Marriages 1875

Liverpool Mercury

Feb 5th, 1875

Marriages BELSHAW / GIBSON, Feb 1st, St Peters, Everton, William BELSHAW to Miss Catherine GIBSON

BOARDMAN / LEADBETTER, Feb 2nd, St Peters, Everton, John BOARDMAN to Miss Mary LEADBETTER

BOYD / CLUCAS, Feb 4th, St Peters, Everton, William BOYD to Miss Sarah Anne CLUCAS

FAZAKERLEY / SIBEON, Jan 31st, St Peters, Everton, Thomas FAZAKERLEY to Miss Sarah SIBEON

GORDON-DUFF / TENNANT, Feb 2nd, The Glen Inner-leithen, Peebleshire, Thomas GORDON-DUFF, younger of Drummuir and Park, Banifshire to Pauline Emma eldest daughter of Charles TENNANT Esq of The Glen.

GRAHAM / BARNES, Feb 4th, St Saviours Everton, H. J. GRAHAM to Janey 3rd daughter of the late John A. BARNES of Augburth

GRUNDY / MOORE, Feb 4th, Richmond Chapel, Joseph D. GRUNDY of Westfield Market, Bosworth to Mary Hannah, only daughter of the late Capt W. H. MOORE, Poole Dorset

HAWKES / HUGHES, Feb 4th, St Lukes Church, John eldest son of the late Zachariah C. HAWKES Esq, Moncens House, County Cork, to Charlotte only daughter of Richard HUGHES Esq of Wrexham

HUGHES / PARRY. Jan 23rd, Bethesda Chapel, Amlwch, Hugh HUGHES, Llanddygwel, Grocs, Llanfecheli Anglesey to Miss Grace PARRY, Tyn-y-Court, Llanidan, Anglesey

JONES / PIPER, Feb 2nd, Woodford Old Church, Erasmus JONES of Machynlieth, to Abigail Jane PIPER, stepdaughter of William PEART of the Rose and Crown, Long Lane, Bermondsey London

MASON / DONKING, Feb 3rd, Norwood, Congregational Chapel, West Derby Rd, John MASON to Harriett Sophia daughter of Gerard DONKING

MORTON / CRICHTON, Feb 2nd, 24West George St, Kilmarnock, Scotland, John MORTON of Liverpool to Mary Thompson, 2nd daughter of the late James CRICHTON of Kilmarnock.

ONSLOW [Earl] GARDNER, Feb 3rd, St Georges, Hanover Square, Earl of Onslow to the Hon Florence GARDNER eldest daughter of Lord GARDNER

SOCKER / MCGAUGHRAN, Feb 2nd, St Josephs Seacombe, George Granville SOCKER Middlesborough, Yorkshire to Annie MCGAUGHRAN of Seacombe

WARD / ROTHWELL, Feb 1st, St Peters, Everton, John Agnew WARD to Miss Ellen ROTHWELL

WESTON / SHAW, Feb 1st, St Marys Catholic Church, Formby, Henry only son of Edward WESTON to Mary Abigail SHAW of Formby.


Liverpool Mercury, Feb 17th, 1875


IRONSIDE / CRITCHLEY, Jan 29th, St Simon's, Alexander Gordon IRONSIDE to Miss Annie CRITCHLEY, both this town.

RIGBY / HUNT, Feb 9th, St John's, Kirkdale, Joseph RIGBY of Kirkdale to Ellen only daughter of the late George HUNT, coal merchant, this town.


Liverpool Mercury, Oct 1st, 1875


BAYLEY / BENNETT, Sept 29th, Parish Church, Walton-on-the-Hill, Charles William BAYLEY of Eccles, nr Manchester to Anne Frances, only surviving daughter of Thomas BENNETT. Esq, Everton Valley, Liverpool.

BIGLANDS / HESLOP, Sept 26th, by license, St Jame's Church, Robert, 2nd son of the late Joseph BIGLANDS of Saltcoats, Cumberland, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Richard HISLOP, Kirkdale.

BURROWS / WOOD, Sept 29th, St Peter's, Everton, William BURROWS to Miss Elizabeth WOOD

CASTELL / PEARSON, Sept 28th, Kirk Bradden, I.O.M, R. CASTELL of Duke St, Douglas, to Mary youngest daughter of W. PEARSON, coachbuilder, Liverpool.

COATES / LUPTON, Sept 30th, Woodchurch, William Henry COATES to Mary, eldest daughter of the late William LUPTON Esq, Larkfield, Claughton.

CROXTON / TEARE, Sept 29th, St George's Church, Douglas, I.O.M, J. J. CROXTON, shipbroker, Barrow-in-Furness, to Isabella, [Isa], only daughter of the late W. H. TEARE of Douglas.

GARSIDE / TYRER, Sept 27th, St Jame's Church, Wrightington, Charles, 3rd son of the late Francis Burdett GARSIDE of Southport, to Eva Ellen, daughter of William TYRER, of Harrock Hill, Wrightington.

HENDERSON / THORPE, Sept 28th, by license, St John-the-Baptist Church, Tuebrook, Capt James HENDERSON to Jane Scott THORPE, both of Dumfries.

HOLLAND / McNEILLY, Sept 28th, St Simon's John Baugh HOLLAND, son of the late Thomas HOLLAND, pawnbroker, to Elizabeth McNEILLY, youngest daughter of David McNEILLY, both this town.

JONES / MACAULAY, Sept 26th, St Mary's Walton-on-the-Hill, Edward JONES of 54 Birchfield St, to Jemima MACAULAY, of Glasgow.

LONARGON / MILLS, Sept 23rd, Walton Parish Church, H. LONARGON to Miss E. MILLS, both of this town.

McLACHLAN / KILLIP, Sept 29th, St Michaels-in-the-Hamlet, Duncan 2nd son of the late Capt Dougald McLACHLAN, to Maggie, 2nd daughter of the late John KILLIP, of this town.

MELLOR / FENTON, Sept 29th, Bamford, Charles, 6th son of the Hon Mr Justice MELLOR, to Helen, youngest daughter of the late John FENTON Esq, of Crimble HALL, formerly M.P of Rochdale.

MULLINS / MURPHY, Sept 29th, St Joseph's R. C. Church, James Alexander MULLINS, to Mary Agnes, eldest daughter of John MURPHY Esq, both this town.

PATERSON / FISHER, Sept 30th, Princes Rd, United Presbyterian Church, James Scott PATERSON to Elizabeth McGowan, youngest daughter of Alexander FISHER, Lebanon House, Cupar, Fife.

POVEY / DAVIES, Sept 29th, Wesley Chapel, St Helens, James POVEY, to Miss Caroline PAGE, stepdaughter of Thomas DAVIES, Hall St, St Helens.

ROBERTS / FOOKS, Sept 28th, Parish Church, Twickenham, H. Lloyd ROBERTS of Plas-yn-Roe, St Asaph, and of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-law, to Ada Henrietta, only child of Henry Marshall FOOKS, of Allsa Park Villas, Twickenham.

THOMPSON / DICKSON, Sept 28th, Holy Trinity Church, Southport. Charles Rodolph, 4th son of the late John Caton THOMPSON of Liverpool to Ellen only daughter of the late Haynes Walte DICKSON of Liverpool.

VICK / TAYLOR, Sept 28th, St Barnabas's Douglas, I.O.M, James VICK of Stamford, to Margaret Hannah, eldest daughter of the late Frederick TAYLOR of Douglas.

WILLIAMS / JONES, Sept 25th, Welsh Church, Brownlow Hill, William WILLIAMS, 84 Great Homer St, to Miss Annie JONES, of Penmaenmawr.

WILSON / KIRBY, Sept 26th, St Peter's Everton, Robert WILSON to Miss Mary Ellen KIRBY.

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