Dreadful mortality on board emigrant ships

Liverpool Journal

24th Feb 1849

Ship fever and smallpox

The packet ship CAMBRIDGE, Capt PEABODY, after a long and boisterous passage from Liverpool, and last from Cork with 338 passengers, 25 of the steerage passengers died on the passage of ship fever and smallpox, and a great many are sick and were taken on shore at Quarantine, New York, 6th Feb.


Northern Times

Nov 10th 1854

Dreadful mortality on board emigrant ships

The ship J. R. GILCHRIST from Liverpool arrived at New York on the 22nd and lost the carpenter Mr A. BRANDT of Boston by cholera on the passage, besides 13 others, supposed passengers.

The ship JACOB A. WESTERVELT arrived the same day from Liverpool and had 30 deaths on the passage.

The packet ship WEST POINT, Capt WILLIAMS, arrived on the 23rd from Liverpool and lost 18 passengers and 2 seamen by cholera, the disease making its appearance on the 5th ult, 12 days out, owing to several crew being sick with the disease the pumps had to be manned by passengers to keep the vessel free, she having sprung a leak in a gale.

The clipper ship GOVERNOR MORTON arrived on the 24th from Liverpool and lost 34 passengers by cholera on the passage.

The ship EDGAR P. STRINGER arrived on the 25th from Harve and had 23 deaths on the passage from cholera.

The SOUTH CAROLINA also arrived from New York from Rotterdam having 50 deaths on the voyage.


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