Marriages 1883

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 20th, 1883


BLACKBURNE / DAVIES, Jan 18th, St Mary's Parish Church, Thomas Buddicom, eldest son of Thomas Buddicom BLACKBURNE to Janie, 6th daughter of the late Thomas DAVIES of Birkenhead.

BARNES / CHRISTIE, Jan 18th, St John's Kirkdale, William BARNES to Teresa, 2nd daughter of Capt CHRISTIE.

COOK / MELLOR, Jan 17th, St Jude's, Hardwick St, John Durant COOK to Mary Jane MELLOR.

COURT / WALKER, Jan 17th, St George's Hanover Square, William Roylance COURT, the Manor, Middlewich, Cheshire, barrister-at-law [Inner Temple] to Mary Carlaw, eldest daughter of Sir Andrew Barclay WALKER, Gateacre Grange, Lancashire.

DAVIES / CHAPMAN, Jan 16th, Salem Chapel, York, by the Rev E. T. DAVIES of Abergele, father of the bridegroom, James Evan DAVIES of Liverpool to Emily Coney daughter of Benjamin CHAPMAN of York.

KNOWLES / REDMAN, Jan 18th, Emmanuel Church, West Derby Rd, John KNOWLES. M.B, late of Whitehaven to Elizabeth Ann eldest daughter of Thomas REDMAN this city.

MALCOLM / HUNTER, Jan 18th, Pro-Cathedral, Liverpool, by special license, Walter MALCOLM to Amy, 2nd daughter of Capt James HUNTER.

PADDOCK / GADD, Jan 15th, St James, West Derby, George Henry, 2nd son of the late Thomas PADDOCK of Cradley, Worcestershire, to Sarah Ann, eldest daughter of George GADD, fruit merchant, this city.

SHERIDAN / BAILEY, Jan 15th, St Patrick's R. C, Church, Patrick SHERIDAN to Mary Anne only surviving daughter of James BAILEY, both this city.

WEIGHT / TIDESWELL, Jan 14th, St John-the-Baptist, Toxteth Park, John Burgess WRIGHT to Marie Henrietta TIDESWELL of St Helens.


Liverpool Mercury, Feb 2nd 1883


HARRISON / TARLETON, Jan 31st, Parish Church, Aughton, Thomas HARRISON of Aughton to Maria youngest daughter of the late Thomas TARLETON, Walton-on-the-Hill.

MASSEY / O'KELLY, Jan 30th, St Mary's Maynooth, Joseph MASSEY of Waterloo Liverpool, to Kathleen Mary youngest daughter of the late Edward Talbot P'KELLY, M.D, of Maynooth, Ireland.

MORRIS / LOWRY, Jan 18th, Parish Church, Bowdon, John Smith MORRIS of Whalley Range, Manchester to Mary Sophia LOWRY, of Birkdale Park, Southport, widow of Capt Robert Frew LOWRY.

MORROW / JONES, Jan 25th, St Andrew's Church, Conway St, Birkenhead, David MORROW to Mary JONES

POLLARD / GAMBLE, Feb 1st, St Peter, Liverpool, George William eldest son of the late William POLLARD, R.N, chief officer of coastguards, Ireland, to Jessie Gray, youngest daughter of William GAMBLE, Devonshire Park, Birkenhead.

STEEL / COLLIER, Feb 1st, St Michaels-in-the-Hamlet, by the Rev James C. C. PIPON, cousin of the bride, Douglas Quentin 5th son of the late Joseph STEEL, Esq, of South Hill Grove, Liverpool, and of Kirkwood, Dumfriesshire. N.B, to Maud Elizabeth eldest daughter of John Francis COLLIER Esq, judge of the Liverpool County Court.

TUCKER / BURNET, Jan 29th, St James Church, West Derby, William Alfred only son of William TUCKER of Melbourne House, West Derby Rd, Tuebrook, to Mary Lewis youngest daughter of Joseph BURNET of Clubmoor, West Derby, [Bristol papers copy]

WEBER / O'CONNELL, Feb 1st, St Anthony's Scotland Rd, Emil WEBER to Elizabeth O'CONNELL.


Liverpool Mercury June 26th, 1883


CAMPBELL / MAKIN, June 13th, Church of the Holy Apostles, New York, Dr Robert CAMPBELL of New York to Anne Jane daughter of John MAKIN Esq, this city.

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