales.

SMITH / WOOLLISCROFT, Aug 12th, St Paul's Tranmere, George Wackerbarth SMITH, 3rd son of the late Thomas SMITH of Birkenhead to Laura, eldest daughter of William WOOLLISCROFT, Egerton Park, Rock Ferry.

WARRINGTON / EASTWOOD, Aug 13th, St Michaels-in-the-Hamlet,by the Rev Thomas WARRINGTON, rector of St Philip's Manchester, brother of the bridegroom. James 2nd son of Thomas WARRINTON to Annie elder daughter of Benjamin EASTWOOD.

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