Marriages 1855

Liverpool Mercury Jan 5th 1855


Dec 23rd, St John-the-Baptist's, James HOLSTENHOLME to Helen eldest daughter of Thomas HOWORTH of Toxteth Park

Dec 24th, St John-the-Baptist's, John WHITTINGTON Esq to Elizabeth Anne daughter of the late A. HESKETH of this town.

Dec 25th, St John-the-Baptist's, Isaac ROBINS to Amelia, only daughter of Thomas NOBLE, of the Oaks, nr Rochester, Kent

Dec 26th, St Pancreas, London, Joseph DAVIES of St Vincent St, this town to Sarah WOOLLEY formerly of Liverpool.

Dec 27th, Presbyterian Church, Wexford, James BEECH Esq, this town to Susan Boxwell, daughter of the late James MALONE Esq, of Wexford.

Dec 28th, Trinity Church, Wavertree, W. M. HOUGHTON, this town to Mary eldest daughter of Richard LOWE of Atherton.

Dec 28th, Trinity Church, Wavertree, Mr G. JONES to Mrs I. JONES

Dec 28th, Trinity Church, Wavertree, M. MAGNUS, mariner to Mrs Mary A. GARNER

Dec 28th, Union Chapel, Oxford Rd, Manchester, Henry eldest son of the late D. BANNERMAN Esq, to Mary only daughter of the late J. MOUNT Esq, Truro, Cornwall.

Dec 31st, St Mary's, Birkenhead, Jonathan youngest son of John TODHUNTER, newsagent of Birkenhead, to Miss Betsy WHARTON of the same place.

Jan 1st, Bebington Church, James 2nd son of James ROUTLEDGE, builder of Tranmere to Mary, eldest daughter of Thomas JONES, Mersey Inn, Tranmere.

Jan 1st, St Bride's, R. RUSSELL to Miss Sarah JONES

Jan 1st, All Saint's, Manchester, James Wood FILDES of this city to Martha eldest daughter of the late William TYM Esq, of Loose-hill, nr Castleton, Derbyshire.

Jan 1st, Myrtle St, Baptist Church, Watson PECK, to Mary Jane eldest daughter of Richard EDWARDS, 75 Mount Pleasant.

Jan 1st, Hale Church, Charles Bowman BICKERSTAFF, master of St Thomas's Schools, St Helens, to Miss Hannah Maria DARNOULT of Hale.

Jan 3rd St George's, Everton, John BRADLEY Esq of Kirkham, to Elizabeth F, eldest daughter of the late George WARBRECK Esq, surgeon, Kirkham.

Jan 3rd, Myrtle St, Chapel, William WEST to Miss Mary Ann CARPENTER.

Jan 4th, St Nicholas, Alexander BRICE late of Edinburgh to Mary Ann youngest daughter of the late Robert HUGHES, chemist.

Jan 4th, Cathedral Manchester, James William youngest son of William PICKERING Esq of this town to Hester Ann youngest daughter of John SAMUELS Esq, Barton House, Manchester


Northern Daily Times

March 1855

1st Jan, St James Ch, Richmond, nr Melbourne Australia, William Henry RIGBY, late of Fishergate Preston, to Frances only dau of Edward GILES Esq late of New May, County Clare, Ireland.

1st Jan, at Melbourne, Robert MILLS to Ann, 2nd dau, Edward LOVELADY of Derby St this town.

17th inst, Capt C. Hale MUNRO, 36th Regt, eldest son of C. H. MUNRO of Ingsdon Devonshire, to Miss Marian WITHINGTON of Fairlawn Ripon, dau of C. WITHINGTON, Parkfield, Didsbury.

17th inst, Parish Ch, Ashton-under-Lyne, John DEAN Esq of Sidney Gloucestershire, to Felicia Hemans, eldest dau John LITHERBROW, Ardwick Green, Manchester.

19th inst, Cathedral Manchester, Frederick son of the late H. SHERLOCK Esq, London to Ellen dau of Joseph GOODIER Esq of Radcliffe

20th inst, St Brides Ch, William OWEN, to Mary 2nd dau of Israel WHITTAKER, both this town.

20th inst, Parish Ch, Kirkby Malham, George ANDERSON of this town to Anne, eldest dau of the late John BROWN Esq, Calton, nr Skipton.

20th inst, St Lukes Ch, Richard GORRIE to Mary Ann, youngest dau Henry COATES, Burton-on-Trent

20th inst, St John the Baptist Ch,, Mr S. HAIRST to Ann relict of the late T. FARRELL, this town.

20th inst, Kirk Braddan, I.O.M, Philip MOLLOY, Cooper this town to Miss E. KAIGHIN of Douglas.

21st inst, Calder Bridge meeting house, Samuel PICKARD of Lancaster to Mary NICHOL of Calder Bridge.

21st inst, Gt Crosshall St, Chapel, Moses GRIFFITHS, Chief mate of the ship VISCOUNT SANDON, son of the late John GRIFFITHS, gas fitter, this town to Jane dau of the late E. PARRY, Blacksmith, Carnarvon.

21st inst, Llanbelig, Owen MORGAN, Grocer Carnarvon, to Miss H. WILLIAMS, Milliner, late this town.

22nd inst, Christ Ch, Heaton Norris, James G. WALKER of Wellington Rd, South Stockport, to Mary youngest dau of James BAINE, Heaton Norris.

22nd inst, Lloyd St, Chapel, Manchester, Alexander REID, to Mary Begg, eldest dau of James MILLER, Surgeon, Higher Broughton.

22nd inst, Church of the Holy Trinity, Westbourne Terrace London, Major Christopher Anker Bergh LUNDH, Governor of the Royal Military College, Christiana, to Maria Beata, youngest dau of Chevalier Charles TOTTIE, his Swedish and Norwegian Majesty’s Consul General, Westbourne Terrace.

22nd inst, Parish Ch, Blackburn, John Sutcliffe, wine merchant, Burnley, to Miss Margaret MARSDEN of Blackburn.

23rd inst, Winwick, Robert HUGHES this town to Emma only dau of William BATE, Farmer of Winwick.

23rd inst, St Barnabas Ch, Frederick Richard LEYLAND to Francis DAWSON, both this town

24th inst, St George’s by license, William Leverett ROBINSON of Caraden, Maine, U.S.A, to Isabella, 2nd dau Philip JOUHIN, Joiner and builder, Everton.

24th inst, Padiham Ch, Dennis HOWARTH of Heightside nr Padiham to Jane dau of Henry DAWSON of Padiham.

25th inst, St Brides, William HAZARD to Ann dau of the late W. BOLTON.

25th inst, Wallasey Ch, Henry Ray SARGANT, Whitehaven, to Miss Mary RIDEHALGH, Seacombe, Cheshire.

26th inst, St Marys Ch, Birkenhead, John FISHER, Joiner and builder to Sarah eldest dau of the late William HUGHES, Builder both Birkenhead.

26th inst, Reg Office, Thomas HOWARD Jnr to Elizabeth eldest dau Mrs SNAPE, Grapes Inn, Cheapside.

27th inst, Presbyterian Chapel, Macclesfield, Mr Justin MC CARTHY, of the Northern Daily Times, to Charlotte dau of W. G. ALLMAN, late of Bandon, Cork.

28th inst, St Saviours Ch, Faulkner Square, Robert ROBERTS, to Charlotte relict of Samuel BAKER, late this town.


Liverpool Mercury May 4th 1855


April 23rd, the parish church Holmfirth, Stephen eldest son of Stephen SHELDON Esq of Manchester to Ruth youngest daughter of George BEAUMONT Esq, of the Hey nr Holmfirth, Yorkshire.

April 26th, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, Thomas son of the late R. HARRISON of this town to Mary Ann, daughter of F. PARTRIDGE, of Wellingborough.

April 26th, Joseph LEA to Miss Elizabeth WAREHAM.

April 26th, Parish Church, Didsbury, Rev George Langton BECKWITH to Eliza 3rd daughter of the late Joseph BIRLEY Esq, of Fordbank, Didsbury.

April, 26th, Walcot Church, Bath, Rev Thomas DEALTRY only son of the Right Rev the Lord Bishop of Madras, to Harriett daughter of the late John WING, Esq, of Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.

April 26th, St Philip's, James RIMMER to Miss Alice CRITCHLEY.

April 28th, St George's Presbyterian, Church, Myrtle St, John MARTIN of Gwennap, Cornwall to Mary, youngest daughter of the late James McKINNELL, of Kirkinner, Wigtonshire.

April 28th, St James, Paddington, Rev W. QUEKETT. M.A, rector of Warrington to Louisa widow of the late R. WEBSTER Esq, and daughter of the late Rev John DODGSON, M. A, of Comelybank, Perth.

April 29th, St Philip's, Thomas BURLINSON to Miss Eleanor HEPPELL

April 29th, St Philip's, R. GRAYSTON to Miss E. HIGGINS.

April 29th, St Philip's, J BOLTON to Miss P. THOMAS.

April 30th, St Philip's, William LAWTON to Miss Margaret DEVINE

April 30th, St Peter's, Everton, D. P. PENDERGAST to Miss A. M. WARBURTON, both of Earl St.

May 1st, Unitarian Church, Birkenhead, Charles J. Meade KING, Esq, of Pyrland Hall, Somerset to Catherine Hall, eldest daughter of William NEWTON Esq, Birkenhead.

May 1st, St Mary's, Edgehill, P. E. HINDE to Alice daughter of the late H. FAITHWAITE Esq, of Potts-Yeatts, Caton, nr Lancaster.

May 1st, St Mary's, Walton-on-the-Hill, Thomas TOMLINSON Esq, to Ellen eldest surviving daughter of George GURDEN Esq.

May 2nd, Hamilton Square, Chapel, Woodside, David ROWLAND Esq, of this town to Martha, daughter of the late Charles SMITH Esq, Lord St.

May 2nd, Walton, William Henry TINDALL Esq only son of William TINDALL Esq of Lincoln, to Miss Elizabeth DICKINSON of Manchester, eldest daughter of Chas DICKINSON Esq, Boston, Lincolnshire.

May 3rd, Christ Church, Thomas eldest son of Thomas CLARKE Esq, Wavertree to Ellinor, 4th daughter of Mrs BROOKS, Edgehill.

May 3rd, West Derby Chapel, William WALTHEW Esq of the Shrubbery, Low-hill, to Sarah Ellen only daughter of the late William RAMSDEN, of this town


Liverpool Mercury Oct 13th 1855


Sept 22nd, St Paul's, Miramichi, New Brunswick, James ALEXANDER Esq, merchant this town to Jane daughter of the Hon Thomas H. PETERS of Miramichi.

Sept 17th, Sefton Church, by the Rev H. J. HINDLEY uncle of the groom, William Hindley BENBOW, son of the late R. BENBOW Esq timber merchant to Fanny Alice youngest daughter of the late J. CORKHILL

Sept 30th, St Pauls, Edward J. son of A. SEARS professor of French to Mary daughter of G. GLAISTER, Dover St.

Oct 2nd, St Mary's. Chatham, T. P. CLARKE Esq Mayor of Andover to Margaret Aletta daughter of Major WEBB. R.M.

Oct 2nd, Eglingham, the Hon G. H. E. GRANT son of the late Earl of Senfield to Eleonora daughter of the late Sir W. G. G. CUMMING Bart of Altyre

Oct 2nd St Oswald's Chester, Robert Smith WALTON to Anne 3rd daughter of Thomas CLARE Esq, of Chester.

Oct 3rd, Cathedral, Manchester, Charles William REDFERN of Manchester to Maria eldest daughter of John Frederick WRIGHT, this town

Oct 3rd, Guernsey, Anthony W. CHALMERS Esq of this town to Frances Catherine eldest daughter of the Rev John LUKES, incumbent, St James, Guernsey

Oct 3rd, Hartshill, Warwickshire, Joshua eldest son of Joshua SIDDELEY Esq of Everton to Emma 3rd daughter of Joseph TAVERNER Esq of the former place.

Oct 4th, St George's Everton, Stephen ADAMS to Sarah Hannah, 3rd daughter of Benjamin JAQUES.

Oct 4th, St Paul's, Michael BILL to Mary eldest daughter of James GOLDWORTHY Esq, Upper Kensington.

Oct 4th, St Paul's Horne Hill, William Henry RIDLEY Esq, of Harbor Grace, Newfoundland, to Marian 4th daughter of James HOUGHTON Esq of Horne Hill, Surrey.

Oct 4th, East Parade, Chapel, Leeds, John Wrigley eldest son of William WILLIAMS Esq of Huddersfield, to Charlotte eldest daughter of Edward BAINES Esq of Headingley, proprietor of the Leeds Mercury.

Oct 4th, St Andrew's Rodney St, William Hynd, eldest son of Charles NORRIE Esq, of Camphill House, Broughty Ferry, Dundee to Margaret 2nd daughter of W. GARROW Esq of Edgehill

Oct 4th, at Fliat, Joseph BATES Chief officer of the steamship Albanian to Elizabeth Dodd, 2nd daughter of the late Richard PHILPOTT of Chester

Oct 4th, St James, London, Lord G. J. MANNERS son of the Duke of Rutland. K. G, to Lady Adeliza Matilda Fitzsian Howard, daughter of the Duke of Norfolk. K.G.

Oct 4th, Rev Philip HAINS incumbent of Hoylake Cheshire to Emily 3rd daughter of Samuel TOWERS Esq of this town

Oct 7th, St Thomas, William BELL to Miss Sarah JONES both of this town.

Oct 7th, St Michael's Joseph ROOSE to Miss E.SMEDLEY

Oct 7th, St Michael's Raymond MUIMA to Miss Anne PRESON.

Oct 7th, St Michael's William HORTOP to Miss Elizabeth BRAHAM

Oct 8th, St Silas, John DEAN of Walton, Cheshire, to Ann Elizabeth eldest daughter of Joseph MIDDLETON this town

Oct 8th, Walton Church, James SMITH collector of poor rates, Everton, to Miss Sarah HALSALL

Oct 8th, St Silas, Thomas BRIERCLIFFE Jnr, watch finisher to Sarah Ann daughter of Richard PRESCOTT, marble mason, both this town.

Oct 8th, Rhyl Church, C. H. PARKER to Martha daughter of Alderman John ROYLE of Chester and Belle Vue Cottage, Rhyl.

Oct 9th, Parish Church, Berwick-on-Tweed, Frank CORBETT, captain 33rd regiment youngest son of Edwin CORBETT Esq, Tilstone Lodge, Cheshire to Elizabeth 3rd daughter of the late J. M. DICKSON Esq of Berwick-on-Tweed.

Oct 9th, Holy Trinity Church, Walton-breck, Robert Dutton son of the late John GRIDLEY Esq of Hoole near Chester, to Mary Jane daughter of Jeremiah CHAFFERS Esq

Oct 9th, St George's Hanover Square, London, Mr PORTAL, M.P for Hampshire to Lady Charlotte ELLIOTT, daughter of the Earl of Minto.

Oct 9th, St Clements, Windsor, William Henry eldest son of J. CAMPBELL Esq of Grove Park, to Mary only daughter of J. DAVIES Esq.

Oct 9th, St Paul's Toxteth Park, Thomas MASON, tailor and draper this town to Ann daughter of T. POWELL, Christleton, Cheshire

Oct 9th, Glasgow, James A. BANNERMAN Esq of Manchester to Louisa daughter of Sir James CAMPBELL, Stracathro, Forfarshire.

Oct 9th, St Bride's Richard STEPHENSON, London Rd, to Anne eldest daughter of Thomas WELSLEY, coachbuilder, Gill St.

Oct 9th, Wandsworth, by the Rev E. HINDE of Hale brother of the bride, Arthur eldest son of the late James DEMPSEY Esq of this town to Elizabeth youngest daughter of the late William HINDE Esq of the same place.

Oct 10th, Bebington Church, Henry Milton, 4th son of John LOFTUS Esq of Mortlake, Surrey to Elizabeth eldest daughter of David ROSS Esq, Holt Hill, Tramere

Oct 10th, St Thomas, Robert STITT to Miss Elizabeth WALKER

Oct 11th, St Thomas, John MURRAY, manufacturing confectioner, to Elizabeth eldest daughter of the late W. ROUTLEFF, shipbuilder, Mount Battam, Plymouth.

Oct 11th, St James, Piccadilly, London, by the Hon Rev F de GREY, uncle of the bride, William Townley MITFORD Esq of Pitahill, Sussex to the Hon Margaret Emma KENYON daughter of Lord KENYON. The bride was given away by her father and attended by the following bridesmaids, the Ladies Harriet and Frances NORTH, the Hon Emily de GREY, Miss GARNIER, Miss Emma HAMMER, and Miss Eliza KENYON, cousins of the bride, the Hons, Georgina, Elizabeth, Henrietta and Charlotte KENYON, sisters to the bride. The bridegroom was attended by Mr GOULBOR. The bride was dressed in a white glace high dress, with two deep flounces of the richest Brussels lace, bretalles and sleeves of the same. She wore on her head a wreath of orange flowers, over which was thrown a superb Brussels scarf veil. The bridesmaids dresses were of white glace the flounces edged with blue, the bonnets of white forrey with blue feather fringe.


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