6th Jan 1877


AMBROSE / BIRCHALL, Jan 1st, Parish Ch of Church, nr Adrington, Rev John Cole AMBROSE. M.A, Rector of Cornard Parva, Suffolk to Maria 3rd dau Rev J. BIRCHALL. M.A Rector of Church, Rural Dean of Whalley

ASHWORTH / JOLLY, Jan 1st, St Michaels-in-the-Hamlet, Joseph youngest son of the late William ASHWORTH. Esq of Sheffield ro Georgina eldest dau Mr George CRAIGEN Toxteth Park, and Widnes, widow of the late James JOLLY

BANNELL / GOWERS, Dec 26th, Great Massingham, Samuel BANNELL, of 91 Cockerell St, Liverpool to Catherine 2nd dau Charles GOWERS, Draper, Great Massingham

BRYAN / COLE, Trinity Chapel, Grove St, Benjamin Powell, youngest son of John BRYAN to Elizabeth Jane daughter of Arthur COLE, both this town

BUCKLEY / JOHNSON, Walton-on-the-Hill, Joseph son of the late James BUCKLEY of Coppenhall, Stafford to Catherine dau of the late James JOHNSON of Walton Hall, Lodge

CANHAM / JAMES, Jan 4th, St Marys Edge Hill, Rev Henry Robert Field CANHAM. B.A, St Johns College, Cambridge, Curate St Marys Halifax, only son of Rev Henry CANHAM, St Pierre-les-Calais to Emma Maria 2nd dau the late Rev Robert JAMES of Abbeston Rectory, Suffolk.

CHRISTIE / CATCHPOLE, Dec 26th, St James Ch, William James CHRISTIE of Shetland to Margaret Ann youngest dau Edward CATCHPOLE, this town

COOPER/ CADOGAN, Dec 28th, Wicken Northants, Frank COOPER, Sub Warden of St Pauls College, Stony, Stafford, 2nd son of Henry COOPER Esq, Shooters Hill, Kent to Edith Eliza, 2nd dau Rev E, CADOGAN, Rector of Wicken and Rural Dean

CROSS / CROSS Jan 1st, St Judes Ch, Samuel B. CROSS, this town to Hannah CROSS of Birkenhead.

DEBENHAM / SCOTT, Dec 28th, Parish Ch, Whitby, Robert DEBENHAM. M.R.C.S of Heath House, Stepney to Jane dau of the late Archibald SCOTT of Langholm, Dumfries N.B

DONOVAN / WATKINSON, Dec 21st, St Marys Parish Ch, Birkenhead, Daniel DONOVAN, surviving son of the late Daniel Vanterpool DONOVAN of Demerara Tortola and Liverpool, to Elizabeth Georgina dau of the late Thomas WATKINSON of Gargave, Yorkshire and Liverpool, granddaughter of the late William HETHERINGTON of Birkenhead.

FEURER / MOSS, Jan 4th, St John Devine Fairfield, John only son of the late John FEURER of Zurich Switzerland to Mary Caroline eldest dau of the late Robert MOSS of Fairfield

FORSTER / HUMPHRYES, Dec 28th, Parish Ch, Oswestry, Michael Seymour FORSTER Head Master of Oswestry Grammar School to Elizabeth youngest dau the late George HUMPHRYES of Suffolk House Cheltenham

GAMBLE / BOWMAN, Jan 1st, St Johns Ch, Workington, John GAMBLE of East Croft Harrington to Annie 4th dau Thomas BOWMAN, Workington

HARDWICK / WHITTAKER, Jan 1st, St Stephens Ch Byrom St, Howes HARDWICK to Fanny WHITTAKER

HARTLEY / HARRISON, Dec 27th, St Pancreas Ch Euston Sq, James Carpenter HARTLEY of Manchester son of the late Henry HARTLEY of Stratford-upon-Avon to Louisa dau of John HARRISON, Camden Cottages, Camden Rd, London

HOWARTH / MCFARLANE, Dec 31st Christ Ch, Southport, Osbert Henry only surviving son of the late Rev Henry HOWARTH, Rector of St George, Hanover Sq London to Mary eldest dau John R. MCFARLANE. Esq of Manchester

JOHNS / ROBINSON, Dec 28th, St Marys Denbigh, by Rev B. G. JOHNS, Father of the Groom Rev H. Incledon JOHNS of Meonstroke, Hants to Amy dau of John ROBINSON of Denbigh

KEELING / WHEELER, Jan 2nd, St Peters, Brighton by Rev John B. WHEELER, Late Rector of Coppenhall, Cheshire, cousin of the bride, Rev James KEELING, Vicar of St Pauls, Lisson Grove, London, to Helen 2nd dau of the late Arthur W. WHEELER, Duke St, Grosvenor Sq, London

LEWIS / READ, Dec 24th, Free Christian Ch, Warrington, John LEWIS of Chester to Sarah Jane READ of Warrington

MACFARLANE / NORMAN, Dec 30th, Christ Church, Waterloo, Robert T. MACFARLANE, Solicitor, Glasgow, to Isabella Mary, widow of the late Martin NORMAN, this town.

NORVALL / MCLUCKIE, Jan 4th, 6 Willow Bank Cresent, Glasgow James G. NORVALL, this town, eldest son of John NORVALL Esq to Isabella 3rd dau Robert MCLUCKIE of Glasgow

OWEN / WALKER, Jan 2nd, St Andrews Ch, Joseph OWEN of Rainhill to Elizabeth widow of Rev J. Lunsden WALKER, Millerston.

PAGET / GARNER, Jan 2nd, St Peters Ch, Eaton Sq, London, Gerald Cecil Stewart, 4th son Lord Alfred PAGET to Lucy Anne Emily youngest dau of the late Richard GARNER Esq. M.P.

PARTRIDGE / CAWLEY, Dec 31st, St James Toxteth Park. William P. PARTRIDGE to Ellen Tomlinson eldest dau of Thomas CAWLEY of Northwich

PITT / SWIFT, Jan 3rd, St Chads Rochdale, Joseph 2nd son Rev Alexander PITT of Bitkenhead to Anne eldest dau James SWIFT, Castlemere Rochdale

PLATT / CLARKE, Garston Parish Ch, John PLATT to Miss Hannah CLARKE

RADCLIFFE / RADCLIFFE, Jan 2nd, Llandrillo-yn-Rhos, North Wales, Charles Duncuft RADCLIFFE, late 13th Light Inf Brigade, eldest son of the late Samuel RADCLIFFE of Werneth Pk, Oldham to Emmelline youngest dau Josiah RADCLIFFE, 3 Kensington Palace, London and Bryn Dinarth nr Conway

RICHARDS / WILLIAMS, Jan 3rd, Trinity Chapel, Fitzclarence St, D. RICHARDS to Miss M. A. WILLIAMS both of Southport.

ROGERS / STUART, Dec 28th, Parish Ch of Dacre Cumberland by Rev William Arnold MATHEWS, Vicar of the parish,Brother-in-Law of the Bride, Rev William ROGERS, Rector of Preston Rutland youngest surviving son of the late Rev H. ROGERS, late Rector of Camborne, Cornwall to Laura Augusta youngest dau of William Henry STUART Esq of Lennoxville Province of Quebec, Canada

SANTLEY / CRELLIN, Jan 1st, St Catherines Ch, Abercromby Sq, William SANTLEY Jnr to Louie eldest dau of James CRELLIN, both this town.

SAUNDERS / UNWIN, Parish Ch, Shanklin by Rev G. W. SOUTHOUSE Incumbent Uncle of the Bride, asst by Rev C. S. HOPE, Vicar Holy Trinity, Southport, Clervaux Morley 2nd son W. A. SAUNDERS of Wennington Hall, Lancs to Eleanor Frances eldest dau E. Wilberforce UNWIN, Forest Lodge Hants

SLATER / BURTON, Dec 27th, Ch of St Marys, Tindalls Pk, Clifton, Edwin SLATER of Manchester to Isabella eldest dau of the late Ralph BURTON this town

THOMSON / CONBROUGH, Jan 4th, Pembroke Chapel, Samuel Turner youngest son of the late D. M. THOMSON to Eliza Scott only dau of Thomas CONBROUGH, all of Tuebrook

THORNTON / CARLTON, Dec 27th, St Marys Ch, New Swindon Wilts, Hawthorn Robert THORNTON of Manchester eldest son of Robert THORNTON Esq C.E, of Edinburgh to Alma eldest dau Samuel CARLTON Esq, Clifton House, New Swindon, Wilts.

WEBSTER / WOODCOCK, Jan 1st, St James Ch, New Brighton, Arthur WEBSTER, Solicitor this town, to Charlotte Stephenson 2nd dau of the late Charles WOODCOCK of N.B

Liverpool Mercury Jan 11th, 1877


BLUNDELL / BLUNDELL, Jan 1st, Walton-on-the-Hill, Parish Church, Frederic Bennion eldest son of Richard BLUNDELL to Annie eldest daughter of Joseph BLUNDELL both of Princes Park.

BOYER / LEWIS, Dec 21st, Parish Church, West Derby, John eldest son of the late Herbert BOYER Esq, West Derby, to Ellen eldest daughter of William LEWIS Esq, of Holyhead, N. W.

FERRIER / CUNINGHAME, Jan 8th, Parish Church, Malew, I.O.M, Rev Edward FERRIER, Govt chaplain, to Margaret Frissel, widow of Patrick Taubmam CUNINGHAME

FOULKLES / HAMMOND, Jan10th, St Lukes, Edward 3rd son of the late E. FOULKES, Bagillt to Margaret Ellen only daughter of W. HAMMOND, late of Trevor, nr Holywell

GRACE / MUNES, Jan 3rd, St Nicholas, Halewood, William 2nd surviving son of Robert GRACE, Halewood, to Mary Elizabeth MUNES, niece of Thomas CRITCHLEY, farmer, Hale, nr Liverpool

HOPE / COWAN, Jan 10th, Mount Pleasant, Presbyterian Church, Daniel HOPE Esq, to Mary, 2nd, daughter of the late John COWAN of Langholm.

LYNN / ROBERTS, Jan 8th, St James, Toxteth Park, James LYNN, Barrow-in-Furness to Ellen Sarah, 2nd daughter of Hugh ROBERTS, this town

MCDERMOTT / TRAVIS, Han 9th, St Swithens, Gillmoss, Henry F. MCDERMOTT to Elizabeth youngest daughter of the late John TRAVIS, West Derby

THOMAS / ROBERTS, Jan 6th, Parish Church, Abererch Pwilheli, John THOMAS late chief officer of the ship PARAENSE to Catherine Ann eldest daughter of the late E. M. ROBERTS Esq, solicitor Pwilheli

Liverpool Journal

13th, January 1877


ANGUS / DUTTON, Jan 10th, St Peters, Kersal, Manchester, William Mathwin ANGUS, 2nd son of, George ANGUS Esq, Beech Grove, Newcastle-on-Tyne, to Julia, 3rd dau, Thomas DUTTON Esq of Broughton Park, Manchester.

BALDWIN / BALDWIN, Jan 4th, Parish Ch, Distington, Cumberland, by Rev Don. J. F. MACLEOD. M.A, Rector of Chippwa Canada, uncle of the bride, William Ross only son, W. H. BALDWIN, Esq, Rosevilla, Lismore, to Isabella Elizabeth, 2nd dau of William A. BALDWIN Esq, Mashquatch, Toronto, Canada.

BATES / WOODCOCK, Jan 4th, St Margarets, Whalley Range, Manchester, George Herbert BATES, son of Robert Jackson BATES, Ditton Hill, Lodge, Surrey to Edith Lacey, eldest dau, Joseph WOODCOCK, Manchester.

BUCHANAN / WEYMAN, Jan 3rd, St Swithens, Clunbury, Shropshire, Charles, eldest son of the late Neil Griffiths BUCHANAN, Capt 93 rd Highlanders, and of Knockshinnoch, Ayrshire, to Martha, 3rd dau of the late, Thomas WEYMAN Esq, Purslow Hall, Shropshire.

CHADWICK / HEAP, Jan 10th, Claughton-cum-Grange, by Rev Edward CHADWICK, uncle of the groom, Charles Herbert CHADWICK, youngest son of Thomas CHADWICK Esq of Boxmoor Herts to Annie Frances, 2nd dau of Joshua Milne HEAP Esq of Outwood, Claughton, Cheshire.

FERRIER / CUNINGHAME, Jan 8th, Parish Ch, Malew, I.O. M, , Rev Edward FERRIER, Govt Chaplain, to Margaret Frizzel, widow of the late, Patrick Taubman CUNINGHAME Esq, Lorne House, Castletown.

FOULKES / HAMMOND, Jan 10th, St Lukes Ch, Edward, 3rd son of the late Mr E. FOULKES, Bagillt, to Margaret Ellen, only dau of Mr W. HAMMOND, late of Trevor nr Holywell.

FOX / RAMSHAY, Jan 9th, Gilsland, Cumberland, John Charles Ker FOX, 16th, Prussian Dragoons, to Susanna, eldest dau, of the late John RAMSHAY Esq of Naworth.

GEPP / KINCHANT, Jan 3rd, North Stoneham, Southampton, Rev Charles Granville GEPP. M.A, Oxford, to Charlotte, widow of J. Henry KINCHANT Esq, Park Hall, Oswestry, Salop.

GARDNER / RAE, Jan 11th, St Michaels- in-the- Hamlet, Percy L. GARDNER, eldest son of the late George to Maggie youngest dau of Alexander RAE, Ship owner, this town.

HOLROYDE / WHALLEY, Jan 3rd, St Johns Ch, Rev James HOLROYDE. M.A, Cantab, eldest son of Elkanah HOLROYDE Esq. F.R.C.S.E, J.P, for West Riding, to Isabella Katherine Lilla, only dau of Rev Thomas WHALLEY. M.A, Incumbent, St Johns.

HOLT ./ HARDMAN, St John-the-Baptist, Tuebrook, William HOLT, this town, to Ellan Jane HARDMAN, of Abbey Rd, Anfield.

MC’CARRICK / CARR, BURKE / CARR, Jan 9th, St Johns R.C.Church, Fountains Rd, Kirkdale. Francis P. A. MC’CARRICK son of the late P. MC’CARRICK, I Great Crossall St, to Margaret, eldest dau of Michael CARR, 94 Walton Rd, Kirkdale, and the same day, Francis BURKE of Bootle to Anne Jane, 2nd dau of Mr M. CARR.

MC. KIM / SOMERVILLE, Dec 27th, last, Wilmslow, Independent Chapel, Joseph MC’KIM of Trinity College, Dublin, to Jessie, 4th, dau of Dr SOMERVILLE of Hawthorn Hall, Wimslow, nr Manchester.

MURRAY / TOWNELEY, St Marys, Cadogen Terrace, Chelsea, London, Col John MURRAY of Touchadam, Polmaise, Sterlingshire, to Lucy Evelyn, 2nd dau of Col John TOWNELEY of Towneley Hall, Lancashire and Eaton Place, Belgrave Sq, London.

NICHOLSON / VENABLES, Jan 9th, All Saints, Hoole, nr Chester, by Rev Henry VENABLES, uncle of the bride, assisted by Rev R. Lister VENABLES, Thomas Christopher, eldest son of Hugh H. NICHOLSON Esq, Spital Hall, Cheshire to Alice only dau of the late R. J. VENABLES Esq, Oswestry.

LOVE / ASHLEY, Jan 9th, St Georges Ch, Hanover Square, London, Joseph Horatio LOVE Esq, OF Hawkhills, Easingwold, Yorkshire, to Katherine youngeat dau, Henry ASHLEY Esq, Pimlico, London.

OWEN / THOMAS, Jan 10th, Tabernacle, Netherfield Rd, South. By Rev J. THOMAS. D.D, father of the bride, Thomas OWEN, 123 Queens Drive, Mary eldest dau, Rev Dr THOMAS, The Willows.

PRINGLE / WHITE, Jan 4th, St Clements Ch, Windsor, James PRINGLE to Martha WHITE, both this town.

PUGH / CANNON, Jan 4th, Newton, Twynholme, Kirkcudbrightshire, J. J. PUGH, Bromborough, Cheshire to Jane Crosbie, 2nd dau Mr W. Y. CANNON, Newton

ROBINSON / SANFORD, Jan 10th, St Johns, Wesleyan Chapel, Princes Park, Mr Joseph H. ROBINSON to Carrie Wickstead, 2nd dau, Mr W. Y. SANDFORD, this town.

SHAW / RIDGWAY, Jan 3rd, Chapel Royal, Savoy, Thomas Claye SHAW. M.D, M. R. C. P, Medical Superintendent, of Middlesex County Asylum, Banstead, Surrey, to Hannah Gratix, dau of Isaac RIDGWAY of Kytes, nr Watford, Herts.

STEVENSON / RAY, Jan 7th, St Brides Ch, Samuel STEVENSON to Miss Ann RAY.

WHEATLEY / DALE, Jan 8th, Christ Ch, Tynemouth, William eldest son of the late John WHEATLEY Esq to Clara, 3rd, dau of Shallett DALE Esq, North Shields.

WOFFENDEN / READ, Jan 8th, St George, Presbyterian Ch, William WOFFENDEN of Liscard, Cheshire to Janie eldest dau the late James READ, this town.

WOOD / HUTHWAITE, Jan 2nd, Parish Ch, Crosscanonby, Wilton, William WOOD, Ship builder, Maryport, to Catherine Mary, eldest dau of Henry Oldknow HUTHWAITE Esq, of Maryport.

WILSON / CHIDSON, Jan 11th, St Annes Ch, Aigburth, by Rev B. W. WILSON. M.A, brother of the groom, Arthur Henry, youngest son of the late Barton WILSON Esq, this town, to Emily Sarah, eldest dau of the late William Drury CHIDSON Esq, Aigburth.

WRIGHT / DYKES, Jan 10th, St John-the-Baptist, Hulme, Manchester, Charles W. WRIGHT of Bootle to Phoebe Anne, eldest dau, William DYKES Esq, C.E, late of Yorkshire.

Liverpool Journal 20th Jan. 1877


ANDERSON / JARVIS, Jan 13th, Brixton Ind, Chapel, Brixton, Surrey, John ANDERSON to Eliza JARVIS, both this town.

BOWES / SMALES, Jan 10th, St Mary’s York. A. B. BOWES Esq OF Harve de Grace, France to Frances youngest dau of the late Francis SMALES Esq of Bishop Hill House, York.

BUTCHER / WILLEY, Jan 15th, Myrtle St, Chapel, Edward son of Richard BUTCHER of Orrell Park to Emily Belle eldest dau of the late Henry WILLEY this town.

EDMONDS / CARDE, Jan 11th, St George, Hanover Sq, London, William Conway EDMONDS, Westbury-on-Trym, Gloucester to Lavina dau of the late William CARDE Esq OF Appleby Westmoreland.

GOODWIN / BOWEN, Jan 10th, St John’s the Devine, Fairfield, Edward H. GOODWIN to Emma A. BOWEN

GREGORY / HUMPHREYS, Jan 10th, St James, Bristol, James GREGORY of Tranmere to Caroline, 3rd dau of the late Thomas HUMPHREYS, Bristol

GRIERSON / TEMPLETON, Jan 18th, Scotch Ch, Oldham St, Andrew GRIERSON to Catherine TEMPLETON

GUILE / FAILLETTAZ, Jan 17th, Primitive Methodist Chapel, Grange Lane, Birkenhead, William Henry GUILE to Louise H. B. FAILLETTAZ.

HEBBLETHWAITE / NICHOLS, Jan 16th, Holy Trinity Ch, Cambridge Percival HEBBLETHWAITE. M.A, Late scholar of Trinity College Cambridge, Vice-Master, Royal Institute, Liverpool, to Annie Selina, youngest dau Thomas NICHOLS Esq.

HERBERT / MAGEE, Jan 18th, St Annes, Rock Ferry, Albert HERBERT Esq of Egremont to Kate Theresa, eldest dau of the late P. MAGEE Esq of the Ghan, Rock Ferry.

HAVELOCK / STRANSHAM, Jan 13th, Bolarum, Deccan, India, Major Acton Chaplin HAVELOCK, Madras Staff Corps, Regt of Infantry, Hydeabad Contingent, eldest surviving son of the late Lieut Col William HAVELOCK. K.H, 14th [The Kings Regt of the Light Dragoons] to Ada Isabella, 2nd surviving dau General Sir Anthony Blaxland STRANSHAM. K.C.B.

JAMES / TOULMIN, Jan 17th, St Mary’s Ch, Edge Hill, Edwin Dillon, 2nd son of the late Rev Robert JAMES, of Ulleston Rectory Suffolk to Florence, 2nd dau William Henry TOULMIN of Woolton.

JONES / PRITCHARD, Jan 18th, St Johns Ch, W. Humphrey, eldest son of Edward JONES, Egremont to Alice, 2nd dau of William PRITCHARD, Treborough, Somerset

KIRK / MC EVOY, Jan 16th, St Thomas, Canterbury, Waterloo, Peter KIRK Esq, this town to Mary MC EVOY of Waterloo

LAWSON / BRADSHAW, Jan 11th, St Mary’s Walton-on-the-Hill, John Frederick LAWSON to Martha Mary, 2nd dau Richard BRADSHAW this town.

LEDDER / STANDISH, Jan 16th, St Johns Ch, Bootle, John LEDDER to Elizabeth youngest dau the late William STANDISH, Blundell’s Hill, Farm, Rainhill.

LLOYD / RANKIN, Jan 16th, London, Rev William LLOYD, Vicar of Wilne, nr Derby, to Elizabeth Anne Lettice, eldest dau of the late James RANKIN, Trieste, Austria, and formerly French and Greek Consul at Cephalonia, Ionian Islands

MC DOWELL / SOUTHERN, Jan 18th, St Marys Bootle, Robert James MC DOWELL to Mary Elizabeth youngest dau of the late Richard Bradshaw SOUTHERN Esq of Prescot.

MC CURDY / MC KELVEY, Elmwood, Pres Ch, Belfast, James MC CURDY to Arabella eldest dau of William MC KELVEY, both of Belfast.

MICHOLLS / BEDDINGTON, Jan 17th, Edward E. MICHOLLS of Manchester, eldest son of Henry MICHOLLS. Esq, 39 Princes Gate, London, late Grove House, Manchester to Marie L. BEDDINGTON, 2nd dau of Maurice BEDDINGTON Esq, 91 Lancaster Gate, London

MONKHOUSE / CLARK, Jan 16th, St Judes Ch, Dulwich Rd, London, by Rev A. W. MONKHOUSE. M.A, Vicar of Barton Cambridge, brother of the groom, Rev Philip Edmund MONKHOUSE. M.A, Principal of Birkenhead College to Helen Gibson, 3rd surviving dau of the late Nathaniel CLARK of Mercer’s Hall and 123 St Georges Rd, Warwick Sq, London.

ORLEBAR / DUFF, Jan 16th, St Philips Ch, Kensington London, Jeffery Edward ORLEBAR, Clerk in Holy Orders, B.A. Cambridge, 3rd son of Capt John ORLEBAR. R.N, to Clara Albina eldest surviving dau the late Alexander DUFF Esq of Port Louis, Mauritius.

PARKINSON / KNOWLES, Nov 14th, St Georges Ch, Penang, Robert James PARKINSON of Prye Estate, Province Welesley, late of the Peninsular and Oriental Co’s service to Mary Ellen dau of the late William KNOWLES, this town.

PREYER / VON HOFFMAN, Jan 8th, Villa Wurtemburg Wiesbadem, Dr William Thierry PREYER, Prof of the University of Jena, eldest son of Thierry PREYER of Manchester to Baroness Sophia VON HOFFMAN, of Darmstadt.

RAMSAY / CALDWELL, Jan 18th, Union Chapel, Oxford Rd, Manchester, James RAMSAY Esq of the Poplars Rusholme to Emma Higginbottom youngest dau of the late James CALDWELL Esq, Richmond Hill, Old Trafford.

SALMON / BANKS, Jan 11th, St Martins Scarborough, Rev Gordon SALMON, Vicar of Shipton, York to Sarah Georgiana Margaret, 3rd dau the late Rev Robert J. BANKS of St Catherine’s, Doncaster

SCOTT / THOMPSON, Jan 9th, Parish Ch, Wetheral Alexander SCOTT to Lilian dau Thomas THOMPSON Esq, The Plain, Wetheral, Carlise

SALKELD / KUPER, Jan 13th, The British Embassy, Paris, Col SALKELD of Holm Hill, Cumberland to Mary, widow of the late H. G. KUPER Esq of H.M. Diplomatic Service.

SAMPSON / MULHOLLAND, Jan 16th, Pro Cathedral, Copperas Hill, James Hinton SAMPSON eldest son of the late James SAMPSON to Margaret Mary MULHOLLAND eldest dau Thomas MULHOLLAND, 11 Gill St.

STEWART / PRINCE, Congregational Ch, Blackpool, William STEWART, this town to Elizabeth Ann eldest dau of John PRINCE.

TRENCH / LANGTON, Jan 18th, St Anns Ch, Aigburth, William Robert TRENCH, Incumbent, St Matthias Liverpool, Hon Canon of Chester, to Edith Anne Hamilton, eldest dau Charles LANGTON Esq, J.P, Barkhill, Liverpool.

WILLIAMS / SMITH, Nov 15th, Meerut India, Richard Francis WILLIAMS Esq, Lieut Royal Horse Art, 2nd son of Rev T. Norris WILLIAMS, Rector of Aber, Carnarvon, North Wales to Laura Elizabeth Manners eldest dau Charles Manners SMITH Esq, Dept Surgeon General, Indian Forces.

WOODSIDE / PHILLIPS, Jan 16th, Islington Pres Ch, John eldest son of William WOODSIDE to Anne 3rd dau the late James PHILLIPS, Lisburn, Ireland.

Liverpool Journal, 27th Jan 1877


BACKHOUSE / STRANGE, Jan 20th, Holly Trinity, Toxteth Park, William, eldest son of William BLACKHOUSE to Mary eldest dau of Edward STRANGE, both this town

BROWNE / JACKSON, Jan 23rd, All Saints, Fulham, London, Rev Barrington Gore BROWNE, Incumbent All Saints, Alton, to Helen Mackenzie JACKSON, eighth dau of the Bishop of London

ROBERT / KENDRICK, Jan 23rd, St Chrysostoms, Everton, Thomas ROBERTS to Mary KENDRICK, both of Everton.

WOLLISCROFT / CARSE, Jan 25th, St Chrysostoms, Everton, George WOLLISCROFT of Chesterton to Christina CARSE of Everton


Liverpool Mercury, July 28th 1877


BEASLY / DANIELS, July 23rd, Walton Church, John BEASLY of Bootle to Jane DANIELS OF Pershore, Worcestershire

BOURCHIER / MERRIMAN, July 25th, St Nicholas Church, Blundelsands nr Liverpool, Seton Longuet only son of Capt BOURCHIER. R.N, late of Liverpool to Georgiana Marian, younger daughter of the late James N. MERRIMAN. M.D, of Kensington

BROGDEN / EDWARDS, July 26th, St Pauls Ch, Princes Park, James Garstang only son of Alexander BROGDEN Esq, M.P, to Elizabeth Sarah elder daughter of the late T. G. EDWARDS Esq.

DUCKWORTH / LOMAS, May 22nd, St Marys Ch, Lichfield, James Abner DUCKWORTH of Seaforth, to Ann Sarah only daughter of the late Henry LOMAS, of Ripley, Derbyshire.

FELL / GREEN, July 23rd, Melling, Lancaster, George son of R. H. FELL of Windermere to Sarah Jane youngest daughter of the late Thomas GREEN Esq of Bradford

HAGUE / PERCIVAL, July 26th, St Georges Ch, Everton, William Newton only son of James HAGUE to Elizabeth only daughter of the late James PERCIVAL, both of Rice Lane, Walton

MOORSOM / BROWNE, July 25th, Parish Church of Bridekirk Cumberland, James Marshall MOORSOM, Barrister at Law son of the late Vice Admiral Constantine Richard MOORSOM to Emma Catherine, eldest daughter of William BROWNE Esq, Tallentire Hall, Cumberland

SMITH / THOMAS, July 18th, Parish Church Llanfaelog Anglesey, Joseph eldest son of the late Charles SMITH this town, to Catherine Ann youngest daughter of John THOMAS of Llanfaelog Anglesey

TAYLOR / HARRISON, July 25th, St Marys, Edge Hill, George only son of Thomas TAYLOR, Coachbuilder of Kent, to Ellen youngest daughter of Edward HARRISON, Knowsley.

TYSON / PARKIN, July 25th, St Johns, Liscard, Isaac eldest son of John TYSON to Caroline Emma, 2nd daughter of Edward PARKIN, Darfield, Egremont, late this town.

WALKER / SAUL, July 19th, St Werburga’s Catholic Chapel, Grange Lane, Alexander eldest son of T. WALKER, Tranmere, to Norenna eldest daughter of Richard SAUL, Birkenhead.

WALLIS / LYTHAM. July 26th, Stanley Chapel, Frederick Tibbs youngest son of John WALLIS of Mitchem, Surrey to Rebe youngest daughter of William LYTHAM this town

Liverpool Mercury, Nov 7th 1877


DRURY / RAWNSLEY, Nov 5th, Primitive Methodist Chapel, Boundary St, East, John DRURY to Annie widow of the late Rev Philip RAWNSLEY

LEWIS / SWANN. Nov 4th, Christ Church, Waterloo, John LEWIS to Miss SWANN

SMITH / JONES, Nov 3rd, St Marys Ch, Edge Hill, William Charles youngest son of William SMITH Veterinary surgeon, late of Nottingham to Annie eldest daughter of Supt JONES, Bangor, North Wales

WOODHOUSE / PASCOE, Nov 6th at Belfast, Capt WOODHOUSE of the ship OAKWORTH to Ellen only daughter of Capt PASCOE, Belfast

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