Marriages 1854

Northern Daily Times Sept 1854,


19inst, Christ Ch, Cambridge, Edmund Squire ROBERT Esq, 2nd son of the late Rev J. F. ROBERTS, Llandulas N. Wales to Matilda youngest dau of the late Henry HUDSON of Cambridge

20th inst, Parish Ch, Preston, Mark R. TAYLOR of Goring Reading to Catherine Mason 2nd dau of Hugh ELRID of Witney, Oxton

21st inst, Naburn, Nr York Rd, Edward 4th son of George LLOYD Esq OF Stockton Hall, York, to Rosabelle Susan 4th dau of the late George LLOYD Esq of the same county

21st inst, St Oswalds Cheshire, Rev Matthew POWLEY. M.A, to Emma youngest dau of Thomas WALKER Esq, late of Hookers Brook, Chester

21st inst, St Marks, Kennington, Saville, James eldest son of Joseph Lush COOMBS Esq of Dorset Terrace, Clapham Rd, to Ada youngest dau of the late John SHORT Esq the Stock Exchange, South Lambert

23rd inst, W. H. TAYLOR of Glover St, Bedford Sq, London, to Philippa Martha STORER of Dorchester Place, Bandford Sq

23rd inst, Parish Ch, Kensington, Henry Hoskyn youngest son of Rev S. H. PEPPIN of Branscombe Devon to Catherine Anne Maria only dau of John COOK Esq and grand daughter of George YATES Esq, Earls Court, Old Brompton

23rd inst St George, Camberwell, William son of John Stone CLARABAT of Deal, Kent to Emily Holt eldest dau of Capt James BUTTERFILL of Sussex Place, Kent Rd

26th inst, Pres Ch, Rodney St, William Murdoch CAMPBELL Esq, merchant of Halifax N.S, to Mary Helen eldest dau of Hugh MACKAY Esq, Waterloo

28th inst, St Marys, Birkenhead, Edwin OWEN of the firm of PIERCE and OWEN, Wrexham, to Ellen only dau of James CAVE Esq this town

28th inst, Parish Ch, St Annes, Wandsworth, Rev James BOOTH, D.C.L, F.R.S, to Mary 2nd dau of Daniel WATNEY Esq of Wandsworth


6th June last, Hobart Town, Van Diemens Land, Henry BECKWITH of Melbourne, 2nd son of John BECKWITH of Liverpool to Kate 4th dau of the late H. WALLACE formerly of Knutsford


20th Sept, All Saints, Southampton, Howard B. MONTGOMERY, Madras Army, youngest son of M. F. MONTGOMERY. M.D, Merrion Square, Dublin, to Louisa H. HENDERSON youngest dau of Lieut Col HENDERSON late Royal Engineers

21st Sept St Marks, Kennigton, Saville, James Edward son of Joseph Lush COOMBES to Ada dau of the late John SHORT, Stock Exchange, South Lambert

26th Sept, Parish Ch, Holywell, Henry Alfred MILLER of Islington to Catherine, 2nd dau, John FISHWICK, Banker of Holywell

28th Sept, St Annes, Wandsworth, Rev James BOOTH, D.C.L, F.R.S, to Mary 2nd dau, Daniel WATNEY, Wandsworth

28th Sept St Philips Ch, James JONES to Elizabeth LYTHGOE

28th Sept, St Saviours Ch, Josiah BRERETON to Emily dau of H. MOORE, Manchester

28th Sept, St Annes Ch, Fence, Henry eldest son John JOHNSON, Rochdale to Sarah, 2nd dau of the late Alexander HARTLEY, White Lee House, Burnley

28th Sept Wilford, nr Nottingham, W. SANDERS of Mobberley Cheshire to E. STANTON of Wilford

29th Sept, Hartlebury, Worcestershire, Rev William Henry LYTTLETON, 3rd son of the late William Henry Lord LYTTLETON to Emily dau of the Bishop of Worcester

30th Sept, Parish Ch, Leeds, Henry JUDSON of Scotts Yard, London to Elizabeth Anne only dau of Edward BARR and niece of Robert BARR, Leeds

30th Sept, St Marys Melcombe Regis, Weymouth, Rev John AIRES. M.A incumbent Kent, Somerset, to Ann Mary eldest dau of George Augustus BROGRAVE of Johnstone St, Bath

30th Sept, Egham Surrey, Alfred BROWN, Surgeon, Wandsworth, to Helen Eliza 2nd dau J. W. HOBBS, the Hill, Egham


1st Oct, Christ Ch, Robert Henry HEATH of the steam ship RHONE this port, to Mary eldest dau of John CARTER, Hairdresser, Redcross St

2nd Oct, St Patricks Ch, Toxteth Park, John BAYNES to Margaret SMITH

2nd Oct, St Nicholas Ch, Thomas eldest son of Mr ALLMARK, Outfitter, Clayton St, to Miss Sarah HARTLEY

4th Oct, St Andrews Parish Ch, Birkenhead, John SHAW of Liverpool to Joan THOMSON dau of the late John THOMSON, Glasgow

5th Oct, Parish Ch, Walton-on-the-Hill, Ralph Leigh 2nd son of William CLARE of Walton Breck to Mary Anne only dau of John COWGILL of Liverpool


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