Deaths at sea appearing in newspaper obituaries

"His harbour passed,

"His harbour passed,

His anchor cast.”

His anchor cast.”

Manchester Times, Saturday, May 20, 1854

Lost at Sea, William, aged 15, youngest son of Professor LONG this city.

Daily Post Jan, 1859

29th January Henry occupation sailmaker son of Henry BEAUFORT 30 Clarke St Toxteth Park drowned when falling overboard from the SOVEREIGN of the SEAS Calcutta

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, March 4, 1859

Feb 29th in his 24th year William Henry, son of Thomas HAMPTON, I.O.M, lost at sea while on his passage from Glasgow to Liverpool by the foundering of the schooner Vixen, off the Bahama Bank, nr Ramsey. I.O.M.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, June 19, 1863

SONGEY, March 1st, lost at sea in Lat 37S Lon 22W on board the American ship Emily Farnium, aged 18, Douglas Reynolds, eldest son of Mr W. F. SONGEY this town.

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, January 25, 1866

THOMAS, HARTLEY, Jan 11th, lost at sea on board the steamship London, James THOMAS Esq, late of London, formerly of Huddersfield, Yorkshire, together with Sarah Anne his wife and two children Annie Mary and William Bradbury, also Elizabeth HARTLEY, for many years a most faithful and devoted servant of the above.

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, May 9, 1867

March, 18th, Robert ARMSTRONG, lost at sea by the foundering of the ss Florida, engineer of 49 Conyers St.

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, May 16, 1867

George FRYER, lost at sea by the foundering of the ss Florida, aged 32, only son of James FRYER of Ditton, formerly the Green Dragon Inn, Whiston.

Liverpool Mercury Jan 1st, 1868

TAYLOR, Oct 21st, drowned off the Cape of Good Hope, off the Abyssinian transport steamer BOSPHOROS, Charles aged 28, son of William TAYLOR painter this town, late of Warrington

Liverpool Mercury Jan 4th, 1868

BATES, Oct 21st, lost at sea by the wreck of H.M. Ship BOSPHOROS, Zitzekama Point, Cape of good Hope, Thomas aged 16, son of the late Thomas BATES shipwright this town

Liverpool Mercury Jan 4th, 1868

WILLIAMS, Dec 2nd, drowned through falling over board at George’s Pierhead and has not been found since William WILLIAMS mate of the tugboat IRON KING, formerly of No 9, Pilot Boat, deeply regretted by his wife and friends.

Liverpool Mercury Jan 6th, 1868

JONES, Nov 22nd, drowned on his passage from Benin to Bonny, on the royal mail steamship CALABAR, Henry John, aged 26, eldest son of Charles JONES, H.M, Customs.

Liverpool Mercury Jan 7th., 1868

HULTON, Oct 21st, drowned by the wreck of the Abyssinian transport steamer BOSPHOROUS, at Zitzikama Point, Cape of Good Hope, Henry, aged 18, youngest son of James HULTON, 8 Prince Edwin St, this town.

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, October 8, 1868

CHADERTON, Sept 6th, at sea aged 48, Thomas Henry CHADERTON of Barbadoes

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, December 18, 1868

Capt Charles Oak RANDALL, Nov 11th, lost at sea by the wreck of the ship John Duncan, bound from St John. N.B, to this port, aged 36, of 78 Upper Hill St, Toxteth Park, at the same time his wife Mary Ann aged 35, and Charles aged 2, youngest child of above.

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, December 24, 1868

Capt Robert BEELEY, Dec 13th, drowned on his passage from New Orleans to this port of the steamship Pantheon.

Robert Edward SYKES, Dec 13th, at sea washed overboard from the barque Eva, aged 17, son of Councillor James SYKES this town.

George WINSLAND, aged 50, Nov 11th, lost at sea by the wreck of the ship John Duncan, bound from St John. N.B, to this port, of 32 Lower Stanhope St.

Wilfred WYLIE, aged 26, sailmaker, Nov 11th, lost at sea by the wreck of the ship John Duncan, bound from St John. N.B, to this port, only surviving son of Thomas WYLIE formerly of Whitehaven, Cumberland.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, January 8, 1869

Andrew LAWSON, September last lost at sea on board the screwship Calpe, aged 24, son of James LAWSON engineer, died Dec 31st, aged, at 98 Brighton Terrace, Stanley Rd, aged 58.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, July 9, 1869

Mr W. G. REED, chief officer, aged 23, lost at sea on the ship West of this port with all on board, on her passage from New York for this port, sailed Feb 2nd 1869, eldest son of Mrs REED, Princess St, Mason St, Hull, and of the late Capt J. REED who was lost along with their 2nd son in the unfortunate ship Kingston of this port.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, November 5, 1869

Henry WHEELER, about September 14th, lost at sea, 2nd engineer of the W. 1. and P steamship Plantagenet, 3rd son of the late Henry WHEELER, formerly of Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, December 3, 1869

John CLUNIE, Dec, 1868, lost at sea from the ship Michigan of Quebec, aged 24, eldest son of Capt Thomas CLUNIE, Glasgow

WHELAN and TATE, Dec, 1868, lost at sea on his passage from Quebec to this port Capt Michael WHELAN of the ship Michigan and Mary Jane aged 23, his wife, they leave a son aged 8 to deplore their loss. Also at the same time James TATE, aged 28, brother of the above. All of 8 Morton St, Toxteth Park.

Liverpool Mercury, Saturday, January 14, 1871

Thomas GIBB, Dec 23rd, aged 47, lost at sea off Figueira, engineer on board the ill-fated steamship, Leeming. Of Tranmere

George MAWSON, aged 27, chief officer, lost at sea on board the ship Cestrian on a voyage from Sunderland to Singapore, only son of Moses MAWSON, Wesley St.

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, February 9, 1871

William GUTHRIE, aged 17, lost at sea with the ship Madras from Calcutta for this port, 2nd son of Walter GUTHRIE, master mariner this port.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, February 21, 1871

James BARBERRY, Feb 17th, at 54 Aspinall St, Kirkdale, youngest son of the late James BARBERRY, who was lost at sea on the ill-fated steamer City of Boston.

Samuel HANAN, Jan 17th, at sea on the passage hence to Benin, aged 56, master mariner, of 10 Tunnel Rd, Liverpool, formerly of Crectown. N.B.

Liverpool Mercury, Saturday, March 4, 1871

Francis Jasper BURKE, Feb 8th, lost at sea on board the ship City of Kingston, aged 17, 2nd youngest son of the late Edward BURKE. Esq of Queenstown.

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, April 6, 1871

Thomas Glover PEARSON, lost at sea in the missing ship Madras, homeward bound from Calcutta, aged 17, elder son of Thomas PEARSON of Claughton, Birkenhead, formerly of Torquay.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, April 21, 1871 James ALEXANDER, aged 42, steward, lost at sea in the missing ship Madras, native of Turriff, Aberdeenshire. Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, May 18, 1871

John CRUICKSHANK, aged 25 or 35?, 1st officer of the missing ship Madras homeward bound from Calcutta, eldest son of the late Mr J CRUICKSHANK, of Liverpool.

Liverpool Mercury, Saturday, May 20, 1871

Thomas GELLING, March 21st, lost at sea on the homeward voyage of the steamer Sarpedon from China, aged 29, youngest son of James GELLING, H.M. Customs.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, June 6, 1871

George NELSON, lost at sea in the missing ship Madras, homeward bound from Calcutta, son-in-law of John QUAYLE, joiner and builder, Douglas, I.O.M.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, July 28, 1871

John EDWARDS, June 19or10th ? lost at sea aged 29, chief officer of the steamer Free Singapore, son of John EDWARDS, Falkland St.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, August 8, 1871

William Renney BEBINGTON, aged 21, lost at sea in the missing ship Silvia, which left this port for Bombay on the 11th October, 2nd son of George BEBINGTON, late of Everton.

Liverpool Mercury, Saturday, August 19, 1871

Edward JACKSON, April 5th, aged 23, lost at sea from the ship British Princess on her voyage to Melbourne, eldest son of Richard JACKSON, Holt Rd, Tranmere.

Liverpool Mercury, Saturday, March 28, 1874

Edward John KEWLEY, aged 18, supposed lost at sea, son of John KEWLEY, 1 Georges Place, Douglas, I.O.M.

Manchester Times, Saturday, February 27, 1875

Tryall Edward HOLCROFT, aged 19, lost at sea with all hands in the barque Spitfire of Liverpool, whilst on her voyage home from Gaboon, East Africa, son of Tryall HOLCROFT of Macclesfield, and late of Manchester.

Liverpool Mercury, Saturday, March 20, 1875

William BRODIE, Feb 11th, lost overboard at sea, aged 34, of Wigton Scotland, boatswain of the steamship Caspian.

James MIZER, March 6th, washed overboard on passage from the West Indies, aged 27, boatswain of the steamship American.

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, March 25, 1875

Capt Robert JERRETT, aged 29, during April 1874, lost at sea with the barque Sea Queen, and all on board, from this port for Genoa

Liverpool Mercury, Monday, December 6, 1875

David MANDELKOW, Nov 7th, aged 24, lost at sea through the wreck of the ship Calcutta

William Frederic NELSON, Nov 13th, aged 37, on board the steamship Volta at sea, between Cape Palmas and Monrovia, West Coast of Africa.

Manchester Times, Saturday, August 5, 1876

Charles JACKSON, lost at sea in the clipper-ship Geltwood, on a voyage to Melbourne, eldest son of Charles JACKSON, Queens Arms, Rudyard St, Queens Rd, Manchester.

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, August 10, 1876

Richard Lloyd WILLIAMS, aged 28, lost at sea in the missing ship Urania, youngest son of the late Cyril WILLIAMS Esq, Plas yn Rhiw, Carnarvonshire.

Liverpool Mercury, Wednesday, August 16, 1876

John TURNER, aged 24, lost at sea through the wreck of the clipper-ship Geltwood, on a voyage to Melbourne, only son of Joseph TURNER, formerly cartowner this town.

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, November 16, 1876

Francis T. LAWSON, aged 18, lost at sea through the supposed foundering of the barque St Bernard of Liverpool, which sailed from Iquique for Falmouth on the 28th March last, eldest son of John W. LAWSON. H.M. Customs this town

Francis MORRIS, Nov 4th, aged 25, on board the steamship Sirius in the Bay of Biscay, 3rd son of Thomas MORRIS, Birkenhead.

Liverpool Journal, 6th Jan 1877

BROWN, Dec 15th, on board the SOBRAON to Melbourne, James William aged 34, son of the late Rev Charles J. BROWN. D.D, Edinburgh

NODDER, Dec 29th, lost at the wreck of the Circassian, off Long Island nr New York, Andrew Allan son of Richard J. NODDER of Wavertree

Liverpool Journal, 13th, January 1877

BARRETT, Jan 5th, at Queenstown on board the barque RIBBLE, Capt J. A. BARRETT, aged 46, late of Stonehouse.

JONES, Oct 25th, washed overboard from the ship CASSIOPE, while on a voyage from Liverpool to Melbourne, David, aged 20, 2nd son of Hugh JONES, late of Heyworth St, Everton

WILSON, Jan 13th, at sea on board the barque VANGUARD, aged 6mths, Robert son of Capt R. S. WILSON

Liverpool Mercury, Saturday, May 26, 1877

Thomas CAMBERS, April 3rd or 4th, lost at sea in the Bay of Biscay, aged 33, 2nd engineer on the steamer Tagus

Liverpool Mercury, Wednesday, November 21, 1877

Capt J. THOMPSON, Oct 14th, by the supposed foundering of the brig Ellenor Davidson of Whitehaven, also Mary Ellenor his wife, daughter of G. WAINMAN, 6 Esplanade, DOUGLAS, I.O.M, also Sarah aged 8, and Hannah aged 6, children of the above.

Liverpool Mercury, Wednesday, January 16, 1878

Charles PRESTON, Nov 29th, lost at sea, aged 36, of 81 Berry St, Bootle, chief officer of the steamer Margaret, which foundered on the passage from Cardiff to Malta, in a terrific gale in the Bay of Biscay, youngest son of Thomas PRESTON.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, March 5, 1878

Harold AMBROSE, Oct 28th, aged 18, lost at sea by falling from the main-topgallant mast of the ship Candahar, son of John AMBROSE, 3 Northumberland Terrace.

John Henry CARTER, Jan 29th, suddenly of the Pacific steamship Patagonia on the passage out to Callao, aged 24, of Sandrock Park, Liscard, only son of the late Henry CARTER, Myrtle St.

William Howard HAUGHTON, Nov 19th, aged 17, of Birkenhead, on board the ship Ganges during her voyage from London to Calcutta, through a fall from the mizenmast

Liverpool Mercury, Saturday, August 17, 1878

John Bromley JEPSON, May 20th, lost at sea on the voyage to Riga, aged 25, mate of the Magdala, grandson of the late J. BROMLEY, builder this town

Liverpool Mercury, Wednesday, April 30, 1879

John WILSON, Jan 8th, aged 19, lost at sea on the voyage from New York to Java on the ship Daniel Barnes, eldest son of William WILSON, of the Poplars, 3 Quarry Bank, Birkenhead, formerly of Stratford-upon-Avon.

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, June 5, 1879

Charles J. EMETT, March 29th, aged 21, accidentally drowned in Bell River, Bridgewater. N. S.W, eldest son of Joseph EMETT

R. G. LEIGHTON April 24th, Lagos West Coast of Africa on board the steamer Africa, agent Messers Walsh Brothers, son Capt W. H. LEIGHTON

Elias Joseph WINSTANLEY, aged 45, lost at sea in January last on a voyage from New York to Glasgow, boatswain of steamship Zanzibar, for many years with the Cunard service.

Liverpool Mercury, Wednesday, July 16, 1879

Robert B. SMILEY, lost at sea with the ship Dunscore, aged 23, of Philadelphia U.S.A, eldest son of Capt U. F. SMILEY.

Liverpool Mercury, Saturday, February 28, 1880

George COOPER, aged 24, lost at sea chief steward of the steamer Borusifa, foundered Dec 3rd 1879, on a voyage from this port to New Orleans. Of 11 Dorothy St, Wavertree Rd.

Liverpool Mercury etc, Thursday, May 12, 1881

James Hill HUME, March 23rd, lost at sea off Malaga, chief engineer of the steamship Marathon of Dundee, of Osborne Villa, Union St, Egremont.

Liverpool Mercury, Monday, June 6, 1881

William Edward EDMAN, May, aged 18, lost at sea in a cyclone nr Bombay from the Mistley Hall, apprentice, nephew of Mrs HUGHES, 31 Hamilton Square, Birkenhead.

Liverpool Mercury, Wednesday, August 17, 1881

Capt Thomas BUTLER, Aug 9th, aged 43, lost at sea near Lands End, of the steamship Donati.

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, October 27, 1881

Frederick George PHILLIPS, Oct 14th, aged 23, drowned in Carnarvon Bay from the steamship Cyprian. Of Bootle.

William WEBSTER, Oct 20th, aged 34, lost at sea, captain of the steamship Clan Macduff, 5th son of the late John WEBSTER of Bootle.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, October 28, 1881

John GIBBONS, , Oct 20th, aged 44, lost at sea by the foundering of the steamship Clan Macduff, of 99 Derby Rd, Bootle.

Robert LLOYD, Oct 20th, lost at sea by the foundering of the steamship Clan Macduff, youngest son of Edward LLOYD, 104 Upper Hill St

Henry James QUICK, aged 22, Oct 20th, lost at sea by the foundering of the steamship Clan Macduff, 2nd son of the late W. QUICK, Hamilton Square, Birkenhead.

Liverpool Mercury, Saturday, October 29, 1881

Campbell S. McNICOL, Oct 20th, lost at sea off Douglas, I.O.M, only son of Stewart McNICOL, late of Bootle.

John George MODDREL, Oct 2nd, New York, accidentally drowned, 3rd son of the late Capt MODDREL, Ainmouth, Northumberland.

Robert Berry SEWARD, Sept 29th, Baltimore, of the steamship Hibernian, late of Liverpool.

Liverpool Mercury, Saturday, November 12, 1881

William JEFFERSON, Oct 20th, aged 43, lost at sea, of 199 Madelaine St, leaves a wife and son to mourn his loss.

Liverpool Mercury, Monday, November 14, 1881

John Hamilton GIBSON, Oct 27th, lost at sea aged 30, of Crosby, Cumberland, and 74 Orwell Rd, Liverpool.

Liverpool Journal, 21st, January 1882

KRUGER, Dec 20th, on board the steamship ESPANA on the homeward bound voyage from Manilla, John Robert Plessen, aged 52

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, February 14, 1882

Charles Philip BAIN, aged 23, lost at sea, 3rd son of John BAIN

Liverpool Mercury, Monday, February 27, 1882

Capt William GROSART, aged 47, lost at sea with the ship Saint Mirren, supposed to have foundered on the homeward passage from Calcutta to Liverpool. Of Liverpool, formerly of Grangemouth, for 20yrs in the service of Messers Rankin Gilmore and Co.

Liverpool Mercury, Monday, March 13, 1882

BURGESS, supposed lost at sea aged 16, eldest son of W. BURGESS this city.

Thomas Rhodes OWEN, drowned at sea through the foundering of the steamship Morea, aged 35, late captain in the Guion line, youngest son of the late William H. OWEN. C.E, Limerick.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, December 5, 1882

Matthew Creighton ATKINSON, Dec 2nd, aged 37, lost at sea by the foundering of the steamer St George of Glasgow, 25 miles off Portreath, Cornwall, on her voyage from Swansea to Nantes, eldest son of Matthew ATKINSON this city.

Liverpool Mercury, Monday, December 18, 1882

Charles D. ALLEN, Aug 20th, at sea on board the ship Glad Tidings from Calcutta for Falmouth, son of Chief Justice Allen, Fredericktown, St John’s N. B.

E. SAMUEL, Dec 6th, lost at sea on the voyage from St Nazaire to London, aged 29, of Parkway, Liverpool.

Liverpool Mercury, Wednesday, December 20, 1882

John C. H. GRIFFITHS, Dec 15th, aged 21, lost at sea on board the Langrigg Hall, son of the late Henry GRIFFITHS, 64 London Rd.

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, August 23, 1883

John McJANNETT, June 17th, lost at sea by the wreck of the steamship Knight of Bath, chief officer, late of Dombey St.

Manchester Times, Saturday, November 24, 1883

Walter TRAVIS, aged 19, lost at sea, date unknown, along with the crew of the Liverpool ship Beatrice, on a voyage from Lilco, Chilli to Queenstown, 2nd son of Samuel TRAVIS, 90 Lloyd St, Greenheys, Manchester.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, May 22, 1885

Thomas Wheeler MILL, lost at sea with all on board while chief officer of the telegraph steamer Magneta, youngest son of the late Capt Christopher MILL

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, September 17, 1885

William DAVIS, July 14th, aged 26, drowned while on board the steamship Morocco, during the voyage to Constantinople, steward.

John THOMAS, late of Hatherley St, Liverpool, chief officer of the barque Talca, which was lost at sea with all hands.

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, June 3, 1886

Capt William BRAND, June 3rd 1885, aged 46, who was lost at sea by the foundering of the steamship Speke Hall, in a cyclone in the Gulf of Aden.

North Wales Chronicle, Saturday, November 5, 1887

Owen Lewis WILLIAMS, aged 20, lost at sea homeward bound from Singapore to England on board the ship Bacchus, son of the late Owen Williams of Gelling St, Toxteth Park, Liverpool

North Wales Chronicle, Saturday, December 17, 1887

James Herbert HARTLEY, aged 17, lost overboard at sea, youngest son of the late Joseph HARTLEY, Plas Glenydon, Rhyl.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, December 4, 1888

David HARDIE, Nov 7th, lost at sea through the foundering of the ship S.S. Nantes, aged 57, chief engineer, for 35yrs in the Cunard service.

Liverpool Echo, January 1889

Nov 14th, 1888 on board the Barqe CORDILLERA, 4 S. 38 W outward bound from Liverpool, for Callao, Capt James Edward HIGGINS of Portwilliam Wigtownshire.

Nov 18th, 1888 aboard the S.S.HEVELIUS Mary Barbara wife of George E. CATTY Sauce Grande Bahia Blanca Buenos Ayres only daughter of the late James L CROSS Liverpool

Dec 25th, 1888 death of Capt Edward FRIEND lost on the steamer GULF OF GUAYAQUIL, late of the company's S.S. VALPARAISO, Capt FRIEND was well known on the west coast of South Africa

Jan 5th 1889, Killed instantaneously in collision while on board S.S. MONTANA Nr Baltimore Maryland, U.S.A. Robert McLaren YOUNG, 2nd son of the late Rev YOUNG Kinclaven Perthshire

Jan 12th, 1889, At Royal Albert Dock, London, drowned while serving on S. S. BALMORAL CASTLE, James ROBERTSON age 47 late of Stranraer and Liverpool

Liverpool Echo February 1889

REDMOND James died at sea 10th Jan 1887 on the S. S. LISBONENSE

CURTIS Feb 2nd 1885 drowned off Gibralta from the Cunard S.S, SIDON, John Trist CURTIS age 53 of 104 Cansbrooke Rd Liverpool originally Dartmouth.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, January 7, 1890

In memoriam of, John SANSBURY of Rushen, I.O.M, master mariner, lost at sea off the Island of Guernsey, 5th Jan 1867, aged 56.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, March 4, 1890

In memoriam of, Harry Dashper GLYNN, aged 28, engineer lost at sea from the S.S Wallachia, March 4th 1888, husband of M. C. GLYNN, late of Wynnstay St, Princes Park.

Liverpool Mercury etc, Tuesday, May 6, 1890

John William HAYDOCK, died Feb 2nd 1890, washed overboard from the barque Formosa off Cape Horn on the homeward voyage from Wellington New Zealand, aged 21, eldest son of John and Marion HAYDOCK, 42 Marlborough Rd, Tuebrook.

Liverpool Mercury, Wednesday, July 16, 1890

James Fenton WINGATE, died June 26th 1890 on board the steamship City of Venice, on passage from Ceylon to England, 2nd son of the late William WINGATE Esq, and grandson of the late James Fenton WINGATE Esq, Millearn, Perthshire.

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, October 16, 1890

Henry Sainsbury WRAKE, Sept 2nd, lost overboard at sea from the ship Cairmehill, aged 16, only son of Capt Henry WRAKE of the steamship Bernard Hall.

Liverpool Mercury, Wednesday, October 29, 1890

In loving memory of my dear husband Capt Joseph ARCHER, who died Oct 29th 1889, on our passage from Calcutta to New York, and was buried in the Indian Ocean, Oct 30th 1889.

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, January 15, 1891

In memoriam of, Joseph GRAVES, lost overboard at sea off Cape Horn from the barque Bellona, Jan 15th 1890.

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, January 22, 1891

In loving memory of Henry FOULKES, Solway St, who was lost from the main royal yard of the barque Thomas Bell off Cape Horn, on the night of 22nd January 1890, aged 25.

Liverpool Mercury, Wednesday, April 29, 1891

Ithell Richard SILLITOE, 15th March, 2nd officer, lost at sea by the foundering of the steamer Florence in the Gulf of Lyons.

Liverpool Mercury, Monday, May 25, 1891

John LAMONT, drowned off the ship Halewood, in Calcutta River, Aug 20th 1890 aged 20, only son of A. LAMONT, Wavertree Rd, Liverpool

Liverpool Mercury, Saturday, October 31, 1891

James R. MURDOCH, died Oct 26th 1891, aged 18, son of G. MURDOCH this city. Drowned at sea from the Barque Charlwood.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, November 24, 1891

Percy Clements EDMONDS, died Oct 4th 1891, fell from the mast on the Sierra Parima on the passage home from Rangoon, aged 16, only son of Thomas and Bessie EDMONDS

Liverpool Mercury, Wednesday, December 30, 1891

William Robert CAREFULL, Oct 16th, aged 20, lost at sea from the steamship Sobralense, near Madeira, of 56 Windsor St, Liverpool

Liverpool Mercury, Monday, February 1, 1892

In loving memory of John V. WILLIAMS, died Feb 1st 1891, aged 25, youngest son of Ann Williams, 85 Falkner St, killed in an explosion on board the steamship Chichester in Santos, South America

Liverpool Mercury, Monday, March 14, 1892

In memory of our dear son Montague PARSONAGE, chief officer of the S.S Arago E.I.S.N.C, who died at Rangoon hospital after 3 days illness, March 14th 1891, aged 35, also dear son William, Captain S.S Navassa, E.I.S.N.C who was drowned at Rangoon Nov 8th 1888, aged 44, sons of Mary PARSONAGE and the late William. Of Higher Tranmere.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, March 25, 1892

James CUMMING, Feb 29th, lost at sea from the steamship Halley [Lamport and Holt] aged 66, carpenter, a native of Tayport, Fifeshire.

William Haslem GODBER, Feb 23rd, on board the African mail steamer Cameroon, near Accra, homeward bound [buried at sea] of 30 Boswell St, youngest son of the late Benjamin and Martha GODBER, late Willow Bank, Smithdown Rd.

Capt Nicholas PARKINSON, Feb 20th, at sea off Sierra Leone, buried at sea Feb 21st, of the steamship Coomassie

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, April 8, 1892

Herbert Vigurs CURZON, died March 28th 1892, of Holland St, Fairfield, blown from the rigging of the barque Carnegie and drowned, aged 18yrs and 4mths, son of E. C. and G. H. CURZON

Liverpool Mercury, Monday, May 16, 1892

William HAYWOOD, died May 10th 1892, at sea, buried the same day, 2nd son of the late Thomas this city.

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, May 19, 1892

John McKERLIE, died April 24th 1892, at sea on board the barque Estrella, aged 39, eldest son of Alexander McKERLIE, of Liverpool

Liverpool Echo, July 5th 1892

RAE, May 24th, killed on board the Cunard liner ETURIA, Andrew, seaman late of Kirkcudbright, Scotch papers copy.

Liverpool Mercury Tuesday, October 25, 1892

William D. HUGHES died Oct 2nd 1892, fell from aloft on the deck of the steamer Andes, 2nd eldest son of Joseph HUGHES late of 116 Brownlow Hill, was buried at sea.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, November 1, 1892

Capt James LYNCH, died Oct 26th 1892, accidentally drowned in Penarth Dock, Cardiff, only son of the late James and Maria LYNCH this city.

Liverpool Mercury, Saturday, November 5, 1892

In memoriam of, dear husband John Charles KNILL, chief officer who was lost at sea by the foundering of the steamship Nantes, Nov 7th 1888.

He has gone the rough billows have swept him away,

The waves of the ocean is the tomb of his clay.

No marble or stone can be placed on the spot,

But while I live he will never be forgot.

Liverpool Mercury Monday, November 14, 1892

Henry William ROONEY, [Harry] In loving memory, only surviving son of the late Charles ROONEY, Compositor, who was drowned at Valparaiso, Nov 14th 1888

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, December 13, 1892

David BALLINGALL, aged 55, 27 Bedford Rd, Bootle, accidentally met his death by falling down the hold of the steamship Pindari on Dec 1st 1892

Francis JONES, In loving memory, husband of Catherine Josephine JONES, lost at sea through collision on board the ship Talookdar, Dec 13th 1890.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, December 30, 1892

Gilbert James JORDAN, supposed drowned sea by the foundering of the ship Ben Douran whilst on her voyage from San Francisco to Queenstown, eldest son of the late Capt Frederic and Mary Jane JORDAN of St Johns N.B and 9 Morningside Rd, Bootle.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, March 14, 1893

John WASHINGTON, at sea between Tacoma and Yokohama on board the steamship Flintshire, chief engineer, formerly of the steamship Killarney

Liverpool Mercury, Wednesday, March 15, 1893

In memoriam, BOBBITT, Richard Warner, drowned through the capsizing of a boat at Iguigue March 15th, 1883

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, July 14, 1893

Ernest Alfred ROBERTS, March 23rd, aged 22, in the wreck of the ship Allenshaw, off Tristan d Acuabs, 3rd son of John ROBERTS, 3 Belmont Dr.

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, June 14, 1894

FINDLAY, April 21st, on board the steamship Oxenholme, between Santos and Monte Video, aged 24, William, [Willie], 2nd son of Robert and Agnes Findlay this city.

Liverpool Mercury, Wednesday, July 25, 1894

JONES, June 29th on board SS Etolia on his homeward passage from India, aged 63, Capt Rowland JONES, for over 21yrs faithfull servant in the Cunard Co, for the last 10yrs with Messers D and C MacIver this city

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, November 13, 1894

In memoriam, MURPHY James of the S.S. Palmyra who died through the bursting of a blood vessel at sea Nov 12th 1891, gone but not forgotten

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, November 15, 1894

William Thomas BROMLEY, Oct 29th, aged 39, lost overboard at sea, 3rd officer. S.S Berlin.

Liverpool Mercury, Monday, November 26, 1894

In memoriam, BLUNDELL of my four eldest children who died suddenly, Bella on 26th Nov 1890 in her 7th year, Hannah on 7th Dec 1890 in her 5th year, Alfred on the 8th Dec 1890 aged 11years, Carrie on t9th Dec 1890 in her 15th year. Also my husband Thomas Blundell father of the above, drowned at sea 1st June 1891.

Liverpool Mercury, Monday, December 10, 1894

In memoriam, REID John, late employed by Messers Lamport and Holt, and chief engineer of the late S.S Donati, which left New York for Oporto on Dec 10th 1892 and must have foundered. Leaves a wife and children to mourn his loss

Liverpool Mercury, Wednesday, January 2, 1895

STEAD, at sea, Charlie only son of John Charles and Mary Emma STEAD of Stoneycroft, Liscard, Cheshire

Liverpool Mercury, Monday, March 11, 1895

BELYEA, Jan 29th at sea on the passage home from Calcutta. Capt Joshua Belyea of the Liverpool ship Manchester St Johns N.B and New York papers copy

Liverpool Mercury, Saturday, August 3, 1895

NEVIN, May 26th, Caerizal Bay, South America off the ship St Mildred of Liverpool, drowned while bathing, Samuel aged 17, son of Isabella and John Nevin this city.

In memoriam, STEWART, Aug 2nd 1894 on board the steamer Werneth Hall of intermittent fever, Robert William, aged 26, only surviving son of the late Robert William Letitia Stewart, inserted by his fond mother.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, November 15, 1895

In memoriam of, my husband John Blair LIGHT of Glasgow who was lost at sea, Nov 11th 1894, deeply regretted by his wife and five children.

In memoriam of, James MURPHY of the steamship Palmyra, who died at sea through the bursting of a blood vessel, Nov 12th 1891, gone but not forgotten.

Liverpool Mercury, Monday, January 13, 1896

In memoriam of, Catherine LEWIS, 23 Washington St, who departed this life Jan 12th 1892, aged 67, widow of William LEWIS. Also of Hugh LEWIS, aged 38, son of the above 138 Windsor St, chief engineer [formerly of the Guion Line] who was lost at sea January 1886 or 96?, by the supposed foundering of the S.S Kingdom on the passage from Hamburg to Charleston. U.S.A.

Liverpool Mercury, Wednesday, January 22, 1896

THOMPSON, from exposure on Vancouver Island B.C, Capt Magnus Thompson, through the wreck of the ship Janet Cowan, 38 Buchanan Rd, Seacombe, a native of Walls, Shetland

Liverpool Mercury, Monday, March 9, 1896

Stewart MILLIGAN, died Jan 9th, at sea, on the passage from Tocopilla, of Typhoid fever, aged 19, only son of R. B. Milligan, 173 North Hill St

Liverpool Mercury, Saturday, March 28, 1896

Leslie OWEN, aged 20, lost at sea on the missing barque Eliza, 2nd mate, 2nd son of G. W and C. OWEN, Waterloo, grandson of the late H. W. OWEN Esq, Compton, Staffordshire.

John Langley WILLMOT, March 18th, at sea on board S.S. Teneriffe, of 45 Hawthorne Rd, Bootle.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, April 23, 1897

Charles Adam TUCK, aged 19, supposed lost at sea with the missing ship Barcraig of Glasgow, which left New York for Shanghai, April 25th 1895, youngest son of Mary and the late Capt Edward TUCK, formerly of Amble, Northumberland.

Liverpool Mercury, Saturday, November 13, 1897

George Frederick ROBINSON, Aug 20th, aged 16, lost at sea from the ship Wavertree, eldest son of Fred and Agnes Harriott ROBINSON of this city.

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 14th 1899

MC CLURE, Dec 28th, 1898, on board the steamer FLAVIAN on a voyage from Gibraltar to Malta, William of 12 Normanby St, aged 54

Liverpool Mercury, Aug 15th, 1899

ELLIOTT, July 7th, on the steamship MONTPELIER, while on a voyage to New Orleans, and was buried at sea, John Irwin, 47 Peel St, Princes Park, Liverpool, formerly of Dundalk.

Liverpool Mercury, January 5th, 1907

LYONS, Dec 22nd, at sea on his homeward voyage, Capt Francis John, aged 38, of 5 Heathfield Rd, Oxton, husband of Maggie.

Liverpool Mercury Jan 26th, 1907

ARNOLD, Jan 7th, Buenos Ayres, Capt W. E. [Steamer HYLAS], husband of Eleanor, 2 Beaconsfield St, Liverpool

SHIELDS, Jan 13th, through the wreck of the PENGWERN, near Cuxhaven, Hamburg, John Henry, aged 46, husband of Martha and eldest son John Jay SHIELDS, of Rome, New York. U.S.A.

SMITH, Lost at sea, Jan 4th, Christian husband of Ellen, late of Walton

Liverpool Weekly Mercury Jan 4th 1908

STRANGE, Dec 10th, at sea Reginald George 3rd Engineer of the Steamship NYANGA, Husband of Louise 37 Canterbury Rd, Rock Ferry

Liverpool Weekly Mercury Jan 25th 1908

NICHOLAS In memory of dear Rees NICHOLAS Late Capt S.S SCHUYLKILL died at Pagoda Anchorage China Jan 21st 1907 aged 45 yrs , missed by wife and children Osmond Terrace Portmadoc

BLIGHT Jan 16th, at sea aged 60yrs Capt Frederick Seymour BLIGHT of the steamer CASTALIA, Anchor Line hus of Elizabeth Jane of Northcote, Howbreck Rd, Oxton

Liverpool Weekly Mercury Feb 1st 1908

KIDWELL, Jan 20th, on the steamer GEORGIC, Capt Thomas KIDWELL, Lieut, R.N.R, husband of M. M. KIDWELL, of Wallasey, late of Waterloo

Liverpool Mercury Feb 8th 1908

CRAIG, Dec 25th 1907, accidentally drowned with his wife whilst yachting on a lake near Rustenberg, South Africa, Lieut Hugh S. CRAIG. S.A.C, 3rd son of the late Robert CRAIG of Formby.

Liverpool Mercury, 11th, Jan 1913

TUNSTALL, Dec 13th, drowned in the Gulf of Mexico, Joshua aged 28, late David MC IVER Line Liverpool

Liverpool Mercury 8th Feb 1913

ELLIS, Feb 1st, at sea as a result of an accident at Point Lynas, Benjamin, aged 47, husband of L. C. ELLIS, 6 Promenade, Egremont, youngest son of the late John ELLIS, of Tranmere and Liverpool Pilot Service.

Daily Post Oct 2nd 1939

Lost at sea

HOLMES, Sept 17th Lost on H. M.S. COURAGEOUS, John William, aged 44, husband of Mary Jane, son of Mr J. W. HOLMES, mourned by Mr and Mrs HYND and little niece Thelma, 22 Russell Rd, Rock Ferry.

ROBINSON, lost on the THETIS, of 14 Baytree Rd, Tranmere, Arthur, dearly beloved husband of Muriel, funeral service at St Catherines Ch, interment at Landican cemetery

Liverpool Echo, Mon July 1st 1940

In memorial, HAZEON to the dear memory of my son Capt S. Cyril HAZEON who lost his life in H. M. S. HAMPSHIRE, sunk off the Orkneys, June 5th 1916

Liverpool Echo, April 1st 1941

CLARK March, as the result of enemy action at sea age 44 James Albert Chief Engineer Alfred Holt and Co


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