Marriages 1850

Liverpool Mercury Jan 1st 1850


Dec 13th Ind Chapel Newark, William DAFT to Frances KIRBY

Dec 24th, St Philips, George LEA to Margaret WOODHOUSE

Dec 24th, St Philips, John RICHARDSON to Alice HILTON

Dec 25th, St Philips, Edward LLOYD to Ann DONE

Dec 25th, Epworth, James SMITH to Miss CRACKELL

The above wedding verified the following as the husband could very truly say :-

My wife my fatherís sister is,

My sister is my mother.

My wife my fatherís daughter is,

My father is my brother.

Dec 25th, St Brides Ch, George Kearly BURDEN of H. M. Customs this port to Pamila Davis eldest daughter of Henry MANSTON this town, [same day see births]

Dec 25th, St Philips, Thomas BENNETT to Miss Mary Ann DAVIES

Dec 27th, Parish Church Leeds, D. C. PRIESTLEY, Industrial School, Kirkdale to Elizabeth 2nd daughter Mr BINNS, Leeds

Dec 27th, Sculthorpe Church, Norfolk, William FRANKS Jnr Esq, of Woodhill Herts, to Emily Florence only daughter of the late Major General Sir John Thomas JONES Bart, KCB, sister to Sir Willoughby JONES, Bart of Cranmer Hall, Norfolk

Dec 27th, Mickleham Surrey, John Earley COOK. Esq, to Mary Jane only daughter of Rev Alfred BARME?TER, Rector of Mickleham

Dec 27th, St James Church, Piccadilly, Lieut Col YOUNG, H.M 25th Regt eldest son of the late Sir Aretas Wm YOUNG, Lieut Governor of Prince Edward Island to Harriet 3rd daughter of Lawrence GWYNNE Esq L.L.D, of Canbrian nr Teignworth, Devon and relict of the late Major George TEMPLER

Dec 27th, Parish Church, St Alphege, Greenwich, William Thomas RIVERS Esq, Commander. R.N, eldest son of William RIVERS Esq, Greenwich, to Georgiana 4th, daughter of Frederick FISCA Esq, Groom Hill, Greenwich

Dec 27th, St Peters Church Pimlico, William Henry AMYOT Esq of the Middle Temple, barrister to Alicia Honorin daughter of Sir Fortunatus DWARRIS, James St, St James Park

Dec 27th, St Georges, Hanover Square, John LEE late Capt in H. M 34th Regt, son of the late Henry Pincke LEE Esq of Woolley Berks to Louisa daughter of the late Jacob DIXON Snr Esq, of Dunbarton. N.B, and relict of the late Robert Dixon Esq of Levengrove in the said county.

Dec 27th, St Marys Church, Cheltenham, George eldest son of the late George GARDNER. Esq of Pendleton Priory nr Manchester to Sarah relict of the late Richard SCHOLES Esq of Polefield, Cheltenham.

Dec 27th, St Pauls Church, Seacombe, James R. de WOLF, Clifon Park to Ellen Fisher, eldest daughter of Robert BIBBY Esq of Seacombe

Dec 27th, Cresent Chapel, Rev Percy STRUTT of Spalding to Mary daughter of Robert BELL, Chapel St

Dec 29th, S. J. H. HARRIS Esq M.C.P, headmaster of the grammar school St Asaph to Elizabeth 2nd daughter of the late John LEE Esq this town and St Asaph.


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 11th 1850


Jan 2nd, All Saint's Church, St John's Wood, Andrew EDGAR Esq of the middle temple, barrister-at-law, to Mary Ann daughter of Elhanan BICKNELL Esq of Herne Hill, and widow of the late Professor EVERITT

Jan 2nd Ashton-on-Mersey, Robert Adeane BARLOW Esq, eldest son of the late Rev William BARLOW canon of Chester, to Eliza Isabella daughter of the late Robert HAWORTH Esq and granddaughter of Edward HAWORTH Esq, Sale Lodge, Cheshire

Jan 3rd, St John's, Hackney, Edward, 2nd son of Jeremiah ALLPORT Esq late of Hackney Rd, to Mary Elliott, daughter of the late Samuel Ambrose BENNETT of Worship St and niece of the late Mrs ROBERTS of Dulston Rise

Jan 3rd, Old Church, Macclesfield, James STEWART, agent to the Earl of Derby of Wildbourclough, to Mary daughter of William COOPER, of the same place

Jan 3rd, Horbury Church, John BRIGGS, manufacturer, son of John BRIGGS Esq, manufacturer and millowner, Ossett, nr, Wakefield to Mary eldest daughter of James MOULDING, farmer, Horbury

Jan 3rd, St Mary's Church, Birkenhead, Charles John RUDD, Esq, lieutenant, Madras Army, eldest son of the late Rev John RUDD, rector of Blythe and prebend of Southwell Catherdral, Notts, to Mary daughter of Joseph CLARKE Esq, of Hamilton Square, Birkenhead, and late of Mount Prospect, Killaloe, Ireland

Jan 4th, Prestwich, Frederick HEATON, draper of Oldham to Marianne youngest daughter of George BRAMALL Esq, The Grove, Saddleworth

Jan 4th, St George's Bloomsbury, R. Wynne WILLIAMS Esq of Bedford Place, Russell Square to Rebecca Collett daughter of the late Robert DALGLEISH of Ruddoch, Stirlingshire and Bloomsbury Place, London

Jan 5th, St Pancreas Church, George eldest son of George PITT Esq, Pembridge Villas, Westbourne Grove and Great Portland St, to Sophia, 4th daughter of Isaac SEABROOK, Esq, Regent's Square

Jan 5th, St Pancreas Church, Thomas HORN Esq to Caroline 5th daughter of the late Brereton NIGHTINGAIL, surgeon this town

Jan 6th, Sephton Church, John Pallet REDHEAD to Anne only daughter of the late W. C. ADLINGTON, all this town

Jan 7th, Parish Church, Burr, John MORRIS to Mary eldest daughter of Ben PHILLIPS, all of Bury

Jan 7th, Kilmarnock, P. K. LAMB railway agent to Margaret only daughter of the late Hugh CRAWFORD Esq, Springfield, and relict of Robert BROWN Esq, merchant Belfast Jan 8th, St Paul's Church, Princes Park, Robert Henry JONES Esq of this town, to Clara youngest daughter of the late Rev Henry BANBURY

Jan 8th, St Andrew's Catholic Chapel, Leyland, John THORPE of this town, to Eleanor youngest daughter of the late Joseph SHEPHERD Esq.

Jan 8th, Parish Church, South Weald, John OVERTON Jnr, this town, to Frances youngest daughter of Robert CHAPMAN, Esq, Burnt House, Essex

Jan 8th, St Bride's Church, Robert Moncrieff ROME of Langholm, Dumfriesshire, to Amelia Rebecca youngest daughter of the late William ENSOR Esq, of Nevis, West Indies

Jan 8th, St John -the-Baptist Church, John Bland JOHNSON, this town, to Mary WILKINSON of Blackburn

Jan 9th, Birkenhead, Jos GRAY Esq of Heigham Grove, Norwich, to Martha, 3rd daughter of the late John GOLDING this town

Jan 9th, St Werburgh's Catholic Chapel, Birkenhead, Michael HEARN Esq of Ballinrobe, county Mayo, to Miss O'SULLIVAN of Claughton Park


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 15th 1850


June 18th, on board her Majesty's ship Asia, Mr George CHAMBERS to Francis REYNOLDS, British subjects in Coquimbo, Chilli, Pacific

Jan 7th, Aldingham, Thomas JACKSON of this town joiner to Sarah PENNINGTON of Gleaston

Jan 8th, St Mary's Church, Rydal, Robert KIRKBY of Waterton Ground, nr Hawkshead, auctioneer, to Miss FLEMING, formerly of Duddon Grove

Jan 8th, Parish Church, Bury, Joseph EWINGS Esq of Preston one of her Majesty's sub inspectors of factories to Rachael youngest daughter of the late James OPENSHAW Esq of Redivals, nr Bury

Jan 10th, St Wilfrid's Chapel, Preston, Mons Henry Le BRASSIEUR, eldest son of Mons Le BRASSIEUR Van Den BOGART of Antwerp, to Helen Frances 2nd daughter of the late Robert ASHHURST Esq, of this town

Jan 11th, Rhyl, Thomas DAVIES of the White Lion Hotel, eldest son of the late John DAVIES, of Llinir, Henllan, to Anne, 2nd daughter of the late John DAVIES of Plas Heaton Farm, nr Denbigh

Jan 12th, Kirk Braddan, I.O.M, William eldest son of William BAGSHAW, of Manchester to Kate, 3rd daughter of William WATERSON, this town


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 22nd 1850


Jan 10th, Westminster, Rev Anthony W. THOROLD. B.A, son of the late Rev Edward THOROLD, rector of Hougham-cum-Marston, Lincolnshire, to Henrietta, eldest daughter of Thomas GREENE Esq, M.P, of Slyne and Whittington Hall, Lancashire

Jan 15th, St Nicholas Church, T. ALBURT to Ann CATOS, both this town

Jan 15th, Christ Church, Marlebone, London, Jas MORISONN, Esq surgeon, H.M's 67th Regiment, to Eliza daughter of the late P. FLETCHER Esq, of Edinburgh

Jan 15th, Applegarth, Manse, Thos Morley BLAINEY Esq, son of the late Lieut Col BLAINEY, 92nd Highlanders, to Anna Lucy Campbell, youngest daughter of the late Capt LANG, Campbelton, Argyleshire

Jan 15th, Parish Church, Spondon, nr Derby, Thomas eldest son of Samuel LYDE, Esq, Salcombe Regis, nr Sidmouth Devon, to John 2nd daughter of the late Sir Michael and sister to the present Sir John MALCOLM Bart, of Balbedie and Grange Fifeshire

Jan 15th, Shocklach Church, Thomas HUXLEY son of Mr HUXLEY, Brock House Farm nr Hammer, Flintshire to Sarah LLOYD, 6th and last daughter of the late Richard LLOYD, of Lordsfields in the parish of Shocklach

Jan 15th, St James Church, Hon and Rev Walter PONSONBY to the Lady Louisa Eliot, only daughter of the Earl of St Germaus

Jan 15th, Cathedral Salisbury, Rev Francis LEAR, eldest son of the Dean of Salisbury to Eda Eleanor youngest daughter of the Rev William FISHER, canon residentiary of Salisbury

Jan 17th, Bulford, Wilts, Edward SWINDEN Esq, of Wavertree to Elizabeth Hannah, only daughter of Rev Thomas SLEIGN, Wilts

Jan 17th, Parish Church, Frodsham, Thomas ASHTON of Netherton to Mrs MILNER of Newton Lodge

Jan 18th, Ramsden St Chapel, Huddersfield, David LUMBS, brother of Mr LUMBS, Ray St, to Miss HOLSTEAD, both of the above place

Jan 21st, St Philips Church, Samuel HIGGINS to Ellen PICKELS

Jan 21st, St Philips Church, William STANDLEY to Margaret POLFREYMAN

Jan 21st, St Philips Church, Charles WELLS stonemason to Ann WILLIS


Liverpool Mercury, Oct 15th 1850


Sept 25th, New York, William MULLIGAN of the firm, C. GRIMSHAW and Co, this town, to Maria Louisa, youngest daughter of Rufus CLARKE, New York

Oct 5th, Thomas HARRISON Esq, Moss Side, House, Maghull, to Elizabeth eldest daughter of the late Robert HARRISON, this town

Oct 6th, Croathwaite Church, Keswick, Joseph BARRON, to Mrs Ruth BENN, both that place

Oct 8th, Kirkpatrick, I.O.M, John BLYTH Esq of Ronaldsway to Margaret Grindley, eldest daughter of Peter PETRIE Esq, R.N, of the Raggott

Oct 9th, St Giles-in-the Wood, Torrington, Devon, James KIDWELL of Kirkdale to Louisa Dwerryhouse, daughter of Richard BRAGINGTON Esq, Torrington, Devon

Oct 9th, St John-the-Baptist's Church, Joseph GERARD to Sarah CORUS, both of Toxteth Park

Oct 10th, St Peter's Church, John COLLIER, saddler to Mrs C. SHEPERD, both this town

Oct 10th, Esau Swivel WEBSTER of Hull to Mary Jane, 2nd daughter of Joseph TOMKINSON, of Preston St.

Oct 10th, Parish Church, Colne, Captain Duncan CAMPBELL of H.M's 90th Regiment, Light Infantry, now stationed in Manchester, to Ellen Barcroft, 2nd daughter of Edward PARKER Esq, Alkincoates, nr Colne

Oct 10th, St Anne's Church, Alexander ANDREWS, merchant of Belfast, to Harriett, daughter of the late Thomas RICKETT Esq, this town

Oct 13th, St David's Church, G. WRENCH, mariner, to Miss E. SNOWBALL this town

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