Southport Visiter

April 6th 1850


On Friday and Saturday last we were visited by very severe gales blowing, S.S.E to S.S.W, during which the shipping along the coast suffered severely, and several lives have, we regret to say, been lost.

On Saturday morning the mail steamer THETIS, which made her passage good during the late tremendous gale, on the night of Tuesday the 5th, and morning of Wednesday the 6th, Feb, did not arrive here till Saturday morning at 5.30, 5hrs beyond her usual time.

The FIREFLY from Adrosson, the PRINCESS ALICE from Fleetwood, arrived the same time.

The steamers ATHLONE and WILLIAM PENN, which sculed hence on Friday night for Liverpool, put back on Saturday.

The ATHLONE bore up on the Calf of Mann.

The WINDSOR which should have sailed on Saturday evening, did not leave till Sunday morning, when she, the WILLIAM PENN and ATHLONE proceeded on the same tide to Liverpool.

The steamer LYRA, which left Greenock on Saturday evening at 7, with the mails, arrived next morning at 5.30, 3hrs beyond her time.

The PRINCE OF WALES, which left here on Friday evening, and for whose safety great fears were entertained, encountered the gales, and arrived safe at Fleetwood on Saturday afternoon.

The BLENHEIM arrived here on Sunday, from Liverpool, the storm still being very severe, at 1.15pm.

On her passage off the Mew Island, Donaghadee, she passed a quantity of wreckage, which proved to be that of the cargo of the Barque TERESA JANE, WRIGHT Master, of and from Liverpool, with a general cargo, which went ashore on Mew Rocks, on Saturday night at 11pm, and has become a total wreck. Some of the cargo of calicoes have been saved and landed in Groomsport. We are sorry to say the Master and crew of 6, were washed overboard and drowned.

The Barque BUNNELL of Lancaster, William FOSTER, Master, went ashore on the rocks at Cooney Island Bay, nr Ardglass on Friday night.

The schooner PEGGY of Portgordon, REID Master, from Liverpool to Aberdeen, loaded with salt, was driven ashore in Cloughey Bay, on Friday morning, she has little damage, but her cargo will have to be discharged before she can be got off.

The brig SPARTAN, RORGE Master, from Liverpool to the Mediterranean, has been put into this Lough leaky.

The schooner PRESTON, WILSON Master, of Belfast from Dundalk to Llanelly, was wrecked on Saturday on the Cammon Rock, not a single soul of those composing of the crew were saved.

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