Marriages 1860

Daily Post, Jan 1860




26th Nov, Walton Ch, William BRYAN Jnr of Great Homer St to Elizabeth 2nd dau of William BULMER of Brunswick Rd

30th Nov, Falmouth Jamaica, George H. BURT Esq 22nd Regt, son of Hon A. P. BURT to Ellen youngest dau of the late Jos G. JUMP Esq, Jamaica

26th Dec, St Stephen the Martyrs Ch, Edward Neville THOMAS, this town, to Anne Knight dau of the late Z. MARSH, Solicitor, Leigh

28th Dec, Walton-on-the-Hill, David WILSON of the steam tug EUROPA, to Sarah eldest dau of the late George HALLAM, Cutler, this town.

29th Dec, St Augustines Ch, Everton, John HULSE of Manchester to Sarah 2nd dau of the late Thomas ROUGHSEDGE this town

31st Dec, Christ Ch, Everton, F. J. HAWKES to Sarah Anne, 2nd dau of William ROBERTS, Leigh Terrace, Mere Lane, Walton


1st Jan, St Johns Ch, Mark Noble Obadiah Frederick Joseph GOODIER, Watch case manufacturer of Coventry, to Margaret Ann BLUNDELL of this town

1st Jan, All Saints Ch, Thomas Walter WARDLE to Fanny BRADFORD this town

1st Jan, St Pauls Ch, Seacombe, Owen PRITCHARD to Mrs Jane PRITCHARD both of Seacombe

2nd Jan, St Philips Ch, John BECKTON to Mary WILSON

2nd Jan, St Marys Ch, Bootle, William LINDSAY to Rebecca GAY

3rd Jan, Hallow nr Worcester, Rev Charles GLYNN. M.A, Vicar of Wolvey, Warwickshire, to Lucy Magdalen dau of Lieut Col Jasper HALL, late of the Coldsteam Guards

4th Jan, St Philips Ch, Hugh GEARING to Mary MALT

4th Jan, St George Ch, Everton, Rev Charles Thomas CURPHEY. M.A, of Trinity College Cambridge and Vicar of Loders, Dorset, to Jane dau of Michael BOUSFIELD Esq this town

5th Jan, Islington Pres Ch, William Thomas SHANNON to Mary 2nd dau Andrew RIDDICK, Avoca, Australia

5th Jan, J. E. MATHEWS to Eliza Jane only dau of the late Henry SEDDON Esq, both this town

5th Jan, Woodchurch, John HARRINGTON to Eliza Lucy 2nd dau R. M. SCHOLEFIELD Esq, Belfield House, Oxton

5th Jan, St Marys Ch, Widnes, by the Rev Sidney BOUCHER, Mr J. Bishop BOUCHER of Shrewsbury to Caroline Augusta dau of William GOSSAGE of Widnes

Same time same place

Frederick H. GOSSAGE of Widnes to Clara Eliza dau of the late J. ROBINSON of Ludlow

Henry BLAKE of Shrewsbury to Agnes dau of the late Mr BOUCHER of Shrewsbury

6th Jan, St Johns Ch, Manchester, William Melling youngest son of Thomas KING for many years dockmaster of this port, to Anne dau of Adam CREIGHTON both this town

8th Jan, St Peters, Seel St, George Walley only son of the late John BLEAKLEY Bricklayer and builder, to Isabella youngest dau of the late William MOFFITT of H.M Customs, both this town

9th Jan, Great George St, Chapel, Richard H. HAINES mate of the ship GEORGE WASHINGTON to Mary Rebecca eldest dau of Capt J. S. CUMMINS same ship.

9th Jan, St Michaels Ch, Capt Robert Hunter BEATTIE of Dumfries to Margaret eldest dau of J. B. CAMPBELL, Tobacconist and News Agent, 36 Mersey St


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 6th 1860


Dec 27th, St Johns Birkenhead, William PASKIN of Wolverhampton to Mary, 4th daughter of William BRIGGS retired officer of H.M. Inland Revenue, Chester

Jan 5th, by license, St Peters, Everton Robert ALLEE to Miss SCOTLAND

Jan 5th, The Islington Presbyterian Ch, William Thomas SHANNON to Mary, 2nd daughter of Andrew RIDDICK, of Avoca, Australia

Jan 5th, Woodchurch, John HARRINGTON to Eliza Lucy, 2nd daughter of R. M. SCHOLFIELD Esq, Bellfield House, Oxton.

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 7th 1860


Jan 1st, St Philips, Davis S. IRVIN to Miss Sarah Jane DANIELS

Jan 2nd , St Philips, John BECKTON to Miss Mary WILSON

Jan 4th, St Philips, Hugh GEARING to Miss Mary MALT

Jan 5th, St Philips, John Edward MATTHEWS to Miss Eliza Jane SEDDON

Jan 5th, St Peters Chapel, Seel St, George Wolley, only son of the late John BLEAKLEY, bricklayer and builder to Isabella youngest daughter of the late William MOFFIT of H. M. Customs both this town

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 13th, 1860


Jan 10th, Queenstown, Capt Henry H. O’BRYEN, of Cork to Harriet Jessie Clover, 3rd daughter of the late John SUDLOW, this town

Jan 12th, St Augustines, Alfred Frederick DAVIS to Miss Martha ROBBIN

Jan 12th, Scottish Church, Oldham St, David SANGSTER, shipmaster, Mauritius to Mary, eldest daughter of the late William BARRON, shipmaster, Aberdeen

Jan 12th, St Francis Xaviers, James JUMP of Bootle to Eliza youngest daughter of the late John BLANCHARD, this town

Jan 12th, Parish Church, West Derby, Thomas PLATT Esq of Dacre Park, Rock Ferry, to Helena Antonia, eldest daughter of Arie Coenraad KUP Esq of this town

Jan 12th, St Pauls, Seacombe, W. H. JACKSON to Mary eldest daughter of Richard Myddleton LLOYD Esq of Seacombe

Jan 12th, Trinity Church, Southport, James ACTON Esq of Southport to Ann only daughter of John BROWN Esq, Hoghton St, Southport

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 19th 1860


Jan 17th, Parish Ch, Bolton, John LEACH Jnr, Esq of Stalybridge to Eliza, youngest daughter of Henry ASHWORTH Esq, The Oaks, nr Bolton

Jan 17th, Christ Church, Wellington, John GRIFFITHS, of Northgate St, Chester to Ellen only daughter of Thomas TURNER, Hope Cottage, Wellington, Salop


LUPTON, formerly hairdresser, Bradford Yorkshire, on the petition of Ann on the grounds of the husband’s profligacy and cruelty.

STAINTHORP a butler in a gentleman’s family, whose wife sold up and went to live with a person named SENNOT while her husband was out of town with his master.


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