Marriages 1862

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 24th 1862


HILL / FODEN, Jan 23rd St Mary's Kirkdale, T. HILL Esq of Cadishead, Lancashire to Miss E. FODEN of Kirkdale

JELLY / SWAINSON, Jan 23rd, parish church, Halton, William JELLY Esq, M.D, London, to Anna daughter of John SWAINSON Esq of Halton Hall, Lancaster

WILKINSON / UNSWORTH, Jan 18th, St Philip's Musgrove son of the late Captain Musgrove WILKINSON of Londonderry to Isabella youngest daughter of Isaac UNSWORTH of Passage, Waterford


Liverpool Mercury, Feb 7th 1862


CHESTER / SANDERSON, Feb 6th, St Brides, William Henry CHESTER, Commission agent, this town, to Elizabeth, only daughter of the late Capt Abraham SANDERSON of Whitehaven, Cumberland.

CRAIGG / MASSIE, Feb 5th, St Anns, Edge Hill, Thomas CRAIGG to Miss MASSIE, both of Kilshaw St, this town

DOWDING / ROBINSON, Feb 5th, Parish Ch, Eccles, Rev W. C. DOWDING, M.A, to Sarah Agnes eldest daughter of the Rev R. Barton ROBINSON, incumbent, Lytham

MOON / SPREULL, Feb 5th, at Broomfields Largs Ayrshire, William MOON Esq of Woolton-Hill House, nr this town to Margaret Anne, widow of the late John SPREULL Esq of Glasgow

PASCOE / MASON, Feb 2nd, by license at St Peters, Capt James R. PASCOE Jnr of Truro Cornwall, to Mary Cousins, only daughter of Alexander MASON, bootmaker this town.

SMITH / HART, Feb 4th, 31 Gauze St, Paisley, James SMITH, Merchant of this town to Agnes second daughter of the late William HART Esq, writer, Paisley

STIEL / CROWE, Feb 6th, St Saviours Falkner Square Augustus STIEL to Miss Margaret CROWE

TETLEY / ANDERSON, Jan 27th, Brunswick Chapel, Birkenhead, James Mountain TETLEY to Ann Elizabeth ANDERSON only surviving niece, of Mrs PICKUP, Victoria Hotel, Birkenhead


Liverpool Mercury, Feb 20th 1862


BRAKELL / TIMMINS, Dec 16th by licenses, St James Ch, Sydney, N.S.W, Thomas 2nd son of Richard BRAKELL this town to Elizabeth 2nd daughter of Thomas TIMMINS, Clarence St, Sydney

HENDERSON / THORNTON, Dec 7th, Scots Ch, Sydney, Thomas HENDERSON of Surrey Hills, a native of this town of Scottish parentage to Martha daughter of Thomas THORNTON, Paddington, a native of London

MOLYNEUX / HAND, Feb 19th, Parish Ch, Sefton, Edmund Royden MOLYNEUX Esq of Litherland Park, to Mary Greaves eldest daughter of Stephen HAND Esq, of Spring Bank, Waterloo.

PETERS / PRING, Feb 18th, St Marys, Whitchurch, Salop. Robert PETERS Esq of Bedamburg, Mold, to Editha, eldest daughter of the late Francis PRING Esq.

WALKER / QUIRK, Feb 16th, Walton Church, Richard WALKER of Bury to Miss Mary QUIRK of Douglas, I.O.M.


The Liverpool Mercury July 15th, 1862


BENNETT / CHAMBERS, July 5th, by license, St Michael's Jonathan Dent BENNETT, to Miss Margaret CHAMBERS

JONES / COWARD, July 13th, St Michael's, George JONES to Miss Ann COWARD

ROBERTS / HUGHES, July 14th, St David's Church, Brownlow Hill, David ROBERTS, Runcorn Gap, to Anne eldest daughter Mr R. HUGHES, Wesleyan preacher, 8 Wilbraham St, Birkenhead

THARME / SIMCOCK, July 7th, St Michael's, Joseph Godard THARME to Miss Margaret SIMCOCK

WALKER / WARD, July 12th, Edge Hill, Church, Joseph WALKER, carpenter, Schoose, nr Workington, Cumberland, to Jane daughter of the late Thomas WARD, carpenter, of the same place

WALKINGTON / SHIMMIN, July 10th, St Michael's, John WALKINGTON to Miss Elizabeth SHIMMIN


Liverpool Mercury, Nov 7th 1862


CARESOW / TIERNEY, Nov 8th, by license, St Michaels, M. CARESOW to Miss Ellen TIERNEY

CHARNOCK / GIRKIN, Nov 6th St Matthews, David CHARNOCK to Miss Elizabeth GIRKIN

HOTCHKIN / WATKIN, Nov 1st, Ludbury North, John HOTCHKIN, Farmer of Crifftin to Miss WATKIN daughter of Job WATKIN farmer of Eaton Salop.

INCLEDON / POWELL, Nov 2nd, by license, Walton-on-the-Hill, Philip Kingdon INCLEDON, master of the barque CAITRIES, to Mrs Mary POWELL

LEVI / WOOLFE, Henry 2nd son of Joseph LEVI to Bera eldest daughter of the late Nathan WOOLFE both this town.

MC PHERSON / SWEENIE, Nov 6th, St Peters, Mc Lean MC PHERSON, Mariner, to Miss Elizabeth SWEENIE, both this town

PHILLIPS / DROMGOOL, Nov 2nd St Michaels, John William PHILLIPS to Miss Lucy DROMGOOL

PITMAN / COOKSON, Nov 4th, St Michaels, Dawlish, Capt William PITMAN, Royal Marine Artillery to Frances Elizabeth L. 2nd, daughter of Rev Edward COOKSON rector of Kirby Shire, Westmoreland

RODGERS / JONES, Nov 6th, St Michaels, William RODGERS to Miss Mary JONES

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