Liverpool Journal Jan 1st 1881


St Mary’s Kirkdale

DELAMERE / RALF, Dec 23rd, Charles DELAMERE to Mary RALF

SHAW / MAKIN, Dec 23rd, Thomas SHAW to Annie Jane MAKIN

WILKINSON / LANGE, Dec 24th, Robert Alfred WILKINSON to Elizabeth LANGE

BARR / BUCHANAN, Dec 25th, Andrew BARR to Sarah BUCHANAN

BURGESS / MC KEE, Dec 25th, Josiah Theophilus BURGESS to Agnes MC KEE


COURT / NAYLOR, Dec 25th, Thomas COURT to Elizabeth NAYLOR

DUNN / MC DONOUGH, Dec 25th, Lawrence DUNN to Esther MC DONOUGH


HACKNEY / TRACEY, Dec 25th, Joseph Henry HACKNEY to Jessie TRACEY

HOUSTON / DOULL, Dec 25th, Thomas HOUSTON to Amelia DOULL

KERR / DORMAN, Dec 25th, James KERR to Jane DORMAN

LASH / SMITH, Dec 25th, Charles LASH to Annie Charlotte SMITH

LLOYD / TOMLINSON, Dec 25th, James LLOYD to Elizabeth Frances TOMLINSON

MC INNES / MC CLINTOCK, Dec 25th, William MC INNES to Margaret MC CLINTOCK



SMITH / MILWAIN, Dec 25th, Joseph SMITH to Margaret MILWAIN

SULLIVAN / BOLLAND, Dec 25th, Hugh James SULLIVAN to Sarah Ann BOLLAND

WALKER / THICKETT, Dec 25th, Daniel WALKER to Sarah Ann THICKETT

WALKER / DEAM, Dec 25th, Matthew WALKER to Mary Elizabeth DEAM


JOWETT / MILLSON, Dec 26th, John Slack JOWETT to Elizabeth Ann MILLSON

ATKINSON / HILL, Dec 27th, James ATKINSON to Emma Elizabeth HILL


ALLEN / JONES, Dec 25th, St Johns Ch, Birkenhead, William ALLEN to Elizabeth eldest dau of William JONES, both of Birkenhead

BARNES / GRIFFITHS, Dec 25th, St Clements Windsor, William Mossop BARNES to Frances GRIFFITHS, both this city.

BATEMAN / NICHOLLS, Dec 25th, Christ Ch, Kensington, Harry BATEMAN to Nellie NICHOLLS, both this city

CHAMBERS / ARTHUR, Dec, Brides uncles residence, 55 West Third, St, Oswego, New York, B. CHAMBERS to Lucy eldest dau of the late S. S. ARTHUR, this port.

DOWD / WILLIAMS, Dec 25th, St Pauls, Princes Park, William only surviving son of William DOWD to Elizabeth eldest surviving dau of George WILLIAMS

EDWARDS / JONES, Dec 27th, St Saviours, Everton H. J. EDWARDS of Kingstown, Dublin to Ann Bailey JONES, of Brixham, Devonshire

ELWELL / HUNTER, Dec 16th, St Georges, Hanover Sq, London, Thomas ELLWELL of Evelith Manor, Shropshire, to Emily Grace Hansford only dau of the late Lieut Col HUNTER of Mount Severn Montgomeryshire

FERGUSON / MOSSOP, Dec 25th, Palm Grove, Wesleyan Chapel, Claughton, James eldest son of the late William FERGUSON to Hannah youngest dau of Henry MOSSOP, both of Birkenhead

JURY / CARDY, Dec 25th, St Georges Ch, James Smith JURY to Margaret M. CARDY, both this town

LAUGHTON / WATTS, Dec 30th, St Andrews, Southport, Alfred Nelson LAUGHTON, Douglas, I.O.M, to Florence Holford WATTS of Netherwood, Birkdale

LECKIE / MEAKIN, Dec 25th, Presbyterian Chapel, Beech St, George son of William LECKIE to Sarah eldest dau of William MEAKIN, both this city

MORTON / MC CONWELL, Dec 24th, St Marys Edge Hill, J. C. MORTON of Whitehaven to Fanny MC CONWELL this city.

MARTIN / BULLICK, Dec 27th, Knock Methodist Chapel, Belfast, Nathl Carr MARTIN of Liverpool, 2nd son of Alexander MARTIN, Killyleagh, County Down, to Emma Louisa youngest dau of G. W. BULLICK of Belfast

MILLIGAN / GRACIE, Dec 29th, Fairfield Prebyterian, William MILLIGAN to Jane Dobie GRACIE

MORRIS / HAWKINS, Jan 22nd 1880, Christ Ch, Kensington, Walter MORRIS, Architect of 4 Cambridge St, Abercrombie Sq to Mary A. F. HAWKINS dau of A. C. HAWKINS and grandaughter of the late Lieut HAWKINS R.N, Eastbourne, Sussex

ONIONS / WILLIAMS, Dec 27th, Cathedral Ch of St Peter, John son of William ONIONS to Sophia youngest dau of John WILLIAMS, this city

PRITCHARD / BITHELL, Dec 28th, St Judes, Hardwick St, Samuel PRITCHARD to Jane BITHELL

STRINGER / MORRIS, Dec 25th, St Chrysostoms, Hiram STRINGER to Amelia E. MORRIS both this city.

TAYLOR / GOULBOURN, Dec 24th, Christ Ch, Everton, Walter Charles TAYLOR to Lucy GOULBOURN

THOMPSON / WILLIAMS, Dec 25th, St Pauls, Princes Pk, Isaac Douglas, eldest son of the late Capt Henry THOMPSON to Mary Emma 2nd surviving dau of George WILLIAMS

TIMPANY / MC DONALD, Dec 22nd, Sinclair, Seamans Ch, Belfast, Alexander TIMPANY of this city to Minnie eldest dau of William MC DONALD, Brooklyn, New York

WAINWRIGHT / REID, Dec 25th, Holy Trinity Ch, Wavertree, James Havelock WAINWRIGHT to Clara REID, both this city.

WATSON / MORAN, Dec 29th, All Hallows Ch, Allerton, Henry Arthur, 2nd surviving son of the late William WATSON of South Hill, Toxteth Park to Clara Hamilton, 3rd dau of Robert Greer MORAN, Elmwood, Allerton, nr Liverpool

WEBSTER / SMITH, Dec 25th, St Marys Ch, Walton, Joseph Arthur WEBSTER of Kirkdale to Kate SMITH of Dewsbury, Yorkshire

WHITTLE / USHERWOOD, Dec 25th, All Saints Ch, Henry WHITTLE to Annie, 3rd dau of George USHERWOOD, both this city

WILSON / BROWN, Dec 23rd, Episcopal Ch, Warrenpoint, Ireland, William Charles Sillery WILSON to Alice youngest dau of the late Thomas BROWN of New House, West Kirby, Cheshire

WYNTER / RAWSON, Dec 23rd, St Georges, Hanover Sq, London, by Rev Reginald WYNTER, Capt Walter Andrew WYNTER, 33rd Foot, to Ann Hippolyta, dau of the late Henry RAWSON of Prestwich Lodge, Prestwich

Liverpool Journal 8th Jan 1881


ADAIR / JENKINS, Dec 27th, St Mary’s Walton, Charles ADAIR to Margaret JENKINS

BAYNES / SMITH, Jan 1st, Birkenhead, Oswald BAYNES of Glyn Ceirlog, North Wales to Martha Ecroyd SMITH of Beach House, Egremont, Cheshire

BEVIS / TONGE, Jan 3rd, Christ Ch, Claughton, John Parsons, 5th son of the late Capt BEVIS of Birkenhead to Amy Severn, eldest dau of William TONGE of Claughton

DUNBAR / SEPHTON, Dec 27th, St Mary’s Parish Ch, Walton, John DUNBAR to Ruth SEPHTON, both this city.

GAIR / JEVONS, Dec 30th, Ancient Chapel, Toxteth Park, Walter Burgh, eldest son of Thomas GAIR to Elizabeth 2nd dau of Henry JEVONS

GRAHAM / MC VETTIE, Dec 30th, St Augustines Everton, Samuel GRAHAM this city to Grace youngest dau William MC VETTIE, Lockerbie, Dumfrieshire

GRIFFITHS / ESDAILE, Dec 23rd, St Pauls, Tranmere, Alberto GRIFFITHS this city to Ada, eldest dau of the late Robert ESDAILE, Rock Park, Rockferry

HARDACRE / BOULDING, Jan 3rd, St Annes Ch, Stanley, Christopher HARDACRE to Martha, relict of the late William BOULDING and dau of the late Charles TURTON, Kirkdale

HAWKES / CRAIGIE, Jan 4th, New Jerusalem Ch, Herbert Gillman youngest son of the late Corliss HAWKES, Muskery, County Cork, Ireland to Annie CRAIGIE, eldest dau of A. B. CRAIGIE this city

HAYWARD / MAKENZIE, Dec 30th, Union Chapel, Oxford St, Manchester, Thomas Ernest HAYWARD. M.B, Lon, F.R.C.S, of Haydock Lancs, eldest son of Thomas HAYWARD of Tewkesbury to Catherine only dau of Melville MAKENZIE of Edinburgh

HOOLEY / GASKILL, Jan 4th, St Saviours, Abraham HOOLEY of Macclesfield to Mary R, youngest dau of Thomas GASKILL, this city

HOLMES / GWYNNE, Jan 3rd, All Saints, Gt Nelson St, George Spencer HOLMES to Frances Adah GWYNNE, both this city

HORNE – GREENING – KELSALL – EYDMANN, Dec 25th, Widcombe Parish Ch, E. W. HORNE of Accrington to Catherine GREENING of same place, also same place, same time, Thomas KELSALL of Liverpool to C. EYDMANN

HORSFIELD / BASSETT, Jan 2nd, St Mary Magdalens, Bermondsey, Josiah HORSFIELD, Salesman of Queens Rd, Manchester to Mary Ann BASSETT of St James Rd, Bermondsey

JONES / EVANS, Jan 3rd, St James Ch, Toxteth Parrk, J. H. JONES, eldest son of John JONES, Master Pilot, to Jane, only dau, Richard EVANS, Rhayader, South Wales

MORRIS / O HARA, Dec 23rd, St Augustines, William eldest son of George MORRIS, this city formerly Congleton to Sarah Ellen youngest dau of John O HARA, Everton

NEWBY / DAVISON, Jan 1st, St Michaels-in-the-Hamlet, George William only son of the late George NEWBY of Edgbaston to Sarah Hannah, daughter of Capt DAVISON this city

SALMON / EDGELL, Jan 1st, Stowmarket, Henry James, 3rd son, W. SALMON, Town clerk to of Bury St Edmonds, to Laura May, widow of Capt EDGELL of the late, H. M. 21st Scot Fusiliers

SHARP / SMITH, Jan 3rd, St Saviours Ch, Breckfield Rd, Thomas James, 2nd son the late James SHARP to Ellen, 2nd dau, Richard SMITH, both this city.

STEVENS / WINDSOR, Jan 6th, West Derby, Parish Ch, W. H. STEVENS of New York to Marian, only dau William WINDSOR of Breckfield Rd

THOMPSON / DIXON, Jan 6th, St Peters Ch, Sackville St, Everton, Joseph Chambers, 3rd son of the late Alexander THOMPSON of Sea View Cottage, Ballykillair, County Down, to Margaret Eleanor, 2nd dau of the late Isaac DIXON of the Belfast and I.O.M, Steam packet Co

WALTER / WILSON, Nov 15th, Cathedral, Hong Kong, Walter B. WALTER of Yokohama to Maude M. dau of the late William Hobden WILSON of Waterloo, Liverpool

WHITTLE / FARRELLY Jan 1st, Edge Hill Ch, James WHITTLE to Alicia FARRELLY both this city

WILSON / BROWN, Jan 4th, St Brides Ch, William Forshaw WILSON to Margaret Lax, 3rd dau of the late Thomas Brown BROWN, Formerly, Tideswell, Derbyshire

Liverpool Journal, 15th Jan 1881


BROWN / PRATER, Jan 4th, St Peter and St Paul, Charlton, Dover, Arthur Crompton BROWN, son of the late William Lawson BROWN. M.A of Lytham to Gertrude youngest dau of Augustus PRATER. M.D of Dover, late of Woolwich

BRUCH / TUCZEK, Jan 3rd, 12 Apostles Ch, Berlin, Max BRUCH of 18 Brompton Ave, Sefton Park, conductor of the Philharmonic Society to Clara, 4th dau of the late Franz TUCZEK of Berlin.

CAMPBELL / NORCOTT, Jan 5th, St Pauls Ch, Norbiton, Hugh Farquhar Jardine, eldest son of the late Major General Hugh A. B. CAMPBELL. L.B.R.A to Deva Florence, widow of the late W. B. NORCOTT, dau of the late Robert INMAN of Liverpool.

DENISON / HARGRAVES, Jan 11th, St John the Devine, Fairfield, Rev J. G. DENISON. M.A, of Withington near Manchester to Emily J. T. HARGRAVES of Fairfield Liverpool

EVANS / JONES, Jan 8th, Oxton Rd, Chapel, by Rev F. B. MEYER Brother-in-Law of the Bride, Walter EVANS son of the late William EVANS of Chester to Fanny youngest dau of the late John JONES of Woodcroft

FAIRCLOUGH / SMALL, Jan 11th, Tutbury Parish Ch, Rev W. H. H. FAIRCLOUGH, Vicar of Barton-under-Needwood, 3rd son of the late George Frederic FAIRCLOUGH of Liverpool to Constance Matilda, eldest dau Mr William SMALL, The Cliff, Tutbury

HUNTER / CLARKE, Jan 4th, St John the Baptist, Park Rd, Henry Robert HUNTER to Rosina CLARKE

JACKSON / SMITH, Jan 5th, Parish Ch, Bebington, by Rev S. FLOOD. D.D, Uncle of the Groom, Matthew Henry Flood JACKSON to Lucy, 3rd dau Rev R. M. SMITH, Rector of Otterham, Cornwall

JAMES / REYNOLDS, Jan 11th, Christ Ch, Waterloo, Thomas JONES to Sarah Jane REYNOLDS

JUNOD / GEPP, Jan 5th, St Marys Chelmsford, by Rev E. F. GEPP, Vicar of High Easter, Uncle of the Bride, assisted by Rev E. Tudor OWEN of Rhyl and H. Frank JOHNSON, Rector of Chelsmford. M. Loius Henri JUNOD of Chester to Wilhelmina, 2nd dau of D. B. GEPP, the bank of Chelmsford.

MCIVES / WHITE, Jan 12th, Liscard Congregational Ch, Charles MCIVER of Cleland House, Cleland, Lanarkshire. N.B, to Prissie dau of Capt J. M. WHITE, Egremont Cheshire

MURNAGHAN / PEYTON, Jan 8th, St Alphonsus Chapel, Kirkdale, Thomas Alexander MURNAGHAN to Elizabeth PEYTON

PENFOLD / HUDSON, Jan 10th, Kingston, Jamaica, by Rev Isaac D. LEWIS. R.A, Chaplain of H.M.S URGENT, assisted by Rev G. W. DOWNES, Vicar, William G. E. PENFOLD, Secretary for the Royal Navy to Mary Lily, eldest dau Edmund Lord HUDSON. M.R.C.S of Princes Rd, Liverpool

ROBERTS / ROBERTS, Jan 8th, St Francis Xaviers, William D’ Esterne ROBERTS eld son of the late William D’Esterne ROBERTS of Glasgow to Clara eldest dau of William E. ROBERTS, Haytian Consul, Liverpool.

ROBERTS / HOLMES, Jan 11th, Dinton Parish Ch, Aylesbury, by the father of the groom, Edmund Richard Francis, eldest son of Rev A. ROBERTS. B.A, Rector of Woodmansterne, Surrey, to Emily Edith Seymour, 2nd dau of the late James N. HOLMES, this City.

STEELE / QUINN, Jan 5th, St Marys, Edge Hill, Robert STEELE of Liverpool to Annie QUINN of B’Head

STEWART / HEWITT, Jan 8th, St Michaels-in-the-Hamlet, Alexander C. STEWART of Paisley to Mary E. HEWITT, dau of the late W. HEWITT this City

WILLIAMS / HUGHES, Jan 12th, Twr Gwyn, Calvanitic Methodist, Chapel, Upper Bangor by the Rev Daniel ROWLANDS. M.A, Owen WILLIAMS, Great Mersey St, Liverpool to Sarah HUGHES, of Bangor

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