JANUARY Fatal fall Liverpool In erecting building corner of Paradise St and Park Lane , Man fell from a great height causing debris to fall, injured Alfred CORKILL 15 from Cecil St

William WILSON 59 a stonemason, Arthur SPEIGHT age 25 of Tenderden St died on reaching hospital

George CARTER from Wavertree employed by London and North Western Railway knocked down and killed by a train in Edgehill station.

William O'NEIL 42 dock labourer lived in a court off Beau St discharging cargo off the steamer Lily in Langton Dock Guy rope broke jamming him against a door fatal injuries

Mr John RIMMER landlord Clarence Hotel St Helens died suddenly age 64 of natural causes

Samuel KNIGHT 64 Peasley Cross knocked down by wagon fatal injuries

Rose CURRIE 54 inmate of Brownlow Hill died by drinking a bottle of disinfectant left by her bed.

Solicitor falls dead in Street John Howard JONES age 55 Temple Dale St of natural causes

Samuel WILLIAMS 48 and Daniel Briers Edwards 22 killed at Edge Hill whilst engaged in shunting operations

William Henry HODKINSON 17 fatal injuries at sugar refinery Messers Fairrie Vauxhall Rd working on sugar cutting machine got caught in belt'

Vincent CORLESS age 9 run over and killed by electric car.


Jan 4th 1908


The infant daughter of Henry MADDOX a plumber of Opie St died while choking on a jujube no bigger than a sixpence.

Thomas RILEY, age26, of Kirk St died as a result of Anthrax William JONES employed at Walker's distillery in Vauxhall Rd, fell 20ft into a vat and died from his injuries.

A curious fatality investigated on Rosie CURRIE, a single woman of 34, residing at Brownlow Hill, who drank disinfectant which was left by her bed by a nurse.

St Helens coroner investigated the death of Bridget NOON the crippled wife of James NOON Chemical labourer, who died in Provident Hospital under strange circumstances. The couple had been drinking heavily over the christmas period, Mrs NOON only had one leg and so had fallen on numerous occasions. She had not complained of feeling ill and her husband found her unconcious on the kitchen floor, she died later in hospital.

Other Deaths Death of Major.J.G.S.WILCOCKS age 75 of St Helens for 27yrs adjutant for St Helens volunteers. Has been resident at St Helens for 56yrs, residing at Ravensdale he leaves a widow 2 sons and 2 daughters, interment at Eccleston Church.

Robert David ROBERTS, age 62, senior partner of David JONES and Co wholesale tea merchants and grocers, died worth £63,689.

The death is announced of Philip Henry MORTON, age 57, Cotton Broker at his residence Hargrave Hall, Willaston, Cheshire. He had been in failing health for some time.

Chairman Rev F. S. Guy WARMAN of the Birkenhead Guardians moved that a vote of condolence be conveyed to the family of the late Mr John PRENDIVILLE, who for sometime had been a most active and useful member, Mr P. McMAHON, Vice Chairman seconded the vote.



Local news Jan 11th 1908

George CARTER of Wavertree employed by London North Western Railway Co knocked down by a train on saturday morning and killed.

The parentage of a male child aged 5mths found on the 29th ult in Bootle traced to William James GALLAGHER and Margaret Smith GRIER both of Belfast, both now in custody for manslaughter.

William O'NEILL aged 42 Dock labourer living in a court off Beau St was engaged in discharging cargo from the Steamer LILY in the Langton dock were he was jammed against a door of dock shed by a sling of deals, owing to a guy rope breaking. His injuries proved fatal.

Mr P. H. GRIFFITH died on Tuesday at his residence, Innisfallen, Warren Dr, New Brighton, he was a prominent member of the Liverpool Cotton Trade Ass for 35yrs and head of the firm GRIFFITH WILLIAMS and Co Grain.Commercial Merchants, Brunswick Buildings, Fenwick St.

Death announced of Mr Bancroft COOKE, aged 61, residing Silverdale Rd, Oxton, last Sunday, has been retired 10yrs, actively associated with the Financial Reform Almanac and son of one of the oldest cotton brokers in Liverpool, Mr Isaac COOKE.

Margaret WOOD of 15 Adelaide St, Wigan was left in a neighbours house playing, when her clothes caught fire, she died from her injuries.

Death at Douglas of Mr Edward CHADWICK aged 64, ex mayor.

The death occured of Mr Henry MATHWIN. B.A, J.P, aged 80, at Lipwood, Oxford Rd, Birkdale, Shoolmaster and president of Southport and Birkdale Private school, assisted from 1894, he was a Kentish man.

Tuesday while building work was going on, on a building on the corner of Paradise St and Park Lane a brick layer fell from a great height to the pavement bringing debris down. people injuried and taken to the Southern Hospital, Alfred CORKHILL, age 15 of Cecil St ,Wavertree, points boy, bruised his back and cut his head and was detained. William WILSON, aged 59, Stonemason, bruised his foot and back and was released. Arthur SPEIGHT aged 25, Tenderden St, Scotland Rd fractured his skull and died soon after admission.

Widnes inguest held on Samuel KNIGHT of Peasley Cross lane, during shunting operations was knocked down by a wagon and killed, accidental death recorded.

John RIMMER Landlord of the Clarence Arms, St Helens died suddenly aged 64, he was a member of Prescot Board of Guardians.

Death occured on Saturday of Mr Henry LINAKER, Superintendant of Manchester district of the London and North West Railway at his residence Edenhurst, Heaton Chapel, he was 58 yrs old and formerly from Carlisle.


Jan 18th 1908


Cecil HOLDEN Birkenhead Coroner held an inquiry on Weds into the death of John FAWCETT, age 44 iron erectors labourer in the employment of Messers PEARSON and KNOWLES of Warrington who lived in Lunar St Birkenhead. On the 9th inst working at Bay development Co premises erecting a mould loft lost his balance and fell – accidental death

Mr John Howard JONES Solicitor age 55 fell dead in Elliot St he resided at Poplars Beech Rd Aigburth and carries on buisness in the Temple Dale St.

Tues morning Daniel Briers EDWARDS age 22 of Warburton St employed by London and North West Railway Co was killed on the gridion of Edge Hill while shunting, Samuel WILLIAMS age 48 a ganger was killed in the same place on the same morning.

Inquiry into the death of William Henry HODGKINSON aged 17 employed at the sugar refinery of Messers FAIRRIE Vauxhall Rd. Deceased working at a sugar cutting machine and was caught in the belting he was carried round on the driving shaft and killed out-right. It was surmised the belt came off and the deceased tried to replace it while the machinery was in motion – accidental death

John WHITNEY age 64 a native of Runcorn recently residing at Manchester missing since New Years day. He was Captain of a Ship Canal Co Barge On that day the vessel was in the Dukes Dock Liverpool. The dock has been dragged still no trace found

John PATTISON Warringtons oldest male inhabitant father of T Mee PATTISON well known Musical composer died age 94.

Shem DAVIES one of the oldest members of Flint was killed at Flint station on Wednesday he was standing on the platform opposite the booking office when the 12’o’clock Chester to Rhyl arrived. He as noticed to fall in front of the engine and was decapitated. Lately his eyesight was failing.

At Davenham Northwich Eileen STELFOX age 2 yrs died from intestinal irritation caused by eating a raw potatoe.

John Ainsclogh ATKINSON of Hightown Crewe Cheshire Architect and Surveyor and member of the town council left £17,.699.

Edward ADDIS Engineer of Victor St Broughton Chester was found cut to pieces on the London and North West Railway line near Tarvin Bridge Chester. He was married and leaves a wife and two children

The death announced at Bournemouth on John JONES of Dinath Hall Colwyn Bay he was a renowned breeder and exhibiter of Welsh ponies and also exported them to America and other countries. He was on the Llandudno Commissioners and District Council

William FAIRCLOUGH an old Indian Mutiny veteran died in St Helens Hospital after an illness of 6 mths he belonged to the R.R.B.Rifle Brigade and up until 2 yrs ago was employed by Messers PILKINGTON for upwards of 38yrs.

The Funeral took place at St Johns Welsh Presp Chapel of Dr ROBERTS J.P for over 40 years has practised at Chester, Organist Henry Davies WILLIAMS Address given by Rev John OWEN of Mold, Officiating Ministers Rev J. Bryce DAVIES and Rev John WILLIAMS.

City Coroner investigated the death of elderly inmate of Toxteth Workhouse named ROGERS. He was fatally injured when falling and banging his head against a spittoon, Nurse stated she was alone on night duty looking after 72 patients but could however summon help on a telephone. Dr PARRY Stated 72 patients was too much for one person to look after and hoped the guardians would consider this- accidental death

Thomas Mc DONALD Donkeyman on the Elder Dempster Line BABANA which arrived on the Tyne from Bremerhaven slipped and fell overboard while boarding he hit his head on an iron girder between the ship and the wharf and was killed out-right. He was married and lived in Pitt St

LIVERPOOL MERCURY Sat 25th, Jan 1908


The death has occurred at Potmadoc of Mrs THOMAS mother of the late Rev Hugh Parry THOMAS of Park Rd, Congregational Church Liverpool.

A widow Margaret HARRISON aged 56 of Albany Place, Bootle, died in Bootle Hospital from severe burns due to her clothing catching fire.

Thomas BENTHAM, Crimean War Veteran who died at Fulwood Workhouse, Preston was saved from a paupers burial when Earl ROBERTS intervened. He was borne on the shoulders of Loyal Lancashire Men and buried with full military honours.

Mr Joseph John FORSHAW, Stanfield House, St Albans Rd, was interred on Tuesday at Anfield. The deceased gentleman, one of the best known residents of Bootle was identified with H.M. Customs for over 40yrs.

Local music lovers will regret that Mr Ffrangcon DAVIES the accomplished Welsh singer is in serious health and had had to cancel forth coming arrangements including a performance of the Liverpool Welsh Choral Unions, “ The Apostles”, at the Philharmonic Hall in march.

Miss Emma HADWEN deceased was well known in religious circles and took a great interest in missionary work, she had been a great traveller and delivered lectures at Gordon Hall on her travels in the East and Jerusalem.

The death is announced of the wife of Mr John HENDERSON one of the partners of COOPER and Co, Church St. Mrs HENDERSON passed away after a protracted illness although not a resident of Liverpool she was closely associated with the business world being a sister of the other partner, Mr T. G. COOPER of COOPER and Co. The sad event took place at Fairhall, Reigate, Surrey.

In memory of Richard SEDDON at Liverpool Diocesan Consistory Court a faculty was granted allowing the provision of handsome oak seats for the choir and clergy of Christ Church Eccleston, In memory of the Right Hon Richard SEDDON late Premier of N.Z. The cost is being defrayed by his widow Hon Janie SEDDON of Wellington, N.Z. Mr SEDDON was born and received his early parish schooling in Eccleston, his Mother was School Mistress of the Parish.

An inquest was held at Liverpool by Mr SAMPSON on the body of Mrs Evelyn Sophia GEORGE age 39 wife of an Insurance Clerk of 9 Luton Grove. Mrs GEORGE was an assistant School Mistress at St Margaret’s Anfield. She finished School in good spirits and at 9-15 pm went to take a bath. Her husband on not hearing her found sat dead in the bath. Water in bath 1 ft in depth and warm, no signs of drowning. - Cardiac Syncope due to heat of the water.

The death took place on Saturday of Canon RICHARDS for 35yrs Rector of Aberffraw Anglesey. He was one of the oldest Clergyman in Wales.

Death announced on Monday of Mrs Charlotte Elizabeth wife of Mr Edward Rimbaul DIBDIN Curator of the Walker Art Gallery Though she had been an invalid for some time her death was sudden and unexpected.

Inquest held at St Helens Town Hall on David DIXON age 2yrs of Glover St, St Helens Early Sunday had died in Providence Hospital as a result of burns sustained when his clothes caught fire in the company of Richard McALROY age 11yrs. Nurse CAMPBELL stated he had burns to arms and Body- accidental death.

Inquest held at Ormskirk by Mr S. BRIGHOUSE on James CROPPER age 47, Collier at Messers GRIFFITHS GLENBURN Colliery Skelmersdale. On Christmas Eve found with fractured ribs and scalp wounds and shock he died from his injuries – accidental death.

Inquest held at Haydock on Mordecai NORBURY age 55yrs of Haydock died on being removed from Leigh Pit to Haydock Hospital. Dr UNSWORTH conducted P.M. in the company of Dr THOMPSON for the colliery and Dr DOWLING for the relatives – death due to heart failure

Liverpool Mercury, Feb 1st 1908

Deaths and inquests


The coroner Mr T. E. SIMPSON held inquests on:-

The death of William DAVIDSON, aged 16, employed as a carriage cleaner at Central Station. He was cleaning the carriages at the station when the Widnes train came in, the passengers alighted and another engine backed down on the train and took it out. The engine at the forward end was following and crushed the boy against the platform – accidental death

On Walter STAFFORD, a dock labourer, who died on Sunday in the Southern Hospital as a result of an accident at No 2 Kings Dock. A cargo of corn had been taken from the steamer KENTRA, the deceased and some other men were working on an elevator, which conveyed corn from the ship to the warehouse. Whilst the elevator was being raised the corn stacked above collapsed sending the men scattering in all directions, the deceased was thrown in the water, and died later in hospital of cardiac failure and acute bronchitis accelerated by immersion – accidental death

On Tuesday evening at Haigh, nr Wigan on the death of John MULDOON, aged 52, a dataller, of 44 Arley Lane, Blackrod, who was found drowned on Sunday last in the Leeds, Liverpool Canal, near Red Rock Bridge, Haigh – accidental death.

At Prescot Union Workhouse on the death of Beatrice ROBERTS, aged 5, of Warrington Rd, Prescot. The mother left the child and another aged 1yr 10mths while she went on an errand. The deceased child it appears got hold of some paper, the fire was unguarded, she set fire to her pinafore, she was badly burned on her upper body and face and she died in the infirmary – accidental death, mother reprimanded, Jury called for a bill to prevent such infantile fatalities.

The Birkenhead coroner Mr Cecil HOLDEN held and inquest on the death of Amelia BIDDULPH, aged 12, daughter of a boilermaker of St Mary’s Ave The, girl was downstairs clad in flannelette night dress to kindle the fire. A spark flew igniting the garment, which became instantly ablaze and she was fatally burned – accidental death.

Michael DUFFY of Bolton St, St Helens, aged 37, died in the Providence Hospital from burns he received at St Helens, Smelting works. He was running the molten metal from the furnace, when he fell and a quantity covered him.


We regret to announce the death of Mr George MASSEY, 55 Bath St, who for many years occupied the position of head cashier of Messers BIRCH, CULLIMORE and DOUGLAS, Solicitors of Chester, being employed there since 1873. He was unmarried and had suffered with water on the knee for some time. On Wednesday last he was taken ill with influenza and died through collapse.

We record the death of Ex-Supt Charles EGERTON, which took place at his residence 88 Gregson St on Sunday, he was 65 yrs old. He joined the Liverpool Constabulary in 1861, while the late Major GREIG was head of the force, in May 1872 he was made Det Constable, under the late Supt KEHOE, in May 1880, he was promoted to 4th Class Inspector. In 1881 he was appointed under the Explosion Act as Inspector for Liverpool and the Dock Board, and in Sept 1895 appointed Supt of D. Division, Rosehill. In May 1896 he resigned on Superannuation.

On Wednesday night the Rev P. Watkin CLARKE residing at 31 Edge Lane, dropped dead in Oakland St, Widnes. The deceased was connected to Liverpool having been authorised by the Bishop of Liverpool to give occasional help to the Diocese and had previously been a vicar in Newcastle-on-Tyne. He was 65yrs old and had been assisting Rev G. Stephen JONES, Vicar of St Mary’s, Widnes, who was without a curate.

Capt Thomas EMERSON, the father of Mrs Clement EDWARDES, wife of the member for the Denbigh Boroughs, died on Tuesday. He was 85 and the retired chief of Trinity House, in whose service he had been for 55yrs.

He was Capt in charge of the steam yacht VESTAL, which piloted the fleet accompanying the Queen then Princess Alexandra, when she came over to marry the Prince of Wales. Just before the event Capt EMERSON had discovered a new channel at the entrance to the Thames and was permitted by the Princess to name it the Alexandra Channel.

At the outbreak of the Crimean War, though the youngest Capt in the Trinity service he was entrusted in rebuoying the Baltic Sea after the Russians had removed the buoys to frustrate any attack by the British Navy in that direction. He has a family connection to the Great American Essayist Ralph Waldo EMERSON, who called on his family on one of his visits to this country.

The service took place at Ullet Rd, Unitarian Ch on Monday proceeding the cremation at Anfield of Mr Charles W. JONES. J.P of the firm of Messers, LAMPORT and HOLT, who expired suddenly at his residence, Allerton Beeches, Allerton, following a paralytic seizure on the previous night. Attending the service were inmates of the Field House Girl’s Home Wavertree, which the gentleman founded and supported.

The death occurred on Wednesday of veteran cotton broker, Mr C. P. NEGROPONTE, aged 82, as a result of a tramway accident. He was a prominent figure in the cotton trade as far back as 1860 and leaves a widow and three daughters.

Father BARTON who had charge of the Ramsey, Catholic Ch, in the Liverpool dioceses, died after a sudden illness on Sunday morning, aged 42. He was educated at St Edwards, Liverpool and St Joseph’s, Wigan and was at St Michael’s, West Derby and also Clifton Hall, Lancaster. He worked for a new church at Ramsey, raising a great deal of money, but his wish to see it open has not been realised.


Liverpool Mercury Feb 8th 1908

A wagon inspector named Watkin JONES of Smithy Lane Acton was cut to pieces and killed by a light engine.


The death of Inspector COLLINGWOOD took place on Tuesday in the David Lewis Hospital, he was 64. A native of Derbyshire he joined the Liverpool constabulary in 1865 at the age of 21, in 1894 he was made Detective Inspector and retired in 1896 on superannuation, he resides in Wavertree and leaves a widow and family.


The body of Isaac LANDSBROUGH, aged 68 of Lancaster, missing since 27th Dec last was found in the river Lune, the body had been embedded in the sand.


The death took place at Preston of Mrs HOLDEN, aged 97, for many years she occupied most of her time knitting for Dr BARNARDO’S Homes.


Rev George PETERS, vicar of the new mission district of St Thomas, Waver tree [founded in 1896] to relieve the parish of St Bridgets, died suddenly at the Vicarage, Bagot St, on Wednesday. He had attended the Town Hall a few days ago when his son, a member of the medical staff of the Royal Southern Hospital received a medal for an heroic rescue from drowning. Mr PETERS was then in the best of health.

He leaves a widow, 2 sons and 2 daughters. One son is Curate of St Pauls, Warrington, the Rev Edwin Ernest PETERS. B.A, and the other Dr PETERS. B.A, House Surgeon at the Royal Southern Hospital.


Mr Edward GIBBONS, aged 55, died at his residence Linnet Lane on Sunday of pneumonia, he leaves a widow and three children.


The funeral took place at Smithdown Rd, Cemetery of Mr Constantine Paul NEGROPONTE who was a well known cotton broker of Liverpool before his retirement a few years ago.


Sir Richard Horner PAGET Bart died on Monday aged 78, he had been ill for some time, he was the son of the late John Moore PAGET of Cranmore Somerset. He sat for M.P, for East Somerset in the Conservative interest from 1865 to 1868, for Mid Somerset 1868 to 1885, and Wells division of Somerset 1885 to 1895. He is the father of Mrs H. GLADSTONE wife of the Home Secretary who is at present recovering from a severe operation.


Mrs RYLANDS widow of John RYLANDS the millionaire merchant of Manchester died on Sunday at Torquay. She was a member of the old Liverpool family of TENNANT, a large proportion of her wealth will be distributed amongst charities.


Mr Cecil HOLDEN Coroner, Birkenhead inquired into the death of Hilda BATCHELOR, aged 31days, daughter of George BATCHELOR, Policeman, Willmer Rd, Birkenhead. Mrs BATCHELOR was preparing to give the baby a bath on Monday morning when she fainted, on recovering she found the baby immersed in the bath water - accidental death.


The death took place at his residence, Langdale, Banks Ave, Great Meols, of Capt J. Arthur WINDHAM, aged 53, who had 28yrs in the service of the Elder Dempster Co of whose fleet he was Commodore Captain and best known Commander on the West Coast of Africa.


The death took place on Tuesday of Alderman James HILTON, J.P, aged 78, one of the oldest tradesmen in Wigan, for 38yrs a member of the town council. He carried on business as tin plate worker in Scholes for over 50yrs.


On Monday at Overton Ch, Frodsham the body of the late Joseph CUNNAH, Master of the Dutton Workhouse [for 21yrs] of Runcorn Union was interred.


Among the latest wills proved is that of Jeremiah AINSWORTH of Elleray, Victoria Rd, Formby a partner in the firm of Messers SMITH CONEY and BARRETT, cotton brokers Liverpool, and a well known member of the local cotton exchange, who left £9,064.


Liverpool Weekly Mercury

Saturday, August 8th 1908


The death occured at the David Lewis, Northern Hospital on Sunday of a Liverpool window cleaner named Robert STEVENSON, aged 48yrs, of Mount View, Rathbone St.

On Saturday STEVENSON was engaged in cleaning the windows of the Cotton Exchange, in Old Hall St. He was standing on one of the window ledges, and as a safeguard he wore a belt attached to which was a rope, which was in turn fastened to railings.

By some means or other he slipped off the window ledge, and the rope snapped, the result being he fell into the street, a distance of abour 25ft, sustaining a fractured leg and other injuries which proved fatal.

Liverpool Weekly Mercury Feb 15th 1908


Cornelius LUNDIE, the oldest railway director in the world, brother of the late Rev Dr LUNDIE of Liverpool, and who is believed to be the last surviving person who was an acquaintance of Sir Walter SCOTT, with whom he lunched at Abbotsford, died on Wednesday at Cardiff, aged 93.

The death is announced of Rev Father John BUCKLEY, late rector of the mission of St Albans, Athol St, Liverpool, which took place at Waterford, whither he had gone a fortnight ago for the benefit of his health.

The death took place on Tuesday night of Mr T. H. POVEY of the Vaults, Ellesmere, he was generally esteemed and the news of his death created a painful surprise to the town.

The death took place on Monday of Mr James GREENWOOD, aged 77, of the Old Manor House, Remington, Clitheroe, after a long illness. The deceased prior to his retirement a few years ago was a well-known merchant in Lancashire.

The death has occurred at Brandreth Lodge, Parbold, of Mr H. S. THRELFALL, J.P, one of the oldest solicitors practising in Southport, and was for many years clerk of the Old Birkdale School Board, but resigned in 1904 on the introduction of the Education Act.


A verdict of “Accidental death” was returned at an inquest at Platt Bridge, nr Wigan on James FAIRBROTHER, collier, employed at the Moss Hall Colliery Co, who had been killed by a fall of coal.

George Albert REBOND, aged 2, of Liverpool, died of poisoning, through sucking the phosphorus on matches.

John STAPLETON who fell over a banister in the Exchange Buildings on Tuesday, died at the David Lewis Hospital on Wednesday from his injuries.

David STRINGER, farmer, Leftwich Green, Cheshire died in the infirmary at Northwich on Tuesday from the effects of an accident, he and his brother were taking a threshing machine to Winsford, on descending a steep hill the engine skidded, the axle on the van behind had broken by the strain, the men repaired it, and it broke again, and deceased’s right thigh was crushed between the van and the engine. Deceased had only been recently married.

A distressing fatality occurred at the McKECHNIE Works of the United Alkali Co, St Helens, resulting in the death of Percy Walter BOOTH, aged 17, apprentice chemist, who lived with his grandfather Samuel URMSON, Fairfield, Kiln Lane, and had been at work for only a few weeks. On Saturday he was taking a sample of spent “liqour” from the reservoir by the means of a bottle attached to string, when the wooden railing gave way and he fell into the “liqour”. A doctor administered emetics but he collapsed and died 2 hours later, verdict, “Accidental death”

Mr BRIGHOUSE held an inquest at the Widnes Accident Hospital on the death of Alfred TAYLOR, aged 28, of Witt Rd, engine driver in the employment of Messers DENNIS and Co, Cornubia Copper Works, Moss Bank. TAYLOR was oiling shafting on Saturday morning when his cotton jacket got caught, he was whirled around and was shockingly injured. TAYLOR was the well-known half back for Widnes Football Club, one of the smartest and was unmarried. The inquest was adjourned by the Coroner so that the Jury could inspect the premises where the deceased was injured.

An inquest was held at Warrington concerning the death of Robert Stanley PHILLIPS, aged 14, son of Thomas PHILLIPS of Orford, who died at the Warrington Infirmary. Father stated the deceased complained of pains in the leg, the knee was swollen and a small scratch was discovered, a few days later the scratch festered and became painful. Dr SMITH said death was due to blood poisoning, verdict, “Accidental death”


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