Evening Express, Liverpool,

September 12th, 1910

Before Mr T. E. SAMPSON, city coroner, today

Stoic Heroism of the poor

Starved in a City of Plenty

Pathetic Liverpool Inquest Story

A sad case of death from starvation came before Mr T. E. SAMPSON, city coroner, today, when an inquest was held regarding the death of Jane WALL, aged 36, wife of a labourer living in Park St. It transpired that owing to the scanty means of her friends, her husband having deserted her, the woman was unable to obtain sufficient food.

The medical evidence was that the death of the woman was caused by lack of food. This condition of the woman was only present rarely in very emaciated adults.

The Coroner described the case as a most pathetic one. He admired the stoic heroism of those of the poor class who did their best to conceal their poverty. He had no doubt there were many in the city who would be only to glad to relieve such cases of necessity if brought to their notice. The Coroner added that he would see the sister of the woman, who had done so much for her, was not allowed to share the same fate.

The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the medical evidence.


Fatal ride, sequel to Liverpool street collision

Mr T. E. SAMPSON, city coroner, conducted an inquest this afternoon relative to the death of Johanna HITCHINGS, aged 11, the daughter of Mary HITCHINGS, widow of a corporation labourer, living in Walton Rd. The evidence of a large body of witnesses showed that on Wednesday At about 8pm the deceased and a companion climbed on to the back of a lorry being driven along Walton Rd. There was a load of barrels on the lorry, and these would probably obscure the view of the driver. The lorry was driven along the highway by Black Bull Lane, and one of its wheels was struck by an approaching tramcar. The collision caused the two girls to be thrown to the ground, the deceased falling upon her head. She was removed to the Stanley Hospital where she died the next day. It was stated the wagon horse was going at a trot and the tramcar at a rate of about 8 mph.

Mr F. Norman SMITH appeared on behalf of the Corporation Tramways Department and Mr GRADWELL represented Messers W. H. FLOTT Ltd, the owners of the lorry.

The jury returned a verdict of Accidental Death, and expressed the opinion there had been an error of judgement on the part of both drivers.


Shocking discovery at Knotty Ash

Yesterday afternoon James T. ASTON, aged 60, caretaker of the Village Hall, Knotty Ash, was missed, and on a search being made he was discovered dead in a lavatory of the institution. By his side was a rubber tube which had evidently been in his mouth, while the other end was attached to a gas jet which was turned full on.


Carnarvon and Denbigh Herald

25 November 1910


On Thursday of last week the body of Captain Hume. Glasgow House, Llanberis, was found in Canada Dock. Liverpool. The deceased left the house in Carisbrooke Rd, where he was staying, on the 27th of last month saying he was going for a walk. He had not been seen since. We understand that Hume had been unemployed for eight months and he was staying with friends until he found work. At the inquest a verdict of Found drowned was given.

7 December 1910

JEM MACE'S FUNERAL. The funeral took place on Tuesday, at Anfield Cemetery, Liverpool, of the famous ex-champion pugilist, Jem Mace. Many well known people in the sporting world attended the last rites, which were conducted by the Rev Alfred Mace.

8 December 1910


Playing for the Evans Football Club at Liverpool on Saturday, John O'Neill fell after a slight collision with another player. He died before reaching hospital, and at Tuesday's inquest in Liverpool it was stated that O'Neill died from syncope, caused by taking violent exercise after a heavy meal. It was proved that the opposing players bad nothing to do with the cause of death, a verdict of death from Natural causes was returned.



Feb 24th 1912

In a death trap, woman drowned in the Mersey

An inquest was held at Eastham by the West Cheshire Coroner Mr J. C. BATE yesterday on single woman, Ellen PENNINGTON aged 22, who was drowned in the Mersey on Saturday.

George MOLYNEUX mate of the flat HAWTHORN employed by the Rochdale Canal Company, said that the HAWTHORN was being towed with five other laden flats from the North Carriers Dock, Liverpool to Eastham Locks. Two of the flats broke adrift from the HAWTHORN'S stern and this caused the HAWTHORN to dip into the water. He and the captain John GARNER jumped into the water and hung onto a bale of cotton until they were rescued by the tug. PENNINGTON was fastened in the fore cabin and when the flat sank she could not get out. He and she had been living together for about four years and she was on the flat at the time of the accident. Her mother lived off Rochdale Rd, Manchester.

John GARNER said it was impossible to save the woman. In reply to the Coroner he said he had never tried to hide the woman and the officials must have known she was on board. The jury returned a verdict of accidental drowning. They found that the captain and mate had been guilty of negligence in allowing the woman to be fastened in the cabin.

July 4th 1912

Fire at Liverpool

Two lives lost

A fire which caused the death of two women and injured two other persons occurred in the early hours of yesterday morning at a tobacconist's shop and dwelling house in Everton Rd, Liverpool. The shop was conducted by Mr MOSS and the other occupants of the house were her three daughters, two sons, sister and grand-daughter.

Upon the arrival of the fire brigade the house was found to be well alight with flames leaping from the windows, and several persons were observed standing at the windows shouting for help. After some hesitation Miss Alice MOSS, one of the daughters leapt from a top back bedroom window into the yard, she fell on her head and was killed instantly. With the fire escape all the other occupants were rescued except Mrs MOSS who was found in the top bedroom dead. Two of the children suffered burns and were taken to the Royal Infirmary by ambulance. When Alice MOSS made her fatal jump a fireman was already climbing up a fire escape to the rescue, and in her descent she came near to brushing him from the ladder.




Jan 4th, 1913

Last years obituaries [1912]

Death has claimed a long list of famous personages.

The King of DENMARK [died in a taxi cab], the MICADO, at whose funeral General NOGI and his wife committed hara-kiri.

Prince Regent of BAVARIA

Infante Teresa [King Alfonso's sister]

Duchess of GENOA

Countess of FLANDERS

Grand Duke of LUXEMBOURG

Duke of FIFE

Two Grandes Dames, the Duchess of BUCCLEUEH and SUTHERLAND

Sir George WHITE. V.C



Colonel ASTOR

Sir Julius WENHER, WILBUR, WRIGHT, LATHAM and C. VOISIN [three air pioneers], one of whom died of typhoid, the second by a buffalo and the other in a motor accident.

Lord LISTER, the founder of antiseptic surgery.

George CROSSMITH, W. S. PENLEY, EDWARD, TERRY, comedians of other days.

FLORENCE St JOHN, BONNER, RICHARDSON, of the cricket field.


1912 was not especially fatal to local notabilities. The inclemency of January accounted for the death of two extremely old and respected tradesmen, Mr Henry YOUNG nearly reached 90yrs and his relative Mr Thomas GIBSON, who had exceeded that great age. A few days later came the news of the suicide of Mr T. E. STEPHENS, formerly one of the foremost liberals on the town council.. On Jan 19th, Rev Dr MC PHAIL formerly of Canning St, Presbyterian Church, died in Glasgow aged 73.

February brought the death of Alderman James WRIGHT of Wallasey, of Mr E. K. LAIRD of Birkenhead, of Mr Edward HOWELL a Liverpool bookseller, Commander PHILLIPS. R.N, and of Mr William BENNETT long associated with hospital Sunday.

In March we mourned the loss of Miss Ellen ROBINSON and Dr PEACE the city organist

In April Mr Eleazer ROBERTS, Alderman Luke LEES of Birkenhead, Councillor M. E.KEARNEY and Colonel GOFFEY. V.D.

In May the loss was recorded of Dr STUBBS, Bishop of Truro, formerly Rector of Wavertree and our colleague William WETHERALL assistant editor of this paper.

In June Dr SHEEPSHANKS aged 78, formerly Bishop of Norwich, before that Vicar of St Margarets Anfield, Archdeacon EYRE once associated with Liverpool, Mr G. B. CROWE, aged 90, a member of the Dock Board for over 30 yrs, Rev William WATSON, Minister of the Presbyterian church Claughton , J. B. DUCKWORTH Liverpool Cotton Merchant.

July saw the loss of Colonel Arthur HILL HOLMES, Colonel William MACFIE of Vice Chancellor Leigh CLARE, Councillor Joseph ROBY, Mr W. CRAIGIE WILLIAMS. J.P. and Mr Wilson WALKER. J.P, formerly a city councillor.

August Mr H. BENNETT. J.P., Mr W. H. BUTLER age 80 formerly revising Barrister of Liverpool, Alderman W. H. WILLIAMS ex Lord Mayor, Mr H. G. SCHINTZ, Canon WETHERHEAD Vicar of St Pauls, Seacombe and Alderman Thomas SNAPE.

September Mr H. WALLACE Secretary of the Scottish Provident Institution

October Mr Charles DYALL aged 82, formerly curator of the art gallery.

November Mr G. E. GRAYSON, Mr Joseph GARDNER. J. P Blundellsands, George WYNNE sometime editor of the Liverpool Mercury, Mr Thomas HUGHES of the firm of T and J. HARRISON.

December .Chancellor ESPIN aged 88.


Jan 4th, 1913


On Thursday the subject of an adjourned inquiry held by the city Coroner Mr T. E. SAMPSON on an accident on the Cunard Liner LUSITANIA, on, Dec 10th 1912. Liner was in the Huskisson Dock.

Thomas William James FIRTH aged 20, Plumbers apprentice of 280 Knowsley Rd, Bootle, deceased was one of a number of men working on the vessel. In his dinner hour was sitting on some steps leading into the capstan engine house when a copper steam exhaust pipe overloaded and burst, a large volume of steam escaped.

FIRTH was injured about the head and was taken to the Stanley Hospital where he died on Dec 15th of a fractured skull.

Mr GOFFEY [Messers HILL, DICKSON and Co] appeared for Cunard and Co and Mr J. W. WALL for the relatives of the deceased, death caused by pipe burst no evidence to show why the pipe burst.

Mr F. A. JONES, deputy Coroner held an inquest on Thursday at the Gateacre Institute on Margaret WOODS, aged 49, wife of Joseph WOODS, General Labourer of , 3 York Cottages, Grange Lane, Gateacre, who was recovered from a pit on Lee Hall Estate on Monday afternoon.

Husband states she was suffering from depression after having several operations for a severe internal complaint. Threatened she would be found in the pit where her nephew had drowned some years ago.

She had gone missing on Sunday afternoon he inquired at relatives in Woolton, Wavertree and Garston and when not found informed the police.

Percy SEPHTON, aged 11 of Sandfield Rd, said he saw the deceased on Belle Vale Rd on Sunday night she asked him to take 2d to Mrs CASE and 2d to Mrs WYKE and then went towards Lee Hall.

Mrs CASE, of 4 York Cottages spoke to deceased at 5.30pm when she called and gave a purse containing a 1d to her 4 yrs old daughter saying, 2 remember me by this.

Constable ANDERSON, found the deceased drowned on Tuesday afternoon, verdict suicide while of unsound mind.

Inquest on George HIGHAM aged 18, Carter of 43 Rosevale, dismissed from work after having words with his employer. On Thursday met his young lady Ellen GRIFFITHS and went to a party at the house of some friends. He was depressed and worried about being out of work. Mother found him on Sunday morning hanging from a rope attached to the door, suicide while temporary insane.

Inquest at Wallasey by Mr J. C. BATE on the death of John Charles CURRIE, aged 39, ships fireman, late of 14 Tavistock St, Liverpool, employed by the Dock Board. On christmas day was on duty on a dredger in the Birkenhead Dock looking after fires. A watchman found him lying on his back on the floor bleeding and unable to speak, at the foot of a ladder. He was taken to Liscard Hospital and died 12hrs later from a fracture of the skull, accidental death.

Liverpool Coroners Jury heard a story on the death of Ester TOLEFIELD aged 38, on her way from Austria to Canada.

On staying in a house in Seymour St deceased said she was going to Toronto to marry a clergyman. On Friday the housekeepers daughter found her unconscious in bed with gas tap turned on. Was taken to the Royal Infirmary and died on Sunday. Coroner concluded that she would be unaccustomed to gas and probably blew the flame out without turning off the gas, accidental death from gas poisoning.

Inquest on Woo YUEN, Laundry Man, 130 Breck Rd. complained of toothache and was seen by a dentist but died suddenly. A post mortem by Mr DODD, showed septic poisoning, exhaustion due to starvation.. The periositis on the jaw was so bad as to make it too painful to eat, his stomach was empty.

Inquest held at Great Saughall on Mr Robert KELLOCK aged 63, a well known, Cotton Broker, resident at The Cottage, Great Saughall, On Wednesday was found drowned in a pond near his home on the land of Frederick DARLINGTON.

Had been ill for some weeks and was being attended by Dr Herbert DOBIE of Chester. He carried on buisness in Liverpool and was a member of the Cotton Exchange, a familiar figure in Old Hall St. His brother the late C. W. KELLOCK, established, KELLOCK and Co, Shipbuilders of Liverpool, now carried on by the two sons.


The death occurred on Wednesday of Mr James Woolley SUMMERS, aged 63, representative of the Borough of Flint Parliament for the past three years. His illness which led him to Egypt last year became critical a few days ago. He died at North Gate, Regents Park.

He was a Lancashire man, born in Duckinfield, eldest son of the late John SUMMERS of Ashton-under-Lyne and Stalybridge. He was J. P. for Lancashire and Flint, Denbighshire and Chairman of John SUMMER and Sons Ltd, the firm founded by his father which was a large corrugated and galvanised sheet iron works, at Shotton, Flintshire, Queensferry nr Hawarden and Ellesmere Port.

The unionist candidate for Flint will be Mr Hamblett ROBERTS, Solicitor and the Liberal candidate, T. H. PARRY, Barrister at Law, Mold. Mr Edward HUGHES, Miners agent at Wrexham spoken of as the prospective Labour candidate.

Funeral of Mrs HALL CAINE aged 84, took place on Monday [the mother of the celebrated novelist.] Service was held at Myrtle St, Baptist Church.

The deceased was conveyed by rail from her daughters residence, Mrs George D. DAY, Morehead, Maida Vale, London.

Service attended by many friends including Rev J. THOMAS, Pastor who conducted the service.

Interment at family grave Smithdown Rd, where her husband John HALL CAINE was buried in 1904, aged 83.


Jan 11th, 1913


An inquest was held at Rainhill Asylum by Mr F. A. JONES, on the death of Emily ANDREWS, aged 48, a housekeeper at 14, Melling Rd, Aintree, who died Sunday last.

On December 27th last she was staying the night at her sister's in Moss Lane, Aintree. The following morning she was found on the ground outside having jumped 12 ft from a bathroom window. She was taken to Mill Rd, Infirmary and on the 2nd transferred to the Asylum. She died of pneumonia and a post mortem showed fractured ribs and spine, suicide while of unsound mind.

Inquiry by Liverpool Coroner on the death of Elsie BENNETT aged 9, daughter of Samuel BENNETT, Lorne St, Fairfield who was run over and killed instantly by a motor car on Prescot Rd. Car driven by James Henry HALSALL, child ran into his path, he tried to swerve to avoid her but was too late, accidental death

Inquest into the death of Joseph Sheridan CLARKSON, aged 33, district manager of a Hull firm of lead and polish manufacturers. Was found dead in the bedroom of a Liverpool hotel with a bullet in his head and a revolver by his side.

Mother Catherine CLARKSON of Gibralter St, Bolton, said her son had been in low spirits in the past and when last she saw him a week ago, was suffering nervous depression.

The hotel Manager said CLARKSON had stayed in the hotel from the 29th Dec and seemed to enjoy himself over the New Year festivities and was in high spirits.- suicide while temporary insane.

Elizabeth ROBY aged 62, a widow of 47 Enfield St, Pemberton died while choking on potatoe pie at the house of her daughter.

At Southport County Court before his Honour Judge THOMAS, John WALLWORK, Gardener of Kew Rd, Birkdale, claimed compensation under the Workmen's Compensation Act, from Thomas WALKER, Iron founder Westcliffe Rd, Birkdale

While sharpening a sickle the stone slipped and severed the tendon on his 1st finger, Rt hand, as a result he was discharged.- an order of 5 shillings a week made.

Inguiry in Litherland by coroner F. A. JONES on the death of Alice Mc INERNEY, 22 Sandown Rd, Seaforth whose body was recovered from the Leeds, Liverpool canal at Litherland. on the 6th inst.

She had been missing from home since Dec 16th last. She left on that day with her sister to go to Waterloo, on their arrival they parted, the deceased saying she was going for a walk. She was not seen alive again. A Labourer at the Tannery saw her body floating in the canal, her head smashed probably from a passing steamer and her body badly decomposed. No evidence on how the deceased ended up in the canal, open verdict.

At Bootle before Messers R. J. GLASGOW and Donald POTTS, Elizabeth MARSHALL, 30, of Denbigh St, summoned for allowing her child Elizabeth, age 5, in a room alone near an open fire without a guard. The child was burnt to death on the 21st inst.

MARSHALL her husband a Carter, said her husband had been out of work for some time and had only recently found work on the docks, she only had money to feed the children and pay rent and could not afford a guard, there was sympathy given and she was asked to pay 2/6d fine and costs.


Jan 18th 1913



A young maid from Westmoreland was drowned at Colwyn Bay last Saturday while trying to rescue a collie dog washed out to sea. A cook from Kendal also lost her life in trying to save her companion. Jennie ROBINSON, aged 23 and Elizabeth GASKILL, aged 54, had been staying at, Glen Cairn, Evarard Rd, for 2 mths, Miss RICHMOND of Kendal having taken a furnished house for the winter.

At 1.30 in the afternoon the two servants asked to go down to the promenade to look at the rough seas, they took the collie with them.

There was a spring tide and easterly gales drove huge waves opposite the Cayley Estate. The dog ran down some steps to the beach, opposite White Hall Rd, were there is an electric tramway passing place. A huge wave dashed against the sea wall at the bottom of the steps and washed the dog into the sea. Miss ROBINSON followed the dog in 3 ft of water at the foot of the steps and another breaker took her off her feet. Elizabeth GASKILL went in after her companion and reached her, when she too was overwhelmed.

Mr Vincent BUTLER, Springfield, Conway Cresent, driver of an electric car, stripped off his waistcoat and boots and went in getting the body of the younger woman to shore, being a first class St John's Ambulance man he rendered first aid till medical help arrived.

P.C, Paul ROBERTS succeeded in recovering the body of Elizabeth GASKILL.

Inquest and verdict

The brave men will be brought to the notice of the Carnegie Hero Fund.

The jury found both deaths accidental.

They had gone from Sunny Brow Kendal to stay for a time with their Mistress, Miss M. A. RICHMOND. Elizabeth GASKILL had been in her service for 32 yrs.

There was no line to a life buoy, council recommended to obtain one for the area and to inspect it daily.

Dept Coroner J. Holland ROBERTS.

Majorie SIMMELL , a girl of Melbourne House, Rhos Rd, first noticed the women in the water and called, Henry SHAW of Capstone, Penrhyn a jewellery manager

Frank RICHMOND, a grocer from Vannel Head, Kendal, identified the women's bodies.

Councillor J. T. TAYLOR assisted in getting the bodies out of the water, till Dr A. H. BLOXSOME, Kings Lea, Rhos, arrived to give medical assistance, later assisted by Dr HEWITT.


18th January 1913


Accidental death is the verdict by Liverpool coroner on, Carter, Peter ROUGHLEY of Bond St, which occurred in peculiar circumstances on Monday. He was loading his lorry at the Trafalgar Dock and proceeded down Waterloo Rd, while leading his horse he collapsed. The wheel of the lorry passed over him and he suffered fractured ribs and internal injuries and died shortly afterwards.

Dept Coroner at Birkenhead A. F. COTTON, inquiry on the death of John Frances BROWN employed by MACKIE and GLADSTONE, Mineral Water Manufacturers of Hamilton St, Birkenhead. On the 4th inst a workman heard a cry and found deceased on the floor face down with an ron frame work girder on his back. Supposition was that the boy was getting out of the lift and was caught in the decent. He had only left school a week before, accidental death.

It is with great regret we record the death of Mr F. Cuthbert SMITH, aged 43 of, Ard Clynth, Llanerch Rd, Colwyn Bay. He gave up practice about a year ago due to ill heath, his death was due to a throat affection. Frederick Cuthbert SMITH was the only son of the late Rev Fred SMITH and was born in Liverpool,1869. He went to London University in 1887 and gained an Honors in Roman Law. He read for the bar in the chambers of Judge W. F. K. TAYLOR. K.C In 1891 he received his call and 2 yrs later married Miss Matilda GOODWIN, eldest daughter of the late Thomas Steel GOODWIN of Harewood Park, Staffordshire they had 3 children. Funeral takes place today [Saturday] at Llanfadog Ty Croes, Anglesey.

Whilst working at Preston Co-operative Society's warehouse in July last Frances Joseph BRADLEY, age 37, Cattle drover, Fullwood, was bitten by a sheep on the thumb. He was treated at the Royal Infirmary. Later his arm became swollen and he died this week of Septic poisoning.

Probate court this week to presume the death of Capt James Francis THOMPSON, Master Mariner, formerly of Liverpool, in charge of the Bargue LOCH LOMOND, of Glasgow. In July 1908 he sailed for New Zealand with a cargo of coal. He has not been heard of since and there is no doubt the vessel perished with all hands. His Lordship gave leave to presume death on or since the 16th July 1908.

A similar application made on John David HUGHES, Master Mariner, Portmadoc, this was ordered to stand.

The Rev Father William SPLAINE, aged 66, a priest at Lowe House Catholic Church, St Helens was found dead in bed on Monday by Father RILEY. He came to St Helens on the 2nd inst from East Shilton were he had been for 12mths as a missioner.

The remains of Richard MYDDLETON who died at Mamesbury after 3 days illness, were taken to Chirk Castle the ancestral home for burial , at the family vault at Chirk Parish Church. Those present to pay respects, Marquis of CHOLMONDELEY, Lord Lieut of Denbighshire, Lord's, KENYON, TREVOR, HOWARD De WALDEN, HARLECH. Major General Sir Francis LLOYD, Sir Watkin WILLIAMS-WYNN, Col the Hon William LAWTON, Col Rivers BULKELEY.

Harry MILLER a well known Runcorn Ventriloquist, conjurer and Juggler, died last Saturday aged 65, For 33 yrs he entertained on Rhyl promenade as a Punch and Judy man. He formerly travelled with variety entertainers and managed, HAMILTON'S DIORAMAS and BOSCOES Variety Troupe.

The death at Southport Infirmary of John HEATON, Threlfall's Brow Southport, a painter who fell from a roof of a house in Talbot St when a ladder slipped.

Southport, St Paul's Men's Bible Class mourn the death of a member Thomas G. HEYES, aged 44, a Sub Post Master, 128 Cemetery Rd, Southport. He was under the care of Dr VOIGT for a heart affection. At bible class a man named DEWHURST saw him fall from his seat, Dr DAVIES on arrival found him dead.

John WELLS, aged 68, one of the oldest Magistrates in Bootle died on Wednesday morning at his residence, St Edmunds Rd. He owned considerable property in Bootle and once resided at Merton Rd. He was one time on the town Council for Derby Ward and in 1888, elected Mayor of the borough and J. P. He leaves a widow, his funeral at Birkdale Cemetery today [Saturday].

It is with deep regret we record the death of, Dr O. T. WILLIAMS, Honorary, Assistant Physician of the Royal Infirmary. He was a native of Liverpool, His funeral takes place today [ Saturday] at Anfield.

The death took place at Holyhead of Mr John BUCKINGHAM, aged 53, Detective Inspector of the London and North West Railway. He entered service of the Great Western Railway at Truro joining London and North West Co, 30 yrs later. He was promoted to Detective Inspector at Manchester, since 1905 has been at North Wales.

The funeral of Mr Thomas GLOVER, ex Labour member at St Helens, took place on Monday at St Helens Cemetery.

Procession headed by Ravenhead Lodge of Miners

Pilkington's Lodge Haydock

Waggon Branch Haydock

Sherdley, Havannah, Garswood Hall.

Mr Stephen WALSH. M.P, Mr R. SMILLIE and Mr J. E. SUTTON. M.P, for East Manchester, represented the Labour Party.

Mr J. A. SEDDON, Ex, M.P, represented the Committee of the Trade Union Congress.

Messers T. GRENALL, T. ASHTON, H. ROUGHLEY, Jesse BUTLER, H. TWIST and J. PARKINSON, represented, Lancashire and Cheshire Miners Federation.

Messers E. HICKMAN [Federation trustee], P. PEMBERTON and R. TAYLOR [Lancashire branch of the executive]. W. T. WILSON [National Labour Party]


The Mayor Councillor J. CROOKS, in the company of Magistrates.

Dr O'KEEFE. J.P and Dr DOWLING. J.P, Represented the United Irish League.

Service was at the Congregational Chapel, Rev Gwilyn JONES and J. W. DICKSON, officiated.

Mourners, Mr and Mrs William E. GLOVER, Mr and Mrs James GLOVER, Mrs Edith HANSEN [Detroit], Mr and Mrs J. COOPER [Bolton], sons and daughters.

Mr William GLOVER and Mrs Sarah HAMPTON [ Brother and Sister of the deceased].

And the following, grand children, Harold, Fred, Florrie and Arthur GLOVER.

The death occurred on Saturday of Dr James Herbert FINEGAN. M.D, aged 75, at his residence, 158 Upper Parliament St. Born in Monaghan he was brought to Liverpool at an early age. He received a scholarship at the Liverpool Institute and at 14 was apprentice to Dr HILL, 4 yrs later he joined the Royal Infirmary, becoming steadily successful not only in his profession but as a, swimmer, yachtsman, marksman and all round sportsman. He was Medical Practitioner at Rodney St for many years then moved to his present residence. He was the oldest Practitioner in Liverpool and member of the Medical Institute. He for many years was with the L. R. V. [Liverpool Irish]. His funeral took place at St Peter and St Paul's, Crosby on Wednesday after requiem mass at St Bernards, Kingsley Rd



Jan 25 th, 1913


At Lancaster on Tuesday Mrs Anne HINDE, aged 87 was burnt to death, she had returned from her daughters house after visiting, minutes later her house in Kiln Lane, was ablaze, no cause has been ascertained.

Mr Nathaniel TOPP aged 84, who died at his residence, Eaglefield, Oakhill Pk, came to Liverpool from Farnworth, Bolton were he held a partnership in a cotton manufacturing firm in the early 60's. Messers N. TOPP and Co, Tithe barn St. He took an active part in Liberal politics and was elected in 1890 as a representative of St Paul's ward. He transformed St Paul's churchyard into gardens.

Dr J. C. GARNER aged 61,one of Preston's best known general practitioner, died on Sunday morning of an apoplexic siezure. For many years worked at Preston Royal Infirmary

Miss Maud STOCKTON of Cefn Ruabon a singer was killed by a Great Western Train on Sunday.

Robert J. WHITE, Ex Inspector of the Liverpool Constabulary died at the Northern Hospital as a result of a blow he received in New York, He was employed on the Cunard Liner CARMANIA as a Commodore Insp for over 10 yrs, in 1903 was Chief of the Industrial School Dept. There is conflicting evidence whether it was an accident or that he was struck by someone.

Mrs Mary Ann HAILL of Grosvenor St, Rock Ferry who claimed to be 106 died at her home on Monday. Better known as Granny HAILL, she was born on the Isle of Wight, her Father was Capt of one of Queen Victoria's earlier yachts. Her husband Capt HAILL, was for many years with the ferry from the old Tranmere pier to Liverpool, and then the luggage boats where he received an injury and never recovered. Granny HAILL resided at her daughters Mrs ASHWORTH aged 73 yrs.

Liverpool Mercury February 1st, 1913


Liverpool coroner on Thurs, held an inquest on the death of Oswald Herbert POOLE, aged 35, Ship's steward, who lodged in Lily Grove, Seacombe, who had latterly been working as a dock labourer. On Saturday he was found lying in Devon St, off Moss St in an insensible condition, consequent to injuries on the head. He was removed by ambulance to the Royal infirmary and died a few hours after admission.

He had been out with friends on Saturday afternoon and parted from them around Moss St. Det MOORE and Det Sgt WHITLEY are endeavouring to find deceased companions but so far have not succeeded. Only evidence is that of deceased sister who identified him. Inquiry is adjourned till Friday next week.

Coroner YATES held an inquest at Middlewich this week on Thomas EGERTON, aged 68, a sawyer, who was 43 yrs in the employment of Colonel FRANCE-HAYHURST, Bostak Hall. Deceased was engaged at a circular saw when a heavy piece of timber struck him in the chest, killing him instantaneously. Deceased objected to the saw being fenced, it will be fenced in future. Accidental death.

A Flatman to the LITTLE JOHN, owned by Liverpool Lightage Co, met with his death in Bromborough Pool on Monday, with the object of mooring his flat to Messers LEVER'S Wharf, the man got into a punt, when close to the embankment attempted to tie a rope to a stump, he placed one foot on the bank forcing the punt away. He fell into the water and got washed away with the swirl of the tide. Several attempt by colleagues to save him failed. The pool was dragged at low water and his body found. Deceased was known as Bill JONES, residence not known.

Liverpool coroner held an inquiry on Tuesday on the death of John Henry AIREY, aged 11, son of Samuel AIREY, a licensee in West Derby village.

The boy was run over by a motor car on Rocky Lane, West Derby Rd on Monday. He alighted from a tramcar opposite St Margaret's School at which he was a pupil, he tried to cross the road and was hit by the motor car which was over taking the tramcar, accidental death.

Similar verdict was agreed on the death of Margaret LUNNEY, aged 10, of Royston St, who was run over by a Bakery van when playing "tick" in Chatsworth St, Wavertree, on the way home from school on Monday afternoon.

Inquest into the death of William HARVEY who died on January 17th as the result of a cycling accident, held at Birkenhead by Mr Cecil HOLDEN.

Deceased was an Assistant Master at Brassey St, Council School, Birkenhead. He was returning to School at 5.30 pm and was seen by Corporation worker JONES cycling down Mona HILL, Claughton when he fell from the machine, sustaining wounds to his head and face, he was taken too hospital insensible and died there on Tuesday, accidental death.

Mr F. A. JONES, Deputy Coroner, held an inquest at St Helens on Charles WHITE, aged 63, of 80 Ormskirk St, who fell downstairs and died without regaining consciousness, accidental death.


The death occurred on Monday morning, suddenly, at 39 Grosvenor Place, London of Mrs Augusta Acheson RATHBONE, aged 83, widow of Mr Samuel Gregson RATHBONE of Liverpool. Mrs RATHBONE was the sister of Mrs William RATHBONE and during her long stay in Liverpool took an interest in various charitable institutions, particularly those concerned in the treatment of women. She has resided for some time in Bassenfell, Cockermouth, about a fortnight ago she became a tenant in the house in Grosvenor Place. She had not been well for some time and suffered a sudden attack of heart failure on Monday morning, and did not recover.

The funeral took place at Rhuddlan on Tuesday of the late Mr Maurice ROWLEY, Conwy, owner of the Bedrlyddan and Brynyerkin estates in the Vale of Clwyd.

Following the custom on the death of the head of the house of Bedryddan, the coffin was conveyed to church on a farm lorry, the estate workers being the bearers. The church was crowded with the tenants, Rhuddlan Foundry workers and the public.

The service was conducted by Rev Canon JONES, Vicar of Bodelwydden, and Rev T. W. VAUGHAN, Vicar of Dyserth, the estate being located in those parishes. The deceased was a descendant of the 1st Baron LONGFORD and Dean of SHIPLEY, the author of the hymn, "From Greenland's icy mountains".

Mr Mark LEWIS died suddenly at his residence, Lanarth, Elmbank Rd, Sefton Park, on Tuesday. Although his health had not been robust for some time, he was at business as usual on Monday, he was nearly 67 and a native of Rogerston, Monmouthshire, where he was born on, April 2nd, 1846.

In boyhood he was engaged in the manufacture of tinplate and later became connected to the press, he was appointed registration agent for the Liberal Party in South Wales, and as a representative for his district for the Liver Friendly Society. 22 yrs ago he was appointed a member of the Royal Liver Committee of Management, which brought him to Liverpool.

The death took place at his residence Blundellsands this week of Mr Joseph P. PRESTON, aged 73, senior partner of the firm Messers J. P. PRESTON and Co, Corn merchants, Cereal Court, Brunswick St. He had been made somewhat indisposed lately but his death was unexpected. He was born in Liverpool and was a Freeman of the City.

The death is announced at Epping of Mrs E. E. CHEVELEY, aged 77, for many years a valued contributor to the columns of the, Weekly Mercury. Mrs CHEVELEY died of heart disease and was laid to rest at Epping Old Parish Church, she was of Welsh descent and her pretty rhymes will be greatly missed.


Capt John RICE, Senior Nautical Surveyor of the Board of Trade, Liverpool [ he served 16 yrs from Feb 1897 ]died on Tuesday at his residence, 37 Kimberley Drive, Great Crosby after a short illness. He was stationed at London and Queenstown before transferring to Liverpool in 1909. He was for many years in command with Messers T. WILSON and Co, Hull.

The death occurred on Tuesday morning of Rev Canon GREENSIDE, aged 92, Vicar of Melling. Born on February 1st, 1821, he was ordained in 1846 and obtained a Curacy at Claughton. In March 1855 he was presented by Lord Chancellor CRANWORTH to the vicarage in Melling.

Liverpool Mercury Mar 9th, 1913

Liverpool seaman drowned

American exchange announce the loss of Victor Stephen FOOTE of Liverpool, Able seaman belonging to the White Star Liner MEGANTIC, in the harbour of La Guayra, where he fell overboard. It is supposed he was devoured by sharks, as several of the crew dived after him but could not find any trace of his body. The passengers raised 180 for his widowed mother and sisters who are solely dependent on him.

Dead at the helm

While the sloop JOHN was sailing into Grimsby Royal Dock, she suddenly fell from her course and almost rammed a steamship. Hurrying aft to ascertain the cause of the careless steering the mate found the skipper, Abner Waller CAWKWELL, lying dead at the helm. He had steered the ship safely from New Holland. A verdict of natural causes was returned at the inquest.

Liverpool Mercury Mar 22nd, 1913

Widows claim for loss of husbands

At the Liverpool Court of Passage, before Judge W. F. R. TAYLOR and a special jury on Thursday.

Margaret Alice CRONE and Ellen DONOVAN brought an action against the Liverpool Screw Towing and Lighterage Co for damages for the loss of their husbands.

Mr Lindon RILEY and Mr Bates THOMPSON [instructed by Mr J. A. BEHN] appeared for the plaintiffs and Mr Hyslop MAXWELL and Mr PERRIN [ instructed by Messers HILL, DICKINSON and Co] were for the defendants.

Plaintiffs case, it appeared on Nov 8th last there was an accident in Toxteth Dock by which, Arthur CRONE, Foreman scaler, aged 33 and John James DONOVAN, Scaler, aged 37, lost their lives.

The men were in a scow, scaling the side of the Elder Dempster SAPELE when the CUSTODIAN was towed by the SOUTH COCK, stern first into the dock. In order to avoid the disturbance of the water the men in the scow endeavoured to get behind the stern of the SEPELE, but before they got clear the engines of the SOUTH COCK were restarted, with the result the scow was driven under the SEPELE'S stern. Here it became wedged, and then capsized, the two men being drowned.

Mrs CRONE was left with five children and Mrs DONOVAN with eight children, one born 3 mths after the tragedy.

For the defence, it was contended the Captain of the tug acted in a reasonable manner, the men in the scow were warned of the approach of the tug, there was no negligence on the part of the defendant's servants. A verdict for the defendants was returned, judgement was entered accordingly.

Deaths and Inquests Feb 8th 1913

Liverpool Mercury 8th Feb 1913

Deaths and Inquests

Famous Doctor dead

The late Dr William CARTER

We regret to announce the death of Dr William CARTER. J.P, which occurred at his residence, 24 Princes Ave, Liverpool on Sunday night, he was aged 77.

The son of a medical practitioner, born Newbury, Berkshire, in 1835. He came to Liverpool in 1866, when on the advice of Dr Edgar BROWNE, his old friend and fellow student, he left Dublin and established himself in this city. He had won high degrees in medicine and also graduated in law and science. Dr CARTER succeeded Dr NEVINS in the lectureships of chemistry at Liverpool college. He held the medical officership of West Derby Union for a long time and as a social reformer acquired a firm grasp of the sanitary needs of the city, being frequently called upon by the corporation to give evidence on sanitary questions. He fought hard for the registration of midwives and indignantly opposed the Contagious Diseases Act, which was in due course repealed, in 1895 he was made J.P.

In early 1908 he retired to Deganwy. North Wales. In 1863 while in Dublin he married Sarah B. J. HUMPHREYS, 2nd daughter of the late Dr George HUMPHREYS of Harcourt St, Dublin, who predeceased him by several years. The surviving members of his family are Mrs MACALISTER, wife of Dr MACALISTER of Rodney St, and Miss CARTER. The funeral took place on Thursday after a service at Canning St, Presbyterian Ch, prior to private cremation at Anfield.

Death of Councillor

The death took place this week of Mr Alfred BEZANT of 22 Oxford Rd, Waterloo, one of the oldest members of the local council. Mr BEZANT, was 81, and a representative of St John's Ward. An ardent Liberal he was one of the founders of Waterloo Liberal Club. His funeral took place on Thursday at Kirkdale cemetery.

Girl knocked down by motor car

A girl named Nellie LINACRE, aged 8, of Oakfield View, Birkenhead, died on Monday at the Borough Hospital, from injuries received when being knocked down in Conway St, Birkenhead, by a motor car owned by Mr James MOON of Eleanor Rd, Bidston. The car was being driven by a chauffeur Whittaker BERRY, along Conway St, in the direction of Diggle St, when the girl ran out in front of the motor car. Acting Sgt HOLDER who was close by, picked the girl up and put her in the vehicle, took her to hospital, where she later died.

Fatal accident

When a cart containing mortar was being backed into a yard at the corner of Whitfield St and Derby Rd, Tranmere, on Tuesday, the vehicle came into contact with the gate and wall which both collapsed. The 3yr old son of George SHAW, of Mill St, was knocked down and covered by the debris. He died of his injuries.

Inquest at Liverpool

On Tuesday on the body of Benjamin ELLIS, aged 47, of the Promenade Egremont, who died on Sunday last. Deceased was a 1st class Pilot, attached to No3 Pilot boat. On Saturday he was instructed with another pilot to proceed to Point Lynas, to join the boat. At Amlwch while descending a perpendicular ladder from the quay side to the punt, he slipped and fell into the water, hitting his head on the gunwale of the boat. He was rescued and brought on board the Pilot boat, but died the same night - death due to injuries and immersion.

Shocking pit accident

Joseph YATES, aged 30 of 52 Trafalgar St, Leigh, died this morning from injuries he received on Sunday night in the Gin Pits, Tyldesley, leaving a widow and 5 children. He was bending down to put his tally on the tub when a stone fell from the roof, pinning him down. He smashed his ribs on both sides and died from his injuries.

One of West Lancashire's oldest resident dies

In the person of Mrs HALSALL of Holmeswood, Rufford, nr Ormskirk, aged 95. The deceased is the widow of Thomas HALSALL, well known farmer and native of Liverpool, where, the couple kept a licensed house. It was the old ladies boast that she had lived in six reigns, she retained all her faculties, up to a month ago she drove regularly alone to Ormskirk Market, every week.

Notable Lamcashire Judge dead

The death took place on Saturday at St Raphaels, on the South of France of Judge BRADBURY, of the Bolton, Bury, Wigan, Oldham and Rochdale County Courts.

The Judge, travelling with his wife was to arrive home at Parkfield, Atrincham, last Thursday after a two month holiday in Spain and the Riviera, but was taken ill with influenza and pnumonia intervened. The late Judge was 65 and son of the late George BRADBURY of Kinders, Saddleworth, he was educated at Liverpool and Caius colleges and joined the Northern Circuit in 1875, practising at the Manchester Bar.


A verdict of death from misadventure was returned at an inquest at Ainsdale on the death of Emma Maria HOGG, aged 58, found dead in her bed on Friday morning with the tap on the gas-bracket turned on and unlighted. A son said, his mother was a little eccentric, but was not depressed and had never suggested anything that would make them believe she would do herself any injury.

On Thursday she went to bed in usual health and was found next morning dead in bed, she was fully dressed and the gas bracket was turned on full.

Dr SPIERS said death was due to gas poisoning. It was not usual for Mrs HOGG to go to bed fully dressed. Witness was of the opinion that in attempting to turn the gas off she had turned it on again and due to the storm outside could not hear the noise of the escaping gas.

Doctor's suicide

Sad story before the Liverpool coroner concerning the death of Dr Charles PEARCE.

Deceased was a medical practitioner of 131 Park St, Liverpool, aged 49, and who died at the Southern Hospital on Sunday last.

The widow, middle aged, who lives in Stretford, Manchester, said, she had been married to deceased for 27yrs, at first they lived happily at Ashton-under-Lyne, but 8ys ago differences of opinion arose through the presence of a servant in the house. Witness discharged the girl as she thought familiarity had occurred between deceased and the servant.

Deceased took to drinking to excess and witness then left him on the grounds of his cruelty. She separated from him twice, in 1910, then in May 1911, when she got a maintenance order. Deceased tried reconciliation many times and one night came to her house drunk, he owed her 81 in maintenance arrears and she had to take out a warrant to enforce payment.

He was arrested a fortnight ago but was bailed out. This was the last time she saw him alive. She often heard him say he wished he was dead, he took morphia and other drugs to induce sleep. On one occasion he said he had taken a double dose of veronal, that was several years ago. In May last he was adjudged bankrupt and came to Liverpool to practise.

Housekeepers story :-

A young woman said she entered service for Mr and Mrs PEARCE in 1904 and remained 2yrs. The deceased and his wife frequently quarrelled, she had known them to go 3 mths without speaking.

Coroner - Was this over you ?

Witness - She was a very jealous person, witness then said , she kept in touch with deceased and came to Liverpool 4mths ago to act as housekeeper in Park St.

Deceased had never slept since his arrest and threatened to take his own life. On Sunday he was very depressed, she caught him with a bottle of morphia in his hand which he was about to drink. She wrenched it out of his hand and it fell on the floor. He muttered something about vengeance to his wife and said he would end his life.

Last Sunday morning she found him seated in an armchair with his clothes on, unconscious. After administering an emetic, she called two doctors and he was taken to the Southern Hospital, where he died that evening.

He had no money and was on an insurance panel with about 500 patients, he expected to earn 3 a week.

Dr CAMPBELL deposed, he had been called and found all the symptoms of opium poisoning.

Dr PIERCE came and washed out the stomach, then removed deceased to hospital.

Letters produced written by the deceased, which the coroner pointed concluded deceased intended to take his own life :-

"To whom it may concern - I have taken my own life tonight, as I feel so tired of this life. My whole existence has been one of turmoil. I feel I cannot live, I have simply been a tool, and they know it. God forgive me for what I am about to do"

Another letter addressed to the Official Receiver :-

"Take up my case for my children."

He left what purported to be a will, which was not legally a will.

Verdict returned of suicide.

Mr A. E. GRUNDY [solicitor of Dukinfield] watched the case on behalf of the trustee in deceased bankruptcy, applied the property found in the house which included a number of documents, a pawn ticket for an expensive gold watch, should be retained pending an order from the court for them to be handed over - order granted.


Oct 18th 1913

A woman's presentment

The widow of a miner, John JACKSON, aged 53 of Lord St, St Helens, on whom an inquest was held yesterday, said that when her husband got up to go to work she begged him not to go, as she had a presentiment that something was going to happen. However he said it was alright and he would have to go. A few hours later her son came and told her that he had been badly injured by a stone falling on him in the mine, and when she went to see him in hospital he said, "A big stone has fallen on me and I am done for"

The Coroner asked why she thought that something was going to happen Mrs JACKSON replied that she had dreamt that Sergeant STAVELEY, who was formerly the coroner's officer, called and said there would have to be an inquest. The jury returned a verdict of accidental death.

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