Marriages 1867

Liverpool Mercury, March 26th 1867


BIRD / CHATTERTON, March 23rd St Michaels, Toxteth Park, Frederic Elliott son of William Henry BIRD of Brixton, London to Martha, youngest daughter of the late Thomas CHATTERTON, Wesley St, Toxteth Park.

EVANS / THOMPSON, March 17th, by license at St Andrews, James EVANS stationer and bookseller, Byrom St, to Jane 3rd daughter of Mr THOMPSON, West Derby Rd.

FORD / LEYLAND, March 21st, Knotty Ash Church, W. FORD, son of the late J. FORD of Bedford St North to Emma Jane daughter of T. LEYLAND, West Derby

GENT / HAY, March 20th, Christ Church, Preston, George GENT Esq of Higher Broughton to Elizabeth widow of Capt George Forbes HAY and youngest daughter of the late Thomas WINDER Esq, solicitor, Preston.

GRAHAM / HOROBIN, March 16th, All Saints, Joseph GRAHAM to Miss Mary Ann HOROBIN

KITSON / HORNELL, March 21st, Holy Trinity, Parliament St, Daniel KITSON to Mary HORNELL

LUCAS / MOSES, March 19th, by license at St Georges, George J. LUCAS of Barbridge, nt Nantwich, late of Waterloo, to Hannah eldest daughter of Mr William MOSES, Builder, Waterloo

MASSEY / REDMAN, St Georges Everton, Frederick MASSEY Esq, to Mary only daughter of the late William REDMAN Esq of this town

MILLS / BAHLSEN, Feb 5th, Caldera Chile, John H. MILLS Esq of the P.S.N. Co’s service, to Louisa Christiano Eliza only daughter of Augustus Otto Johannes BAHLSEN Esq of Luneberg, Hanover

PAGE / DOWLING, March 18th, All Saints, Thomas PAGE to Mrs Elizabeth DOWLING

Liverpool Mercury, March 26th 1867


Liverpool Mercury, June 4th 1867


BRADSHAW / KIRBY, May 31st, St John-the-Divine, Fairfield, Robert youngest son of Richard BRADSHAW Esq, Kensington, to Delia Caroline, 4th daughter of the late John P. KIRBY Esq, this town.

BROWN / EDGAR, MAY 8th, Dalston, Edward BROWN, Pasture House, to Annie youngest daughter of Joseph EDGAR, Bell Gate, Dalston, Cumberland.

COX / WILLIAMS, May 29th, Whittington, by the Rev Edward COX, M.A, rector of Luccomb, Somerset and father of the bridegroom, Edward COX Esq of Bowden, Cheshire, to Elizabeth Leader, 4th daughter of E. Leader WILLIAMS, Esq of Worcester

DEIDIMAN / FARMER, May 30th, by license St Johns, John DEIDIMAN to Miss Martha FARMER

EGAN / REILY, May 29th, St Mary's, Mulberry St, Manchester, James EGAN of this town to Mary Harriet REILY of Manchester

HAMILTON / JEFFRAY, May 29th, St Mary's Windermere, Archibald HAMILTON, Esq M.D, of Windermere to Katherine only daughter of the late Rev L. W. JEFFRAY, M.A, rector of Aldford, Cheshire

HOUGHTON / GROOM, May 30th, Independent Chapel, Ellesmere, Robert William HOUGHTON, West Felton, to Margaret 3rd daughter of Mr GROOM, The Cross, nr Ellesmere.

ISHERWOOD / HEWLETT, May 29th, St Stephen's Church, Astley, by the father of the bride, John N. ISHERWOOD Esq, B.A, only son of Alderman ISHERWOOD of Preston, to Catherine Anne, 4th daughter of the Rev Alfred HEWLETT, D.D, Magd Hall, Oxford, and incumbent of Astley

MORREY / MELLOR, May 27th, Walton-on-the-Hill, Joseph MORREY, 2nd son of Joseph MORREY, Candia St, Everton to Margaret Ellen, only daughter of the late Thomas MELLOR, Manchester

PRAIRIE / LEWIS, May 31st by license, at St John’s, Frank PRAIRIE to Mrs Maria LEWIS

ROBINSON / EVANS, May 25th, Joseph, eldest son of Joseph ROBINSON Esq, this town to Hannah Maria youngest daughter of the late Thomas EVANS, Esq of this town

THOMPSON / EDGAR, May 30th, St Andrew's, Penrith, Joseph THOMPSON of Ambleside to Annie 2nd daughter of John EDGAR, King St, Penrith

WILKINSON / MOSES, May 30th, St John-the-Baptist, George WILKINSON to Jane daughter of David MOSES, both of Toxteth Park


Liverpool Mercury, Oct 28th 1867


CHESTERS / HINTON, Oct 24th, Parish Ch of Hanmer, John CHESTERS of this town to Elizabeth eldest daughter of John HINTON of New House, Bettisfield, Flintshire

CRANMER / PICKERING, Oct 23rd, Woodchurch, Hortatio CRANMER Esq, to Miss Dora PICKERING of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

DUNN / FROME, Oct 25th, Walton Ch, James DUNN to Thomasine only daughter of the late Thomas FROME, Falkner Cresent, Bootle.

FARRELL / SEFTON, Oct 25th, Cranmer Weslyan Chapel, Alfred Augustus FARRELL to Miss Ellen SEFTON, both this town

HUGHES / GREEN, Oct 24th, at Llansaintffraid, Glan, Conway, J. Spier HUGHES Esq, of Llanwrstto Georgina Buckeridge youngest daughter of Richard GREEN Esq of Hendrewaelod, Conway.

OWEN / KERFOOT, Oct 22nd, Calvanistic Methodist Chapel, Rev Thomas OWEN, Portmadoc to Mrs KERFOOT, Summer Hill, Bangor

PARRY / WILLIAMS, Oct 25th, Penybryn, Chapel Llangollen, Owen PARRY, Blue Peris Dinorwig, to Anne eldest daughter of Isaac WILLIAMS, Bronheulog, Llangollen


Liverpool Mercury, Nov 13th 1867


BOOTH / BUTLER, Oct 24th, New York, Alfred BOOTH of this town to Lydia Allen youngest daughter of the late Benjamin F. BULTER of New York

CLARK / THOMSON, Nov 12th, Oldham St, Church William CLARK to Mary Ann eldest daughter of the late R. H. THOMSON, Rock Ferry

FOX / CROWE, Nov 11th, Parish Ch, Walton-on-the-Hill, by Rev J. Hamilton FOX, vicar of Padiham, brother of the groom, the Rev Charles James FOX, youngest son of Samuel FOX Esq of Bristol to Marian Birchall, youngest daughter of the late Richard CROWE Esq, professor of Music at the Liverpool College.

MCMILLAN / PARKER, 8th Nov St Peters Edge Hill, Peter MCMILLAN to Annie youngest daughter of John PARKER, Abbey Wood, Creetown

NUTTALL / PHILLIPS, Nov 12th, St Marys Kirkdale, William NUTTALL to Miss Sarah Jane PHILLIPS, Walton Rd, Kirkdale

WILLIS / MACKAY, Nov 7th, Christ Ch, Earleston, William WILLIS of Prescot to Miss Mary Ellen MACKAY late of Garston


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