Sale of Mr Edward OLIVERíS ships 1854

Northern Times Dec 8th 1854

Sale of Mr Edward OLIVERíS ships yesterday

The sale of Mr Edward OLIVERíS Estate took place by order of the trustees yesterday at the cotton sale-room, Exchange buildings.

Messers TONGE CURRY and Co and Messers CUNARD MUNN and Co being the brokers.

Mr CUNARD announced a deposit of 5 per cent would be required.

ABYSSINIAN, 1,155 tons built at Restigouche in 1854, classed 7yrs, copper fastened, L 188ft, B 31ft, D 22ft in Brunswick Dock, Mr James JOHNSON purchased at £9,200

ALICE WALTON, 845 tons o.m, 794 tons n.m, built at Digby N.S, this year, copper fastened, L 164ft, B 27ft, D 21ft, Messers KIRK and FURNESS of Liverpool purchased for £5,820

CHARLES CHALONER, 799 tons. o.m, 871 tons n.m, built at St Johns 1846, sheathed in yellow metal in 1851, L 148ft, B 29ft, D 21ft, purchased by Mr J. WARDLAW of Belfast for £4,880

CITY OF LINCOLN, 740 tons o.m, 891 tons n.m, built Quebec in 1847 copper fastened, classed 5yrs, sheathed with zinc, L 150ft, B 28ft, D 20ft. On her passage to Bombay, half owned by Messers CARTER and Co, London, half Mr OLIVER, purchased by Mr James ALEXANDER of Liverpool for £2,005

EMPIRE QUEEN, 860 tons, o. m 992 tons, n.m built New Brunswick 1847, A1 for 4yrs, sheathed in yellow metal, L155ft, B 31ft, D. 22ft, At Algiers chartered by the French Govt to convey troops and stores to Constantinople. Purchased by Messers John S. De WOLFE and Co of Liverpool for £5,020.

GRAND TRIANON, 1062 tons built New Brunswick 1854, copper fastened, class 7yrs, L 175ft, B 35ft, D 22ft, in the Birkenhead dock, purchased by Messers COLTART and Co of Liverpool for £9,150.

GEORGINA, Barque, 647 tons, built Baltimore 1834, sheathed in yellow metal, L 134ft, B 27ft, D 22ft. At Queenstown having discharged timber from Quebec, purchased by Messers B and J. WILSON of Liverpool for £2,405.

HARRIET WILD, Brigantine, 202 tons built Nova Scotia 1849, L 90ft, B 19ft, D 13ft, in Queens Dock Liverpool, purchased by Mr PATTERSON for £930.

KING WILLIAM, 405 tons, o.m, 463 tons n.m, built Whitby 1831, classed A1 10yrs, restored 1842 for 7yrs, had repairs this year classed red star and resheathed with yellow metal, L 104ft, B 25ft, D 19ft. Loading at Sierra Leone chartered for the U. K. purchased by Mr GIBSON for £3,540.

MONTMORENCY, 812 tons o.m, 751 n.m built Quebec 1854, copper fastened, L 165 ft, B 28ft, D 18ft, in Queens Dock, purchased by Mr James BAINES Liverpool for £6,640

MONTEZUMA, Barque, 462 tons o.m, 524 tons n.m, built Quebec 1846, classed AE1, yellow metalled, L 117ft, B 26ft, D 18ft in Bramley Moore Dock, purchased by WILSON Bros Liverpool for £2,510.

MARGARET AND JANE, Barque, 342 tons o.m, 347 tons, n.m, in Bramley Moore Dock built P.E. Island 1853, classed A1 for 6yrs, L 107ft, B 22ft, D 17ft, purchased by John S. De WOLFE and Co Liverpool for £2,840

NEW YORK PACKET Barque 642 tons, o.m, 685 ton, n.m built New Brunswick 1839, classed AE1 sheathed in yellow metal 1853, L 130ft, B 28ft, D 20ft, at Quebec loading, purchased by Mr G. P. OXLEY Liverpool for £3,110

PEMBERTON, 1,050tons o.m, 1.853, n.m, built Quebec 1846, classed AE1, sheathed in yellow metal 1853, tween decks over 8ft, L 160ft, B 34ft, D 24ft, in Birkenhead Dock, purchased by Mr James JOHNSON of Liverpool for £6,310

POLYNESIA, 66tons o.m, 731tons n.m, built Picton N.S, 1852, classed A1 for 4yrs, felted and sheathed with zinc, L 139ft, B 29ft, D22ft, on passage from Callao to Spain with guano, chartered, purchased by Mr GIBSON for £6,510

ROVER, Schooner, 53tons built Prince Edward Island 1847, overhauled this year, sheathed with felt and zinc, L 60ft, B 14ft D 8ft, At Benin Africa as tender to Mr OLIVERíS Ships, purchased by Mr Leopold SAMPSON, Manchester for £300.

SANDFORD, Brigantine, 172 tons, o.m, 198 tons, n.m, built Guernsey 1844, lengthened 1851, 1852 A1 for 3yrs, sheathed in yellow metal 1853, L 88ft, B 20ft, D 11ft, In West India dock, London, purchased by John SHELSTON Plymouth for £1,340.

SEA KING, 773tons, built St Andrews N.B, 1845 sheathed in yellow metal, L 140ft, B 30ft, D 20ft, in Brunswick Dock, purchased by Mr R. KIRWAN of Fleetwood for £3,960.

THAMES Barque, 768tons, o.m, 858tons, n.m, built St Johns N.B, 1846, classed AE1, yellow metalled 1852, L 145ft, B 29ft, D 22ft, in Brunswick Dock, purchased by Mr De WOLFE for £4,560.

THEODORE 886 tons o.m, 1,663 tons n.m, built Quebec 1849, classed A1, 5yrs, sheathed in yellow metal this year, L 160ft B 30ft, D 22ft at New York, purchased by John S. De WOLFE and Co of Liverpool for £6,005.

WESTERN BRIDE, 1,121 tons built St Johns N.B, 1854, copper fastened, L 176 ft B 31ft, D 23ft, 4yr ship in Union Dock, purchased by Messers KIRK and FURNESS Liverpool for £7,800.

AUSTRALIA, Brig 272tons, built Nova Scotia 1852, L 93ft, B 23ft, D 15ft in Brunswick Dock, purchased by Mr J. S. De WOLFE for £1,405.

22 vessels were sold and realised £103,050.

52 vessels unsold.

The PELTON being lost, EUPATONIA condemned, SOLWAY injured, they were not put up and the SOVEREIGN withdrawn.

Kindly forwarded by Harry Dodsworth

Edward Oliver was a ship-builder in Quebec who moved to Liverpool and became a major shipbroker.

In 1854, he had a large inventory of sailing ships which he anticipated chartering as Crimean War transports. However the military chartered many steamships instead.

Edward Oliver went bankrupt; this sale was of part of his assets.

The collapse of this business caused a slump in Quebec shipbuilding and prices for vessels in 1855 were about half the price in 1854.

Source: The Charley-Man by Eileen Marcil

The ship listed as Grand Tranion was actually the Grand Trianon; she made several voyages with emigrants to Australia.

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