Liverpool Mercury, May 9th, 1908


Grave anxiety is being manifested in Liverpool for the safety of the steel ship FALKLANDBANK, very considerably overdue on her voyage from Liverpool and Port Talbot for Caleta Buena.

She arrived in Liverpool on October 2nd last from Caleta Buena to load for the West Coast of South America, to the agency of Messers, William LOWDEN and Co, 17 Water St. The crew were signed on at Central Shipping Office, Canning Place, a large number of her men belonging to Liverpool.

Prior to leaving the Mersey she was in the Glover’s Graving Dock, and should therefore be in good sailing condition.

She left Liverpool on October 24th, and arrived at the Welsh loading port 2 days later, remaining there till November 9th, when she sailed for Valparaiso. She was spoken 2 days after leaving port in lat. 49N. long. 8W., and again in lat. 31S. long 46W. by the ship CHECCO which arrived at Monte Video on December 27th.

The American ship KENILWORTH was caught in a heavy gale on December 30th, off the River Plate and thrown on her beam-ends, which resulted in her loss. It is feared that disaster has overtaken the FALKLANDBANK in the same gale, for she would be in the same position at the time.

Capt J. A. ROBBINS her commander, has been 35 yeas in active service, and in the last 10 yrs he has held command with Messers Andrew WEIR and Co, Glasgow.

The FALKLANDBANK is now 180 days out of port, the Liverpool ship BARCORE left Barry 9 days after the FALKLANDBANK and arrived out of Caleta Colosa on March 20th, after a passage of 123 days.

The FALKLANDBANK is a steel ship, 1,913 tons, gross, 1,781 tons net, built in 1894 by Messers MACKIE and THOMSON of Glasgow, and owned by Messers A. WEIR and Co, Hope St, Glasgow, she would carry a crew of about 35 men.

May 23rd 1908

The continued absence of the four masted ship FALKLANDBANK is causing great anxiety in shipping circles and it is feared she has been lost with a crew of over 30 men. Although several of the Liverpool crew deserted at Port Talbot it is known 8 of her seamen resided in Liverpool.

The following Liverpool men were on the FALKLANDBANK when she left Port Talbot:-

Carpenter Eric H. PRINCE, Pitt St

Sailmaker D. HORNBY, Heyworth St

Steward M. CHRISTIE, Sterne St

Seaman George O’HARA, Hawthorne Rd

S. LERSON, Granville St

W. HANSEN, Bailey St

H. FARQUALKSEN, Granville St

2nd Officer LINTON, belonged to Glasgow

Chief Officer LAING belonged to Kirkcaldy

Boatswain CAPES belonged to Whitehaven


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