Marriages 1871

Liverpool Mercury, May 1st 1871


BOOTH / MACAULAY, Apr 29th, Teignmouth, Charles BOOTH Esq of Liverpool to Mary Catherine only daughter of Charles Zachary MACAULAY Esq of Gloucester Terrace, Hyde Park, London

BURNETT / WILDE, Apr 27th, parish church, West Derby, John eldest son of Nathaniel BURNETT this town to Louisa only daughter of George WILDE of Fairfield

COCKBURN / BERTRAM, Apr 27th, Addistone, N.B, George COCKBURN Esq of Lingdale Lodge, Claughton to Katherine daughter of the late John BERTRAM Esq of Dalkieth, and relict of James STITT Jnr Esq of Birkenhead

COOKE / FIELDEN, Apr 27th, Sr Martins Church, Scarborough, Sir William Ridley Charles COOKE Bart, of Wheatley Hall, Yorkshire to Harriet Blanche Juanita Georgina youngest daughter of Sir William FIELDEN Bart, of Feniscowles, Lancashire

GILLESPIE / ROGERS, Apr 27th, Parish Church, Drumcliff, Sligo, Joseph GILLESPIE of Liverpool of the firm C and J. GILLESPIE, Monaghan, to Mary eldest daughter of Jeremiah ROGERS, Moorfield, Carney, Sligo

GILMOUR / WILLIAMS, Apr 30th, St Georges in the Crescent, John GILMOUR to Miss Mary Ann WILLIAMS

PLATTS / BENNETT, Apr 25th, Parish Church, Chacombe, Northamptonshire, Edwin PLATTS, Oldham, Hants, to Alice youngest daughter of William BENNETT, Grange Farm, Chacombe

PLATT / SHAW, Apr 19th, Congregational Chapel, Southport, W. PLATT, Liverpool to Sarah daughter of Thomas SHAW Esq, Claremont House, Southport

VAUGHAN / EDWARDS, Apr 27th, Tegid Chapel, Bala, Edward VAUGHAN, Tytanycraig to Annie youngest daughter of the late Thomas EDWARDS, Tytandderwen

WOODS / DUCK, Apr 27th, Holy Trinity Church, Southport, George Arthur WOODS Esq, L.R.C,P, eldest son of George WOODS Esq, F.R.C,S, Eug, to Lilias youngest daughter of the late Robert DUCK Esq of Norwood, Alderley Edge, Cheshire


Liverpool Mercury, Aug 14th, 1871


DART / MEARES, Aug 10th, parish church, West Kirby, Richard DART of Liverpool and London to Ellen 2nd daughter of Thomas MEARES

GLEDSDALE / GREEN, May 31st, William eldest son of John GLEDSDALE, to Mary, 4th daughter of John GREEN, both this town


Liverpool Mercury, Dec 25th, 1871


BARTLETT / WARING, Dec 12th, Congregational Church Huyton, George Thomas BARTLETT of Cowes Isle of Wight, to Martha Jane eldest daughter of Thomas WARING, Huyton

FARRAGHER / WISE, Dec 21st, All Saints, Great Nelson St, J. Henry Edward FARRAGHER to Mrs Charlotte WISE late Nightingale nurse at Liverpool workhouse

LE’MARR / ARTHUR, Dec 20th Kirk Bradden, I.O.M, Ebenezer Robert ,LE’MARR Esq, J.P, of Manchester and Albert House, Birkdale Park, Southport, to Mary Dorothy, daughter of the late E. P. ARTHUR Esq, of Port-e-Chee nr Douglas

REID / QUAYLE, Dec 17th, by license at St Lukes, P. REID eldest son of D. S. REID Esq, builder and contactor New York, to Maggie youngest daughter of William QUAYLE, Castletown, I.O.M.

WATTS / GARRETT, Dec 21st by special license, at Bride’s fathers residence, Douglas I.OM, Edwin L. WATTS Esq TO Mary daughter of Henry Bell GARRETT Esq, Windsor Terrace.


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