Marriages 1853

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 18th 1853


Sept 23rd, Trinity Church, Adelaide, N.S.W, William BARTLEY Esq to Sarah Anne, 3rd daughter of Thomas COOPER Esq, Henley-on-Thames

Aug 25th, Trinity Church, Adelaide, Thos WITHERHOUSE Esq to Eliza, 2nd daughter of F. FAULDING Esq, surgeon, Swinfleet, Yorkshire

Dec 9th, Cathedral, Spanish Town, Jamaica, William eldest son of the late Dr M'CORKELL to Arabella Bancks, eldest daughter of Mrs Joshua EDWARDS of Timperley, formerly this town

Jan 6th, Carlisle, John FLEMING Esq, M.A, of Bootle to Esther youngest daughter of Thomas SHEFFIELD Esq, of that city

Jan 13th, Cathedral, Manchester, Joseph WHITE, of Baslow, Derbyshire to Lydia, eldest surviving daughter of the late John WOODRUFF, Esq of Wavertree

Jan 13th, Limerick, Captain William TURNBULL, to Kate youngest daughter of the late Robert HEYES Esq

Jan 14th, St Lukes, Chelsea, Middlesex, Sir Charles MUNROE Bart, of Fowlias, Ross-shire, N.B, to Miss Harriet MIDGLEY of this town

Jan 15th, St Jame's Toxteth Park, Ebenezer BROWN Esq of Parkgate to Jane youngest daughter of the late John PEAT Esq, shipbuilder of Maryport

Jan 15th, St Jame's, London, Captain Louis Symonds, TINDAL, R.N, eldest son of the late Right Hon Sir Nicolas Conyngham TINDAL to Henrietta Maria O'Donel WHYTE, ward of John Bishop CALPEPER, Esq late captain 14th light dragoons

Jan 16th, St Philips, Edward TINMOUTH, master mariner to Miss Elizabeth Jane SUMMERTON

Jan 16th, St Philips, Richard BRIERLEY to Miss Eliza Jane RICHARDSON

Jan 17th, St Philips, John Atherton FLAHERTY to Miss Jessie Rose WEBSTER


Liverpool Mercury, Feb 15th, 1853


Feb 5th, St Philips, T. H. STEVENS, Mersey Cottage nr Prescot to Adeline Hannah, only daughter of Edward PRATT, Wavertree Rd.

Feb 8th, Chatham Church, Horatio Nelson DICKSON Esq, of Halifax Nova Scotia, to Emma Jane, youngest daughter of Lieut John WYSE. R.N, H.M. Dockyard, Chatham.

Feb 8th, Parish Church, Welshpool, Henry Robinson eldest son of Fletcher PEARSON of this town, to Mary eldest daughter of Mrs ROBERTS, Church Bank, Welshpool

Feb 10th, Llanasa, G. ROLFE, Station master, Gaerwen, Chester and Holyhead, Railway, to Martha, 2nd daughter of M. J. DODD master of Voel Nant, Telegraph station.

Feb 10th, Laurencelaw Cottage, nr Edinburgh, William ABEL Esq of this town to Maria daughter of Thomas NEIL Esq, late H. M. Customs.

Feb 10th, Congregational Chapel, Nantwich, John BELLIS, Kingsland Rd, London, to Jane Wynne BELLIS, Barker St, Nantwich, only daughter of the late John BELLIS of Edinburgh

Feb 10th, St Bridgets, Chester, Richard LEWIS of Northwich to Jane only daughter of Mr JOHNSTON, Wallis St, Chester.

Jan 10th, Parish Church, Milverton, Warwick, Capt J. WOODFORD late of the rifle brigade, chief constable of the county palatine of Lancaster, to Helena relict of the late Thomas GERMAN Esq, of the Cliff, Preston


Liverpool Mercury, Feb 22nd, 1853


Aug 18th, Adelaide South Australia, George COLE of Adelaide to Miss Margaret Anne RICHARDSON youngest daughter of Joseph RICHARDSON, late of this town.

Jan 27th, Washington, U.S, at Mrs WAINWRIGHT’S residence by Rev S. PYNE D.D, and afterwards at her Britannic Majesty’s legation, William Webb Follett SYNGE Esq, attache to the legation to Henrietta Mary youngest daughter of the late Col WAINWRIGHT, of the U.S, marine corps.

Feb 7th, Penrith, Capt TODD of the ISABELLA of London, to Sarah 2nd daughter of John VARTY, late this town

Feb 10th, Walls End, Glasgow, Walter JOHNSON Esq of Trench Hall to Margaret Elizabeth Hester, only daughter of the late Lieut Col William JOHNSTONE. C.B, of the 26th, [Cameronian[ Regt and niece of the late George JOHNSTONE, Esq of Wellington.

Feb 10th, St Marys Church, Brompton, Capt H. WILSON, Hereford Square, Glasgow, formerly of the 1st Dragoon guards and 13th Light dragoons, to Catherine Jane only child of Capt John COOK of the Royal Westminster and Middlesex Light Infantry and great granddaughter of Henry 11th Baron, Teynham.

Feb 19th, Freystrop Church, Pembrokeshire, Peregrine Lord PHILLIPS Esq, late Capt in the Royal Welsh Fusilliers of East Hook, Pembrokeshire to Annah Jane only daughter of the late John DAVIES Esq of Mullock in the same county.

Feb 13th. St Silas Church, Thomas MERCER to Mary Anne daughter of Thomas FAZAKERLEY, Superintendent of Liverpool Corporation waterworks

Feb 15th, by license at St Peters, John MACAN, Mariner to Miss Catherine SHAY, both this town.

Feb 15th, Bedlay House, Lanarkshire, Thomas Craig CHRISTIE Esq of Glasgow to Catherine Cameron daughter of the late James CAMPBELL Esq of Peters Hill, and niece of the late Alex CAMPBELL of Bedlay.

Feb 17th, Baptist Chapel, Pembroke Place, Samuel VICKESS to Margaret only daughter of James LYON

Feb 17th, St Marks, James only son of Mr O’LOUGHLIN, tailor and draper of Neston to Maria 2nd daughter of John KERNAGHAN, slater and plasterer, Church Lane, this town.

Feb 17th, Abbey Church, Shrewsbury, William H. GRAY Esq of Bombay to Gertrude Marianne youngest daughter of the late Thomas Da GARD Esq, M.D of Shrewsbury

Feb 17th, St Martin-in-the-Fields, London, William NICHOLSON Esq, of Wood House Moor, Leeds to Marianne PRICE of Grove House, Pendleton only daughter of the late William PRICE of Oswestry.

Feb 17th, Zion Chapel, Kendal, Henry SHAW, steward of the Lancaster Asylum to Sarah 2nd daughter of John HARRISON, manufacturer, Crook nr Kendal.

Feb 21st, Christ Church, Everton, Richard DOOLEY to Miss Sarah PALMER


Liverpool Mercury March 1st 1853


Jan 31st, St Pauls, Waldegrave WARDLEY Esq, Bryn Helen, Carnarvon, to Miss PARRY, Segontium Terrace, same place.

Feb 13th, St John the Baptists, David JONES, to Bridget, eldest daughter of Mr J. BRADLEY, Bedford St, Toxteth Park.

Feb 14th, St John the Baptists, Joseph LEWIS to Miss Ann Jane GICKS

Feb 19th, London, Henry son of R. SMITH Esq, of Bankfield, Ulverston to Julia daughter of H. HILL Esq, Tottenhall Wood, Staffordshire.

Feb 19th, St James, John BRAITHWAITE steward of the Earl of Lonsdale, to Miss Jane BELL, both of Whitehaven.

Feb 20th, St Nicholas, Robert HANNESON, engineer, to Mrs Mary BECKETT, widow of the late Capt James BECKETT of the Melford and Swansea Inn, Great Howard St.

Feb 21st, by special license at St Marys, Birkenhead, William CLARKSON, book-keeper at the Liverpool Mail office, to Miss Mary Alice WILSON of Birkenhead.

Feb 21st, Kensington Church, London by the Very Rev The Dean of Clogher, uncle of the bride, assisted by Rev W. L. COGHLAN. M.A, uncle of the bride, Capt Frederick MAUDE, son of the Hon and Rev J. Charles MAUDE and nephew of the Lord Viscount Hawarden, to Catherine daughter of the late Very Rev Sir George BISSHOPP, Dean of Lismore, and sister of Sir George Curzon BISSHOPP Bart.

Feb 24th, St Marys, Lichfield, Hector Campbell, youngest son of Arthur HELSHAM Esq, M.D, London, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of John HARRISON Esq, Lichfield.

Feb 24th, St Marys, Episcopal Chapel, Dumfries, John MC KINSTRY Esq of Armagh, eldest son of the late Lee MC KINSTRY Esq, to Margaret only daughter of the late George KING Esq, this town.

Feb 25th, St John the Baptists, Lewis Godiff LOIFS Esq of Dantzic to Miss Catherine RAFFERTY of Toxteth Park

Feb 28th, St Philips, Mr Humphrey JONES, Pilot of this town to Margaret youngest daughter of John JONES, Carnarvon.


Liverpool Mercury, June 7th, 1853


May 25th, Thomas Molyneux son of the late Thomas KELSHAW, hide merchant, to Alice daughter of the late J. CLARKSON

June 1st, Parish Church, Prestwich, John LEGAT of Rotherham to Sarah youngest daughter of the late Hugh GRIMSHAW Esq of Prestwich

June 1st, Rossett Church, Edward PARKER of Barton to Miss GREY of Rossett

May 2nd, Parish Church, Ashton-upon-Mersey, John FULLALOVE, Old Trafford, to Jane 3rd daughter of the late Samuel OCCLESTON, Ashton House, Cheshire

June 2nd, St Johns, Egremont, Edward SENIOR of Highfield Park, Rock Ferry, to Ellen eldest daughter of J. P. OLDFIELD, this town

June 2nd, All Saints, Manchester, William Richard eldest son of John HALL Esq, Berkley Square, Bristol, and of Mollance, Kirkcudbrightshire to Carolline Mona, youngest daughter of Rev Dr BURTON, Manchester

June 2nd, St Lukes, William Henry, eldest son of Thomas HAWKINS to Mary Anne, 2nd daughter of Thomas ABBOTT

June 2nd, St Catherines, Thomas FOSTER, Bookkeeper to Miss Lavinia Isabella 4th daughter of William GRAHAM, joiner and builder both this town

June 4th, St Davids, Capt William MASON to Mrs Mary Anne HENDERSON

June 5th, St Andrews, Edward John PATTESON, solicitor, Poulton-le-Fylde, to Esther, youngest daughter of James MORGAN, this town

June 5th, by license at St Matthias, Thomas BILLINGTON, North Castle St, to Ellen eldest daughter of Thomas HEMER, Great Howard St

June 6th, Registrar’s office, Brownlow Hill, James DICKIE to Isabella, 2nd daughter of the late George HALLIDAY, Hawick, Roxburghshire, Scotland


Liverpool Mercury, Aug 12th, 1853


Jan 7th, St Werburghs Catholic Chapel, Birkenhead, Richard BURCHALL of St Helens to Miss Elizabeth DEVINE of Drogheda, Ireland

June, 14th, by the Right Rev, the Lord Bishop of Colombo, Charles SHAND Esq to Marion Elizabeth Bertie, eldest daughter of Lieut Col SYMONS commanding the royal artillery in Ceylon

July 6th, St Georges Hanover Square, London, Charles Edward NEWCOMEN Esq to Mary Rebecca widow of the late Lieut Robert DORAN of H. M. 18th Royal Irish, and daughter of the late Thomas BRACKEN Esq of Calcutta

July 15th, at Halsall, R. SHACKLADY, Blue Bell, Barton, son of Mr H. SHACKLADY of Halsall, to Mary daughter of the late Mr T. JUMP, Lydiate

Aug 2nd, Dantzie, William FLINN Esq of Dresden to Anna daughter of the late J. C. IVES Esq

Aug 3rd, Portsoy, Banffshire, Samuel Woolrich CHADDOCK, Rainhill, only surviving son of the late John Bankes CHADDOCK Esq, Penketh, to Arthura youngest daughter of the late Arthur Forbes MC QUEEN, Portsoy.

Aug 3rd, Wrexham, Mr J. LLOYD, Camden Town, London, to Mary eldest daughter of the late William LLOYD, land surveyor, Wrexham

Aug 3rd, Canning St, Presbyterian Church, James DEWAR merchant, Perth, to Martha youngest daughter of David KINNEAR Esq, Windsor St

Aug 6th, St Thomas, Heaton Norris, David HOLT of Cheetham Hill to Sarah youngest daughter of the late Josiah PERRIN of Warrington

Aug 6th, St Marybone Church, London, W. WHEELER, nephew of John WHEELER Esq, formerly proprietor of the Manchester Chronicle to Charlotte Augusta, 3rd daughter of Edward TUCKER Esq of Wimpole St, Cavendish Square, London

Aug 7th, St Philips, T. DAULBY to Anne, daughter of J. BURLAND

Aug 7th, St Nicholas, J. HAZELDINE Esq, to Miss H. WARSOP, Birkenhead

Aug 7th, Capt THREADGOLD, late of the Sir John Beresford to Anne 3rd daughter of the late Thomas GORE, South Shore, Cottage, Brunswick Dock

Aug 7th, St Philips, Hugh RICHARDS to Miss Elizabeth CAMPBELL

Aug 7th, St Philips, Mr Edward STOPFORTH to Miss Sarah WILLCOCK

Aug 9th, St Philips, David SMETHERST meter maker to Miss Hannah FOX

Aug 9th, St Nicholas, James H. DALE, youngest son of Mr H. DALE, Manchester to Sarah Watmore SNOWDON eldest daughter of Capt SNOWDON this port

Aug 10th, Rawcliffe Church, Samuel GILES, of Matlef-vale print works nr Manchester to Margaret eldest daughter of the late Jos FLETCHER Esq of Rawcliffe nr Goole

Aug 10th, North Mimms, Stanley eldest son of Stanley Orred PERCIVAL Esq of Bridgefoot House, Middlesex to Charlotte daughter of Archibald PARIS Esq, of Abdale Herts.

Aug 10th, St Stephens, Rochdale, Thomas BEALEY Esq,. Wholesale tea merchant, Manchester, to Alice daughter of Eli UNSWORTH Esq of Chambers House, nr Rochdale

Aug 11th, Robert Raimes JACKSON Esq, of this town to Miss TURNER of Manchester

Aug 11th, St Judes, Rev J. C. PATERSON of Half Morton, Dumfriesshire to Anne 3rd daughter of the late J. W. PILCHER Esq this town


Liverpool Mercury, Nov 4th, 1853


Aug 23rd, Woodchurch, R. T. BLAKE to Janet daughter of the late Ralph ABRAM Esq

Sept 24th, Salem Chapel, Brownlow Hill, Owen JONES of Bangor to Mary youngest daughter of John COUTES, late of the tobacco warehouses in this town

Oct 2nd, Edge Hill, Church, John DOWBEGGIN to Amelia JEFFCOCK

Oct 22nd, St Silas's, J.MAGILL, shipwright to Miss A. CHADWICK

Oct 22nd, Register-office, Brownlow Hill, Joseph STILLITOE Esq, this town to Elizabeth youngest daughter of the late John JONES, chemist, Aberystwith, South Wales

Oct 24th St John's, W. M'LEAN to Miss M. A. ELLIS

Oct 25th, Llanelly, Sir G. T. THOMAS Bart of Clifton to Emily daughter of W. CHAMBERS Jnr, Esq of Llannelly

Oct 25th, Leeds, Rev A. J. EMPSON, rector of Eydon, Northamptonshire, to Anna Delicia, daughter of the Rev W. F. HOOK, D.D, vicar of Leeds

Oct 25th, St Catherine's Alfred HAMMOND to Elizabeth eldest daughter of the late Thomas WILLIAMS, engine fitter, York St.

Oct 26th, Synagogue, Sheffield, Nahum SALAMON of Melbourne, S.A, to Amelia, 2nd daughter of the late Moritz BERTRAM Esq of Hackney London.

Oct 27th, St Luke's, John HINDE of Leftwich, Cheshire, to Miss Sarah OAKES, this town

Oct 27th, London, Lord F. J. FITZROY, 3rd son of the Duke of Grafton, to Catherine Sarah Wilhelmina, daughter of the late Rev W. WESCOMB, rector of Langford, Essex

Oct 27th, St Michael's, F. SCHUTZ to Miss L. WILLIS

Oct 29th, Childwall, W. B. DUNMILL, of Maidstone Kent to Eliza, daughter of P. THOMAS, Wavertree

Oct 30th, St Philip's, G. BROWNRIGG to Miss J. BRADEN

Oct 30th, St Silas's, J. MONKHOUSE, marble mason, to Elizabeth daughter of the late Mr M. SARGENT, auctioneer

Oct 31st, Presbyterian Church, Canning St, J. A. WHITE, Master of the ship Mars, to Sarah Jane daughter of the late, J. ANDREW Esq of Douglas, I.O.M.

Oct 31st, St Philip's, M. M'GUFFOG, to Miss A. M'CRAKEN

Oct 31st, St Philip's, T. WILLIAMS to Miss E. POWELL

Nov 1st, St Michael's, J. YEOWART to Miss J. MOWSON

Nov 2nd, Walton-on-the-Hill, Robert, 2nd son of the late Robert HEINEKEY Esq of Dublin to Eliza Ann daughter of the late Ambrose Britain BUXTON Esq, this town

Nov 2nd, Walton, H. H. GOLDING to Cordelia Elison, only daughter of the late John SCOTT, this town

Nov 3rd, by license, St Peter's, Everton, Hugh WATSON to Susan Maxwell, daughter of Mr WATSON, Scotland Rd.

Nov 3rd, Parish church, Childwall, Alfred Drew DUNSTAN Esq, of Danebank, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire to Francis daughter of the late John PRITT Esq, of Woodend, Aigburth.


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