Deaths at sea appearing in newspaper obituaries up to 1855

LOST AT SEA <P>We cannot tend beside his grave, for he sleeps in secret sea.<P> And not one gentle whispering wave, will tell the place to me.<P> But though unseen by human eyes, and mortals know it not.<P> His Father knoweth where he lies, and angels guard the spot.<P> No willows weep, no scented flowers bloom o'er the sailors grave.<P> No emblem left of him who sleeps, beneath the silent waves.<P>


We cannot tend beside his grave, for he sleeps in secret sea.

And not one gentle whispering wave, will tell the place to me.

But though unseen by human eyes, and mortals know it not.

His Father knoweth where he lies, and angels guard the spot.

No willows weep, no scented flowers bloom o'er the sailors grave.

No emblem left of him who sleeps, beneath the silent waves.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, March 29, 1844

On his passage home from China to London in the ship Viscount Sandon, aged 19, Robert eldest son of Mark CLIFFORD, this town, accidentally fell from the four-topsail-yard into the sea and was lost.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, January 9, 1846

Recently at sea, aged 19yrs John youngest son of Mr Charles GARNETT, Runcorn, Cheshire

Sept 9th, Benin River, by the upsetting of a boat, Capt Philip PARTRIDGE, of the brig Liama, this port

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, May 1, 1846

April 3rd, aged 16, at sea having fallen overboard from the yard arm of the Favourite on her homeward passage from Barbadoes, James, youngest son of William CONNING, joiner, Knight St

Liverpool Mercury Friday, June 19, 1846

Jan 9th, at sea, aged 23, William CAIN, of this town, chief mate of the barque Hope, of Liverpool

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, December 4, 1846

Sept 26th, aged 16, Thomas son of Mr CARTMALE, of the Clarendon Rooms, this promising youth fell from the rigging of the ship Orpheus into the sea off the Cape of Good Hope, on his homeward voyage from China.

Nov 21st, from an accident on board the Brig Harleguin, Richard MICHAEL, Pilot

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, January 22, 1847

Oct 24th, at sea on board the ship Guardian while on his passage from the west coast of South America to this port John McLEOD, of the late firm Cooper and McLeod, this town.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, February 5, 1847

Oct 24th, while on a voyage to Mauritius, aged 20, Henry, eldest son of B, Skidmore Esg, of Sheffield

Lately, Capt BOYD of the schooner Willifred of Workington having been knocked overboard and drowned in a gale, while on passage from this port for Tralee

Lately George FORRESTER chief officer of the Scotsman of Alloa, with all hands except one perished with the vessel on her passage from Montreal to this port, formerly master of the brig Africa, this port.

Dec 28th, suddenly on his passage from St John's N.B, to this port, aged 42, Capt Thomas SWINFORD, of the ship Liverpool.

Jan 6th, at sea on his passage from this port to Alexandria Capt James WALKER, of the brig Princess Victoria of Ayr.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, March 26, 1847

Dec last, aged 60, at sea on his passage to Mauritius Capt John DAITLEY of the brig Ann, this port

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, June 25, 1847

May 25th, aged 53, at sea on board the steamer Antelope, H. H. O'BRYAN, commander, while on passage from Bahia to this port Thomas ENGLISH Esq of Claughton, Birkenhead, for many years of Everton, he was for more than 20yrs a commander from this port to Bahia.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, August 17, 1847

Aug 7th, aged 22, falling overboard from the barque Ina as she was proceeding to sea off the Nore Light, London, George Cowan HANNAH, youngest son of Capt James Hannah.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, September 17, 1847

June 18th, drowned at sea after leaving St Helena on the passage from India to this country, while in the performance of his duty, Walter Snowden HUTCHISON Esq of Edinburgh, 2nd officer of the Manilla, youngest surviving son of the late George Taylor Hutchison Esq, Edinburgh.

Liverpool Mercury Tuesday, October 12, 1847

Lately at sea, on his homeward voyage from St Johns N.B, James Andrew BROWN, aged 31, carpenter of the barque Royal Mint, this port.

Oct 4th, on board the ship Ann, George SUTTON, aged 13, [son of the late celebrated Sutton the great magician, well known in England and America, and late proprietor of the Derby Arms, Kirkdale] on his voyage from Madras, where he had buried his father in April last. He was in his 18th voyage across the Atlantic to join his mother in this town, died 4days before the vessel arrived in port.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, October 26, 1847

Aug 3rd, on his passage from Africa to this port, Capt John RAISBECK, commander of the brig Sylph of this port

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, November 23, 1847

Lately at sea, aged 19, Charles son of Mr HEWSON, Dutchman of this town

Manchester Times and Gazette, Friday, December 24, 1847

Lost at sea in April last in the Hon East India Coís steamship Cleopatra, of which he was acting as master, aged 27, Thomas 3rd son of Mr Serjeant LAWES

Liverpool Mercury Friday, December 31, 1847

Dec 7th, Capt John ROBINSON of the ship Frankfield, which ill-fated vessel was wrecked on the East Mouse, Cameos Bay, Anglesea in a terrific gale.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, February 4, 1848

Jan 28th, aged 37, Archibald LIVINGSTON, a native of Fort William, Scotland, chief engineer of the screw steamer Aram, who was run down at sea by the American ship Susquehannah.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, May 26, 1848

April 16th, drowned at sea from on board the brig Carleton, aged 17, Garstang Bradstock CHRISTOPHERSON, son of John Christopherson.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, June 2, 1848

Supposed to have perished on board the Catinka, in the gales of Feb last, Capt Richard CASELY, aged 32, and his son John Casley 2nd mate, aged 26yrs both leave a wife and family

April 11th, at sea on board the Haddington mail steampacket, on his return from Calcutta to England on furlough for health, aged 21, Ensign William Worthington MADDOCK, of H.M, 98th Regt, only son of John Daniel Maddock Esq of Liscard manor, Cheshire

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, July 18, 1848

April 3rd, at sea, on his voyage to Valparaiso Capt PEALE of the Earl of Lonsdale, son of John Peale Esq, of Whitehaven, son-in-law of the late John Kilshaw Esq of Everton

April 3rd on board the ship Thomas Lowry of Liverpool [belonging to Messers Stringer and Mann] on her passage from Sydney to London, Capt John GRAHAM of Dartmouth

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, October 13, 1848

Aug 8th, on board the City of Lincoln, whilst on her passage from New Orleans to this port, James WARD, son-in-law of John WILKINSON, Chestnut St

Aug 25th, at sea aged 34, Thomas Brierly WILKINSON 2nd officer of the American brig Mary Jane , last surviving son of Wiliam WILKINSON, 8 Liver St

Aug 6th, at the Great Gunano Cut, near Nassau. N.P, Isaac CORNEY, commander of the Capricorn, of this port. The deceased lost his ship a few days previously and was returning to Nassau in a sloop with the last portion of the cargo which he was enabled to save, when the sloop capsized in a gale, he with the mate and 2nd mate were lost.

Sept 22nd, aged 22, Alfred POWELL mate of the Jenny Jones, who fell overboard on a voyage from the Mediterranean

Liverpool Journal 6th, Jan 1849

12th Ultimo, On passage home Capt Thomas LISTER of the Brig ANN PALEY, drowned in company of 6 crew off Wexford Ireland

Liverpool Journal 20th, Jan 1849

15th Oct last age 27 on board the QUEEN of the OCEAN on his outward voyage from Liverpool to Valaparasio Thomas R CORBETT 3rd son of Mr CORBETT Solicitor Northwich Villa nr Worcester

12th ultimo on his passage from Lisbon to this port age 25, Evan LLOYD Chief mate of the brig ANN PALEY which was wrecked nr Wexford Ireland were deceased and 6 others met their watery grave.

23rd ultimo on his passage from Laguna age 28 Capt James William MANSELL

Liverpool Journal 27th, Jan 1849

Lately at sea on board the barque HYDASPES, on the voyage from Calcutta to Liverpool Donald MUNRO aged 20 only son of the late Capt Donald MUNRO this port

21st Oct 1848 on board the BEN LOMOND Capt HALL for Calleo John Henry ROBERT 2nd Officer

Liverpool Journal Feb 3rd 1849

27th Oct last, on board the LAHORE on passage home from Calcutta Capt John BURT age 42yrs

18th, Dec last, on passage home from Demerara, William JONES age 49, Chief Officer of the barque CANENA

Liverpool Journal Feb 10th 1849

31st Oct, at sea on board the NIZAM, Benjamin aged 21yrs son of Mr WEST, Civil engineer of Seacombe

16th Dec, on board the LENA of this port on her passage from Rio Janeiro to Pernambuco Capt John McALPINE

31st Dec on his passage from Demerara on the Barque STANDARD this port which was wrecked off the island of Nartinigue, Capt James REZEY

Liverpool Journal Feb 24th, 1849

24th Dec last, lost overboard during a gale, John WARD of Bristol an apprentice on board the AMERICA of St Johnís N.B, CORNISH Master, bound from this port to Straten Island

14th inst, On his passage to Naples Thomas GOODWIN, aged 21, brother of Edward GOODWIN of the Post Office, Liverpool. Caused by the ship MARANHAM coming into contact with the SARAH ANN, [which subsequently foundered] 20miles off Holyhead, he being the only person drowned.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, May 11, 1849

Feb 12th, Istappa, South America, on board the brig Regalia, of this port, aged 31, William GRAHAM. late of Whitehaven

Liverpool Mercury Friday, June 29, 1849

April 19th, at Calcutta on board the Jaegar, aged 16, of cholera, William Earle WORTHINGTON

April 22nd, at Calcutta, Ann wife of Frederick J. BARTLETT commander of the ship Jaegar of this port, 2nd daughter Mr S. Whitby, this town

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, July 10, 1849

May 9th at sea aged 26, Capt John CRAIG of the barque John Walker of this port. accidentally thrown overboard by being struck with the spanker-boom while speaking a ship.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, October 12, 1849

July 1st, at sea aged 41, William HOLLIMAN, chief officer of the bark Manilla of this port.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, April 19, 1850

Feb 20th, at sea of yellow fever homeward bound from Pernambuco, aged 26, Capt J. R. SMITH of the brig Active

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, April 30, 1850

Feb 8th, lost at sea Capt James MITCHELL of the ship Clarence

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, July 12, 1850

Jan 8th, Bonny, coast of Africa on board the Swiftsure, aged 27, George son of the late Capt J. McDowall, of this port

March 13th off Sydney N.S.W, aged 39 Capt Owen STANLEY R.N, of H.M.S Rattlesnake, son of the late Bishop of Norwich

At Rio Janeiro of yellow fever on board the barque Judith, aged 18, Francis James, son of Francis Macfarlane late Lieut 8th Royal Veterans.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, September 13, 1850

May 21st on board the Lord Elgin at New Calabar, Capt Thiomas WALL, leaving a wife and three children to mourn their loss

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, October 11, 1850

At sea on his passage from Sierra Leone to this port Capt John ROOK of the Ellen Jenkinson, son of John Rook, Queen St, Whitehaven

Sept 11th, at sea aged 19, Mr J. H. GAITSKILL 2nd mate of the ship Lanercost, Capt Ponsonby, only son of Joseph Gaitskill this town, late of Whitehaven, deceased fell overboard from the maintopsail-yard and perished.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, December 27, 1850

Aug 24th on board the barque Fame, hence to San Francisco on her passage from Valparaiso where he joined as cook, James, aged 27, son of Andrew WALKER, mariner of Aberdeen

Nov 3rd, at sea on board the Brazil Packet on her homeward voyage from St Domingo aged 22, Ambrose George ALLAN

Nov 26th on board the ship John Garrow, at New Orleans, Alexander son of the late Capt Alexander KEITH of Montrose

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, May 20, 1851

Aug 5th aged 23, John Alexander JAMES, 2nd mate of the barque Ivy Green, son of the late Capt James, grandson of the late John James Esq, shipowner this town. After leaving Rio Janeiro the mizen boom of the vessel struck him and knocked him overboard, he sank to rise no more.

Feb 22nd, on his passage home from Jamaica aged 23, Henry, 6th son of the late John HERD Esq this town

April 29th, on his passage from Antigua, aged 30, Charles John, eldest son of Charles HARBER this town

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, July 1, 1851

June 11th, at sea J. B. MASSIE, 1st Lieut of H.M.Ship Ajax, 6th son of the Rev R. Massie, rector of Eccleston

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, July 11, 1851

May 17th, on board the East India Co's steam frigate Adjaha off Bombay of Cholera, aged 19, Daniel QUAYLE midshipman 4th son of John Quayle Esq of Castletown, I.O.M.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, July 15, 1851

May 5th, at sea, near the Cape of Good Hope, on board the Queen from Calcutta, Commander James Henry JOHNSTON. R.N, contoller of Government steamers, H.E.I.C.S, aged 63. He was the first to open the route to India by steam in the Enterprise in 1825, and subsequently to establish steam navigation in the Indian rivers.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, July 22, 1851

May 12th, aged 36, James F. BLAUTHORN, shipwright this town, fell overboard from the ship Loudiana in Calcutta river and was drowned.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, August 19, 1851

Jan 18th, aged 20, George LITTLE, apprentice on board the barque Patriot King, fell overboard in lat 9. 30 S. lon 83 59 E, and drowned

April 28th, at sea on board the ship Lancaster, of this port, aged 42, Capt William HULLIN

July 30th, Henry ERHOM a native of Germany, 2nd cabin passenger on board the ship Garrick, on passage from New York to this port.

Liverpool Mercury Tuesday, August 26, 1851

May 6th, on his passage from Glasgow to Moulmain, of dystentry, aged 50, William. Randle. CARTER commander of the ship Bankes. Well known in the ports of London and Liverpool, was captain of the ship Regular of London which foundered in 1843, and whose passengers, crew and officers after much suffering in the ship'e boats were rescued by the French Frigate Cleopatre, and sloop-of-war Alc????

Liverpool Mercury Friday, August 29, 1851

April 14th, Camaroons River, on board the Abraham Young, of which he was surgeon, Isaac 3rd son of William PARRY of H.M.Customs, London, brother of W. J. PARRY, watchmaker of Whitechapel

June 20th, Valparaiso, suddenly on board the ship Larne, aged 36, Capt George NICKELS

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, September 12, 1851

May 17th, at sea aged 22, Edward SCALES, 2nd mate of the brig Martha,Capt Longrigg of this port, washed overboard during a gale off the Cape of Good Hope. A native of Milford, also same day Joseph WILSON Seaman, a native of this town, fell from aloft and was killed.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, September 23, 1851

May 2nd, on his passage hence to Calcutta, aged 19, John, eldest son of John BROWN, tailor and draper, Duke St, fell overboard from the barque James Watt of North Sheilds.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, October 17, 1851

July 25th, of cholera on board H.M steamer Driver on the South American station, aged 20, Colls Edward SLAUGHTER, midshipman, youngest son of Lieut John Slaughter, admiralty mail agent.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, December 5, 1851

Lately by falling overboard from the ship Menzies, in the China Sea, aged 20, William son of William MARTIN, this town.

May 31st, on a voyage from London to Valparaiso, aged 36, Mr T. R. PLATT, master of the Forfarshire of this port.

Sept 19th, at Para, aged 26, Thomas SEWELL, chief engineer of the brig Windsor of this port.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, April 20, 1852

March 23rd, aged 28, Thoimas DIXON, one of the 15 unfortunate persons whose untimely fate was caused by the wreck of the Amy, near Kinsale, Ireland. He had been for some time chief mate of the Fame, which was lost off Romain Bar in November 1851, and he was returning to England from the wreck at the time of his death. The cargo saved from the Fame was transported on board the Bathurst, which was also wrecked in the same month. The Captain of the Fame, brother of the deceased, sent his own effects on board the Brandon, for conveyasnce for this country, but she too was doomed never to reach the shores of England and was lost on her way.

Liverpool Mercury Tuesday, May 11, 1852

Jan 3rd, at sea on his passage from Timor to Mauritius, after a short illness Capt William BURROWS, of the brig Anglesea of this port.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, June 15, 1852

March 25th, at sea on board H.M.S Tortoise, whilst on passage to St Helena for the benefit of his health, aged 33, Commander FORBES, favourably known as our envoy to the King of Dahomey in 1849, from whence he brought the little Dahoman captive sent by King Gezo to her Majesty. In September last he was sent on a special service to the coast of Africa and was engaged in drilling the native Christians out of Abeokutah and organising an effective resistance to the King of Dahomey. During his arduous exertions he was seized with fever and dystentry, and though rapidly removed to the coast and sea, he sank within two days of leaving land.

Liverpool Mercury Friday, July 2, 1852

May 10th, on her passage from Calcutta for the benefit of her health Mary Ana, wife of Alexander ROSS Esq, conductor of the engineering department of Fort William. Her decease has excited sincere grief among many friends who were expecting her arrival in this country.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, July 23, 1852

April 24th, at Old Calabar on board the ship Africa, aged 23,, Thomas W. SPENCE, cooper.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, September 3, 1852

At sea on board the barque Frances, on her passage from Para to this port, aged 14, John son of Edward HURST, Old Swan.

March 7th, on his passage from China to England, aged 36, Capt William TOWERSON, of the barque Courier of this port, 3rd son of the late Mr TOWERSON, of Coat Close, Whitehaven.

April 29th, on his passage from Bombay Capt Robert MACDOWALL, commander of the barque Windermere, of this port

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, September 7, 1852

April 5th, Bonny, on the coast of Africa on board the ship Era, John HUGHES, cooper, Seacombe, Cheshire

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, October 1, 1852

May 5th, aged 22, John FORREST of Annan, 1st mate of the ship Fanny of this port, on her outward bound voyage to Port Phillip. The deceased whilst resting on the poop rail conversing with a passenger, was caught by the tryo sail or spanker, thrown overboard, and unfortunately drowned. The melancholy event took place in sight of his brother Capt George FORREST, commander of the ship, who made every effort to save his brother's life, but, he was not seen from the moment he was swept from the poop rail into the sea.

July 29th, of fever on his passage home from Demerara, Henry, youngest son of the late Samuel NEVERSON of this port

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, October 5, 1852

Aug 21st, James CLEMENTS, master of the schooner Zuleika of Dublin, on her passage from Antigua to this port.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, November 2, 1852

Aug 15th, at sea, aged 34, Mr Harrison CLARK of Lynn, lost from the ship Linda on her outward voyage.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, November 9, 1852

May last at sea, to the eastward of the Cape of Good Hope, Charles SAMSON, chief mate of the Anna Robertson, which is presumed to have foundered, and that all on board persihed.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, November 23, 1852

Sept 23rd, on board the Lady McNaughten on his passage home from the Cape of Good Hope, Capt Edward F. CROWDER, 6th regt, 2nd son of the late Col CROWDER K.H, of Brotherton, Yorkshire

Oct 24th, at sea on the passage from Calcutta to London Capt Robert BANKS of the ship Sea Horse.

Oct 30th on board the U.S Mail steamship Arctic, aged 21, Samuel, eldest son of John THORNTON, joiner.

Nov 1st, on board the U.S Mail steamship Pacific, aged 27, Daniel CORBETT, a native of Ireland

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, December 14, 1852

Oct 15th, off the Sands Head, of dystentry, aged 42, John ROBBS, commander of the ship Mercia of this port.

Oct 30th, on his passage from this port to Calcutta Capt William SCOTT of the ship Thomas Sparks

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, December 17, 1852

Oct 10th, on board the ship Benjamin Boyd, on his passage home, aged 29, Capt Joseph BIRKETT of the screw steamer Dumbarton Youth.

Nov 22nd, at sea, aged 58, Capt J. SPENCER of the ship Charles Saunders.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, December 24, 1852

Of yellow fever, Mr Vincent the gallant young midshipman who rendered such efficient service on board the West Indian steamer Amazon, when she was burnt at sea.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, January 4, 1853

Nov 27th, on board the ship Susan Hinks, Capt GAY, from New Orleans to this port, James HARRIS, seaman of this town

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, January 28, 1853

Sept 7th, at sea on board the ship Chance, hence for Port Philip, Arabella Ann Sep 8th, Robert Burns and Sept 18th Arthur Vincent, only children of Berkeley W. HUTCHINSON Esq, surgeon Govt M.D, of the Chance, and great grandchildren of Robert Burns.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, March 1, 1853

Dec 15th, at sea off Cape Horn William ALEXANDER master of the ship Great Britain of this port, bound from Cardiff to Panama, the ship was struck by a heavy sea which washed him overboard.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, March 15, 1853

Sept, on board the Spanish war steamer Eden, Thomas eldest son of the late Thomas YATES Esq of Welshpool

Nov 17th, at sea John F. DORAN, 2nd officer of the ship Australia from Calcutta Liverpool Mercury, Friday, March 25, 1853

Oct 18th, on board the ship Ellen on her voyage from this port to Melbourne Australia, aged 41, Alice wife of James GILBERTSON, baker, this town

Nov 4th, at sea on his passage out to Australia Francis Hayes, son of Dr GOUTHWAITE of Birkenhead and grandson of the late Thomas HAYES Esq, Gatewen, Wrexham.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, April 5, 1853

Jan 21st, Bull Bay, Crozet Island, South Africa, by the capsizing of a boat, George John, only son of the late George J. HEALEY, Higher Temple St, Ardwick

Feb 1st, on board the Arrogant on her passage to Australia of consumption, Asela aged 21, wife of Thomas DAWSETT and 3rd daughter of Edward Taylor JANERIA Esq, of the Great Salterns, Portsmouth

Feb 4th, at sea on board the Great Britain, Matthew HEATH, a native of Truro, Cornwall

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, April 15, 1853

Feb 20th, at sea, Edward Sholto DOUGLAS. R.N, son of the late Major Sholto DOUGLAS, and nephew of the Marchioness of Queensberry

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, May 10, 1853

May 4th, at sea on board the ship Monarch from Calcutta of exhaustion accelerated by sea-sickness, the Marchioness of Dalhousie, wife of the Governor General of India

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, May 17, 1853

March 26th, at sea on board the packet ship Montezuma, on her way to this port of pulmonary consumption, aged 27, Thomas KENNEDY, Lithographic printer.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, June 3, 1853

Nov 24th on board the Catherine Mitchell hence for Australia, of consumption, aged 20, Thomas CATTALOW, late of Castle St, Everton

May 11th, at sea between Demerara and Barbadoes of yellow fever aged 23, Robert Marshall GILLIES, 2nd son of Lieut GILLIES, Royal Military College, Sandhurst.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, June 17, 1853

May 15th, at sea on board the barque Castries, Ann wife of J. B. KING

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, July 15, 1853

29th April, Bahia on board the barque Royalist of Newcastle, Capt D. S. GREENWELL, of yellow fever aged 19, D. McLEOD, seaman, 6th May aged 23, W GREENWELL, chief mate, who had been on board only a few days, and on the same day aged 32, F. CARMATHEN.

3rd ult, on board the Peninsular and Oriental Co's steamer Precursor on her passage up the Red Sea, William Richard, youngest son of John ROOSE Esq, Everton Brow.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, July 26, 1853

April 30th, at sea on board the ship Chebucto on her voyage from China to England, of which vessel he was commander, aged 27, Robert Hartsborne BROWNE, 3rd son of George Beale BROWNE, late this town

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, August 30, 1853

Feb 24th, on board the ship Lochlomond during her passage from Glasgow to Melbourne, Robert LAUGHLAND, merchant Glasgow

March 6th, on his passage to Melbourne, Richard TROTTER, this town June 5th, at sea Capt George SILKE, of the ship William Rennie

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, September 16, 1853

July 26th, at sea off the Cape of Good Hope, having fallen overboard from the Anne Longton, George son of the late Benjamin BARTON

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, October 4, 1853

June 1st, Port Philip Bay, Australia, William OWEN, late of H.M pilot schooner Boomerang, and of Prussia St, this town, drowned in endeavouring to render assistance to the Ship Sea of this port.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, October 11, 1853

Aug 8th, at sea, aged 33, Capt J. HETHERINGTON, of the schooner Petrel of Old Calabar, native of Cockermouth, Cumberland

Sept 17th, at sea, from injuries received during a hurricane on the 10th, Robert Carter HUTCHINGS, Captain of the steamship Andes, son of the late George Hutchings Esq, St John's, Newfoundland.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, November 4, 1853

July 4th, at sea off the south coast of Australia, on board the ship Empire, hence to Sydney J. B. HYAMS. M.D, late of Duke St, and on the preceding day Isabella his wife.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, November 11, 1853

Aug 2nd, at Sydney on board the ship Earl of Elgin, in childbed, Jane, wife of Capt Joseph LAWSON. and child

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, December 20, 1853

Sept 23rd, at sea on board the British barque Matilda, William STYAKER of this town

Sept 27th, on board ship James MANN of Dundee, Scotland.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, December 30, 1853

Nov 10th, on board the barque Leonora, from Demerara to this port, aged 18, James son of the late Mr W. ERLAM of this town

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, January 17, 1854

Nov 23rd, drowned at sea on his passage from Sydney. N.S.W, to Singapore, James Philip AVERY commander of the Creole of this port.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, January 27, 1854

Jan 6th, at sea aged 45, James SMITH, chief mate of the barque Ensign.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, February 21, 1854

Drowned on his voyage from this port to New York, Capt Richard BENNETT of the American ship Euroclydon, 3rd son of the late John Morris Bennett formerly of Brosely, Salop.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, March 3, 1854

Feb 10th, at sea of dysentery, aged 46, Capt George H. TURNER, of the barque Junior, and formerly master of the Kestrel. The Junior was on her passage from Cork to Inverness, not being able to make port due to the weather the deceased was after a period of seven days put overboard. A native of this town.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, April 4, 1854

Sept 6th, at sea, Samuel, eldest son of R. C. RAWLINSON, formerly of Lancaster now of Ashby, Geelong.

Jan 14th, drowned crossing the Yarra, Australia, aged 28, Alexander Hamilton CAMERON, late of Preston, also aged 25, Isaac WAKEFIELD, late of this town, passengers of the Goldfinder

Liverpool Mercury Friday, April 7, 1854

Feb 8th, Calcutta, from the effects of losing his left arm while loading a canon, aged 32, Capt John Edward JONES, commander of the ship Fatima, son of Capt Edward JONES, this town

March 3rd, at sea on his passage to England Lieut Gen Sir R. ARMSTRONG, Colonel of the 32nd Regt and late commander-in-chief at Madras.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, June 9, 1854

March 23rd, at sea on board the ship Sultan, from New Orleans, aged 34, James, only son of James KYD, road surveyor, Aberdeen

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, June 23, 1854

Jan 2nd, at sea while on his homeward voyage from Singapore, George Ryrie, 2nd surviving son, and on June 14th in South Frederick St, Edinburgh Jane Forbes, 2nd surviving daughter of the late Alexander LAMOND Esq, brewer Edinburgh

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, July 21, 1854

Feb 17th, on his voyage to Australia in the barque Coringa, William youngest son of Richard EDWARDS, Seacombe St, Everton, deceased was lost overboard in a storm

July 9th, on board the ship Dirigo, from cholera, aged 22, Mary Jane ASSHETON, also aged 2yrs Frederick Presbury ASSHETON, her son.

July 12th, at sea on his return to England, Rear Admiral W. W. HENDERSON, C.B, K.H, late commander-in-chief on the south east coast of South America.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, August 18, 1854

June 25th, on her passage home from the Cape, aged 30, Ann Jane GEARING, daughter of the late Mr John KEMP.

July 10th, at sea, on board the Laura, , from Havannah to this port, of yellow fever, aged 46, Mr Joseph BARNES, carpenter of Birkenhead.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, October 24, 1854

Oct 8th, at sea, on board the ship Tonawanda from Philadelphia for this port, aged about 55 to 60, Susan McCOHEY of Creave near Donaghmore Ireland, also 0ct 19th on board the same vessel aged about 30 to 35, Thomas SCHOFIELD of Rochdale

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, October 31, 1854

Sept 20th, New Orleans on his passage from Vera Cruz to New York of yellow fever, Mr Farquhar CAMPBELL, mate of the barque Brazileiro.

Sept 30th, in the Red Sea, while on his passage to England George J. BENNETTS, many years resident in China.

Oct 5th, on board the screw steamer Simla on the passage from Varna to Sebastopol, John McKNIGHT, engineer formerly of the I.O.M steamer Tynwald, and nephew of Capt William GILL, late of the I.O.M, steamers. Deceased was seized with cholera at 8am and died at 1pm the same day. At 2.30pm as the steamer was passing Sebastopol his body was consigned to the deep.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, November 3, 1854

Sept, New Orleans, on board the Evangeline of yellow fever, John, aged 14, youngest son of the late Edward GRAINGER of London

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, November 14, 1854

Sept 28th on board the steamship Eldorado for New York, 2nd day at sea, John ROPER.

Oct 2nd, on board the ship Persia, from Calcutta for London, the wife of Capt ROBERTS.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, December 12, 1854

Oct 20th, at sea on board the ship Goseypiuna, hence for Bombay, aged 15, William son of the late Capt Ralph RENNER this town.

Nov 10th, on board the Golden Fleece on his passage to Malta, from wounds received at Inkermann, Major E. ROOPER, rifle brigade.

Nov 14th, lost in the transport Prince, off Balaclava , aged 32, Capt W. M. INGLIS R.E.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, December 15, 1854

Oct 22nd, at sea on his passage home from Puerto Cabello, aged 23, Capt Thomas Edwin MONIER of the Henry Curwen.

Nov 14th, drowned in Balaklava Bay from the wreck of the Prince, aged 22, John Morgan SALTER. B.A, surgeon of the ship, youngest son of Thomas SALTER Esq of Poole, Dorsetshire.

Deaths at sea appearing in newspaper obituaries after 1854


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