Transfer of licenses and summons 1891, publicans and beersellers

Liverpool Mercury, August 14th 1891

Liverpool licenses transfer sessions

A special session was held yesterday in the 2nd Police Court, Dale St, for the purpose of hearing the applications for transfers or removals of victuallers and beer sellers licenses and for public music, dancing licenses etc. Alderman Thomas HUGHES presided there was also on the bench Alderman LIVINGSTON, John HUGHES and OAKSHOTT and Messers T. MATHESON, A. BILLSON, R. W. LEYLAND, J. HENDERSON and L. MORRIS.

Mr HORRIDGE on behalf of George Gordon HOUGHTON, applied for the transfer to him on the license, 25 Harrington St. The licenses until recently was in the hands of Elizabeth SPENCER, and the present applicant was the chairman of the United Brewing Company, Lid. Mr HORRIDGE said that an application in respect of this house was before the bench in July last, but it was refused on what seemed to be good grounds. The improper conduct referred to on that occasion occurred without the knowledge of Mr Sutherland BANNER, the owner of the property. The present applicant would carry on the house in a proper manner. Mrs SPENCER had now given up possession of the place and had only received £175 for her fixtures, and had practically lost the difference between £175 and £400 the value of her goodwill. The house had been closed until this present time. On the applicant being put into the box he said he had taken a lease from Mr BANNER for 14yrs at £155 per annum. He intended to look after the place himself, and have only male assistants - Cross examined by Mr MOSS [who opposed on behalf of the Head Constable], Witness said he intended to manage the place himself - Mr HARDY [who appeared on behalf of Mr BANNER] said the court had no objection to the premises, and the person who was objected to has now gone out. There was no objection to the present applicant. He thought that when a person had not been conducting a place properly, the police should at once inform the owner of the property and take proceedings against the offenders. - Mr MOSS said in objecting he did not appear in any hostile spirit, he simply wished to remind the bench that the police had been informed of certain grossly indecent and immoral conduct which took place there in January last. If this licenses was transferred the result would be, no matter how badly the house was conducted in the future, there would be no chance of successfully opposing the renewal of the license, because the person who had conducted the place in an objectionable manner would, on receiving notice of objection, only have to apply for a transfer, securing as an applicant a person against whom the police could say nothing. Mr QUILLIAM watched the case on behalf of the vigilance committee. - The magistrates retired to consider their decision, and on returning into court the chairman said, that the bench had well considered this application, and had by a majority refused it.

List of transfers of licenses the bench granted :-

17 Flint St, Solomon GRIFFITH to Catherine SOLOMON, owner John MCARDLE

38 Grinfield St, Robert DAVIES to William VALIANT, manager, owner James PORTER

75 Kensington, Archibald MORRISON to Annie A. MORRISON, tenant, Peter WALKER and son owners

2 Lower Milk St, James OíBRIEN to Robert SHAW, manager, John MELLOR

116 Northumberland St, E. J. WHITE to W. KELLY, manager, P.WALKER and son

103 Prescot St, Matilda V. MURTHWAITE to Frederick MURTHWAITE, manager, owner executors.

52 Adlington St, Catherine BEALE to William MULLIGAN, manager, R. BARKER and Co

16 Anglesea St, Edward C. PARKIN to Robert FORRESTER, tenant, United Breweries Co

18 Athol St, Margaret A. MURPHY to Farrell MC DERMOTT, tenant, Bolton Brewery Co

64 Athol St, D. WALSH to Mary KING, manageress, executors H. JOPLIN

61 Beatrice St, R. H. QUILLAM to Aloza LUTHER, manager, D. HICKSON

247 Beaufort St, Elizabeth SINGLETON to Thomas BAILEY owner

63 Bevington Hill, Richard DONNELLY to Lawrence LACY, manager, W. BRADSHAW

100 Blandford St, Ida MULLERY to Annie FARLEY, manageress, R. BARKER and Co

71 Blenheim St, Robert FISHLOCK to W. D. MURPHY, manager, R. CAIN

1 Botanic Grove, Arthur SALT to Henry KIDD, manager, BURTON, BELL and Co

10 Boundary St, George MARSHALL to Levi SANEDY, manager, P. WALKER and son

62 Boundary St, William FLETCHER to R. CHADWICK, manager, P. WALKER and son

1 Bridgewater St, Richard HOLT to H. W. SHARPE, manager, HARDING and PARRINGTON

69 Brownlow Hill, Robert MOON to Joseph JONES, manager, J. JONES and Co

2 Bute St, Charles F. HARDISTY to Thomas W. INGRAM, manager, GARDINER, THOMPSON and Co

2 Cable St, Frederick E. GRANBY to John William MATHIAS, manager, P. WALKER and son

10 Canning Place, Robert BARR to Charlotte STUART, tenant, ATKINSON and Co

34 Canning Place, Thomas GRIFFITHS to Adam C. HISLOP, manager, T. MONTGOMERY

25 Canterbury St, Alice EASTHAM to William SWARBRICK, manager, P. WALKER and son

65 Caryl St, Emily J. HUNTER to William CHERRY, manager, trustees of John PARRY

2 Chapel St, John HARRINGTON to Richard WYNN, manager, P. WALKER and son

76 Chatsworth St, Elizabeth BLACKBURNE to Charlotte WRIGHT, tenant, BENTíS Brewery Co

1 Clarence St, Henry THOMAS to John E. SALISBURY, manager United Brewery Co

9 College Lane, Henry FORMBY to Cloris TETART, tenant, ORRELL and FORMBY

89 Cresswell St, Augusta A. D. KORRO to Augusta A. D. ROBINSON, tenant, W. BRADSHAW

62 Crown St, James OWEN to Thomas EASTHAM, tenant, H. OWENS

63 Darnley St, Frederick TIPPING to John READ, tenant, G. ORMROD

2 Dexter St, Thomas BAILEY to John MCVEIGHT, manager, John G. SYKES

15 Dickinson St, Elizabeth CHAPMAN to Elizabeth GARRITS, tenant, MCADAM and Co

15 Duncan St, Michael REYNOLDS to Richard PARKINSON, manager, HARDING and PARRINGTON

1 Dundas St, Thomas MULLIN to Michael WALSH, manager, D. HIGSON

63 Durning Rd, William POYSER to William BROWN, manager, R. CAIN

16 Earle St, Eliza POLLITT to Elizabeth RIELY, owner

2 Ethiopia St, Robert JOHNSTON to Godfrey C. BANKS, manager, COOK Bros

226 Falkner St, Sarah MELBOURNE to John LLOYD, manager, GARDNER and Co

2 Greyson St, Walter HULME to Michael LECHE, tenant, Bryan HENSHAW

27 Great Charlotte St, Edwin W. KIRKUP to Alfred N. RILEY, manager, executors of H. JOPLIN

34 Great Homer St, George MORLEY To George ROWSON, manager, P. WALKER and son

110 Great Howard St, John GILBERTSON to Denis HALPIN, manager, BENTíS Brewery Co

126 Great Howard St, Mary Ellen ROGAN to Patrick J. HANRATTY, manager, ORRELL Brewing Co

5 Great Newton St, William W. TOWNSON to Maria WOOD, tenant, R. TAYLOR

24 Greenwood St, Walter E. BIBBY to Paul MCDOWELL, manager, ORRELL Brewing Co

23 Greetham St, William BAINES to Thomas J. GRADY, tenant, James MILLER and sons

60 Harbord St, George F. THORPE to Joseph H. WARD, manager, J. PORTER

17 Hawthorne Grove, Thomas WALTON to Alfred BENTLEY, manager, United Breweries Co

98 Heyworth St, James THRELFALL to Thomas EAVES, manager, BENTíS Brewery Co

76 Highfield St, William E. WILLIAMS to William R. CREWDSON, manager, Oldfield Brewery Co

2 Highgate St, E. CULSHAW to Simeon SMITH, manager, R. CAIN

2 Howe St, Daniel CONNOLLY to Charles BIRD, manager, United Breweries Co

48 Hunter St, John HEANEY to John H. LLOYD, tenant, J. MELLOR and sons

68 Islington, Frederick CHAMBERS to Henry BAKER, owner

7 Kent St, Charles FOLEY to Thomas A. DUNLOP, tenant, George HARDIKER

23 Langsdale St, Henry EASTHAM to R. T. SHELLARD, manager, P. WALKER and son

77 Lime St, James M. HENDERSON to Augusta HENDERSON, manageress, A. B. VINES

81 Lime St, A. B. VINES to John HENDERSON, tenant

2 Lloyd St, Thomas COOKSON to Peter WHITE, tenant, United Breweries Co

23 London Rd, John ARCHDEACON to Thomas MONTGOMERY, tenant, Eliza HEALTHY

191 London Rd, Frederick EVANS to Charles GRIFFITHS, manager, P. WALKER and son

196 London Rd, James GRACE to Sidney BOALER, manger, executors H. JOPLIN

5 Manchester St, Martha A. OWENS to Ellen DíESPINEY, tenant, George WOOD

89 Mill St, Joseph HARRISON to George NEVILLE, owner

191 Mill St, James WHITE to Thomas GERRARD, tenant, G. GERRARD

1 Moorfields, Eliza SPENCER to Henry T. DENYER, tenant, R. CLAMP

10 Newhall St, Lewis COMOTTO to Robert BANNAH [or Hannah], manager, J. GLOVER

84 North Hill St, William B. CALTON to Robert FISHLOCK, manager, R. CAIN

94 Paddington, Mathew S. BEE to William BELL, tenant, John GRICE

120 Park Rd, Isaac CLIFFE to James A. WALKER, manager, THRELFALLíS Brewery Co

141 Park St, Louisa BLACKBURNE, to Isaac CLIFFE, tenant, HARDING and PARRINGTON

21 Parr St, Alice KENYON to John L. GOODRICH, tenant, United Breweries Co

75 Pitt St, Harriett SHAKSPEAR to Thomas F. DOWNEY, manager, BURTON Brewery Co

1 Queens St, Arthur J. GRUNDY to J. MORE, manager, BOLTON Brewery Co

106 Queensland St, William BELL to J. W. FARAGHER, manager, John S. MCCABE

25 Ranelagh St, James ROUTLEDGE Jnr to J. THORNBER, manager, P. WALKER and son

33 Rathbone St, Thomas WILLIAMS to George PATTINSON, manager, THRELFALLíS Brewery Co

2 Raymond St, William BROWN to Thomas J. SIMPSON, manager, R. CAIN

1 Redcross St, Samuel GRIFFITHS to William H. NICHOLSON, manager, P. WALKER and son

65 Richmond Row, William CARROLL to Alice MARSHALL, tenant, J. H. MELLOR

93 Rydal St, Alfred KNOWLES to James TWEEDLE, manager, D. HIGSON

129 St James St, Thomas J. THOMPSON to Llewellyn J. ROLANDS, tenant, J. PARRY

2 St Johns Lane, Sarah MADDOX to George DINNEL, manager, BENTíS Brewery Co

10 Salisbury St, Arthur MEREDITH to Thomas J. HINDLEY, manager, R. CAIN

2 Scotland Rd, Simeon SMITH to R. KINGSTON, manager, R. CAIN

42 Scotland Rd, Joseph JONES to Robert ROBERTS, manager, J. ATKINS

49 Scotland Rd, Joseph G. DIGGLES to Thomas J. WEBSTER, manager, SEGAR and Co

400 Scotland Rd, John WYLIE to Rebecca LOSH, tenant, HARDING and PARRINGTON

17 Sellar St, J. W. MONTGOMERY to Thomas CATO, manager, BENTíS Brewery Co

1 Smith St, William. C. E. FANE, to David MOODIE, manager, ORRELL Brewery Co

41 Stanley St, J. H. COTTLE to George HANDLEY, manager, BENTíS Brewery Co

12 Steel St, John MCKENZIE to Robert SMITH, manager, executors E. CUBBIN

33 Tatlock St, Thomas KEWLEY to S. WRIGHT, manager, G. KEWLEY and son

1 Thornclif St, James BURKE to G. MORLEY, tenant, United Breweries Co

202 Upper Frederick St, Richard STEDMAN to R. WANBOW, manager, P. WALKER and son

26 Upper Harrington St, William JONES to S. C. ROBINSON, manager, G. W. MUNFORD

2 Upper Milk St, Alice MACKLIN to Owen LENNON, manager, BENíT Brewery Co

73 Upper Warwick St, J. LEARY to J. FAIRE, manager, J. G. SYKES

92 Vauxhall Rd, Margaret JONES to Catherine CONNELLY, manageress, I. GRACE

97 Vauxhall Rd, James WOOLFALL to G. R. HALES, owner

130 Vauxhall Rd, J. W. BEBINGTON to Mary MULCRONE, tenant, THRELFALLíS Brewery Co

22 Village St, George RIMMER to Thomas WALTON, tenant, R. BARKER and Co

6 Walker St, Edward OWENS to Charles TURNER, manager, J. JONES and Co

26 Waterloo Rd, H. JONES to J. T. GRIFFITHS, manager, P. CLARE

71 Waterloo Rd, P. T. JORDAN to Annie JORDAN, tenant, P. T. JORDAN

2 Watmough St, Mary F. MELLOR to Daniel CONNELLY, manager, ORRELL Brewery Co

150 West Derby Rd, William COX to Margaret BOURNE, tenant, GREENALL, WHITLEY and Co

221 Westminster Rd, Arthur H. WARE, to J. LEMAN, manager, BURTON, BELL and Co

331 Westminster Rd, J. V. YOUNG to A. H. WARE, manager, BURTON, BELL and Co

26 Winter St, J. KNOWLES to H. PHIPPS, manager, D. HIGSON

24 Wood St, W. GICK to J. DAVIS, tenant, J. LYNCH

42 Woodhouse St, A. N. RILEY to G. F. THORPE, manager, COOK Brothers

15 Cadmus St, H. FLANAGAN to Ellen CRONIN, tenant, H. A. PHILLIPS

29 Frederick St, Sarah MAHONEY to Margaret E. KILBY, manageress, G. JONES

245 Scotland Rd, Richard BECKETT to W. P. BECKETT, tenant, E. ASHORT

158 Beresford Rd, William P. BATSON to Margaret CROKE, manageress, BENTíS Brewery Co

12 Bickerstaff St, T. FISHER to B. ATHES, manager, J. W. CROSBY

8 Bridgewater St, John BROWN to Francis KELLY, manager, M. MCCLERY

52 China St, G. GRAHAM to Sarah MELBOURNE, manageress, GARDNER and Co

41 Devonshire Place, Maria MCKEW to T. MCNALLY, manager, BENTíS Brewery Co

24 Earle Rd, Janet CROWTHER to Jonathan CROWTHER, tenant, James MCLAREN

38 Exley St, Martha CLEMENTS to Michael MURPHY, tenant, James HUGHES

31 Gregson St, Martha PROUDLOVE to William CAMPBELL, tenant, TYRER. KENYON and Co

33 Iliad St, E. GEORGE to Mary A. THORPE, tenant, P. WALKER and son

77 Mann St, William MILLIGAN to Catherine THOMPSON, manageress, R. BARKER and Co

36 Ogwen St, James ROBERTS to John SAWEY, manager, T. MCLERY

9 Oliver St, T. MOYLAN to P. H. PEATE, manager, R. BARKER and Co

87 Overbury St, J. LODGE to E. A. OWEN, manager, G. W. MUMFORD

22 Parliament Place, J. WILSON to H. F. READ, tenant, N. SHEPHERD

126 Pembroke Place, G. LEIGH to Walter LEIGH, tenant, W. HOPPS

48 Rokeby St, A. R. MARTIN to J. HEATHLY, manager, R. BARKER and Co

140 Walton Rd, Lucy TIDSWELL to Elizabeth MCNEILL, tenant, W. WHITLER

14 Willoughby St, A. TAYLOR to John CLEMENTS, tenant, R. BARKER and Co

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