Jun 1855 Thomas WALKER Southport to Mary only dau John EYRE Manchester

25th Dec 1858 Samuel LAZARUS Master of the DEEP CREEK to Francis Burney CASSIDY youngest daughter of Capt CASSIDY 6TH, Regiment. MARRIAGES

MARCH 1859

24th March at Winchester Kentucky Richard Bucknor CLARK son of the late Grovenor CLARK to Louisa 3rd dau the late Richard Malone RAYMOND formely Liverpool

26th, March St Philips, John SAMPSON to Charlotte JONES

27th, March St Philips, Walter Atlee TIBBS to Agnes Dickson HUNTER

28th, March, John-the-Baptist, Henry Francis BELL to Barbara SHANNON

29th, March William GITTINS to Mary HERBERT daughter of Henry HERBERT of Thornton

29th, March St Chrysostoms church, Mr JACKSON of Workington late Chief Officer of the JUBILEE to Miss WRIGHT Confectioner Everton Rd.

29th,, March St Philips, Thomas THRELFALL to Elizabeth THOMPSON

29th,March St Johns Derby, Sarah 3rd daughter John BILLING Liverpool, grandaughter of Rev Henry PEACH of Derby and Langley Hall to Henry Francis GIBSON

31st, March, St Saviours, William CRYE to Elizabeth EDWARDS

31st, March New Windsor Chapel, Salford by father of the bride Rev T.G. LEE, Henry J. LOVATT to Miss LEE only daughter.

31st, Unitarian Chapel Preston, James youngest son of Lawrence DODSON of Sion Hill Fullwood to Isabella 2nd daughter Richard GORST of Ribbleton.



1st Apr All Saints Euan PLATT to Mary EVANS 4th, Apr St John the Baptist, Peter HUNTER to Mary Jane JONES

5th, St Peters Dublin George LANGTRY Kilmore County Down Agnes daughter of the late Joseph POLLOCK, Barrister of Liverpool.

7th, St Brides Thomas Henry ISMAY of Enfield House Gt Crosby to Margaret eldest daughter of Luke BRUCE Liverpool

7th New Brighton John BENYON to Ellen eld dau William LEDDER Wallasey Cheshire

7th, All Saints, Daniel McLAINE to Elizabeth relict of Walter TUCKER of Liverpool

7th, St Peters Hamburg, J. SERVAES of Liverpool to Helene eldest dau of C. WICKENS of Hamburg

9th, St Johns Ch Mansfield, Notts, by Rev William JACKSON. M.A, brother of the groom, Fredrick JACKSON of Nottingham Civil Engineer to Elizabeth eldest dau Solomon FOSTER of West Hill Mansfield

9th, St Augustines John DAVIES to Eleanor MARTINDALE 2nd dau of James MARTINDALE of Everton

9th, Christ Ch Marylebone. London Charles SANTLEY eldest son of William SANTLEY of Liverpool to Gertrude eldest dau of the late John KEMBLE London

11th, Gt George St Chapel, Alexander McCULLOCH Butcher of Greenock to Felicia 3rd dau of the late Alexander MILLER Master Mariner Liverpool.

12th, St Michaels-in-the-Hamlet, John HIGSON to Susan dau of Robert MASON Aigburth

12th, Soho St, Baptist Chapel, Thomas BUTCHER to Sabina dau Henry HOUGH of Blackrod Nr Chorley.

12th, Old Edgbaston Ch, Birmingham, Thomas Joshua PEMBERTON Merchant London son of Charles PEMBERTON, Beach Mount Liverpool to Catherine Jane Eccles eldest dau of Thomas FISHER, Old Vicarage Edgbaston

13th, St Marys Edge Hill by Rev William Henry HARKE. M.A, Incumbent Newhall Derbyshire, Brother-in-Law of the bride, assisted by Rev Fredrick M. HARKE. M.A, Incumbent St Marys. Thomas Borg SPRAGNE Barrister-in-Law, to Margaret Vaughan youngest dau James STEAINS Liverpool, [correction to entry requested by Great Grandson, Patrick Steains Sprague, James Steains was my great great grandfather. The entry you have for my great grandmother is correct but that for my great grandfather has some spelling errors, it was in fact Thomas Bond SPRAGUE]

13th St Philips John JONES to Elizabeth ROBERTS

13th, St Lukes Chatham Hill nr Manchester William HADWEN to Augusta youngest dau of M. S. MEYER

14th Christ Church Everton R. JONES H. M. Customs sec son of John Jones Pistill Hope nr Wrexham to Elizabeth eldest dau John GREGORY late H. M. C ustoms Liverpool

14th, St Saviours Ch, Falkner Sq, John CROPP of Highfield Shropshire to Charlotte Bolt youngest dau of David LAMB of Liverpool

14th, Independent Chapel Roe St, George BEAUMONT Hay Hall nr Holmcroft Yorkshire to Indalacha dau of the late John HARRIS, Windsor London

15th Walton -on- the- Hill David RAE to Miss Isabella McKENZIE of Glasgow

17th William HORNBY to Jemima DAWSON

17th Samuel Y. GUIRRON of Birkenhead to Elizabeth 2nd dau J LAITHWAITE Lord St at the Wesleyan Chapel Pitt St 18th, St Andrews Southampton, John MORRISON Jnr of Glasgow to Mary Beech 3rd dau of William Heyliger RUAN of the Island of Croix Wellington West Indies.

19th St Anns Aigburth John WOODRUFF Esq to Mary Jane Widow of Robert HAYES.

19th St George Everton William WINSTANLEY to Harriet youngest dau George DAVIES Upper Stanhope St 19th St Peters Everton Capt John CHRISTIAN to Elizabeth ROSE relict of John ROSE Glassmaker St Helens

20th St James Birkdale William Scott 2nd son of Robert Scott TUCKER of Edge Hill to Jane youngest dau William KERSHAW Edge Hill

20th Limekilns Fifeshire John WALKER Wine and Spirits Merchant to Jessie dau Robert ORR Liverpool

21st Pembroke Chapel Thomas DUNCAN Engineer Pasific Steam Navigation Co to Jane Maria dau James WEBB H. M. Customs Liverpool

21st St Peters Everton Joseph Hulme SHARP to ELizabeth MORRIS Sackville St

21st, St Michaels-in-the-Hamlet, Capt John ATKINSON of the ship WELLINGTON to Elizabeth Alice LYON dau of Ralph LYON Toxteth Pk

22nd Pembroke Chapel James WHITTINGTON Timber Merchant Shropshire to Susan Ellen eldest Dau Edward RICE Sculptor

22nd Toxteth Chapel Mesbach ROBERTS to Margaret eldest dau Thomas RICHARDS late Garsws nr Llanidloes Wales

22nd Christ Church Hunter St Joseph BOWE Mariner to Sarah youngest dau Joseph COWEN Carlisle

23rd Llanrhaiadr church T . HUGHES Vine St liverpool late Denbigh to Julia Ann 2nd dau Henry JACKSON farmer Vale of Clwyd

24th St Marys B'Head U Mendies CEARE Brazil to Jane youngest dau Alexander HARRIS 24th St John the Baptist William DANDY to Mary KELLY

24th St Philips William TOMKINSON to Jane HERBERT

24th All Saints William PARKER to Anne HESKETH

25th St Brides Church D. E. BIRNIE to Elizabeth only dau John PAYNE

25th St John the Baptist Joseph BRACEWELL to Sarah HAMER

25th St John the Baptist Anthony SHAW to Catherine CORKHILL

25th St Philips Miles STANLEY to Jane WILSON

26th, Cockthorpe Norfolk, Edward Greetham WRIGHT Toriano Camden Town to Amelia dau of Ness HARVEY of the former place

27th St Catherines Church H. A. SMITH of Richmond Surrey to Isabella youngest dau William DUFF Liverpool

27th Dobscross Saddleworth M.A. Peter Stewart NICHOL Liverpool to Christina Amelia eldest dau of the late Alexander THOM of Dobscross

27th Salisbury Rd Edinburgh Stephen WILLIAMSOM Merchant Liverpool to Annie 3rd dau Rev Thomas GUTHRIE. D. D Edinburgh

28th Sephton Church William Joseph ROBINSON to Elizabeth F 4th dau late John MAWDSLEY, R. N.

28th Bebington church George .H. HARMEN Com of the Screw Steamer LACONIA to Sarah M only dau Robert OAKES Liverpool

28th St Brides church Rev R. DANDY St Aidens to Caroline Anna HURST

28th St Saviours Falkner Sq William PRITCHARD to Elizabeth PARR

28th St Philips William GILLSON Lisc Victullar Mersey St to Elizabeth only dau late J. WOODYER Accountant

28th St James Thomas Son of John LEAH Birchfield Hall Birmingham to Rachael Gilbert dau of William Icke WALL New Brighton

28th, St Georges Richard HOLDEN to Mary eldest dau John ? Inland Revenue Liverpool

28th, Overton Ch Joseph BRITLAND of Avanley to Miss BOND dau S.B. BOND Liverpool

29th, Apr St Georges Everton Capt James Humphrey HARDISTEY of Baltimore to Frances Fanny youngest dau of James LANGSDALE Wine and spirit Merchant Liverpool

30th St John the Baptist William BEASLEY to Martha GILL

30th John ROBERTS H.M.Customs Liverpool to Eleanor youngest dau John NICHOLSON Liverpool



MAY 1859

1st May St Nicholas William FRANKS Finch St Elizabeth WOOD Westmoreland Place Liverpool

1st May St John the Baptist Thomas WHITE to Mary Ann DAVIES

2nd May as above James KERSHAW to Margaret DOYLE

2nd May St Philips Edwin RICHARDSON to Mary ROWBOTTOM

2nd May St Philips John M TAGGART to Grace DODD

2ns May St Philips William BARTLEY to Mary Ann SPAINE

8th May St Philips George ASHLEY to Rachael BOND

12thMay as above Robert KELLY to Martha ROBERTS

2nd May Walton-on-the-Hill Robert Heald WILLIAMS of Wavertree to Henrietta only dau Henry PHIPPS Liverpool 3rd St John The Baptist Frederick DENNIS chief mate on ship MICHEGAN to Mary 2nd dau the late James NEWALL Bedford St Toxteth Pk

3rd May St James New Brighton William Francis WILLS of London late Liverpool to Mary eldest dau John OWENS Martins Lane Liscard Cheshire

3rd, May St Philips Richard JACKSON late of Ravenglass to Emma second dau William BAIRD

4th, Presbyterian ch Rock Ferry, William Yates TOWNDROW to Agnes youngest dau John BOYD Dacre Hill Rock Ferry, formerly Paisley

5th May Rockferry Presb Charles R. FARMER sec son Thomas A. FARMER of firm T. A .FARMER and Son Iron Merchants Gainsborough to Harriet Louis only dau Kinder LIVERSAGE Parkton Grove Rockferry

9th May All Saints Peter HARGREAVES Cheshire to Mary ORME Liverpool

9th, as above Robert PETTEY to Rebecca KNOWLES

9th May Christ Church Todmoreden Joseph HIGNET Grocer Liverpool to Louisa BLOOD Stasfield Hall Todmoreden

9th May Pembroke Chapel William J. LEE to Elizabeth only dau William READE Liverpool

10th May St Michaels-in-the-Hamlet Thomas Melling sec son Thomas KING for Many years Dockmaster Liverpool to Harriet eld dau Edward BETHELL Publican Liverpool

12th, British Consulate Malaga Rev Matthew POWLEY. M. A Oxon of Lang Watsby Cumberland to Mary Ann sixth dau late William MARK Esq

12th St Johns, John second son John Ward ASHTON of Staffordshire to Mary Jane eldest dau David LLOYD Plumber Liverpool

12th St Philips Algernon Sidney BROWN to Sarah Ann STEWART

14th Welsh Calvanistic Meth Chapel B'Head John RICHARDS of Higher Tranmere to Ellen 3rd dau Richard WILLIAMS of B'Head

15th St Philips Thomas LARGE to Mary WILLIAMS

15th St Saviours Falkner Sq John BARNES to Fanny BRANAN

15th St Mary's Edge Hill John eldest son William LUCAS to Ann 2nd dau John Charles WOOD

15th All Saints Robert HOUSEMAN to Ellen BARTON

16th St Saviours Falkner Sq Edward PARRY to Sarah JONES 16th John-the-Baptist William CRAGG to Alice ROBINSON

16th John-the-Baptist Thomas ROBINSON to Mary HUNTER

16th John-the-Baptist Nicholas MARLOW to Elizabeth BOYLE

17th St Philips Edward DAY to Mary Ann LUNT

17th All Saints Benjamin WHATHAM to Jane KEATING

17th St George's Everton Thomas DUNNETT Barrister of law to Mary Ann MEEK second dau of John MILLAR 17th Welsh Calvanistic Chapel Mulberry St William JONES Builder Everton To Mary Sister to Thomas DAVIES Flour Dealer Falkner Sq

18th At Melling E. BLURTON of Stourbridge Worcestershire to Isabella eldest dau late R. THOMPSON of Junction House

18th St Philips James RICHARDSON to Leonora DEMPSEY

18th William S. PARKINSON of Newmarket to Anne relict of Capt Ashlin GILLIAT dau late William HICKSON of Liverpool

18th St Marys Henry BROWN B'Head to Elizabeth Harriet only dau William PERKINS Surveyor to Lloyds registers

18th St Georges Everton George Defrriez CLIFTON of Bedford to Mary LANGLEY eldest dau of John L. MAYLE Everton

19th William HAYWOOD of London to Elizabeth Susannah eldest dau Edward John HELE Carlton Villa Derwent Rd Old Swan

19th Thomas Ogilvy youngest son of the late John EASTON . M. D, of Courance Hill Dumfries To Elizabeth Agnes eldest dau the late Rev James MARSHALL Incumbent of Christ Church Bristol

20th St Philips William TRICK Chief of the SHACKMAN to Mary Jane PRIESTLY dau of Mrs HOLMSHAW London Rd

20th St Philips, William FRISK, Master Mariner, to Mary Jane HALMSHAW

21st St John Egremont Cheshire John ROBERTSON to Louisa dau Joseph WADDINGTON St Albans Herts

21st All Saints James HOUSE to Jane Ellen JOHNSON

22nd All Saints Richard WILSON to Margaret SIMPSON

22nd St Philips Owen GEORGE to Ann McHAFFIE

22nd St Philips William GODFREY to Ellen BIRCHALL

23rd, May St James Toxteth, Thomas Philip PONTON to Martha Harriet MATTHEWS

23rd May Samuel HUTCHISON to Anne Maria ROBINSON

24th, May Charles COOK to Martha HOLMES

24th May 1saiah DRAKE to Elizabeth dau of Joseph BOURNE

24th May at Residence of Brides father Jersey City, New York, William W. THOMPSON Commander of the Ship CONSTITUTION, Eldest son of Capt John THOMPSON, Bedford St South, to Henrietta only daughter of W. KANE Esq

25th Walton-on-the-Hill, Thomas BIRD of Everton to Ellen Jane youngest dau Thomas ANDERTON

25th, Chandersville W. L. FLOWER of Liverpool to Fannie A. LYON Chandersville Cuss Co Illinois

26th St Philips, Henry KIDWELL to Mary Dann HULSE/HALSE

26th, St Mary's Edge Hill Mr J. TOWNSON NORRIS Late Newbury to Mary HARRISON Liverpool

26th May St Marks Duke St, John CARROLL to Agnes JEFFREY

27th John the Baptist, William BRECKWELL to Anne HUGHES Third dau of Peter MADDOX

28th St Philips Charles son of Charles LE?SULTRE of Morges to Mary Ann dau of Capt Charles BALFORD Gatehouse of the Fleet

30th, St Philips, Joseph GLOVER to Ann Jane MITCHELL

31st, at Davenham, J. W. WOOD to Mary Ann only dau of George HARGREAVES, Ash Bank Northwich

31st May St Marks Duke St W. T. WALDRON to Elizabeth POWERS



JUNE 1st, Cathedral Manchester, Robert youngest son late John FOX, of Killins nr Hawarden Flint , to Henrietta eldest dau Richard WHITHINGHAM.

1st, St George, Myrtle St, by Rev David BLYTHE, Brother of the bridegroom, John Wilson 4th son David BLYTHE London to Margaret youngest dau David BLACK of Dundee.

1st, St George Everton, Charles William son of H. COX Esq, Wadeford Somersetshire to Lizzie dau John SMART Esq, Low Hill

1st, Holy Trinity Walton Breck Rd, by Rev J. C. GARDNER, Brother of the bride, Rev Richard TITLEY. M. A of Trinity College Cambridge, son of the late Edward TITLEY Esq Manchester to Mary eldest dau Richard Cardwell GARDNER Esq of Newsham House.

1st, St Pauls Church Seacombe William HEAP Jnr Esq of Somerville to Elizabeth CACHTON of Poolton Lodge

1st Jun St Marks Duke St William GRIFFITHS to Martha LEAY

1st, Christ Church Everton Joseph SMITH of Birmingham T to Emma Elizabeth dau of Thomas DAFT this town.

1st, Christ Ch, Everton, Charles Stuart WILSON to Helen MOSSMAN

1st, Welsh Galvanistic Methodist Chapel Mulberry St, William JONES Slate Merchant to Catherine eldest dau R. JONES, Shipsbroker

2nd, St Brides Church, James Archibald Ker WILSON to Mary Agnes dau the late Jonathan BOWMAN Esq M. D Liverpool

2nd, St Brides Church, James S CORSON of Dumfries to Charlotte Anna MAGUIRE only dau of the late Lieut Charles MAGUIRE

4th, St Philips William A YOUNG 3rd son of Henry YOUNG Bank of England to Elizabeth TIDBURY dau of the late John FELOY Sheerness Kent

5th, All Saints, John BALMER to Charlotte DUDLEY.

7th June by licence St James Ch, Toxteth Park, Joseph LEEMING to Frances dau of William 7th Jun St Catherines Tranmere Benjamin BEE of Southampton to Margaret youngest dau Charles NAMBY Esq Great Grimsby Lincolnshire

7th Jun Glanmere Ch William James youngest son of Richard GRIFFITHS this town to Jane Lawrence Payne youngest dau Philip Ryder TIVY, M.D, M.R.C.S North Esk County Cork

8th Jun St Saviours Falkner Sq Richard ELLISON Jnr to Eliza Ellen dau Samuel GRIFFITHS Esq

8th Jun St Marys Edge Hill Edward 2nd son James CRELLIN, Bellefield House, West Derby, to Jane Sayles dau of R. O. CHRISTIAN, I.O.M

8th Jun Park Place Chapel Robert SHONE son of James SHONE, Queensferry, Flint to Catherine eldest dau Martin FOWLE? Great George St this town

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