Loss of the FORERUNNER

Northern Times

Nov 10th 1854

Wreck of the FORERUNNER, American mail steamer

Advices have been recieved at Lloyds containing intelligence of the wreck of the FORERUNNER, screw steamer, off Sorento Point, with the loss of 14 lives.

Northern Times

Nov 16th 1854

Saved and lost of passengers and crew at the wreck of the steam-packet ship FORERUNNER

Forwarded by the British Consul at Madeira

List of officers and crew of the contract :-


James STEWART, Chief Engineer

Robert STOBARD, 2nd engineer

Humphrey BRAMMAH, 3rd engineer

Firemen, Barvey CAMPBELL, Frank CAMPBELL, John CARTER

Alfred RAY, 2nd steward

John EDWARDS, Forecabin steward

Albert PERSICK, Cabin servant

Thomas DAVIS, 1st cook

William HARDING, 2nd cook

Robert ELLIS, 3rd cook

Seamen, Henry GILBERT, Antonia SILVESTER, William WALKER, George EDWARDS, James EVANS, Andrew CLARKE, John NEIL, Charles BLEWITT, William HOOK


James MORE, Chief officer, GRINSTEAD, 2nd officer, Charles HILL, Boatswain, William SMITH, Boatswain’s mate, James A. KEELER, 1st steward, Samuel WEBB, Cabin boy, James GEORGE, Fireman, Thomas EDWARDS, Fireman, James PHILLIPS, Carpenter, William HILL, seaman, James PASSMORE, seaman



A. C. KENNEDY Esq Governor of Sierra Leone, N. B. BEDINGFIELD, Lieut, R.N, late of HMS PLUTO, John EVANS, Clerk of the works Sierra Leone, C. J. VINALL, Schoolmaster, Cape Coast Castle, Kate ENGLISH [child], daughter of Mrs ENGLISH, widow of the late Capt ENGLISH of the 3rd West India Regt, Robert MITCHELL, late engineer of the Government steamer DOVER, Thomas GREGORY, Master mariner, invalid, Joseph BURNETT, Master mariner of condemned ship, MC CROSKY, merchant of Lagos, Thomas CARNISHE, Austrian seaman


Mrs ENGLISH widow of the late Capt ENGLISH, 3rd W. I. Regt, Lieut CHILD, Gold Coast Corps, Mr VIRTU, Merchant, Sierra Leone.

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