JAN 6TH 1849


23rd Ultimo, Peel I.O.M, John Fletcher BROADBENT, Chemist and Druggist, 28 Chester St BíHead 3rd son Rev Samuel BROADBENT of Warrington to Margaret only dau John KEOWN of Peel.

24th Ultimo, St Philips Ch, Thomas ALDERSON to Elizabeth BRADSHAW

24th Ultimo, St Brides Ch, John PEARSON to Anne REYNOLDS of Cleveland Sq

25th Ultimo, Everton Ch, William WILLIAMS of the firm WILLIAM and JONES Builders to Jane dau John WILLIAMS, Netherfield Rd Everton

25th Ultimo, Park Place Chapel, James eldest son John HOUSTON of Childwall Lodge to Jane eldest dau Robert SMITH of Plumpton St, Everton

26th Ultimo, At Tong, H. CASSON of this town to Hannah eldest dau J. EDMUNDSON Eccleshill nr Bradford

27th Ultimo, London, Duke de GUICHE to Emma only dau W. A. MACKINNON. M.P

28th Ultimo, Middlewich ,William Wood BLAKE of Winnonaton Bank Northwich to Margaret Alsager dau Lieut Col POLLOCK and Gr Grandaughter the late R. WILBRAHAM of Dorford Cheshire

29th Ultimo, St Nicholas Ch, John BARCLAY Chief Officer of the ship ADONIS to Eileen 2nd dau Robert HURRELL of the steam ship company.

29th Ultimo, Parish Ch Belfast, by Rev T. CAMPBELL M.A incumbent of Trinity Edward HIGGIN of this town to Elizabeth 2nd dau John HIND of The Lodge nr Belfast

29th Ultimo, Princes St Chapel, Norwich by brides Father, Samuel Newton DELF of Longwood House Topcroft Norfolk to Jane Elizabeth eldest dau Rev John ALEXANDER

29th Ultimo, St Brides Ch , Lancelot Fleming eldest son of the late John PRITCHARD this town to Harriett Ruth 2nd dau Capt David LAIDLEY, Windsor St Toxteth Pk

Sat last, Parish Ch Preston, George THOWER of Preston to Elizabeth 3rd dau of the late Joseph WILSON

Sat last, St Johns Ch, William BENSON to Catherine BANKS

Sat last, At Cheltenham, Fredrick DICKENS of London Brother of Charles DICKENS to Anna Delaney youngest daughter T. E. WELLER late of this town.

Sun last, St John-the-Baptist, G. WILSON, Grocer to Anne ALLAN

Sun last, St Philips, Robert HUSTON to Barbara Ellen TETLEY

Sun last, St Philips, Jeremiah SHAW to Elizabeth SCOTT

Mon last, St Philips William MELLING to Bridget McNAMARA

Mon last, St Georges, John HAVARD Cabinet maker to Jesse 2nd dau John DALE Joiner this town

Mon last, Parish Ch, Ashton-under-Lyne, James BAILEY Chemist of Oldham to Kate 2nd dau Samuel LEES, Jeweller Ashton-under-Lyne

Mon last, St Anthonys Chapel, John DOWNEY Merchant of Newry to Mary Price CLIFTON late of Chester

Mon last, St Philips, David STUART Letter press printer late of Edinburgh to Elizabeth eldest dau the late John HARRISON Letter press printer

Mon last, Farnworth Ch, Richard MOORE this town to Elizabeth 2nd dau Peter RIGBY of Ditton

Mon last, St Davids ,John PAGIN Mariner to Lydia OWENS

Mon last, St Johns Ch , Henry HALSALL to Ellen SHAW

Mon last, St Marys Edge Hill, Joseph HARTLEY this town to Elizabeth Mary dau of the late John PARIS, of Stroud Gloucs

Tues last, Childwall Ch, Frederick son of John YATES Solicitor of Wavertree to Clarissa youngest dau John GRESHAM

Tues last ,Christ Ch, James HEALD, 122 Scotland Rd to Jane 2nd dau of the late Thomas LEADSON Spirit dealer this town

Wed last, St Michaels Ch ,Pitt St, John PINNINGTON to Mary JONES

Wed last, Richard L. HENRY of London to Rebecca dau of H. LYON formerly Barbadoes

Thur last, St Johns Ch, Charles Sewell HARRIS to Lucinda only dau Robert Stacey WHEELER

Thurs last, Parish Ch of Warrington, William BENSON, Draper to Anne E. TUNSTALL 2nd dau of Thomas TUNSTALL , Broker Warrington



Lately at Birmingham, Capt Samuel BROWN this port to Miss PARRY Anglesea Inn, Carnarvon

1st Inst, Henry only son Mr MARSLAND of Crumpsall to Isabella eldest dau the late Robert PRICKETT of Manchester

2nd Inst, Sephton, James THOMPSON this town to Elizabeth CORBETT eldest dau the late J. TURNBULL of Holloway London

3rd Inst, David 2nd son Daniel De PAS, Devonshire House, Hornsby Rd London to Alice youngest dau H. HYAM, Upper Gower St London

Sat last, St Davids Ch Thomas WILLIAMS, Llanfair to Margaret JONES

Sat last, St Anns, Michael NEVILLE Brassfounder to Louisa dau Richard PHILLIPS Engineer

Sat last, George SCHOLES Boilermaker late this town to Miss LESLIE of Aberdeen

Sun last St Pauls James ROSE of St Helens to Elizabeth eldest dau Robert ROSKELL Tempest Hey Gateacre

Tues last, St George Everton, James ROBINSON to Miss Emma Spencer WOOD, both Everton



1st inst St Nicholas W. TYRER Printer to Sarah 2nd dau John HART, Beresford St.

10th inst Capt John WOODS of the Glasgow Trader the ANNE to Elizabeth CROSBIE, St James Street this town

10th inst Gillingham Ch Kent Rev J. Heathcote BROOKES Rector of Great Rollright and fellow of Brazenose College Oxford to Mary Jane dau Rev J. PAGE, D.D. Vicar of Gillingham.

10th inst St Philips, Thomas GASKELL to Elizabeth GRIFFITHS

11th inst St Marks Curmagh John George youngest son of the late Samuel WOODHOUSE of Norley Hall Cheshire, to Mary Frances 4th dau the late Robert HARDEN of Harrybrook, J.P and D.L. County Armagh

12th inst St Georges Ch Shrewsbury George NICKSON of this town to Mary NICKSON of Cadogan House Shrewsbury

Sun last St Brides Ch Thomas FARRELL Cooper of the Albert Warehouses to Mary dau of John SMITH, Wheelwright.

Sun last St Silas Ch William FITZPATRICK to Theresa CARROLL both this town.

Mon last St Johns Ch David WEST to Sarah FOOG

Mon last St Johns Ch Hugh MORRIS to Catherine Maria SPAIN

Mon Last Sephton Ch Capt John GIBSON of the Bargue NEWTON of London to Mrs Alice SILLITOE of the Bath Hotel Waterloo

Mon last St James Ch Richard BRADLEY to Sarah COPPLE both of Walton-on-the-Hill

Mon last Cathedral Manchester William WOOD of Salford to Mary Anne LOMAX of Bury

Weds last Parish Ch of Ormskirk Richard 3rd son Thomas ASHTON of that place to Rachael 3rd dau the late James HILL, Green End Farm Sutton

Weds last St Marks Ch Capt George Henry Smith WITT of the Ship HUSKISSON of this port to Selina Calkwell BOLER this town

Weds last Parish Ch Norbury Alfred DUDLEY Merchant of Liverpool to Eliza 2nd dau Thomas Higgins BURNE, Loynton Hall Staffs

Yesterday St Marks Ch John OXLEY son of the late Capt OXLEY to Elizabeth 2nd Mr William WILLIAMS, Barneds Buildings Sweeting St



10th inst, Millifont Ch nr Drogheda, Rev Alfred HAMILTON late curate St Barnabas Ch to Henrietta Catherine youngest dau of the late Henry COLE Esq

15th inst, Nannarch Ch Flintshire, Mr O. JONES of this town to Margaret eldest dau Mr J. JONES of Rhyd-y-Croqwydd, Kilken, Flintshire

16th inst, St Davids Ch, Mr E. GRIFFITHS, Watchmaker Bangor Carnarvonshire, to Eleanor eldest dau Jeremiah JONES, Farmer of Flintshire

17th inst, London G. SANDERS Esq M.P, of Alverthorpe Hall Yorkshire to Arabella eldest dau J. WALKER Esq of Cambridge Sq Hyde Park London

18th inst, Colliegate Ch, Wolverhampton, by Rev J. GATE of Bidston, John son of G. GATE Esq Orthwaite Hall, Cumberland to Sophia Biddle eldest dau the late John BATTY Esq Wolverhampton

Sat last, Independent Chapel Ulverston, R. T. KNIGHT, Miner to Margaret Alice youngest dau Joseph BROWNRIGG of Ulverston

Sun last, St Philips, Michael NOLAN to Grace WILLIAMS

Sun last St Johns James MARKLOW, Wholesale fishmonger, to Anne FENANDESS

Sun last, St Johns R. WILLIAMS Book keeper to Agnes Diamond dau of Thomas MATTERFACE, Master Mariner

Sun last St George Ch, John STANDING, assistant Overseer Garston to Margaret third dau the late Edward MERCER of Garston

Mon last, St John the Baptist Ch, Toxteth Park, James WHITEHEAD, Butcher to Hannah dau the late Azariah SANTLEY, Cooper

Mon last, St Johns Ch, William FITZ to Ellen FITZ

Mon last, St Philips Ch, James MAKIE to Ann POWNALL

Mon last, St John the Baptist, John PEMBERTON to Margaret BOYLE, Both of Toxteth Park

Tues last, St Marks Ch, Richard Woolley POTTER, Outfitter, to Ellen dau Mr H. CARROLL, Bookbinder

Tues last, St Catherines Ch, Mr KELLY to Alice FRANCE, Harrington St

Tues Last, Parish Ch, Wallasey, Hugh G. ROBINSON son of the late William ROBINSON ? Hamsterley Lodge Durham, to Emma fourth dau William C. CHAMBERS Wallasey

Tues Last, Mr C. DOHERTY to Ellen ROBERTSON both this town

Tues last, Meliden, George Weaver GIBSON of Chester to Margaret dau of Archibold BRODIE, Prestatyn

Thurs last, St Johns Ch, William McKAY son of Robert McKAY Master Mariner to Julia Ann dau Donald McCLEAN Master Mariner also Abraham WINNEY to Margaret WARD

Thur Laat, Worth Hill, Edward eldest son Daniel TUNSTALL, Kirkdale to Margaret Sarah HARRIS only dau of the late Ralph BOWKER, this town

Thur last, St Michaels, Pitt St, Benjamin JAY Master Mariner to Miss SPEDDING

Thurs last same place John Mckie TO Isabella HINDON

Thur last St Marys, Edge Hill, Joseph second son John TODHUNTER Newsagent Birkenhead to Margaret second dau John HODGSON, Foreman Newcastle and Carlisle Railway

Thur last, St Brides Ch, George MITCHELSON, Bookbinder to Helen Jane McKean HEALEY youngest dau the late John HEALEY this town



Lately, St Johns Ch, Thomas LEE to Mary RUTTER

22nd ultimo, Almwch, Owen THOMAS, Smelter, Tycroes to Jane relict of the late Hugh JONES, Tailor of above town. The united ages of this couple is 140yrs

23rd ultimo, Leeds, Michael COGHLAN of Manchester to Harriet only surviving dau of the late John TANNER of Prestwich

23rd ultimo, St Annes Ch, William DENSON, Flour dealer Chester to Mary FAIRHURST late of Liscard Cheshire

23rd ultimo, St Philips Ch, Mr Joseph MOORE to Elizabeth LANGHORN

26th, ultimo, Haslingden Cheshire, John ORMEROD of Cocker Lumb, Oswaldtwisle, Manufacturer to Matilda dau of George PICKUP Wine and spirit merchant Haslingden

Sat last, Parish Ch Staines, William youngest son of the late Lister ELLIS this town to Clara eldest dau J. W. FINCH Esq of Duncroft Staines, Middlesex

Sat last, St Catherines Ch Tranmere, Augustus Edward LAFARGE Esq of Tranmere to Margaret only dau Alex FERGUSON of Dumfries Scotland

Sun last, St Marks Ch, Edmond RADFORD to Lydia DENTITH

Mon last, St Nicholas Ch, William JOHNSTON, Hairdresser Cable St to Elizabeth CONNELLY Kaye St

Mon last, St Davids Ch, John HUGHES to Elizabeth WILLIAMS

Mon last, St Brides Ch, William MADDOX, Tailor and draper to Elizabeth 3rd dau Watkin RICHARD Export surveyor of Chester

Mon last, St Peters Ch, John LANCASTER Shipwright South St Toxteth Park to Mary 2nd daughter Mr F. FRANKLIN Luke St, Toxteth Park

Mon last, St Peters Ch, William ROBINSON of Manchester to Hannah FRYER this town

Tues last, New Parish Ch of All Saints, Great Nelson St, North, James BUBBLE of Russell St son of the late James BUBBLE of Girthon, Galway to Matilda dau of Mr W. T. BROADLEY, Cazneau St, , This being the first marriage in this church the couple presented with a handsome quarto Vol of Holy scriptures by the Minister Henry MARLEN.

Weds last, St Peters Catholic Ch, H. KELLY to Martha DAVIES

Thurs last, Independent Chapel, Birkenhead, William SEARLE 2nd son of Rev Thomas SEARLE, Independent Minister Prescot, to Elizabeth youngest dau Thomas HUGHES, Clifton Park, Birkenhead

Thurs last, St Philips Ch William NICKSON to Mary SMITH



Lately St Annes Ch Stanley, John MATHER Esq of St Marys Terrace Newcastle-on-Tyne to Clara Ann eldest dau William MONDAY Esq Kensington this town

Oct last, Alopa Bay S.Africa, John 2nd son of the late Mr J. ASHTON Coffee Merchant, of this town to Margaret 2nd dau Thomas GALLEY late of Salford

26th Dec last, Belgamor, Lieut William SPARKS HATCH, Bombay Artillery to Hanna Jane eldest dau the late Benjamin WHITTAKER. M.D

25th ultimo, Greenvale Place Glasgow, Walter J. C. LANG Esq Commander of the British North American Royal Mail Steam Company's ship BRITANNIA to Charlotte Susannah dau of John MACNEIL Esq of Ardnacross

27th Ultimo, Clifton, William eldest son the late William Cockerell LANGLEY Esq of this town to Fanny youngest dau of the late Richard CRESSWICK Esq of Broomhall, Yorkshire

29th ultimo, St Nicholas Ch, William JOHNSTON Hairdresser Cable St to Mrs Elizabeth CONNOLLY, Key St.

30th Ultimo, Manchester, G. BARKER of the Eagle-and- Child Warrington to Emma 2nd dau of the late Mr HOPE Wood St, Salford

30th ultimo, St Pauls, Joseph JONES to Mrs Rebecca ASHTON both this town

1st inst, Pres Chapel Bury, Frederick BROUGHTON of Hull to Fanny eldest dau Mr R. T. GRUNDY, Solicitor, Bury

1st inst, St Lukes Cheetham Manchester, W. F. LINDON Esq Breck Rd to Sarah Mercer only child J. COOKE Esq Strangeways Manchester

1st inst, Kirkham Ch, Arthur son of Edward ASHTON Esq of Prescot Jane 3rd dau James FAIR, Walton Lodge, Lytham

1st inst, All Saints, Norwood, Rev Frederick FISHER. M.A, of Magdelenr College Cambridge and Aldenham Herts, 4th son of Robert FISHER Esq of Chetwynd Lodge Shropshire to Mary youngest dau William HAYES of the middle temple of the Priory Norwood

Sat last, S James, Isaac PARKS to Mary DALY both of Toxteth Park

Sun last, St James, Daniel DYSON to Betty MADDOCK both of Windsor St

Sun last, St Philips, Mark LYTHGOE to Mary SUTTON

Sun Last, St Philips, Clement MOSSOP to Christianna JARROD

Sun last, St Davids, Alexander GIBSON, Mariner to Martha HAMPTON

Sun last, St Silas, William TRELEAVEN Printer, to Charlotte only dau of S. SLATER, Pilot

Mon last, St Marks, G. JONES to Anna BENNETT

Mon last, St Johns, Henry WARD to Hannah EASON

Mon last, Edinburgh, H. M. GIBB of Old Royal Hotel, Prince St, to Elizabeth HILL relict of Dr TAIT

Tues last, St Philips, R. AINSCLOGH to Margaret FOWLER

Tues Last, Cathedral Manchester, Joseph COOK of St Helens to Ellinor JOHNSON Manchester

Tues last, St Marys Kirkdale, Joseph HAMPSON Esq Kirkdale to Sarah eldest dau John WALKER Esq, Everton

Tues last, St Nicholas, W, DAVIES Cabinet maker and Upholsterer, Stanley St to Miss Agnes BRENNAND, Stanley St

Thurs last, St James Hugh KELLY to Elizabeth ROBERTSON both of Bedford St

Yesterday, St Thomas, John COWAP of Chester to Maria Matilda MASSEY this town.


Feb 17th, 1849


3rd, inst, St James Ch, Stockport, Thomas son of the late, John BETHELL of Warrington, to Hannah, eldest dau, Thomas DEAN of Ashton-on-Mersey, Cheshire

5th, inst, Farnworth Ch, John BROMILOW Esq to Elizabeth 2nd dau, the late John RATCLIFFE

5th, inst, Fatherís house, Clownings, County Kildare, by Rev B. TURNER, Brother of the bride, William CONLON, this town to Mary Anne TURNER, eldest dau of the late Peter TURNER Esq

6th, inst, St Brides Ch, Thomas CARTER of the Liverpool Vaults, Hanover St, to Mrs Mary SHARP, only dau the late John YATES

7th, inst, Cathedral Manchester, Richard EDWARDS, Wholesale Confectioner this town to Margaret, 3rd dau late Joseph LEWIS Esq, Coatbrook, Nr Tarporley, Cheshire

8th, inst, St Philips Ch, Clement EKIN to Mary Ann, 2nd dau the late Mr J. WALMSLEY

Sat last, St Brides Ch, Alexander RUSSELL Esq of Stoke, St Mary, Somerset to Alice eldest dau ,Mr STIRZAKER, Great Charlotte St

Sun last, St Thomas Ch, Peter MC, GEE, Mariner to Mary STOTT

Sun last, St Philips Ch,. Robert Ashley ROWE to Harriett MANFIELD

Sun last, St Philips Ch, Alexander HURTON to Marion SNODGRASS

Sun last, St John the Evangelist, Knotty Ash, John SATTERFIELD of Bahia, only son of the late Mr SATTERFIELD this town, to Mary Elizabeth, 2nd dau of Henry HEWITT of Knotty Ash

Mon last, St Nicholas Ch, Mr W. MADDOCKS, Fruiterer, to Patience Jane ROPER, eldest dau of the late Charles ARCHER of Walsall Staffordshire

Mon last, St Philips Ch, Mr H. WILLDEN to Ellen GAINNESS

Mon last, St Johnís Ch, Gavin MC,GHIE to Sarah FLESHER

Mon last, St Michaels Ch, John HARWOOD to Martha YAPP

Mon last, St Davidís Ch, Richard HUGHES to Catherine THOMAS

Mon last, St John-the-Baptist, John, 2nd son of John WILLIAMS, Grafton St to Jane eldest dau, Robert EDWARDS of Toxteth Park.

Tues last, Leeming St, Baptist Chapel, Preston, Thomas, eldest surviving son of Thomas MAYNARD Esq, Clifton Park, Birkenhead to Elizabeth 2nd, dau of John HAMILTON Esq, Stanley Terrace, Preston

Weds last, St Peters Ch, John CURRIE, Book-keeper, to Mary Greive LOGAN, youngest dau the late John LOGAN, Builder of Edinburgh

Weds last, St Annes Ch, John KEVAN, Corn-broker, to Ann WALTON, both this town

Thurs last, St Catherines Ch, Rev Edward ROBERTS, incumbent, St Pauls, Seacombe, to Isabella eldest dau, George KENDALL, Gambier Terrace

Thurs last, Parish Ch, Preston, Robert eldest son of Lawrence CLARKE, Church St, to Mary, 3rd dau of Thomas WALKER, Avenham Colonade, all Preston

Liverpool Journal, Feb 24th 1849


5th inst, Bapt Chapel, St Albans, Rev S. H. BOOTH of Birkenhead to Elizabeth eldest daughter of James PEPPERCORN of St Albans

14th inst, R.C, Chapel, St Johnís Wood, London, R. T. GERARD Esq brother of Sir J. GERARD. Bart, to Harriet daughter of E. CLIFTON Esq Dorset Sq

15th inst, St Nicholas Ch, John HAMBLETON of Whitehaven to Caroline BROWNELL, Confectioner, Scotland Rd

15th inst, St Jame Ch, Piccadily London, Com Charles Codrington FORSYTH. R.N to Jane Facey eldest daughter John Edward TILLETT Esq, late of this town and niece of Capt D. FACEY. R.N.

16th inst, Glyn Ceriog, Denbighshire, George GREEN Esq of Newtown, Montgomery to Eliza only child of John MASON Esq of the former place

Sat last, St Peters Ch, William MALTHEW Esq. [town council] to Sarah CHADWICK niece of John ACTON Esq

Sat last, St Philips Ch, John SUTHERLAND to Elizabeth TAYLOR

Sat last, St Marys Chapel Castletown. I.O.M, Samuel James BLENCOWE. Esq late H.M 15th Regt on foot, to Mary eldest daughter of Rev G. S. PARSONS Government Chaplain and incumbent St Marys.

Sat last, St Hilarys Chapel, Denbigh, Mr D. WILLIAMS to Anne 2nd daughter Mr William MELLISH, Chandler, both of Denbigh

Sun last, St Johnís Ch, Thomas COOPER Esq to Frances daughter of George Kirkham MASON. Esq

Sun last, St Johnís Ch, Charles NICHOLS to Christiana SHIMMIN

Sun last, St Johnís Ch, John George HEWITT to Alice Ann MORRISON

Sun last, St Michaels Ch, Hugh ROBERTS to Mary STEPHENSON

Sun last, St Davids Ch, Stanley HORROCKS to Miss COSTAIN

Sun last, St Philips Ch, John MASON to Ellen CAMPBELL

Sun last, St Philips Ch, Thomas Medicott DAVENPORT to Jane JONES

Mon last, St Michaels Ch, William RULE to Isabella WILSON

Mon last, St Lukes Ch, Thomas SELKIRK, Chief Officer of the ALICE BROOKS this port, to Jane only daughter of the late Mr AVERY of 41 Scotland Rd.

Mon last, St Marys Weaverham, Charles Henry ELISON Esq of Weaverham to Martha, 2nd daughter of John JACKSON Esq, Great Budworth

Tues last, St Annes Ch, John MADDOCKS to Maria MELLING both of Toxteth Park

Tues last, Hawarden, John NUNNS Esq, this town to Caroline only daughter of William HORROCKS Esq, Padeswood, nr Hawarden

Tues last, West Derby, James COUTES of Wetherby Yorkshire to Rebecca Jane youngest daughter of the late Joseph BATES of Spring Hall, nr Halifax

Tues last, Parish Ch, Cheltenham, by the Rev Edward PIGOT. M.A, George Robert PIGOT, 5th surviving son of the late Rev Thomas PIGOT Rector of Blym Hill, Staffordshire, incumbent, St Helens, Lancashire to Isabel 2nd daughter William CARTWRIGHT Esq late of Liverpool and Buenos

Sun last, St James Ch, Stephen CAVE to Mary PALMER, both of Toxteth Park

Mon last, St James Ch, Peter HALLIWELL to Elizabeth ANDERTON, both of Kirkby

Mon last, St James Ch, James LYON to Alice HULME, both of Kirkby

Mon last, St James Ch, John HEALEY to Mary DOUGHETY, both of Aigburth Rd

Tues last, St James Ch, Thomas COOPER to Margaret DOBSON, both of Toxteth Park

Liverpool Journal, March 3rd 1849


18th ult, St James Ch, Stephen CAVE to Mary PALMER, both of Toxteth Park.

18th ult, St Nicholas Ch, Mr John CAMPBELL, Mariner to Mary Ann COOPER, niece of Mr Richard PEARS, Publican, Bridgewater St.

19th ult, St James Ch, Peter HALLIWELL to Elizabeth ANDERTON, both of Kirby

19th ult, St James Ch, James LYON to Alice HUME, both of Kirby

19th inst, St James Ch, John HEALEY to Mary DOUCHERTY, both of Aigburth Rd.

20th ult, St Georges Ch, Everton, John BOWES, Headmaster of the C of E North school and of the Battersea College to Elizabeth eldest daughter of the late Richard COOBAN Esq, of this town.

20th ult, at the Cathedral of Clogher, John B. TAYLOR, Merchant this town, 2nd son of the late Rev John TAYLOR rector of Rossory County Fermanagh, to Jane daughter of the late Robert RAMSEY Esq of Sligo.

20th ult, St Nicholas Ch, John WILLIAMS, Mate, to Margaret eldest daughter of the late John JONES, Compositor.

20th ult, Druneconda Ch, near Dublin, Benjamin ACKERLEY this town, son of the late Denton ACKERLEY Esq of Runcorn to Eliza Gertrude 2nd daughter of Malachi CONRY Esq, Philipsburg Ave, Dublin.

23rd ult, Billinge, James son of William ORMANDY Esq of Aspul to Mary eldest daughter of the late Thomas TEEBAY Esq Winstanley.

23rd ult, Independent Chapel, Belgrave Square, Darwen, Richard WOODWARD Esq of Victoria Park, Manchester to Eliza adopted daughter of Eccles SHARROCK Esq, Low Hill House, Darwen.

23rd ult, St Peters Ch, John DAVIES of 16 Frank St to Jane KERWAN

23rd ult, Capel Curig Ch, John PRICE of the firm PRICE and ROBERTS, Tobacco manufacturers Chester to Margaret daughter of E. WILLIAMS of the Capel Curig Hotel.

Sunday last, St Johns Ch Thomas BEESLEY to Catherine HORTON

Sunday last, St Johns Ch George MAKIN to Mary WATKINS

Sunday last, Parish Ch, Blackburn, George PAYNE to Mary Jemima BRIGGS, innkeepers, both of Blackburn.

Sunday last, St Johns-the-Baptist Ch, John eldest son of John JONES of Landsdowne St to Margaret 2nd daughter Thomas WILLIAMS of Hampton St, Toxteth Park.

Monday last, St Catherines Ch, Abercromby Square, James LANG, engraver to Jane Bruce MOORE

Monday last, St Philips Ch, William JONES to Jessie RAND

Monday last, St Johns Ch, Thomas CUNLIFFE to Martha HART

Tuesday last, St Thomas Ch, Nicholas L. Van GRUISEN, organ builder this town to Ann CLEGG daughter of Mr Henry JENKINSON of Stafford.

Tuesday last, St Davids Ch, W. WILLIAMS, Farmer Llanwren, Montgomeryshire to Jane WILLIAMS of the same place.

Wednesday last, St Davids Ch, Thomas WILLIAMS, Mariner, to Catherine WILLIAMS this town.

Wednesday last, St John-the-Baptist Ch, Dougal FERGUSON to Mary Ann STRANGE, both of Toxteth Park.

Thursday last, Christ Ch, by his incumbent Rev Thomas F. REDHEAD, Rev Charles JONES. BA, Curate of Higher Bebington, Tranmere to Margaret eldest daughter of George BENNETT Esq, Everton Cresent.

Thursday last, St Michaels Ch, Toxteth Park, John DERINGTON Esq, Timber merchant to Jane eldest daughter of Thomas BLYTHE Esq, Upper Parliament St.

Thursday last, St Lukes Ch, Thomas MC WHAN Merchant of New Orleans to Sarah Ann WATSON, this town.

Thursday last, St Brides Ch, David HOLMES, Upper Islington to Mary Ann eldest daughter of Samuel WOOD, Warrington.

Thursday last St Philips Ch, James MILLER, Warehouseman to Mary DAWSON.

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