Drowning fatalities [Roby] 1891

Liverpool Mercury, June 23rd 1891

Sad drowning fatalities

An inquest was held yesterday afternoon at the Stanley Arms Hotel, Roby by Mr BRIGHOUSE, County Coroner on the body of William HARRISON of Old Swan who drowned in a pit whilst bathing on Sunday morning, Edward HARRISON, Stonemason, 12 Queen St, Old Swan, identified the deceased as his son, aged 18, who lived with him. He saw him alive at 6.30am on Sunday when he left with a companion for a ramble. On hearing of the mishap he went to Roby Park and helped to get his son out. He did not know if his son could swim. Edward STANDARD, Brass-finisher, 37 Queen St, said he accompanied the deceased, when they got near the pit at about 8-10am deceased said he would go in, he tried to dissuade him without success. HARRISON dived in head first, coming up on his back and tried to call witness who reached out his shirt, which nearly touched him but, he appeared unable to grasp it. He sank again and never came back up.

Witness ran for assistance as he could not swim. Police Sergeant . EDGAR said it was a dangerous pit, someone had drowned there some time ago. It was 60-70yds away from the highway and close to a public footpath, jury recorded a verdict of Accidental death and made a presentment, that the pit in question should be filled in or fenced off and a board put up that it was dangerous to bathers.

On Saturday evening PC. KERFOOT was called to Mr ECCLES mill, Newhall Lane, a piecer named George WADE, aged 22 of 5 Higfoed St had been drowned while bathing in the mill lodge, the body was put out of the lodge with grappling-irons and taken to the mortuary, the deceased clothes were on the lodge bank. An inquest was held by Mr GILBERTON yesterday and a verdict of accidental death by drowning whilst bathing was returned.

A youth named John MC CORMICK of Silver St, Wigan was drowned in the Leeds Liverpool Canal on Sunday. He was seized with cramp while bathing in the canal near Britannia Bridge Ince. A young man seeing his peril jumped in to rescue him but was unsuccessful.

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