Liverpool Journal, 7th January 1882


BEKEN / EVANS, Dec 29th, in Paris at the Mairie of the 17th arrondissement, afterwards at the American Chapel, Guillaume F. Vander BEKEN, 5 Boulevard Percire Paris to Eliza EVANS, Bryn Llwyd, Menai Bridge, youngest dau of Roger EVANS, Craig Owen, Menai Bridge.

BLAXELL / ANDREWS, Jan 2nd, St Peters Birkdale, Thomas BLAXWELL of London to Emma dau of Mr Matthew ANDREWS, Congleton Cheshire

CAVEEN / BELL, Dec 28th, St Judes, Thomas CAVEEN of Castletown, I.O.M, to Sarah youngest dau of the late Hugh BELL of Edge Hill.

CAHN / LEWIS, Jan 4th, Brides parents residence, 155 Duke St, Albert CAHN of Cardiff to Matilda eldest dau of Dr S. LEWIS

DAVIES / KEARNE, Dec 27th, St James, Birkdale, Anthony Wilson DAVIES of Leyland Rd, Southport to Katherine eldest dau of John KEARNE, Birkdale Park, Southport.

ELLIS / HALPIN, Jan 1st, St Peters, G. ELLIS to K. A. HALPIN

GALBRAITH / HUGHES, Jan 2nd, St Marys Bootle, Christopher GALBRAITH to Esther HUGHES, both of Bootle.

HUDSON / ROSSON, Jan 4th, Stanhope St, Wesleyan Chapel, Henry L. HUDSON to Sarah Elizabeth ROSSON

HUDSON / KELSEY, Jan 4th, St Peters, Leslie HUDSON, this city, to Esther youngest dau Mr KELSEY of Gresford, North Wales, formerly this city.

JONES / TOBY, Dec 25th, St Marks Ch, Connahs Quay, Richard JONES to Anne Amelia Cook TOBY, youngest dau of the late William TOBY of Devonport.

MC DONNELL / GLENDENNING, Jan 3rd, Starcross Devon, William H. MC DONNELL, this city, to Annie dau of the late Thomas GLENDENNING of Starcross Devon

MANN / FORSYTH, Jan 3rd, St George, Everton, R. J. MANN to Jessie Jane, 3rd dau of Andrew FORSYTH of Merton Hall, Newton Stewart, Scotland

MC FARLANE / KILLEN, Jan 1st, St Martin-in-the-Fields Ch, Andrew MC FARLANE to Elizabeth KILLEN, both this city.

OWENS / YATES, Dec 27th, St Catherines Ch, Tunnel Rd, William Ambrose OWENS to Jane YATES

PALLIS / RALLI, Dec 31st, Greek Church, Alexander A. PALLIS of Bombay to Julia dau of the late Pandia Theodore RALLI of London

PERCIVAL / TUMILTY, St Johns Ch, Bootle, John Leamington, eldest son of Harry PERCIVAL of Newchurch to Isabella Spencer, eldest dau of the late William TUMILTY of Bootle

PEAT / CAMERON, Jan 2nd, St Pauls Ch, Greenwich, William son of the late James PEAT, this city, to Minnie youngest dau of Archibald H. F. CAMERON of Cowes, Isle of Wight

STEVENSON / AIRY, Jan 2nd, St Marys Bootle, George STEVENSON to Algerina Alice Margaret AIRY, both Bootle

SHEPPARD / LENNOX, Dec 28th, Countess of Huntington, Church, Cheltenham, by Rev W. Marshall LENNOX, Father of the bride, to Henry John only son of Mr H. SHEPPARD, Montpellar Terrace, to Mary Amelia LENNOX, both of Cheltenham.

SANGIORGI / DRAKE, Dec 24th, at Milan G. SANGIORGI of Milan, Berlin and London, to Jane 3rd dau Mr James DRAKE late of Dublin.

Liverpool Journal, Jan 14th, 1882


BRABBIN / SUMMERS, Jan 9th, St Anthony’s Scotland Rd, James BRABBIN to Mary Ellen dau of the late P. SUMMERS, both this city.

COOKE / HERBERT, Jan 11th, Welsh Chapel, Anfield Rd, Charles COOKE, of this city to Annie HERBERT, late of Amlwch

GANDY / HAY, Jan 7th, St Andrews Ch, B’Head, Edwin, 4th son of the late William GANDY of Knottingley, Yorkshire to Jane youngest dau of the late Thomas HAY of Dumfries

GEE / BLANDY, Jan 3rd, St Mary’s Kirkdale, John eldest son of the late Edward Topping GEE to Jane youngest dau of Edmond Francis BLANDY, both Kirkdale

GILBERT / THOMPSON, Jan 10th, St Pauls Princes Pk, Rev John Ernest GILBERT, eldest son of Leonard GILBERT. J.P, of Chester to J. Carlotta youngest dau of the late Mr G. S. THOMPSON of this city and Rio De Janeiro

HOLMES / BANKS, Jan 12th, St Cuthberts Ch, Everton, by Rev J. HOLMES father of the groom and Rev T. S. HOLMES brother of the groom, Vicar of Wookey Somerset, Isaac HOLMES, Surgeon to Isabel Stanistreet, 3rd dau of the late Richard BANKS Esq of Strawberry House, Fazakerly

JARDINE / LEWIS, Jan 5th, Parish Ch, Mold, John Ferguson JARDINE eldest son of Edmund JARDINE of Waterloo to Catherine, 3rd dau Edward LEWIS of Preswyifa Mold

KITE / MC CLURE, Jan 12th, at Garlieston, Frederic E, 2nd son Capt KITE to Jeanie youngest dau of the late J. MC CLURE of Garlieston

MIDDLETON / TREASURE, Jan 2nd, St John’s Ch, George F. MIDDLETON to Mary Ann TREASURE

MUNRO / ROBINSON, Dec 28th, St John’s B’Head, William MUNRO of Sheerness to Agnes eldest dau of the late H. ROBINSON of B’Head

PINKES / DOTTER, Jan 8th, St James Ch, Frederick William PINKES to Lucy Ellen, eldest dau George DOTTER this city

PEARCE / BINNS, Dec 27th, Cabbage Hall Ch, William PEARCE to Mary Jane only dau of James BINNS, Ifton Heath, Shropshire

POWELL / EDWARDS, Jan 11th, St Pauls, Princes Park, Rev Astell D. POWELL of Fallowfield Manchester, son of the late W. J. POWELL of Seabank, Liscard to Annie youngest dau of the late T. G. EDWARDS, Enderlie, Croxteth Rd.

ROBERTS / THOMAS, Jan 13th, Holy Trinity Ch, Cabbage Hall, Eleazer, 2nd son of Eleazer ROBERTS, City Magistrates Office to Annie eldest dau of Capt ROBERTS, Everton Valley

TOWNSHEND / BRINSLEY, Jan 11th, Congregational Ch, Waterloo, Charles son of the late John TOWNSHEND of Anfield to Lizzie youngest dau of the late Charles BRINSLEY of Macclesfield

THOMAS / HUESTON, Jan 1st, St Chrysostoms Everton, George T. THOMAS, this city to Ellen youngest dau of the late Robert HUESTON of Birkenhead

TRAINER / ANSCOTT, Jan 8th, St Martin-in-the-Fields Ch, Henry John TRAINER to Julia Ellen ANSCOTT, both this city

WINSTANLEY / PARR, Jan 5th, St Margarets, Bumage, nr Manchester , David Watts WINSTANLEY Jnr to Sarah youngest dau of the late John PARR, both this city

WYLIE / STEPHENSON, Jan 9th, St Nicholas Ch, Blundelsands, Dr Henry WYLIE to Emma dau of W. S. STEPHENSON, Blundelsands

WOODWARD / EVANSON, Jan 4th, Parish Ch, Heswall, James, eldest surviving son of Joseph WOODWARD of Gayton, Cheshire to Ellen 2nd dau of the late Richard EVANSON of Heswall Cheshire

WADDINGTON / ATKINS, Jan 8th, St Marys Bootle, Samuel WADDINGTON to Harriet ATKINS, both of Bootle

YORKE / WARRINGTON, Jan 10th, St Johns, Wesleyan Chapel, Belvidere Rd, Rev Henry Lefroy YORKE to Margaret eldest dau John WARRINGTON of Dinglefield Aiburth

YOUNG / JONES, Jan 5th, Halkyn Ch, Joseph YOUNG of New Ferry Cheshire to Catherine youngest dau of the late John JONES of Coedyers Northop, Flintshire

Liverpool Journal, 21th January 1882


BOOTH / BARRETT, Jan 16th, St Cyprian’s, Edge Hill, Vincent son of Alexander BOOTH to Florence Susannah eldest dau of John BARRETT

BAKER / O’BRIEN, Dec 12th, at Bombay, Samuel BAKER, of the Friend’s Mission Station, Hoshangabad, eldest son of the late Samuel BAKER of Elm View, Clontorf, Dublin to Anna youngest daughter of George O’BRIEN of Belfast

BROWN / ALCOCK, Jan 16th, St Peters and St Pauls, Great Crosby, James BROWN to Ellen dau of the late Peter ALCOCK, both of Crosby

BROWN / MILLER, Jan 18th, St Brides Ch, Percy St, George BROWN to Ada Ashbridge, youngest dau of the late Francis MILLER, Falkner St

CORISH / MCVEY, Jan 16th, St Alexander’s, Bootle, James, 4th son of the late Capt CORISH of this city to Catherine, 4th daughter of Hugh MCVEY of Derby Rd, Bootle

EVANS / MITCHELL, Jan 16th, St Paul’s Ch, Princes Park, John eldest son of Edward EVANS to Elizabeth Annie, eldest dau of William MITCHELL, both this city

FAIRLEM / ELLISON, Jan 14th, Christ Ch, Claughton, Charles Johnson, 2nd son of the late Capt Henry FAIRLEM to Jessie only dau of William P. ELLISON of Tranmere

GREEN / MOSS, Jan 17th, the Oratory OF St Philip’s Neri, Maryland St, Andrew GREEN. M.A, Trinity Coll, Cambridge, son of the late Thomas GREEN of Upton to Julia eldest dau of the late Barrow MOSS, this city

GALLAGHER / TINNOCK, Jan 8th, St Mary’s, Walton-on-the-Hill, James eldest surviving son of Alexander GALLAGHER of this city to Elizabeth Hair, eldest dau of William TINNOCK of Mauchline, AYR, Scotland

HENGLER / SPRAKE, Aug 10th, 1881, St John’s Parish Ch, Blackpool, Frederick Charles, eldest son of Charles HENGLER of the Grand Cirque, West Derby Rd to Agnes Mary only child of the late Thomas SPRAKE

HARKER / GUNSON, Jan 19th, Congregational Ch, Waterloo, John James eldest son of Richard HARKER, The Grange, Seaforth, to Jane Hamilton eldest dau George GUNSON, Ash Lea, Waterloo

ISAAC / CAULFIELD, Jan 16th, St Mary’s, Edge Hill, George ISAAC to Adeline Theresa eldest dau of John CAULFIELD

JOHNSON / WITTER, Jan 15th, St Mary’s Manchester, Robert JOHNSON of Kirkdale to Martha, 3rd dau of Richard WITTER of Sydney, Australia formerly of Lisburn Lane, West Derby

JONES / GRIFFITHS, Jan 16th, St Stephen’s Ch, Joseph Parry JONES to Sarah GRIFFITHS, both this city

MYLREA / BATES, Jan 18th, St Gabriel’s Hulme, Manchester, by Rev E. CHADWICK assisted by Rev E. BATES uncles of the bride and the Rev W. MILNER, William son of Philip MYLREA of Waterloo to Ellen Eccles Shorrock, only dau of the late Ernest BATES of Manchester and Grange-over-Sands

MAGUIRE / MULLERKEY, St Michael’s, West Derby, P. F. MAGUIRE to Frances MULLERKEY youngest dau of John MULLERKEY, Banada, Abby, County Sligo

MALONEY / WALSH, Jan 16th, St Alexander’s Bootle, James MALONEY to Ellen WALSH, both of Bootle

MAXWELL / WOOLEY, Saviours, Paddington, London, Alfred Albert Climenson of Landican, Cheshire, to Emma Lavina eldest dau of William WOOLEY of Maidahill, London. W.

PHILLIPS / GILBERTHORPE, Nov 19th, Bride’s residence, Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia, Benjamin Jowett PHILLIPS, late this city, to Maggie J. GILBETRTHORPE of Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia

RUSSELL / MURTAUGH, Jan 17th, St Annes, Edge Hill, Michael RUSSELL to Marian MURTAUGH

SAUNDERS / WAKEFIELD, Jan 19th, All Hallows, Allerton, George Morley SAUNDERS, 106th, Light Infantry, youngest son of the late W. A. F. SAUNDERS Esq of Winnington Hall, nr Lancaster to Mary Constance eldest dau of G. H. WAKEFIELD Esq, Wavertree nr Liverpool

WALKER / COX Jan 14th, St Werburga’s, Birkenhead, James 2nd son of the late Alexander WALKER, Birkenhead to Catherine Emily 2nd dau of Henry COX, 39 Hamilton Square, Birkenhead

WEBSTER / JAMES, Jan 12th, Newchurch, Culcheth, Frederick, Airton WEBSTER eldest son of Thomas WEBSTER of Rainhill to Maria [Lessie] eldest dau of Richard JAMES of Culcheth Hall, nr Warrington

WALKER / HOLLINS, Jan 18th, the Ancient Chapel, Toxteth, Edward St, Lawrence only son of W. H. WALKER of Birstall, Holt, Leicestershire to Hannah Mary dau of Francis HOLLINS of Fulwood Park, Aigburth

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