Lifeboats 1896

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 1st 1897

Lifeboat services in 1896

The last three years have been somewhat remarkable for the absence of any long continuance of stormy weather, and the year 1896, taking it altogether, proved to be one of the finest and quietist years experienced during the last decade. Whole weeks past without a single lifeboat being launched on service, and it was only, speaking generally, in the early closing months of the year, that the services of the lifeboats and their crews were frequently called for. Whenever, however, these were needed, there was no timid hanging back, and many a shipwrecked mariner was gallantly rescued by them.

The heaviest gales of the year occurred on the 25th September and the 6th October. During the first of these 25 lifeboats were launched, resulting in the saving of 24 lives, and the landing of 39 other persons from vessels in dangerous positions. An enormous amount of damage was done, particularly on the west coast, to the lifeboat houses, stages, slipways etc, during these two gales. The tide which accompanied the gale of the 8th October was alleged to have been the highest, in many places on record. Only one lifeboat man lost his life on service during the year, and that from an accident not in any way due to the lifeboat.

The details of the services rendered by the lifeboats during the year are as follows:-

Brigantine KELPIE of South Shields, 7 lives saved

Coble SECRET of Whitby, 4 lives saved

Brigantine MARIE LOUISE, stood by vessel

Steamer DUNDEE of Glasgow, 4 lives saved

Steamer LIFFEY of London, remained by vessel

Schooner REGINA of Jersey, 4 lives saved

Coble YOUNG JANE of Cullercoats, stood by vessel

Lugger ISABELLE of Wick, 6 lives saved

Barquentine ALBERT. T. YOUNG of Faversham, landed 6 men and remained by vessel

Barque GLENBERVIS of Glasgow rendered assistance

Coble FRIENDS OF ROBIN HOOD'S BAY, stood by vessel

Steamer ROSSTREVOR of Dublin, landed 17 passengers

Smack GOVERNOR READY, of Douglas saved vessel and three lives

Yawl ANNIE of Wexford rendered assistance

Fishing Coble LIONEL stood by vessel

Schooner REFORM of Stavanger, saved 9 lives

Schooner SCOTIA of Inverness remained by vessel

Cutter ADELINE of Great Yarmouth saved one life

Schooner LIZZIE of Chester, landed 5 people

Schooner LADDIE of St John's Newfoundland, landed 7 people

Schooner JANET of Carnarvon, rendered assistance

Brigantine WAREE of WARCE ? of Dundalk, saved 4 lives

Ketch TEMPTER of Hull, landed 3 people

Steamtug ALBERT of Chester, assisted crew

Fishing smack HARRIET of Marshside saved vessel and 4 lives

Ship MACMILLAN of Glasgow, assisted to save vessel

Ketch RIVAL, of Rye, saved 2 lives

Fishing smack, PRAIRIE FLOWER, saved vessel and one life

Cutter LUFFRA of Douglas, saved one life

Brig FLAMINGO, of Farsund, assisted to save vessel and 8 lives

Ship MARECHAL SUCHET, of London, stood by vessel

Dandy CHANTIELEER of Lowestoft, assisted to save vessel

Steamer FLYING FALCON of Liverpool, landed 76 passengers

Schooner NOBLE of Banff, assisted to save vessel

Cutter GRACE DARLING of Ramsey, saved 3 lives

Schooner KATE of Peel, rendered assistance

Pilot cutter POLLY of Barry, saved vessel and two lives

SS. LADY GREY of West Hartlepool, assisted to save vessel

Cutter ATALANTA, landed crew and took vessel into harbour

Brig PRINCE CONSORT of Faversham, rendered assistance

Smack CHRISTIANA of Cardigan, saved 2 lives

Steamer EGLINTON of Glasgow, rendered assistance

Dandy ENDEAVOUR of Lowestoft, landed 4 people

Barque AGDER of Frederickstadt, saved 4 lives

Lugger MYSTERY of Lowestoft, saved vessel and five lives

ANNE AND BETSY of Aberporth, landed 2 people

Ketch ELIZA AND ALICE of Goole stood by vessel

Flat CATHERINE of Liverpool, saved 2 lives

Ketch SUSSEX BELLE of London, saved vessel and 6 lives

ALBATROSS of Aberporth, landed two people

Schooner AIRE of Goole, saved 4 lives

Barquentine LIANA, rendered assistance

Ketch CLARA of Milford, assisted to save vessel and 3 lives

Schooner TOM HENRY of Kirkwall, saved 5 lives

Steamer ELLINGTON of Newcastle, rendered assistance

Schooner MERSEY of Dublin, saved 3 lives

Barque BANKLANDS of Liverpool landed three passengers

Ketch KATE MUDD, stood by vessel

Barque GIOVANNI of Lillesand, saved 13 lives

Barque PALME, saved 5 lives

Schooner LAKE PATAS, of Barrow, landed five people

Schooner WILLIAM AND HENRY of Wicklow, saved vessel and crew of 3

Ketch SAGE of Caernarfon, landed three people

Barque MINDE of Farsund, saved 11 lives

Trawler HADASSAH of Aberystwyth, saved vessel

Schooner SAMUEL DIXON of Wexford, landed four people

Schooner MARGARET of Wexford, landed three people

Brigantine BROTHERS of Drogheda, saved 5 lives

Brigantine RIVAL of Belfast, landed five people

Flat SEFTON of Liverpool saved 4 lives

Smack MARY of Lynmouth, rendered assistance

Schooner MOUSE of Cardigan, landed three people

Barge RUBY of London, saved vessel and 4 lives

Schooner JOHN GIBSON of Fleetwood, landed four people

Schooner KER PLANT of Padstow, landed eight people

Dandy JOLLY TAR of Lowestoft saved 5 lives

Smack TOPAZ of Milford landed three people

Ketch W. S. SCOTT, of Newport, landed four people

Southend Pier Extension Works, saved 7 lives

Barquentine MARIA BERNER, landed ten people

Dandy SILVER KING of Hull, saved 6 lives

Lugger JULES NOEMI of Redon, saved 7 lives

Schooner DOROTHY WATSON of Shields, rendered assistance

Fishing lugger OCEAN PEARL, saved 8 lives

Schooner WATER BIRD of Liverpool, landed five people

Ship SOUDAN of Liverpool, saved 35 lives

Brigantine EMMA IVES of Dublin, stood by vessel

Galliot DINA, of Groningen, saved 6 lives

Schooner THOMAS of Liverpool assisted to save vessel and 3 lives

Brigantine THYRA of Ronne, saved 9 lives.

Barque AMALIA of Gothenburg, rendered assistance

Barquentine GOLGOTHA of Riga, saved vessel and 10 lives

Ketch ASKELON of Jersey, landed three people

Schooner OCEAN BELLE of Beaumaris, saved 3 lives

SS ARDLE of Dundee, remained by vessel

Skiff JANE of Swansea, save one life

Steamer BLESK of Odessa, saved 43 lives

Steamer PROPITIOUS of Sunderland remained by vessel and landed 47 men

Steamer MENZALEH of London, rendered assistance

Brigantine LORD GAINSBOROUGH of Jersey, assisted to save vessel and 7 lives

Cutters HILDA and LAUREL, remained in attendance on boats

Barque OPHIR of Arendal saved 2 lives

Ketch PROGRESS of Aberystwyth landed five people

Steam trawler PANSY of North Shield, saved 8 lives

SS. HAWK, of Hull, rendered assistance

Ketch ELIZABETH, of Newport, saved 2 lives and assisted to save vessel

Ketch LITTLE JANE of Plymouth rendered assistance

Schooner EVA of Runcorn saved 2 lives

Brigantine NEPTUNE of Helsingborg remained by vessel

A man who fell from the quay at Penzance saved his life

Brigantine ELIZABETH JANE of Fowey rendered assistance

Schooner FLORA EMILY of Burghead, saved 5 lives

Barque SOPHIE of Frederickstadt remained by vessel

Good service was rendered to fishing vessels in danger during stormy weather at Arbroath, Berwick-on-Tweed, Flamborough, Cullercoats, Holy Island, Runswick, Whitby, North Sunderland, Scarborough, Newbiggin, Staithes, Redcar, Montrose, Port Erin, St Andrews and Eyemouth.

This grand list of services includes saving 312 lives and much valuable property, 20 vessels having been rescued from total or partial loss, besides which scores of fishing boats returning from the fleets would have been unable to make the harbours, and would probably have been wrecked, had it not been for the important assistance of the lifeboats. Altogether the boats were launched for service 341 times during the year, and the crews of the lifeboats also assembled on 49 other occasions in readiness to go off in their boats should their services be required. Rewards were also granted by the institution for the saving of 149 lives by means of shore-boats during the year, bringing up the total number of lives for the saving of which the society granted rewards in 1896 to 451 and to 39,815 since 1824. The cost of maintaining the institutions fleet of 298 lifeboats in thorough efficiency is increasingly heavy and the amount received in annual subscriptions and accruing from assured income is insufficient for the purpose. Annual subscriptions and donations will be gladly received by the secretary Charles DIBDIN Esq., 14 John St, Adelphi, London, by any of the branch honorary secretaries and by all the bankers in the United Kingdom.

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