Liverpool Mercury, Jan 21st 1892

Fatality on the Ship Canal

Yesterday on the Thelwall section of the Manchester Ship Canal, a man named John M'CUE was accidentally killed. Deceased was 20 and lived in Naylor St, Warrington and was engaged with another man bringing an engine from the shed. A potion of the mechanism of the locomotive broke, with the result that an escape of steam nearly overpowered the two men. They jumped off the engine one from each side, but M'CUE failed to get clear and was run over and immediately killed. His companion was shaken but otherwise unhurt.

The recent storm at St Helens, missing body found

The body of Mary Ann TRACEY, aged 15, daughter of Patrick TRACEY, a labourer of Stone St, St Helens was found in the Sankey Brook, near the Havanna Colliery, Parr, on Tuesday night. On the 10th December last, several girls including TRACEY, were picking up cinders from the waste heaps near Baxter's Chemical Works. The girls attempted to cross the swollen Sankey Brook by means of a plank bridge, and all succeeded in doing so with the exception of the deceased, who was blown into the water by the gusty wind, and her body was washed down the stream. Attempts were made to recover the body by the use of grappling irons, but without success. On Tuesday night a workman passing along the side of the brook saw a body "jammed" against the stump of an old tree, and on being got to the side it was found to be that of the missing girl. The body was removed to the Ship Inn, Newton Common, awaiting the inquest.


Liverpool Mercury, Mar 9th, 1892

Coroner's inquests, Tues Mar 8th, before Mr T. E. SAMPSON, Coroner of Liverpool

On the body of Henry OAKES, aged 55, customs officer, of 34 Creslock St. Deceased was addicted to drink and had been ailing for the past 6mths. Last Sunday he complained of being ill and the same day his landlady found him dead in bed. The medical evidence was that death was due to syncope, accelerated by excessive drinking. Verdict accordingly.

On the body of Anne Elizabeth ROBERTS, aged 31, wife of Henry ROBERTS, clerk, of 8 Rydal St. Deceased was off intemperate habits, and was in the Royal Infirmary from Jan 28th till the 26th ult. On coming out she continued her drinking habits and on Saturday last when her husband came home he found her dead in bed. Dr HOLMES stated that death was due to syncope, accelerated by excessive drinking. Verdict accordingly.

On the body of Neale JOHNSON, seaman, aged 47, who lodged at 9 Cornwallis St with Henry ANDERSON. Deceased was paid off from his ship on the 26th ult, and immediately commenced to drink heavily. On Friday last he became ill and was taken to the Brownlow Hill Workhouse where he died on Saturday. The resident medical officer said the cause of death was excessive drinking. Deceased was suffering from pneumonia but that was due to drink. Verdict accordingly.

On the body of Mary Ann DANIELLS, aged 4, child of Thomas and Mary Ann DANIELLS, of 10 Nicholas St. The mother of the deceased said that she left her daughter along with two other children, one belonging to a neighbour, in the kitchen of her house, while she went to make some purchases, on Saturday last. On her return she found the lower part of her house in flames. Daniel McQUIGGAN and Richard SUDBURY, two men who were attracted by her cries went into the burning house and brought out the children. Deceased was found face down on the floor with all her clothes burnt off. Verdict "Accidental death." The coroner commended the brave conduct of Daniel McQUIGGAN and Richard SUDBURY and suggested they should be in some way rewarded, a remark which the jury endorsed.

On the body of John SEDDON, aged 16, whose parents reside at 8 Back Myers St. Deceased was an apprentice on the training ship Indefatigable and on Saturday the 27th ult he came on leave till Monday. He left his parent's house on Monday to return to the ship, but did not do so, and on Friday night he went to the house of a neighbour and asked for shelter. He was taken in and found to be suffering from a severe cold. He remained there till Saturday when he died. There was no evidence to show where he had been from Monday to Friday Dr JOLLY, stated that in his opinion death was due to pneumonia brought on by exposure. Verdict accordingly.

On the body of Frederick Hartley CHERRY, aged 7wks, deceased was found dead in bed with his parents, Edwin and Anne CHERRY on Monday morning last. The medical evidence was to the effect that death was due to suffocation. Verdict accordingly.


Liverpool Mercury April 21st, 1892

Fatal accident on the Ship Canal

Yesterday Mr YATES held an inquiry at the Ship Canal Hospital, Latchford on the body of Louisa FLACK, a child, who died from injuries received on the canal works at Norton. She was sitting on the four-foot of the railway line when an engine that was being shunted ran over her. She subsequently died of exhaustion. Verdict "Accidental death."

Boating fatality at Widnes

On Tuesday Mr S. BRIGHOUSE, county coroner, held an inquest at the Britannia Arms, Westbank, Widnes regarding the death of John SHAW, a waterman of 82 Terrace Rd, Widnes, and who was drowned in the Mersey on Sunday afternoon. Deceased in the company of two other men, went for a sail on the river in a small boat. There was a strong wind blowing at the time and the boat capsized, and the occupants thrown into the water. SHAW who was unable to swim sank immediately, his companions were rescued in an exhausted condition. Verdict "Accidentally drowned."


Liverpool Mercury, May 13th, 1892

Child killed by a tramcar

The little daughter of William MUSKER, auxiliary fireman in the Bootle Fire Brigade, was run over in Strand Rd, Bootle yesterday by a tramcar. The child was taken to the hospital and attended by Dr GILCHRIST, but died from her injuries shortly after admission

The late Mrs G. HEBURN

News of the death of Mrs HEPBURN, wife of Mr G. HEPBURN consulting engineer and naval architect, will be received with deepest regret by a very large and wide spread circle of friends. Deceased who died at her residence South Bank, Edge Lane, greatest sympathy is felt and expressed for the bereaved husband and family. Funeral will take place at Bebington on Sunday.

Funeral of Mr KILNER

The remains of Mr R. KILNER, teamowner and forwarding agent for the Manchester Ship Canal, were interred yesterday at St James Cemetery. Among those present were the five daughters, two brothers and several other relatives. Also present, Messers T. EDWARDS, G. CORNETT, J. DYSON, W. COATS, W. DAVIS, Detective Inspector GRUBB, Mr AFFLECK, [clerk] and Mr W. BELLIS.


Liverpool Mercury June 22nd 1892

Shocking fatality at St Helens

Yesterday Joseph ENGLISH, a labourer, of New Boston, Haydock, met with a terrible death on the works of the new Liverpool, St Helens and South Lancashire Railway. The fatality occurred near Hollybank, Haydock, were some deep cuttings were being made for the line to pas under Wigan Rd and the extensive sidings of Messers Evans and Co, colliery proprietors. A large steam navvy was at work in one of the cuttings, when through some cause the lid of the immense iron bucket got disarranged. deceased went to examine the bucket when the machinery started and his head was crushed between the bucket and the framework of the navvy.his skull was smashed death was instantaneous.

Fatal accident at Garston

Yesterday Mr F. A. JONES deputy coroner held an inquest on the body of Mary FLETCHER, widow aged 75, who resided with her married daughter Mrs GUY at 2 Dock Rd, Garston, and who died on the 18th inst from injuries sustained by falling over a buffet in the kitchen on the 25th May, when she broke her leg, verdict, "Accidental Death."

Fatal accident on the railway at Birkenhead

On Monday morning a fatal accident occurred to Patrick GILLIGAN of Stephen St, Chester. GILLIGAN who was looking for work on the railways was proceeding along the 6ft way between Capenhurst and Ledsham, Cheshire, when the 9-15am from Chester to Birkenhead came along the line, several workmen shouted to him, he had his back to the advancing train, in his excitement instead of getting on to the embankment, he got right on the lines and was caught by the engine and hurled a tremendous distance.. His face and skull had been cut away, he was hardly recognisable. Death was instantaneous. His remains were conveyed by Police sergeant McHALE to the Ledsham Hotel where Mr W. H. CHURTON held an inquest yesterday, "Accidental Death" was returned

Deaths by suffocation at Widnes

Yesterday afternoon Mr JONES, dept-coroner for South West Lancashire, resumed an inquiry at Widnes regarding the deaths of Richard CHESTERS, aged 50, of James St, Widnes and Richard JONES, aged 30, of Church View, Runcorn, who were suffocated when cleaning out a sewer in Widnes Marsh, on Wednesday in Whit week, verdict, "Accidental Death."

On Wednesday the funeral of Mr Alexander JOHNSTON, who had been for the last 35yrs, chief engineer in the Harrison Line, but latterly in the shore staff, took place at Toxteth Cemetery in the presence of a large number of friends, chiefly of the mercantile marine service. Amongst those present, Messers, B. JOHNSTON, son, Dr JOHNSTON. M.D, brother, Davis STEVENSON, John H. THOMPSON, Robert RITSON, [superintendent engineer], William BOYD, William SARDGENT, M. KANE, William COLLARD, A. COLLIE, W. NELSON, John PRYDIE and H. BRIGGS.

Mr James PETRIE. J.P, of Rylands, Trafalgar Rd, Birkdale, formerly of Rochdale, died yesterday at the residence of his only child Mrs LETTS of London, aged 79, having been ailing for at least 2yrs. He leaves a widow. The deceased was a staunch Liberal and lived in retirement at Birkdale for about 8yrs. He was a generous supporter of the Methodist Free Church, Duke St, Southport, and practised much private charity



Deaths and Inquests

July 1st 1892

While passing along Great Howard St this morning Griffith ROBERTS, a stone dresser in the employment of the corporation, was suddenly seized with internal haemorrhage and expired before a doctor arrived from the Northern Hospital. Deceased is 28 yrs old and belonged to Penmaenmawr, he leaves a wife and child.

Recovery of missing body at Southport

The dead body of Charles MOORCROFT, aged 28, a labourer of Shakespeare St, Southport was found in the sea near the pier head. Deceased was assisting in repairs to the pier when he overbalanced and fell off the scaffold.

Woman burnt to death at Warrington

An elderly woman, Catherine JUDGE died this morning at Wrexham Infirmary from injuries she received late last night. It seems deceased resided in Mary Ann Square, and was discovered there by neighbours enveloped in flames, she was conveyed to the infirmary but soon succumbed to her injuries.



July 4th 1892

Inquiry was held today att the city Coroners Court, before Mr SAMPSON, on the death of Charles MOLYNEUX, aged 2yrs, son of Thomas MOLYNEUX, Asst Station Master, residing 10 Sandon Rd. The child who had been staying with his mother in Kirkdale, by some means, got into a lime pit being used by builders in the area. The mother, hearing cries, found the child up to his waist in lime. She took him to the Stanley Hospital, where he died the next day, severely burnt - accidental death recorded.

At Guidebridge Railway station, Lydia BENNETT, aged 32, residing at Waterside, Hadfield, left Hadfield along with David TRAVIS to whom she was to be married to at Ashton-under-Lyne. The bride was taken ill on the way and at Guidebridge station was taken into a waiting room where she expired immediately.

This morning at Astley Bridge after recording his vote at the Bolton Borough, conservative elector Enoch ASPINALL, aged about 50, was endeavouring to step onto a lorry, which contained his working tools, when he slipped and fell. The wheel of the heavy-laden vehicle passed over him and death was almost instantaneous.



July 5th 1892

A painful case has been investigate at Caergwrle by Mr DAVIES Flintshire Coroner. Mrs ROBERTS, wife of John ROBERTS, gave her baby of 16wks, 5 to 6drops of laudanum to soothe it. The dose was nearly large enough for an adult and the child never recovered consciousness - a verdict of poisoned through misadventure was recorded and condemnation of the practise of giving infants laudanum.

At 7pm last evening after the HARGREAVES Troupe of minstrels had taken up position at the East Parade, Rhyl, a brake was proceeding through the ring of spectators when the horses were frightened by the music, and dashed among a group of young children, knocking them down. The wheels of the brake passed over the chest of a little girl aged 7, the daughter of Robert ROBERTS of Rhyl. She was carried to the house of Dr GRIDLESTONE close by, where she expired within minutes. Four other children are severely injured, one, it is feared fatally.



July 6th 1892

Explosion on the Leeds Liverpool canal

At the citys coroners court today before Mr T. E. SAMPSON inquiry into the death of Richard YOUDS, aged 22 living with his father at Burscough Bridge, Burscough. Mr H. T. KILLOCK Solicitor of Bradford watched the proceedings on behalf of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal Company.

The deceased was 1st mate on board the steam flat, THE SUN, owned by the Leeds Liverpool Canal Company.

He left home on Sunday evening last at 4'o'clock to work the flat up to Liverpool upon arriving at Liverpool Mr WILKINSON the company engineer and ironfounder visited the flat and found leakage in one of the copper boiler pipes consequent upon part of the smelting at the brazen end melting down owing to the intense heat. In a hurry to get back to Wigan Mr WILKINSON advised a wood plug be inserted into the pipe till it was attended to, the flat then left.

The crew was composed of 3 hands, John ATLING Capt his brother second mate and the deceased first mate. A short time after passing Sandhills YOUDS went to open the furnace door as they intended to stop at Bankhall. A loud report was heard and steam was coming from below. The Captain immediately ran to the hatch but because of the density of the steam and sulphur could not get below. A few minutes later the deceased came up and was attended to by the Captain and conveyed by Police Constable 203E to the Stanley Hospital and was found to have sustained severe scalding to the neck , hands and feet. He died yesterday morning as a result of his injuries. Verdict accidental death, at the mercy of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal Company.


Liverpool Mercury, August 3rd 1892

Coroner's Inquests, Tuesday Aug 2nd, before Mr T. E. SAMPSON, Coroner of Liverpool

On the body of William Amery ORR, music-hall, comedian, 4 Every St. Mrs ORR stated that the deceased was in the act of putting out the kitchen lamp before retiring to bed on Sunday morning, when the oil exploded, through his turning the lamp too low, and his clothing caught fire. The flames were soon extinguished but not before he was severely burned over the head and body. He was taken to the Royal Infirmary and died there almost immediately on admission from shock due to burns. Verdict, "Accidental death."

On the body of George NUGENT, plumber, aged 25, of 32 Garden St. Deceased tried to shut the skylight of his bedroom before going drunk to bed on Saturday night. Failing to do so from the inside he got on to the roof, meaning to enter from another window. Whilst there he slipped and fell 40ft into the yard below. He was taken to the Royal Infirmary, where he died shortly after admission. Verdict, "Accidental death."

On the body of Margaret WILSON, aged 35, wife of James WILSON, plasterer, 14 Chapel Lane. Deceased was a heavy drinker, she was taken to the Brownlow-Hill, Workhouse, Hospital on the 19th ultimo, where she died on Saturday from the effects of excessive drinking, verdict accordingly.

On the body of William SAUNDERS, aged 52, marine fireman, who lodged at 7 Richmond Row. Last Saturday the deceased became delirious from excessive drinking and died the same night. Verdict, "Death from delirium tremens from chronic alcoholism and pneumonia."


Liverpool Mercury, Aug 18th, 1892

Coroner's inquests, before Mr H. CHURTON, Coroner of Birkenhead, Wednesday Aug 17th

The supposed suicide of a woman

At the Queen's Hotel, Park entrance on the body of Jane ROBERTS, aged 55, spinster, who lived with her brother Henry ROBERTS, at 10 Haymarket, PC SCHOFIELD [17] deposed that at about 4am on Tuesday he found the deceased lying below her window on the pavement in Grange Rd, with her leg broken. He took her to the Borough Hospital, where it was found she had sustained compound fractures of both legs and a fracture at the base of her skull. She died from her injuries at 6.30am yesterday. Deceased's brother said the woman had occasionally been "strange in her manner" but he could not think a reason for her to take her own life. He knew nothing of the affair told by the police. The jury found that death was due to a fall from the window, but left their verdict open as to the cause of the fall.


Liverpool Mercury, Aug 19th, 1892

Inquests Thursday Aug 18th, before Mr T. E. SAMPSON coroner of Liverpool

Suicide of an army pensioner

On the body of Thomas ROBINSON, 46, Army pensioner, 45 Copperfield St, on June 30th deceased's wife went away to stay with some relatives in Worcester, while she was away deceased was by himself. On the 15th instant the attention of P.C 293C was directed to the house, as the neighbours had not seen the deceased for days. The officer found the deceased hanging to the bedpost, downstairs on the kitchen table was a note which read, "I am sick and tired of this short life so I bid adieu to all concerned." He had been in low spirits because he could not get work. Jury's verdict - Suicide whilst in a state of temporary mental derangement.

On the body of Jessie Ann MANSON, 10mths, daughter of William and Catherine MANSON, 125 Latham St. On Thursday the 11th inst whilst being carried by Edith GANDY, they were knocked down by a bicycle in Kirkdale Rd, both were injured, but, deceased who was badly hurt was taken to the Northern Hospital and died on Friday. Dr HILL stated death was due to shock by the accident, verdict, accidental death

On the body of Mary TONGUE, widow, aged 63, of 3 Rawsthorne Square. On Tuesday last deceased fell down a flight of stairs in her own house sustaining injuries to her head. She was conveyed to the Northern Hospital where she died the same day, accidental death.

On the body of Thomas LEISON, aged 39, carter, 62 Vernon St, Deceased was admitted to the Northern Hospital on the 11inst and found to be suffering from meningitis, he died in the hospital the next day. The house surgeon said death was due to meningitis brought on by drink, verdict accordingly.

On the body of Georgina BURNS, aged 9days, daughter of James and Catherine BURNS, 18 Patterson St. On Wednesday morning the deceased was suffocated whilst in bed with her parents, jury returned a verdict of, accidental death.


Liverpool Mercury, Dec 29th 1892

Coroner's Inquests

Before Mr T. E. SAMPSON, Coroner of Liverpool, Wednesday Dec 28th

On the body of Sarah Ellen WILLIAMS, aged 4, the daughter of a cotton porter, living in a cellar in Salisbury St. Deceased was an ailing child and the Coroner stated was in a filthy condition, but the cause of death was inflammation of the bowels. Verdict accordingly.

On the body of Annie WILLIAMS, aged 9wks, daughter of John WILLIAMS, living in a court of Falkner St. Verdict death was due to accidental suffocation, during Monday night.

On the body of Richard Henry CHARNOCK, aged 3, who lived with hjis parents in Ellesmere St. The deceased fell out of bed on his head, and this, the doctor considered caused the haemorrhage of the brain from which the klittle boy died on Tuesday morning. Verdict accordingly.

On the body of Elizabeth Ann MACFARLANE, aged 2wks, daughter of a dock labourer of 67 Upper Beau St, who was suffocated in bed on the night of Christmas Day. Verdict, "Accidental death."

On the body of George Edward WOOSEY, aged 3, son of a cab driver of 29 Greta St. On Christmas Eve, deceased went with his brother Peter, aged 9, into a neighbour's house, carrying an unlighted paper-lantern. There the clothes of the deceased caught fire, it was suggested, while he was trying to light the lantern. He was taken to the Southern Hospital, where he died on Monday morning from shock. Verdict, "Accidental death."

On the body of Peter HORTON, aged 54, a married man, who lived apart from his wife in a court off Whitley St. Deceased had been employed by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway as a waggon sheeter for more than 20yrs, and on the night of the 14th inst, was on duty at Great Howard St, Goods Station. Owing to the buffers of some waggons that moved past him being locked, causing the waggons to move closer to the platform, deceased was crushed against the stage. He was admitted to the Northern Hospital and died on the 24th inst, from a fractured thigh and internal injuries.

Drink and death in Liverpool

Deaths attributed, in a greater of lesser degree to intemperance

On the body of Jane JONES, the wife of a carter of 22 Jenkinson St. They had only been married about a month and during that time JONES had several times seen his wife the worse for drink. She began to drink again on Monday afternoon and the same evening fell downstairs, knocking her head against the kitchen door. She was put to bed and next morning was found dead from cerebral haemorrhage. Verdict accordingly.

On the body of Mary HANMER, aged 71, a widow living with her son a marine fireman at 12A Netherfield Rd, South. On Christmas evening the deceased was left alone in the house with a man named WALKER, both the worst for drink, and when the other inmates returned WALKER was asleep on the sofa, and the deceased was lying in the lobby at the foot of the stairs, partly resting on the stairs and her head near the door. A doctor stated that the forehead was dinged in, and death was due to haemorrhage of the brain caused either by a blow of fall. An open verdict was returned.

On the body of Charles HAWKES, aged 47, of 8 Gay St, Deceased was a brickmaker, but recently had been unable to work from blindness. He had not been seen intoxicated twice in the two previous years, but on Christmas night, he fell when going upstairs, causing haemorrhage of the brain, from which he died. Verdict, "Accidental death."

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