Marriages 1852

Liverpool Mercury, March 9th 1852


March 1st, St Brides Ch, Thomas GILBERT Esq of Dublin to Miss Elizabeth GRIFFITH, this town

March 4th, Eastham Ch, William only son of John WILSON Esq of River View, Seacombe, to Mary Ann only daughter of the late John AMERY of this town.

March 4th, Alston Ch, Cumberland, John DICKINSON Esq of Lovelady, Shield Hall to Hannah daughter of John COWPER Esq, Ralse House, Alston.

March 6th, St Philips Ch, John JOHNSON to Miss Louisa Martha BACKHOUSE.

March 7th, St Philips Ch, John DAVIES, 67 Great George St, to Miss Mary DAVIES, Welshpool.

March 7th, Christ Ch, Everton, William ECKEN to Miss Mary Jane DEARING.

March 8th, St James Ch, Thomas Francis RICHARDS to Mary Ann youngest daughter of the late John WETHERELL, Cabinet maker.


Liverpool Mercury July 23rd, 1852


July 2nd, St Silas church, H. ORDISH, 2nd dragoon guards, to Miss M. M. WILSON, London Rd

July 8th, St Bride's church, R. R. DUNKIN to Leah, youngest daughter of William KEAST Esq, Late of Plymouth Devon

July 9th, Manchester, John SLOAN of Belfast to Emily daughter of the late William COLVANE, of Cramond nr Edinburgh

July 10th, St John-the-Baptist's, J. BELL to Barbara Elizabeth, daughter of J. JOHNSON

July 10th, St John-the-Baptist's, W. NASH to Sarah daughter of William PLANT

July 12th, St John's church, G. J. BEERE, printer, to Miss E. CONWAY

July 13th, London, the Right Hon H. LABOUCHERE, M.P, to Lady Mary Howard daughter of the late and sister of the present Earl of Carlisle

July 14th, Myrtle St Chapel, Joseph Sutton PECK to Charlotte eldest daughter of William BARKER, Huyton

July 15th, St John's church, Charles Townley, son of W. BROWNE Esq, solicitor, to Eliza daughter of B. PEMBERTON Esq, Dublin

July 16th, St Silas church, T. COOPER, Stoke to Miss M. GASKELL

July 17th, Kennerton, Gloucestershire, the residence of Capt HOPTON, brother-in-law of the bride, the Rev William Alexander OSBORNE, Rossall Hall, Dudley, to Julia youngest daughter of Edward DIXON Esq, Dudley

July 17th, St George's church, Douglas I.O.M, Samuel VENABLES, wine merchant, Preston, formerly manager of the St Helen's glass bottle works, to Ellen eldest daughter of Mr STOPPERTON, piano forte maker Douglas

July 19th, St Martin's-in-the-Fields, Edward NEWSHAM to Miss Ellen HARLEY of Gildart St

July 20th, St Annes church, Aigburth, Thomas NIMMO Esq, of Demerara to Eliza Catherine, youngest daughter of David GLADSTONE Esq, this town

July 20th, Kensington parish church, Charles GRENFELL. M.P, to Miss Georgiana Caroline eldest daughter of the late Right Hon W. S. LASCELLES. M.P.

July 20th, St Annes church, Aigburth, Gordon BADENACH to Priscilla, daughter of the late A. M'CACHEN

July 20th, St Peter's church Fly FRASER of Wrexham to Catherine, eldest daughter of the late William OWEN of the same place

July 21st, St George's Hanover Square, London, James JACK Esq, Woolton Hill nr this town to Frederica Mary, widow of the late A. M. HAY Esq, of Westerton, Morayshire, and daughter of John STEPHEN, Esq, Melbourne, Port Philip.

July 21st, Overton church, Cheshire, S. B. BOAD Esq of Higher Tranmere to Sarah, eldest daughter of the late John HOUGH, farmer, Norley, Cheshire

July 22nd, St Bride's, John eldest son of Captain William GRIFFITHS of this port to Mary eldest daughter of Thomas WARD Esq, same place

July 22nd, St Jude's church, John only son of Jonathan WILSON Esq, Rogerscale, Cumberland, to Mary only daughter of William ALEXANDER Esq, Mount Vernon-green


Liverpool Mercury Nov 5th 1852


Oct 20th, William son of Capt J. HANSBROW to Annie daughter of the late W. DOUGLAS, tea dealer Lancaster

Oct 25th, St Mary's Kirkdale, S. REECE to Eliza daughter of the late A. MOONEY

Oct 25th, J. NEEDHAM of Warrington to Anne Jane daughter of William KINSEY, Stockport

Oct 26th, Newmills Church, John Thomas BALL Esq, barrister at law, to Kate youngest daughter of the late Rev Dr ELRINGTON, regius professor of divinity in the university of Dublin

Oct 26th, Parish church, Bolton-le-Moors, by the Rev Professor SEDGWICK, canon of Norwich, the Rev Richard SEDGWICK, B.A, Trinity College, Cambridge and incumbent, St Martin's-at-Oak, Norwich to Mary Jane, 2nd daughter of John WOODHOUSE Esq of Greenfield, Bolton-le-Moors

Oct 29th, Stepney Meeting, Cumming ANDREWS of this town to Janet eldest daughter of Philip BROADFOOT, Lynn, Norfolk

Oct 31st, Methodist New Connection Chapel, Strangeways Manchester, Joseph TOULSON to Miss Mary ROBERTSON, both of Pendleton, this being the first marriage solomised in this chapel, a handsome bible was presented to the bride by the trustees.

Nov 1st St Oswald's Chester, Henry ROWLAND of Brook St, Chester, to Miss Ann PIERCY, of Flookersbrook.

Nov 1st, St Peter's Everton, J. M'CALLUM, engineer to Miss A. PRATT

Nov 1st, St Mary's Edgehill, Benjamin ASTON, this town to Miss Eliza BATE of Cheltenham, youngest daughter of the late Joseph BATE of Stourbridge

Nov 1st, St Bride's S. ROBERTS to Louisa, 4th daughter of J. M'CALL

Nov 2nd, St Augustinís, J. H. CHAMBERS Esq, Lieutenant 46th Regiment, to Mary E, daughter of the late Rev S. W. PERKINS, M.A, rector of Stockton, Warwickshire, and granddaughter of the late William PERRY Esq, Everton

Nov 2nd, St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Birkenhead, Robert COCHRAN Esq of this town to Charlotte eldest daughter of the late William SPALDING Esq, S.S.C, Edinburgh

Nov 2nd, St Silas, J. GIBB, joiner to Ellen L, daughter of P. MOLLOY, cooper.

Nov 2nd, Christ Church, Edward Ellis son of J. EDWARDS, Holt Hill to Maria S, daughter of William ROUTLEDGE, this town

Nov 2nd, New Corn Exchange Hotel, Edinburgh, John MACKIESON Esq, merchant Stirling, to Isabella, eldest daughter of the late Joseph WALKER Esq, of Woertley Hall, Yorkshire

Nov 2nd, Middlefield House, John James MUIRHEAD, Glasgow, to Isabella Robertson, eldest daughter of J. A. FULLERTON Esq, publisher

Nov 3rd, Pembroke Chapel, Rev John Farnham GUENETT, of Bury St Edmunds, to Mary widow of the late Joseph LACON Esq, this town

Nov 3rd, St Clement's Windsor, Jonas JUBB of Huyton to Elizabeth daughter of the late William RIGBY, Upper Stanhope St

Nov 3rd, St Peter's Everton, William HARRISON to Elizabeth Harriet, eldest daughter of Edward BULL, Tarleton St, Everton

Nov 4th, St Lukes, Farnworth, Edward WEBSTER, joiner St Helens, to Martha, 2nd daughter of Daniel WHITFIELD, farmer, Bold.

Nov 4th, St Mary's church, Birkenhead, Charles SIDGREAVES to Sarah eldest daughter of James TILSTON, Birkenhead

Nov 5th, Zion Chapel, Maximilian GOODMAN to Eliza ALLCROFT, this town


Liverpool Mercury Nov 30th 1852


May 4th, St Paul's Cathedral, Calcutta by special license, John HENDERSON, Lieut Ceylon Rifles, formerly resident in this town to Sara Marie Constance daughter of M. Michel Darup de Dombal of Calcutta

Nov 12th, Flint, George PAYNTER of the British and North American royal mail steamship Asia, to Jane youngest daughter of Mr PRICHARD, governor of the castle Flint.

Nov 20th, St John's Church, Longsight, Henry F. GREATWOOD, this town to Elizabeth 3rd daughter of Joseph BROWN, Lime Grove, Longsight, Manchester.

Nov 20th, Ralph DEWHURST of the Cross Axes public house, to Miss Elizabeth PARKER, both of Preston. This was the 5th appearance of the gallant bridegroom, who is 72yrs of age, at the hymeneal altar.

Nov 22nd, Aldingham, James D. CASSON to Agnes eldest daughter of the late John ASHBURNE Esq, of Scales.

Nov 22nd, St John-the-Baptist's, John SMITH to Elizabeth daughter of Christopher Cooper HARRISON, Sussex St, Toxteth Park

Nov 23rd, parish church Preston, Thomas E,ETT, agent of this town to Jane eldest daughter of John LADYMAN, builder of Preston.

Nov 24th, New Jerusalem Church, Preston, by the father of the bride, John PARKINSON draper, Preston to Elizabeth Ann, eldest daughter of Rev Elias de la Roche RENDELL.

Nov 25th, Cathedral Manchester, William son of James FOYSTER, formerly of Wisbech to Isabella youngest daughter of the late William FOSTER, of Bolton

Nov 25th, Catholic Chapel, St Wilfrid, Preston, William eldest son of George SWARBRICK, corn dealer to Miss Alice MORTON, confectioner.

Nov 25th, Cathedral Manchester, Joseph BENTLEY of Prestwich to Elizabeth daughter of Henry SLINGSBY, Broughton

Nov 25th, St Bartholomew's Rainhill, E. J. DORAN this town to Sarah, eldest daughter of John Latham BOLD, and niece of the Rev P. DAVIES, of Wolverhampton

Nov 25th, parish church Althorpe, Lincolnshire, William STEPHENSON to Miss MINUTE, both of Althorpe

Nov 25th, St Annes Church, Piccadilly, the Right Hon Lord de BLAQUIRE to Eleanor Amelia, eldest daughter of Sir William and Lady George Hylton JOLLIFFE Bart, M.P of Morstham Surrey. His Lordship's 2nd marriage, the 1st wife being the daughter of J. CHRISTIE Esq. He is in his fortieth year, born in 1812, and is the 2nd Baron de Blaquire of Ardkill, county Derry, Ireland.

Nov 25th, St Philip's Thomas SERGENT to Miss Sarah OWEN

Nov 28th, Walton-on-the-Hill, Richard youngest son of John ELLISON of Egremont to Jane E, eldest daughter of Edward WALLEY, joiner and builder, Everton.

Nov 28th, St Philip's, William FLOWER to Miss Eliza KNIGHT

Nov 29th, St Philip's, James Joseph DAGG, watchmaker to Miss Mary MADDOCK, of this town


Liverpool Mercury Dec 10th, 1852


In our paper of Tuesday last a notice of the marriage of Mr William HOLLAND was inserted. The copy of the announcement was left in our office on Monday morning and appeared to be properly signed. We now learn that no such marriage has taken place, and that the disgraceful fellow who perpetrated the witless hoax has added to his offence by committing forgery. We have handed over the manuscript to the party interested, and have reason to believe that he will be able to trace the offender.

At St David's, G. FOX to Miss E. HALL, 4th daughter of Mr E. S. HALL, professor of music.

June 22nd, Otawao, New Zealand, Henry POWDRELL of Farndon Cheshire to Miss Jesse THOMPSON, daughter of H. THOMPSON Esq, shipbuilder, Otawao.

Dec 2nd, St Bride's, James YOUNG to Eleanor, only daughter of William ROWLANDS, custom-house officer.

Nov 28th, St John-the-Baptist's, Robert HUGHES, Clive St, to Miss Ann HUGHES

Dec 1st, St John-the-Baptist's, Alexander Miller YOUNG to Ann, eldest daughter of William KELLY, Mann St, Toxteth Park

Dec 2nd, at Mairie Ingouville, and afterwards at the British Episcopal Chapel, Havre, Guilicaume Leon, youngest son of the late Mons Felix Theodore Isabelle, merchant Havre to Edith, youngest daughter of George D'ALUMAINE, Esq, Ingouville

Dec 3rd St John-the-Baptist's, John HOAR to Miss Johanna HOGAN

Dec 4th, Penn St, Buckingham, William PODMORE of Birkenhead to Emma, 2nd daughter of William RODENHURST, maltster Ellesmere, Salop

Dec 5th, St Philip's, William JACKSON to Miss Eliza MANCHESTER

Dec 5th, St Philip's, Nathaniel PRICE to Miss Ann LYON

Dec 6th, St John's, J. MECOID to Miss J. MOUNT

Dec 6th, Bromborough, J. MORRIS, constable, Tranmere to Miss DAVIES, daughter of Mr DAVIES, farmer, Brimstage

Dec 6th, parish church, Prestbury, nr Macclesfield, Robert BOWER Esq, this town to Elizabeth Ann only daughter of the late Robert ROSCOW Esq, London

Dec 6th, St Judes, William DAVIS to Miss Sarah RATCLIFFE, late head waitress of the Wellington Hotel.

Dec 7th, Cathedral Manchester, John STAMPER, Rhyd-y-fen, Merioneth, to Elizabeth Ellen eldest daughter of John TAYLOR, Strangeways, Manchester

Dec 7th, Hareleston, Northampton, Cecil William FORESTER Lieutenant Colonel, 52nd regt, 2nd son of the late Rev P. Townsend FORESTER, D.D, to Henrietta Maria, 3rd daughter of the late Admiral the Hon Sir Robert STOPFORD, and widow of the late Lord Henry RUSSELL

Dec 8th, by special license, Coolhurst, Sussex, Henry George LIDDELL, Esq, M.P, eldest son of the Hon Henry LIDDELL Esq, Eslington House, Northumberland, to Mary Diana only child of the late Orlando Gunning SUTTON, Esq Dec 8th, parish church All Saints, Wigan, by Rev W. J. FFARINGTON, incumbent St James Rochdale, uncle of the bride, Nathaniel ECKERSLEY Esq, of Shelley House, Wigan to Elizabeth eldest daughter of Henry FFARINGTON, Esq of Wigan, formerly of Manchester

Dec 9th, St Mark's, R. B. SCOTLAND Esq, Glen Douglas, to Anna daughter of the late Thomas JEFFERSON Esq, Newry, Ireland


Liverpool Mercury Dec 21st, 1852


Dec 12th St Philip's, Robert DOBSON to Margaret M'VEAGH

Dec 13th, St James's, Rawcliffe, Rev M. W. BARSTOW. M.A, incumbent of Rawcliffe to Louisa, widow of John HENRY Esq, outfitter of this town, and eldest daughter of William P. INGRAM, Esq, land steward, Rawcliffe

Dec 13th, St Ann's, Lancaster, Richard youngest son of Henry RAWCLIFF, Garstang, to Margaret eldest daughter of Mr Charles BLADES, Aysgarth, Yorkshire

Dec 14th, Goosnargh Church, John STANDING, tailor, to Jane youngest daughter of Robert SHARPLES, farmer, Church House, all Goosnargh.

Dec 15th, Fleetwood, by the Rev W. LAIDLAY. M.A, vicar of Madehurst, Sussex brother of the bride, Robert LANDALE Esq, of Pitmeden, Perthshire, S.S.C, Edinburgh, to Mary daughter of J. LAIDLAY Esq, Fleetwood.

Dec 15th, St Philip's, William PARK to Miss Mary DEIGHTON.

Dec 15th, Synagogue, Hardman St, Myer PHENEAS Esq of New York to Ellen eldest daughter of B. L. JOSEPH, Bold St.

Dec 16th, Wallasey, Dr NEVINS of this town to Charlotte daughter of Miles BARTON, Esq, New Brighton

Dec 16th, Cathedral Manchester, Captain John Bickerson FLANAGAN, H.M, 81st Regiment to Mary Anne youngest daughter of the late T. TAYLOR Esq

Dec 16th, Cathedral Manchester, John DAVISON, tanner and carrier, Cape of Good Hope, to Anne eldest daughter of the late William RAWLING of Manchester

Dec 16th, Whalley, Robert PEEL of Blackburn to Ann youngest daughter of W. GARLICK Esq, cotton spinner, Blackburn. The bride was given away by her uncle William KENWORTHY, Esq.

Dec 16th, parish church, Halifax, Alfred HEAVEN of the firm of Roberts and Heaven, Back Piccadilly, Manchester to Emma eldest daughter of Thomas BARKER, Waterside, Halifax

Dec 16th, Wirksworth, Derbyshire, by the Rev F. G. NORMAN rector of Buttersford, uncle of the bride, the Rev John Francis HURT, 2nd son of Major HURT, to Cecilia Isabella, eldest daughter of Francis HURT, Jnr, Esq of Hop?on.

Dec 16th, parish church Preston, Robert PARKER of London Terrace, Blackburn, senior partner in the firm of Messers PARKER Brothers, grocers Blackburn and Over Darwen, to Sophia eldest daughter of Thomas BIRCHALL, tobacco manufacturer Blackburn.

Dec 17th, St Philip's Thomas STEENE to Miss Betty LEE

Dec 19th, St Oswald's Chester, William WHALLEY of Sutton to Harriet, relict of the late John LANCASTER, Chester.

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