Marriages 1869

Liverpool Mercury, Mar 22nd 1869


CLAY / ROBSON, March 16th, Bow Church, Samuel CLAY to Elizabeth Jane daughter of Edward ROBSON, Bow, London

COLBRAN / BARKER, March 18th at St Pauls Cress Stone, William Henry COLBRAN of Burnley to Anne eldest daughter of James BARKER, Gandy Bridge, Todmordan

HISCOCKS / SHAW, March 17th, at Brucra Church, Henry William son of H. C. HISCOCKS, Pimlico, London, to Martha youngest daughter of Thomas SHAW, Hatton Heath, Farm, nr Chester


Liverpool Mercury, April 24th, 1869


BERUTICH / LITTLER, Apr 19th, St Peters and St Pauls, Great Crosby, Lidefondo BERUTICH a native of Gibraltar, to Annie 2nd daughter of the late John LITTLER of 32 Marine Crescent, Waterloo

BURNS / THOMPSON, Apr 19th, All Saints, Charles BURNS to Miss Elizabeth THOMPSON both of All Saints Lane

HOLDEN / NAYLOR, Apr 21st, St Thomas Church, Preston, John HOLDEN, Surgeon to Alice Abbey, 2nd daughter of the late James NAYLOR, of Springfield, nr Preston

KENNEDY / MILLER, Apr 21st, St Cuthberts, Church, Lytham, by the Rev J. PITT, Rector of Rendcomb, Gloucestershire, uncle of the bride, J. Douglass KENNEDY Esq, captain, 6th, Royal Lancashire Militia, to Mary Elizabeth eldest daughter of the late Henry MILLER Esq of Preston

MATTHEWS / RADLEY, Apr 20th, All Saints, Peter Joseph MATTHEWS of Lawrence St to Miss Eliza RADLEY of Cazneau St

MAXWELL / HART, Apr 8th, St Pauls, Arran Quay, Dublin, Robert MAXWELL Esq of Breoch , Stewartry of Kirkcudbright to Elizabeth daughter of John HART Esq, Cabra Terrace, Phebeboro, Dublin

MUIR / ROME, Apr 22nd, by license at Walton Church, Walton, John MUIR Chief officer of the ship ROSEBUD, to Margaret only daughter of Mr Bryce Moncrieff ROME

PRICE / YOUNG, Apr 19th, St Marys, Edge Hill, John PRICE to Miss Mary YOUNG, granddaughter of the late Robert EDWARDS, Esq, Beswick pottery nr Manchester

RICHARDS / WADDINGTON, Apr 12th, St Johns Church, Chester, William Henry Johnson RICHARDS to Mary Jane only daughter of Henry William WADDINGTON of New Ferry, Cheshire

SIMPSON / CUNLIFFE, Apr 22nd, Stockton Heath, Warrington, by the Rev Thomas SIMPSON of Halecott Hall Grange, Lancashire, father of the groom, James William SIMPSON to Emma 2nd daughter of John CUNLIFFE Esq of Walton, Warrington

THOMAS / DAVIES, Apr 21st, St Silas, Princes Park, Robert THOMAS, Rhyddland, North Wales, to Mary eldest daughter of William DAVIES, Bidston nr Birkenhead


Liverpool Mercury, May 4th, 1869


ADARE / CLARE, April 29th, Viscount ADARE son of the Earl of Dunraven to Florence KERR, daughter of Lord and Lady Charles Lennox KERR

BATTY / CLARE, May 3rd, St Mary's, West Derby, Robert BATTY to Miss Mary Jane CLARE

BONNOR / GAWNE, April 29th, Kirk Christ, Ruabon, I.O.M, by the Very Rev Dean of St Asaph, father of the bridegroom, assisted by Rev Hugh J. GILL, vicar of the parish and Rev R. Murray GAWNE, brother of the bride, Rev Robert Dempster BONNOR, rector of Newmarket, Flintshire, to Frances Alicia Mary, 2nd daughter of Edward M. GAWNE Esq, Kentraugh, I.O.M.

BULL / HUNT, May 1st, Great George St, Chapel, William Henry BULL of London, to Catherine only daughter of Benjamin HUNT, this town

CROCKATT / GREETHAM, May 1st, parish church St Wilfred, Standish, by the Rev H. EVANS, B.A, brother-in-law of the brides, assisted by Rev Casson BRANDRETH, rector of Standish, John youngest son of the late John CROCKATT, Esq of Dundee to Elizabeth Jane 2nd daughter of the late Benjamin GREETHAM Esq, this town

DEAN / MUIRHEAD, By license at St Mark's, John DEAN to Agnes MUIRHEAD

DUFFY / WALSH, April 27th, St Mary's, Bucks Rd, Douglas, I.O.M, J. DUFFY of Bay View, Holyhead, to Miss Bessy WALSH of Douglas

GARDE / BIRLEY, April 27th, Bishop's Court, I.O.M, Rev J. F. GARDE vicar of Patrick to Miss BIRLEY, of Ballacosnahan, Patrick

HAMILTON / MASSEY, May 2nd, St George, Everton, James HAMILTON to Miss Mary Ann MASSEY, both of Everton

HOLLINS / DAVIES-GRIFFITH, April 28th, Caer Rhun, Daintry, eldest son of M. D. HOLLINS Esq of Whitmore Hall, Staffordshire and Bodsgallen, Carnarvonshire, to Caroline Louisa, 4th daughter of Hugh DAVIES-GRIFFITH, Esq, Caer Rhun, Carnarvonshire

KIRSOPP / BROWN, April 28th, Edinburgh, William KIRSOPP of Liverpool to Margaret youngest daughter of Alexander BROWN, of Edinburgh

MASSINGHAM / FRANKLING, April 29th, Independent Chapel, Wells, Norfolk, Captain S. John MASSINGHAM, master of the barque Earl Derby to Phoebe eldest daughter of Samuel FRANKLING, farmer, Mere Sleffkey, Norfolk

MAYLE / HOWARD, April 28th, Kirk Bradden, I.O.M, Henry P. MAYLE, 1st Lieut, R.I.M.A.V, to Mary C. HOWARD

MOORE / PIERCE, May 2nd, St Andrew's, Renshaw St, Thomas MOORE to Miss Barbara PIERCE, both this town

ROSE / HOLMES, May 3rd, All Souls, Vauxhall, William Henry ROSE to Miss Emma HOLMES

ROWSON / ALLEN, April 20th, St Barnabas, South Kennington, Richard Eyrth, youngest son of Richard BROWN Esq of Grappenhall, Cheshire to Margaret eldest daughter of the late James Edward ALLEN Esq, of Leytenstone, Essex.

WATSON / WHITE, March 6th, Valparaiso, by the Rev William DEARDEN, chaplain of H. M. Ship Topaze, Stephen eldest son of Stephen WATSON Esq, Rock Ferry to Dora 2nd daughter of the late Edmund WHITE, Esq, of Pendeford Hall, Wolverhampton


Liverpool Mercury, May 8th 1869


BAYLIS / JONES, May 3rd St Georges, Frederic Charles, 2nd son of Benjamin BAYLIS Esq. C.E, of Rotherham, Yorkshire to Mary Jane eldest daughter of Thomas JONES, Park Place.

GASGARTH / BELCHER, Jan 9th, St Marys, Birkenhead, Peter GASGARTH of Birkenhead to Jane widow Charles BELCHER and eldest daughter of William ROOD of Bootle.

HANCE / WILLIAMS, May 5th, St Pauls, Princes Park, James B. HANCE Esq, son of J. J. HANCE Esq, Gresford to Emily Olive younger daughter of George WILLIAMS Esq, Princes Park.

JONES / ROBERTS, May 5th, Llanidoes Montgomeryshire, by the Rev David CHARLES. B.A, Oxton, uncle of the bride, John Robert only son of Mr Thomas JONES, Parliament Terrace, Liverpool to Sarah Ann eldest daughter of Thomas F. ROBERTS, Broomcliff.

NICOLL / DAVIE, May 5th, Blairgowrie, N. B, Thomas NICOLL Esq, this town to Sarah daughter of the late John DAVIE Esq, Blairgowrie

OSBORNE / MULLOCK, May 6th, by license St Peters, John eldest son of Capt William OSBORNE to Henrietta Louisa, eldest daughter of the late Capt William MULLOCK both this town

PASCOE / HILL, May 5th, at Dresden, Joseph eldest son of the late James Meek PASCOE Esq of London to Adie youngest daughter of Robert HILL Esq, Dresden, Staffordshire

PECK / CUTTER, May 6th at the Baptist Chapel, Hoghton St, Southport by Rev A. M. STALKER assisted by Rev W. J. STUART of Preston, uncle of the groom, Christopher PECK of Southport to Susan third daughter of Samuel CUTTER this town

QUARK / CHRISTIAN, April 21st, Kirk, Braddan, I.O.M, John QUARK to Miss Kate CHRISTIAN both the island.

TAYLOR / MC INTYRE, May 4th, by license Queens Rd, United Presbyterian Church, Alexander TAYLOR, merchant Glasgow to Elizabeth, 4th daughter of Peter MC INTYRE, Glasgow.

WALKER / TALLENT, May 6th, St Georges, Everton, William WALKER to Lydia 3rd daughter of the late John TALLENT, Farmer, of Houghton, Derbyshire.


Liverpool Mercury, July 6th 1869


HINCKS / BURKET, July 5th, St John's Chester, William HINCKS to Susannah only daughter of George BURKET, both of Chester

JEFFREYS / ROBINSON, June 24th, Church of St Simon and St Jude, Cockshutt, Salop, Walter Powell JEFFREYS Esq, Royal Brecknockshire Militia, Henllys, Carmarthenshire, to Agnes daughter of Charles Backhouse ROBINSON, Esq, Frankton Grange, Salop.

LITTLE / WALKER, July 1st, St Paul's Penge, the Rev James LITTLE of Warrington to Emma eldest daughter of the late John WALKER Esq, Arlington House, Upper Norwood, Surrey.

LOVELADY / BLUNDELL, July 4th, St Michael's, West Derby Rd, Robert LOVELADY to Mary, 3rd daughter of Richard BLUNDELL, both of Ince Blundell.

OWENS / LEE, June 20th, St Peter's, Everton, Owen OWENS to Miss Elizabeth LEE

PARRY / EVANS, June 26th, St Peter's, Everton, John PARRY to Miss Sarah EVANS

SHARROCK / WELCH, July 4th, St Mary's, Kirkdale, Peter SHARROCK to Miss Annie WELCH

STEPHENS / M'ARTY, June 24th, by license, St Thomas, Park Lane, Anton STEPHENS of 54 Seel St, steward of the ship Rowena, to Margaret Jones M'ARTY, of 9 York St.

STEVENSON / ALLCROFT, July 4th, St Mary's, Kirkdale George STEPHENSON to Miss Mary ALLCROFT.

TAYLOR / LAURI, July 5th, St Saviour's, Oxton, Cheshire, James William TAYLOR of Greenock, late of Birkenhead, to Agnes LAURI of Oxton

TURNER / SCOTT, July 3rd, Boughton, Congregational Church, Bury New Rd, Manchester, Henry William, eldest son of Jonathan TURNER of Hulme, to Susan, 2nd daughter of Daniel SCOTT, late of this town

WOOD / WIDDOWSON, July 5th, St James, Church, West Derby, Thomas WOOD, B.A, to Martha eldest daughter of the late James WIDDOWSON, Town Row, West Derby

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