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Courtesy of Shetland Archives, Angus Johnson, Archivist.



The Jenny, Greenwood, from the Baltick for this Port, is totally lost at the Shetlands, and all the crew perished except two boys.

14th. Feb. 1782

The Endeavour, Pile, from Dantzic to Liverpool, is totally lost at St. Ninians in Zetland. The Captain and eight men drowned, the mate and four men saved.

Gores Liverpool Advertiser, 3rd. August 1786

Captain Webster of the Bellona, who arrived here from Memel last Tuesday, says that on the 10th. July, Naze of Norway bearing NNE. 12 or 14, leagues he fell in with a fleet of French Men of War, consisting of one ship of 74 guns, two Frigates from 36 to 40 guns, eight large Sloops of War and three Cutter Brigs.

The day following fell in with and spoke a French merchantman in company with four others and a Frigate

Liverpool Mercury

January, 1864. (A condensed report)

The ROYAL VICTORIA, an iron ship, on her 1st. voyage to Calcutta, with 2000 tons of coal, went on her beam-ends on the 18th. January, and was abandoned on the 19th. Captain Leslie left in a lifeboat with fourteen hands and came ashore on the West side of Dunrossness on the 25th with only two men alive. The Captain died on the previous day. First mate John Pearson left in pinnace with seventeen hands, and landed at Melby, Sandness on 23rd. Jan. with two men dead from exposure.

With reference to one item of foregoing, one of the surviving hands in the skippers boat, a Frenchman, told the Scatness men that the Captain had been alive at dawn on the morning they landed.

When they were very close in on Scatness, he -- the sailor -- remarked to the Captain. We will soon be ashore now, sir. It is nearly over. There was no reply, and when he examined the skipper, Captain Leslie was dead.

The ship was 1444 tons burthen, classed for 22 years, value of ship: 36,000 pounds; value of cargo: 1,600 pounds owners: Fernie Brothers of Liverpool. The mate considered crew of 36 too small, and that vessel was over-masted and over-rigged.

Liverpool Mercury, Feb. 1871 :- PACIFIC, steamer, of Liverpool, Norway to Hull, lost propellor end of January, and finally drifted ashore and was wrecked on East Linga Isle, two miles from Whalsay, on the afternoon of Tuesday, 7th. Feb., and out of a crew of 26, only two men were saved on the Saturday, namely Daniel Colman and Swede Johnson.

The vessel was 1300 tons burthen. A Norwegian schooner was lost at the same time and place.

The following nameboards were reported in the same issue driven ashore at Shetland :-

JAN & GUSTAV at Whalsay.


MARYS, at D ness.

RICHARD, at Fetlar.

and a female figurehead at Walls.


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