JEANNETTE Arctic exploration



Liverpool Journal 14th January 1882,

The loss of the JEANNETTE

St Peters telegram, thurs from Irkutsk. Lieut DONENHAVER arrived on Dec 17th, at Yakutsk, with 6 other survivors of the JEANNETTE, Commander De LONG and 13 men on boat number 3 not heard of up to Nov 16th, when DONENHAVER left ?oulenga the nearest inhabited part at the mouth of the Lena.

January 14th.

Arctic Exploration

The loss of the JEANNETTE

Fate of the missing explorers.

St Petersburg Jan 8th – a special despatch has been received from M. SULKOWSKI dated Irkutsk, Dec 26th – at 10 on the morning of 9th Aug, I parted with the WILLIAM RODGERS which shaped her course to Herald Island. The clipper STRELOK then returned to the Chinese ports. Up to that time the STERLOK and WILLIAM RODGERS had kept company. They were joined in Providence Bay by an American schooner having on board the Captain of a whaler, which had stranded. The captain said he had seen a boat with dead men on board, which had been driven on Herald Island. The boat contained silver spoons with the name Jeannette engraved on them. In consequence the Captain of the WILLIAM RODGERS proceeded to Herald Island with the view of wintering there, amnd with the aid of dogs purchased in Kamaschatka, send out his crew, to various parts of the island to search for the lost explorers.

Telegram from St Petersburg – telegram from Irkutsk, 7th inst, SULKOWSKI Governor of Eastern Siberia left to assist in the search of the JEANNETTE. Since the RODGERS U.S War vessel [sent by the American Government to search for the JEANNETTE] left Herald Island. She has been in Providence Bay where she fell in with another American schooner whose crew had seen the JEANNETTTE crushed in the ice, with several, dead on board. The RODGERS will winter at Herald Island and send news by way of China.

February 11th,

New York Herald

Following despatch received from Lieut DANERHAVER respecting the loss of the JEANNETTE

Irkutsk, Feb 4th, Lieut De LONG was between stations, Buleur and Sisterovick, in a narrow wilderness, 80 miles long.

The new search expedition would build huts and go over every part of the region, which is ploughed by heavy drift ice every spring. During the afternoon of the day before the boats parted, Lieut CHIPP’S boat made the best way, and about dusk was 1,000 yds off, and was seen to lower sail as it rounded towards the other boat, and at daylight nothing was to be seen. CHIPP’S could not have got back to the islands in a north-east gale, and was unable to carry his share of provisions.

Jeannette Island was discovered May 16th in lat 76.47, and is small and rocky. Hennetta Island was discovered May 24th, lat 78.8 and is an extensive Island, animals scarce and many glaciers. Bennett Island is very large, and was found in lat 76.38, there was a quantity of birds, driftwood and coal on it.

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