Marriages 1866

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 29th 1866


ABRAHAM / WOOD, Jan 23rd, St Georges Everton, John ABRAHAM to Esther, 2nd daughter of the late Edward WOOD of Kirby

BRODIE / MOORE, Jan 25th, St Peters, John BRODIE, gasfitter, to Miss Anne MOORE, Croston St

HODKINSON / JONES, Jan 25th, St Pauls Ch, Islington, London, Edward HODKINSON Esq of Chester, to Martha 4th daughter of Edward JONES Esq, Crescent Lodge, Canonbury Park

MARRIOTT / LEWIS, Jan 27th, St Chrysostoms, Everton, John MARRIOTT to Mary Jane Schmidt daughter of the late Mr LEWIS of Preston

WITHAM / NOBLET, Jan 25th, St Oswalds Old Swan, Robert Sutcliffe WITHAM Esq of Burnley to Agnes youngest daughter of Robert NOBLET Esq, West Derby

Liverpool Mercury, Feb 23rd 1866


NOWELL / MASEY, Feb 20th, St Marks Church, Regents Park, London, George Augustus NOWELL of Nuneaton Warwickshire to Emma younger daughter of the late Philip MASEY of Clifton, Bristol

TILSTON / COTTERELL, Feb 8th, St Brides, William TILSTON to Annie COTTERELL

Liverpool Mercury, Aug 6th 1866


PERRY / CLAGUE, Aug 2nd, Kirk Bradden, I.O.M, R. D. PERRY 2nd son of Henry PERRY of Cheshire to Mary Ann 3rd daughter of John CLAGUE, Circular Rd, Douglas

PHILLIPS / JONES, Aug 2nd, Edge Hill Church, George Campbell PHILLIPS, Sunderland to Miss Louisa JONES, this town

PROCTER / BISHOP, Aug 2nd, St James, T. G. PROCTER Esq to Jessie Jane youngest daughter of the late John BISHOP this town

YOUNG / THOMAS, July 24th, All Saints, William YOUNG to Esther youngest daughter if the late John THOMAS


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