Crosby Fire Brigade long service medals 1900

Liverpool Mercury, Feb 26th, 1900

Crosby Fire Brigade

Presentation of long-service medals

On Saturday afternoon an interesting ceremony took place at the Crosby Fire Station, when Councillor Isaac C. GLOVER distributed long-service medals to the members of the fire brigade. Notwithstanding that it was generally known by the members of the council that the presentation was coming off, Mr J. BATES was the only representative present in addition to Mr GLOVER, chairman of the fire brigade committee. Amongst those present were Mrs GLOVER, Mr H. HORSELY, Mr G. W. ASHTON, Mr S. WILSON [assistant surveyor], Mr W. HALL [superintendent of the fire brigade].

In presenting the medals Mr GLOVER said they were present to show their respect for the men who risked their lives in the serving of others. It would be presumptuous on his part to dilate on the way in which their brigade conducted itself in times of necessity, but it was only right that the public should know that it was second to none as a volunteer brigade [Hear hear] This was mainly due to the exertions of Superintendent HALL, who had made them as efficient as possible in drill. He [speaker] had been in touch with the members of the brigade, and as a member he could honestly state that they had all done their duty. [Applause]. Mrs GLOVER then pinned the medals on the breasts of the men, and Miss Dorothy GLOVER handed each of them an envelope containing a gold coin.

In proposing a hearty vote of thanks to Mr and Mrs GLOVER, Mr BATES said they all fully appreciated the great interest Mr GLOVER took in the fire brigade, Superintendent HALL seconded the motion, which was carried amidst applause.

The men who received medals provided by the National Firemen's Union, were George SIMPSON, 15 years, Richard LOVELADY, 15 years, John WAINWRIGHT, 15 years, Robert SIMPSON, 15 years, John M'GUIRE, 10 years, John MEADOWS, 10 years and Henry LEATHERBARROW, 10 years. The medals were of bronze, with crimson silk ribbon, the recipients name being inscribed on the back. Three hearty cheers were given for Mr and Mrs GLOVER as they left the fire station.

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