Marriages 1863

Liverpool Mercury, Feb 20th 1863


ALDERSON / BLACK, Nov 19th, Dunedin, Francis John 4th son of the late Baron ALDERSON to Jane Irvine, 3rd daughter of Dr BLACK. M.D, Melbourne.

ALDRIDGE / MASTERS, Feb 17th, Parish Ch, Walton-on-the-Hill, George ALRDIDGE to Miss Marian MASTERS

ATHERTON / CURWEN, Feb 17th, Brunswick, Wesleyan Chapel, Birkenhead, James Heys ATHERTON of Park View to Alice, 2nd daughter of Robert CURWEN Esq of Clifton Park, Birkenhead

BRADBURN / STUBBS, Feb 18th, Trinity Chapel, Grove St, Isaac BRADBURN nephew to the late Rev T. BRADBURN to Elizabeth eldest surviving daughter of John STUBBS Esq, this town

CUNNINGHAM / RIGG, Feb 16th, St Brides, James CUNNINGHAM to Frances RIGG, both formerly of Whitehaven.

GIRSBERGER / BRUNNER, Feb 17th, Renshaw St, Chapel, Conrad GERSBERGER of Zurich, Switzerland to Catherine Elizabeth daughter of Rev J. BRUNNER, Mere Bank, Everton.

HAMILTON / HEENAN, Feb 13th, St Augustines, R.C, Great Howard St, D. HAMILTON of H. M. Customs this port to Marianne eldest daughter of Denis HEENAN, Roscrea Ireland

HARRIS / FLETCHER, Feb 14th, by license, St Marys Edge Hill, George HARRIS to Jane Whalley, de Scellittia, youngest daughter of the late John FLETCHER, Shipwright, this town.

HUMPHREYS / ADDLEY, Feb 11th, St Michaels, Joseph HUMPHREYS to Miss Sarah Metcalf ADDLEY.

LAWTON / PARR, Feb 16th, St Michaels, James LAWTON to Miss Mary PARR

PARK / BUSHBY, Feb 17th, Parish Ch, Burgh-by-Sands, Cumberland, Thomas PARK Esq of Carlisle to Mary daughter of John BUSHBY Esq, Burgh House, Carlisle

RITCHIE / CALEY, Feb 14th, Kirk Mallow, I.O.M, Frederick RITCHIE Esq of Bristol to Margaret Ann, eldest daughter of Philip CALEY Esq of Castletown, I.O.M.

ROBERTS / ROBERTS, Feb 17th, Welsh Ind, Chapel, Bedford St, Toxteth Park, Thomas ROBERTS, Park Rd to Sydney daughter of Edmund ROBERTS, late of Mold.

RAMSEY / PASCOE, Feb 17th, St Michaels, James RAMSEY to Miss Eliza PASCOE

ROBERTS / EDWARDS, Feb 10th, St Pauls, East Moulsey, Surrey, Rev R. J. ROBERTS Rector of Yscelfiog, Flintshire, to Ellen relict of Thomas EDWARDS Esq and eldest daughter of the late Aneurin OWEN Esq of Egryn, Denbigh

STOCK / BELOE, Feb 14th, Wraxall, William Ravenhill eldest son of William STOCK Esq, of Cotham, Bristol, to Marian Margaret, 2nd daughter of the late W. C. P. BELOE Esq of Bristol and Wraxall, Court, Somerset


Liverpool Mercury, June 1st 1863


BROMLEY / BLACK, May 30th, by license St Augustines, Shaw St, C. R. BROMLEY to Miss BLACK

HOPKINS / BANKES, May 12th, South Hackney Ch, John HOPKINS Esq, of Seaforth to Mary Williams, 4th daughter of the late J. M. Voss BANKES of Swansea.

MEDD / BAKER, May 27th, Trinity Ch, Northwood, Staffordshire by the Rev P. Goldsmith MEDD. M.A, Dean and Fellow of University College Oxford, brother of the groom, John MEDD Esq, M. D, Manchester 3rd son of the late John MEDD Esq, F.R.C.S, The Mansion House, Stockport, to Margaret Ann 2nd daughter of John BAKER Esq, the Hollies, Northwood, Staffordshire.

MOSTYN / JONES, May 27th, St Philips Chester, Edwin MOSTYN to Elizabeth JONES of Llysfyen nr Rhyl.


Liverpool Mercury, June 2nd, 1863


BECK / COOPER, May 31st, by license, St Mark's, Samuel BECK of Kirkcudbright to Miss Phoebe COOPER of this town

CONSTABLE / BLUNDELL, May 30th, St Marylebone's London, C. G. CONSTABLE Esq, captain in H.M's Indian navy to Anna Maria eldest daughter of Benson BLUNDELL Esq, barrister at law, of the Middle Temple

GUNSON / HARPER, June 1st, St Michael's William GUNSON to Miss Sarah HARPER

RICHERT / LLEWELLYN, June 1st by licenses, St Michael's Robert RICHERT to Miss Emily LLEWELLYN


Liverpool Mercury, June 30th, 1863


BAINES / HAIGH, June 25th, Bramham Church, John William youngest son of Edward BAINES Esq. M. P, of Leeds, to Louisa Jane daughter of the Rev Benjamin B. HAIGH LL. D, of Bramham College, near Tadcaster.

BROOKE / ROBERTS, June 23rd, Priory Church, Great Malvern, Alexander younger son of the late Richard BROOKE Esq, Liverpool and of Handford, Cheshire to Louisa 4th daughter of the late Rev L. Griffith ROBERTS, M.A, rector of Llanrwst

CLUGSTON / PAGON, June 22nd, St John-the-Baptist William CLUGSTON to Miss Anne PAGON, both of Toxteth Park

COLTART / BIRKMYRE, June 25th, Port Glasgow, the Rev George A. COLTART, of Ryde Isle -of-Wight, son of William COLTART Esq, this town, to Jessie daughter of the late William BIRKMYRE Esq of Port Glasgow.

DU CANE / COPLEY, June 25th, St George's Hanover Square, Charle DU CANE Esq, M.P, to Georgiana Susan, youngest daughter of Lord Lyndhurst.

EDWARDES / WARLOW, June 25th, Trinity Church, Rhyl, Capt David John Browne EDWARDES, of Rhyd-y-Gorse, Carmarthen, late of the 30th Regiment to Elizabeth Caroline, only child of William WARLOW Esq, M.D, of Haverfordwest, and great niece of the late General Sir Thomas PICTON, G.C.B.

GOSLING / BOARDMAN, June 25th, parish church Bowden, John GOSLING of Central Falls, Rhode Island, America, to Annie eldest daughter of John BOARDMAN Esq, Rose Villa, the Vale, Bowdon, Cheshire

HILL / BANKS, June 17th, by license, St Peter's, Thomas HILL to Ann BANKS, both of Toxteth Park

HERALD / HARTLEY, June 27th, Baptist Chapel, Grange Lane, Birkenhead, William HERALD of Birkenhead, to Mary daughter of the late James HARTLEY, sailmaker, this town

JACKSON / WEBSTER, June 24th, Lindale-in-Cartmel, Stephen Hart JACKSON, of Ulverston, solicitor, to Ellen, youngest daughter of George WEBSTER Esq, Eller How, Newton-in-Cartmel.

JONES / ROBERTS, June 26th, Bethel Chapel, Bedford St, Toxteth Park, Robert JONES of Essex St to Miss Margaret ROBERTS, of Gwalchmai, Anglesey

MADDOCK / FRYER, June 24th, by license, St John-the-Baptist's David MADDOCK to Mary daughter of the late George FRYER, both of Toxteth Park

PASSMORE / GREEN, June 25th, St James, William PASSMORE to Esther Bennett GREEN, eldest daughter of Joseph GREEN, painter, Litherland

QUINE / WATTERSON, June 22nd, St John-the-Baptist's, Thomas QUINE to Miss Jane WATTERSON, both of Toxteth Park.

RIMMER / ALLCOT, June 25th, St Philip's, Henry RIMMER to Mary Ellen, daughter of William ALLCO this town

RIDDERHJERTA / JOHNSON, June 27th, St Pauls, Princes Park, Ivar Harold eldest son of the late Capt Otto RIDDERHJERTA of the Swedish army to Elizabeth daughter of the late William JOHNSON, cheese factor this town

WARREN / GRIFFITHS, June 21st, St John-the-Baptist's, Thomas WARREN to Emily Caroline daughter of James GRIFFITHS, High Park St, Toxteth Park.


Liverpool Mercury, Dec 22nd, 1863


HARVEY / NEVILLE, Dec 17th, St Mark's Witton, Lancashire, Rev Charles Gilbert HARVEY, M.A, assistant master of Rossall to Helen, 3rd daughter of the late James NEVILLE Esq, of Beardwood, Blackburn.

PLATTS / WRIGHT, Dec 16th, Walton-on-the-Hill Isaac PLATTS to Alice, 2nd daughter of the late James WRIGHT of this town

STUART / DUNCAN, Dec 19th, Cathedral Manchester, Walter eldest son of Peter STUART Esq, Summerbank Broughty Ferry, to Catherine youngest daughter of the late John DUNCAN Esq of Manchester

TIBBITS / MASON, Dec 21st, Christ Church, Southport, Elwood, 7th son of James TIBBITS Esq, solicitor late of Warwick to Mary Ann, only surviving daughter of the late J. B. MASON Esq, surgeon this town

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