Liverpool Mercury, Jan 16th 1890

Coroners inquests, before Mr Clarke ASPINALL, Weds Jan 15th

Suicide of a sailor

On the body of Christopher Ludwig PETERSEN, a Norwegian sailor, aged 28, lately belonging to the crew of the Norwegian barque OLE BULL, lying in the Canada Dock, east side. It appears from the captain of the vessel Paule HAUFF, that the deceased was missing at 9.30pm on Sunday, his hat and coat were found on deck also a card [produced], on which was written in Norse in the deceased handwriting, "This is the last remembrance of me" Deceased had been "queer" in the head for a fortnight passed, and would not work, although the doctor said there was nothing wrong with him. PC 39 CAINE, testified to finding the body in the Canada Dock on Monday morning last close to the barque, with a rope round the neck with a piece of chain fastened to it, the rope being tied round. Witness removed the body to the Prince's Dock, Mortuary. Medical evidence showed the deceased had died from drowning. The jury found that the deceased had committed suicide whilst in a state of temporary mental derangement.

Burning accidents

On the body of Alice PRICE, aged 45, the wife of a dock labourer of 7 house, 11 court, Combermere St. On Sunday afternoon last deceased was left alone in the house, she was subject to fits and at 1.15 a neighbour heard a scream and went to see what was wrong. She found the deceased standing in the corner of the kitchen in flames, which she helped to extinguish. A policeman was called, who put flour on the burns which were severe and took her to the Southern Hospital, where she succumbed on the 13th inst from her injuries. Verdict, "Accidental death."

On the body of William NUNNELEY, aged 7, son of a widow named Ellen NUNNELEY, licensed victualler of 136 St James St. The little boy was put to bed at 8.30pm on Monday. Whilst his mother was in the kitchen half an hour later, she heard screams from his bedroom, and rushed up finding his nightshirt on fire. The gas was out and there was neither fire nor matches in his room, so that how the child's came to catch was a mystery the mother could not explain. He was taken to the Southern Hospital, where he died on Tuesday from his injuries. Verdict, "Accidental death."

On the body of William OWINGS, aged 13mths, son of a seaman of 7 house, 6 court, Fletcher St. When in the kitchen on Saturday morning the child's nightdress took fire, his father speedily extinguished the flames but he was badly burned. He was conveyed to the Southern Hospital, where he died on Monday from his injuries. Verdict, "Accidental death."

On the body of Mary Catherine DUDLEY, aged 5, daughter of a cab driver of 31 Rhiwlas St. The child's mother had gone into town on Saturday morning, leaving a daughter, Georgina, aged 13, in charge of the deceased and a still younger child. Towards 11am Georgina went to a shop in Mill St, leaving the two little ones in the parlour alone. There was a fire in the kitchen at the time and it is supposed while her sister was out the deceased had gone into the kitchen and approached too near the fire, resulting in her clothes becoming ignited, about 11,30am she rushed into a neighbour's yard with night shirt in flames. The neighbour put the flames out and seeing the child was badly burned about the head, neck and arms, she was taken to the Southern Hospital, where she died on Sunday from her injuries. Verdict, "Accidental death."

Suspicious death

On the body of Edward ERICKSON, boatman, aged 30, lately residing with his wife at 45 Clarence Grove. The body of deceased was seen floating in the Sandon Dock Basin on the 10th inst, by a dockgate-man, who called the attention of some boatmen who got the body ashore. They identified the body as the man mentioned who had been missing since 1st December last, but who declared his residence as 26 Vesuvius St. Deceased's wife gave evidence to the same except gave the address as 45 Clarence Grove. The inquest was adjourned.


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Liverpool Daily Post 7th March 1890

Inquest Yesterday.

At the coroners court, yesterday, Mr. Clarke Aspinall inquired into the circumstances of the death of Malachi Dooley, thirty-five years of age, a jobbing plasterer, who lived at 109 Limekiln Lane.

Catherine Dooley, the widow of the deceased, stated that on Thursday evening last her husband was taken home by two men. He was unconscious at that time, but he partly recovered himself the next morning. He had two wounds at the back of his head. A couple of doctors saw him between the day he was taken home and the Sunday, and then he was removed to the Northern Hospital, where he died the following morning.

Three boys deposed that they saw Dooley with several men emerge from a public-house at the corner of Ennerdale street, in Bevington hill, and saw him knocked to the ground, and held whilst his head was knocked repeatedly on the pavement. They could not, however, identify the man who struck the blows.

Robert Legg, a labourer, stated that he was in the public-house in Ennerdale street, and there saw Malachi Dooley, John and Patrick Dunn, two men belonging to Garston, and a man named Connor. One of the men from Garston paid for drinks for the Dunns. A quarrel soon arose amongst the company. Witness spoke to one of the Dunns, and said: "These are two strangers. You ought to be glad to get a treat out of them instead of quarrelling with them" Dunn made an offensive reply, and witness then struck him below the eye. The Garston men went away, and one of the Dunns said: "Let us follow them, and when we get them lower down we will pay them off." Witness followed, but as soon as he got outside the Dunns threw him down, leaving him stunned by the fall. When he recovered, he saw Dooley lying on the ground, with the Dunns on top of him. They almost immediately afterwards ran away.

Mary Gilroy stated that she was a domestic servant at a house in Bevington Hill. She heard screams in that thoroughfare on Thursday evening, and on going out she saw Patrick Dunn lying across Dooley and knocking Dooley's head against the floor by lifting the ears with both hands, John Dunn pulled his brother away, and they then ran off.

Robert D. Mothersole, surgeon at the Northern Hospital, stated that when the injured man was taken to him he found that he was insensible. The only injury that could be found was a cut at the back of his head. He died from concussion of the brain owing to injury to the head.

Patrick Dunn, after having been duly cautioned, made a statement to the coroner as follows : "On the night of the 20th, me and my brother went into the alehouse at the corner of Ennerdale street and had a pint of ale there with the two men from Garston. Next, at about nine o 'clock, as we were coming out of the public house, Robert Legg struck my brother. A strange man afterwards, as we were going home, struck me in the left side. I staggered, and asked him what did he do it for. He made another attempt at striking me, and when he made the second attempt I made fight with him, and the two of us fell to the ground. When I got I walked away, as there was a crowd there, and I thought they might beat me. That is all I know."

John Dunn stated that he knew nothing about Dooley being assaulted.

The jury retired and found a verdict of death in accordance with the views of the medical gentleman. Patrick Dunn was committed to the assizes charged with manslaughter, and was taken away by the Sub-inspector Hale, who had charge of the case.


Liverpool Mercury, Sept 4th 1890

Coroners inquests, before Mr Clarke ASPINALL, Weds Sept 3rd

The fatal fire in Liverpool

On the body of Margaret HANSEN, aged 9, daughter of Peter HANSEN, sailmaker. Her parents left her when she was a baby in the care of Augustus ERICKSON, a dock labourer and his wife who lived at 27 Kent Terrace, Kent St. After the family had retired to bed on Monday night, fire broke out in the lower part of the house owing to the bursting of a paraffin lamp. The fire brigade was called out, and on arriving on the scene PC. WILLIAMSON searched the rooms as he was told their was a child in bed, and found her lying on the floor in her bedroom, which was filled with smoke. She was taken in an insensible state to hospital but died on the way. Verdict, "Accidental death."

Blighted affections

On the body of William Robert HARTLE, aged 17 of Mark St, Everton. He had been out of employment for 2mths. After retiring for the night on Tuesday his parents heard a noise from his bedroom, on entering his room it was found he had cut his throat with a knife and he died shortly afterwards. It seems that the previous day he told his mother his sweetheart had forsaken him for another young fellow. He had made up his mind to have it out with her on Tuesday. The young woman did not appear in court. Verdict, "Suicide whilst temporarily deranged."

On the body of John BRIDESON, aged 68, bookkeeper, who until recently lived at 96 Gregson St, the residence of his son-in-law. On the evening of the 23rd of last month, PC 22, found him lying on the footwalk of Mors St. As he was in a drunken state he was removed to the bridewell where it was seen he was bleeding from a scar on the back of his head. He was taken to the Workhouse Hospital where he died on the 1st inst. A post mortem showed there were marks of violence on his left forehead, left thigh and left ribs, also a wound on the back of his head, and a blood vessel in the vicinity of the brain was ruptured. The injuries might have been the result of a fall, the jury returned an open verdict.


Liverpool Mercury, Sept 30th 1890

Coroners inquests, Sept 30th, before Mr Clarke ASPINALL, Coroner for Liverpool

Fatal fall into hold

On the body of Joseph DOOLEY, aged 18, who lived with his parents, 4 Gore St, Toxteth Park. On Saturday last he was aiding in the loading of a ship in the Salthouse Dock, when a "sling" of bars struck him and knocked him into the hold, he was removed to the Southern Hospital, where he died from his injuries on Sunday morning. Verdict, "Accidental death"

Paraffin lamp accident

On the body of Dorothy SUSS, aged 5, who lived with her parents, 28A Mount Vernon St. On Saturday morning a paraffin lamp exploded and set fire to the chemise of the child, burning her badly. She was removed to the Children's Infirmary and died of her injuries the same day. Verdict, "Accidentally burned"

Two infants suffocated

On the body of Elizabeth COOK, aged 14 days, whose parents live at 15 Thompson Terrace, Phythian St, about 6.30 am on Sunday the child was found dead in bed by its mother. Verdict, "Accidentally suffocated"

On the body of Daniel George M'FARLANE, aged 11 weeks, shortly after 4am on Sunday the mother found the child dead in bed. Verdict, "Accidentally suffocated"

On the body of Elizabeth PARRY, aged 42, of 5 Brown's buildings, Prince Edwin St. On Saturday last the deceased who was drunk, got out on the window sill and was calling another woman foul names, when she fell into the street and fractured her skull. She was removed to the Workhouse Hospital, Brownlow Hill, where she died of her injuries on Sunday morning. An open verdict was recorded.


Liverpool Mercury, Oct 20th 1890

A mortuary wanted for Formby

On Saturday Mr S. BRIGHOUSE held an inquest at the Royal Hotel, Formby on the body of a man which was found on the shore at Formby on Wednesday, evidence being given by Robert AINDOW, a fisherman, the jury returned a verdict of "Found dead". A conversation then took place with regard to the refusal of two publicans to allow one of their outhouses to be used as a mortuary. The coroner pointed out that they were not compelled to do so, but that it was the duty of the authorities to provide a mortuary. Thomas RIMMER said some time back he had offered to provide a place for 5 per annum, and was willing to do so still.


Liverpool Mercury Dec 9th, 1890

Fatal accident at Tranmere

An inquest was held yesterday before Mr CHURTON, coroner on the body of Catherine M'CROSKEY, aged 60, of Thompson St, Tranmere. About a fortnight ago deceased fell in the lobby of her house and fractured her thigh, death ensued on Tuesday. Verdict "Accidental death"

Fatalities St Helens, 1890

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