Liverpool Mercury, Feb 10th, 1883

A married woman named Sarah PHILLIPSON, living at Skelmersdale, was found hanging in her house, quite dead on Thursday night. About 9mths ago she had been discharged from Lancaster Lunatic Asylum.

Sudden death at Chester - a man named William SIMPSON died suddenly in Brook St, Chester on Thursday evening, he was seen to stagger and fall on the pavement near the Bowling Green Inn, and life was found to be extinct.

During the passage of the steamer Londonderry from Barrow to Belfast on Wednesday, a cabin passenger named STEELE or STEEN, fell or threw himself over board. Deceased had been noticed by some of his fellow passengers to be of eccentric habits but it was not thought that he designed on harming himself. The deceased is believed a native of Barrow.

Yesterday at the Knowsley Arms, Bootle, Mr BARKER held and inquest on the body of Catherine GRIMES a middle aged woman living in Dundas St. On Thursday last the deceased, whilst helplessly drunk fell downstairs and sustained injuries by which she died in minutes, a verdict of accidental death returned.


Liverpool Mercury July 16th 1883

Before Mr Clarke ASPINALL, Coroner of Liverpool

On the body of William KAVANAGH, aged 25, fireman, 4 court, Baptist St, On Sunday night the 7th inst whilst under the influence of drink he attempted to get out of the house through a bedroom window and fell into the street sustaining injuries from the effects of which he died in the Royal Infirmary, verdict "Accidentally killed."

On the body of James BINGHAM, an old man employed as a shipkeeper. On Thursday evening a constable on duty on the east side of the Queen's Dock heard a splash in the water and on looking into the dock saw a man come to the surface. He ran for a rope and when he returned saw the man clinging to the bow of a ship, from which position he was rescued by two men in a boat. He was immediately removed to the Royal Southern Hospital, but died on the way there. Verdict, "Accidental death."


Liverpool Mercury, Aug 1st, 1883

Inquest was held at Widnes yesterday touching the death of James HARRISON, a boy who drowned in the St Helens canal - accidental death

Inquest was held at Runcorn yesterday on Robert BARKER , aged 20, master of a flat, on Saturday he fell into the dock on returning to the vessel and was drowned - verdict accordingly.

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