Liverpool Journal 1st Jan 1881


We regret to announce the death of Mr Peter WILLIAMS, which occurred late on Monday evening at his residence in Percy St. Mr WILLIAMS for many years carried on business in Price St as a Wholesale clothier and also took a prominent part in public affairs in the city. A one time member of the Select Vestry, was on the Burial Board and associated with the School Board.

A Calvanistic Methodist, he was Deacon at his own chapel and for over 30yrs was treasurer at the Foreign Home Mission and connected with the Presbytery of Lancashire. He contributed to charity on an extensive scale but due to declining health in the past 18mths, took no active part in public affairs. His death at 65 was sudden, his funeral took place yesterday at Smithdown Rd cemetery.

The death is announced of Mr Thomas FISHER, aged 79, who has been highly respected as a Solicitor in Liverpool for many years. The sad event took place at 73 Bedford Place, South, on the 24th inst. Mr FISHER was president of the Law Society in 1842 [being then appointed to succeed the late Mr R. A. PAYNE]. He retired several years ago but returned occasionally to the office to which his son Mr George FISHER is the head in Victoria St.

The deceased was admitted in 1824 and was formerly a member of the firm FISHER and STONE. On the 6th July 1878, being senior vice-president of the Blind Asylum, he was elected president in succession of Mr James ATKIN, whose death had occurred previously. The flag of the school was at half mast on Monday.


On Monday, on the body of William T. AMERY, aged 3yrs, the child of a widow of, 19 Denton St, , child was living with grandparents at 25A Almond St. On Thursday morning a servant saw the child asleep, she visited the child's room at 1pm and was alarmed at the child's condition, she summoned a shopman from below stairs, who discovered the child was suffering from the effects of whiskey. A glass was missing from a decanter, which his 4yr old sister had given hin to drink. Dr HAYWARD was called and was present when the child died of alcoholic poisoning.

On Tuesday on the body of Nicholas JACK, aged 38, a labourer who fell down dead in his house on Christmas night - failure of the hearts action.

On Monday on the body of John RYDER, aged 65yrs, labourer, of 18 Court, Porter St. He was going to work on Friday morning and became insensible in the street, he died shortly afterwards. Dr O'CONNOR stated death was due to heart disease

At St Helens Thomas MARSH, aged 67, a glass polisher of, 10 Sandfield Cresent, Liverpool Rd, was found dead in bed on Monday afternoon. He retired the previous night at 10pm, a lodger found him at 1pm the next day dead with the clothes over his head.

On Thursday on the body of Richard MACK, aged 47, a boatman of, 36 Pilgrim St. On Christmas day he was engaged on a small boat on the river, where he fell down insensible and was taken to the Royal Southern Hospital and found to be dead. He had complained of heart disease for some time. Dr DAVIES testified heart disease as the cause of death.

On Tuesday on the body of Henry HASKELL, aged 3yrs, the son of a blacksmith of, 53 Hodson Place, Everton. In the temporary absence of his mother, he and his young sister were lighting papers at the kitchen fire. His clothes caught fire, severely burned he died shortly afterwards - accidental death

On Monday on the body of William JONES, aged 13mths, the son of, William JONES, Chemist of, 157 Great Howard St, a servant gave the child a piece of bread to stop him crying, he died soon after from choking. Dr WADE called but his services were unavailing.- accidental death

On Monday on the body of William CAVANAGH, aged 3yrs, the son of James CAVANAGH, 3 Eldon Place. On Wednesday the mother left him with three other children, asking a neighbour to look in on them, the neighbour heard screams from the house and found the child on the fire, a chair overturned by him., he died from his burns on Friday - accidental death

On Wednesday on the body of James GARDNER, aged 33, a carter of Harding St. While going up London Rd, with his horse and cart the horse started, the deceased tried to stop the horse and was knocked down by one of the shafts and run over. He died at the Royal Infirmary the same day - accidental death

On Wednesday on the body of William GELLEBURN, aged 57, a tailor, lodging at Norris Place, West Derby Rd. He went to bed on Sunday night and was found dead the next morning. He was addicted to drink, his wife had left him 6yrs ago and he was in the habit of getting drunk. He had been drinking heavily from Friday to Sunday night. - excessive drinking.

On Thursday on the body of James CULLEN, aged 33, foreman tailor, of 33 Granton Rd. The deceased on Monday got on top of an omnibus at the corner of North John St and Lord St. While getting to a seat at the front of the bus he fell into the horses, suffering serious injury, he died the same night at the Northern Hospital - accidental death

On Tuesday on the body of John SIMS, aged 45, Keeper of FOWLER'S Buildings, Victoria St and lives in the top storey. On Sunday afternoon he and his wife were invited to a party in a house in Park Rd, he asked his wife to go on first and he would follow. This she did and when he did not arrive she became concerned. On returning home she could not gain entrance after ringing the bell and asked a young man to enter through a sky light. The deceased was found dead in his chair - apoplexy, natural causes.

On Thursday on the body of John JONES, aged 49, a porter of 14 Burgess St. Three weeks ago he came home drunk and fell hitting his head. He was treated and was apparently better. Dr John RUTHERFORD, who was called on Tuesday, immediately before his death, found him suffering from compression of the brain - open verdict

Yesterday on the body of a male infant, found in a passage leading to No 2 Court, Dale St. On Friday morning last at 7-30am the child was heard crying by Elizabeth RIMMER, a domestic servant residing at, 116 Dale St. The child was covered merely with a flannel and night gown and was taken immediately to Brownlow Hill, Workhouse and died on the 26th ult. A post mortem by Dr Robert R. REBTONE showed the infant to be 6mths old, greatly emaciated, weighing only 71/2lbs. No other cause of death could be found other than want of food and neglect and exposure to wet and cold. - manslaughter by person or persons unknown.

Liverpool Journal, 8th January 1881

Warrington an inquest was held on the body of Robert TOREY, aged 34, Phrenologist, known as Professor FOWLER, deceased was a native of Edinburgh, was said to have been in reduced circumstances of late. He obtained a ticket for the tramp ward on Tuesday Night. On Wednesday he was found dead within 150yds of the workhouse - cause of death consumption accelerated by exposure and personal neglect.

Inquest held at Birkenhead at the Queens Hotel yesterday, on the body of Eleanor WHITEHEAD who was run over by a carriage in Argyl St on the 24th ult. Mr William EVANS, Bus proprietor, witnessed the accident. She was unconscious and bleeding from the head and was taken to the Borough Hospital. In his opinion there was no blame to the driver. John CARROLL a labourer corroborated, saying the deceased did not get out of the way, but seemed to wait till the bus passed. Mr BERNSTEIN, House surgeon at the Borough Hospital, said the deceased had head wounds and fractured ribs, she never regained consciousness and died on Wednesday last - accidental death.

Inquest held at Sutton, St Helens, by Mr DRIFFIELD, on the body of Joseph EMBLEM, 23 Watery Lane, Sutton, a labourer, aged 66, who was found in a tub of water near a mortar mill, he was working at N0 7 pit, Ravenhead Collieries. Part of one leg was out of the tub, appearing that he had fallen in head first and drowned - accidental death

Wigan, Jane DANIELS wife of James DANIELS, Colliery Engineer of Albert St, Pemberton, nr Wigan, died yesterday from canine madness, she was walking home on the 19th August last and was bitten by a black dog, a cross between a sheep dog and retriever. She was 47, and the mother of 9 children

Mr BARKER, Deputy Coroner, held an inquest on Wednesday on the body of David BARNES, Labourer of Denbigh St, Liverpool. He was admitted to Walton Gaol for three months in December, for assaulting his mother, he had previously been committed 17 times, so was sent to Kirkdale. On the 30th, ult he was found to be suffering from congestion of the lungs and was removed to the prison hospital and died there on the 2nd inst. - natural causes

An inquest was held at Rhyl on Monday evening before, Mr DAVIES Coroner of Flintshire, on the body of a female child, found under suspicious circumstances. Insp MCLAREN stated that from information he received, he went to the house kept by Mrs THOMAS of Vaughan Terrace, Rhyl. A young woman named Ann HUGHES was in bed with Mrs THOMAS, he asked HUGHES, how many boxes she had when she left her last situation at the Mona Hotel on the previous Wednesday.

She replied three and they were downstairs. He brought one to the bedroom and opened it with a key provided by HUGHES, in it he found the body of a female child, wrapped in paper and calico.

He charged her with murder and she answered, "I will tell you everything, I had the child on Wednesday morning, no one was with me, the child was born alive, but it died in a few minutes. I put it in the box and was going to take it home to Holyhead to bury it" -

Mrs Louisa JONES, Landlady of the Mona Hotel, said HUGHES had been in her service during the summer, on Wednesday she complained of rheumatism in the head and left the same evening. - The jury found the child had died from suffocation, there was no evidence to show how it was produced.

Inquests at Liverpool by Mr Clarke ASPINALL

On Saturday on the body of Thomas CAVANAGH, aged 31, a seaman on the Waterford steamer REGINA. He was injured on board the vessel on the 20th ult, and taken to the Northern Hospital, where he died on Wednesday - accidental death.

On Sunday on the body of Thomas LYNCH, aged 62, labourer of 12 Saltney St, who fell down the steps to his door on Christmas day and broke his leg. He was taken to the Northern Hospital and died there on Wednesday - accidental death.

Wednesday on the body of Bernard DORAN, aged 33, of 19 Hopwood St, on the 20th ult, he became unwell but no Doctor was called until Saturday last, he died on Sunday. His brother described him as an habitual drunkard. Dr ALLEN of the Northern Dispensary said, cause of death was due to inflammation of the lungs set up by fractured ribs. No evidence how the fractured ribs occurred - open verdict.

Thursday on the body of Griffith PARRY, aged 68, a sailmaker, who lived with a nephew, Hugh JONES, a labourer of 7 Court, Harding St. The deceased left JONES'S house on the 28th ult and returned the following morning. He was addicted to drink and was found covered in blood. He said he had fallen into a clay pit and missed his way. He died Tuesday last, Dr E. HOUGHTON conducted a post mortem and said the cause of death was, effusion of blood on the brain, due to excessive drinking.

On Thursday on the body of Mary HAYES, aged 54, wife of William HAYES, a seaman, presently at sea of 12 Court, Hopwood St. The deceased was last seen alive on Tuesday night, and was found dead on Wednesday morning, her body was in the canal at Lightbody St, found by a woman belonging to the flat GOLDFINCH - found drowned

On Thursday on the body of Elizabeth JONES, infant daughter of David JONES, a labourer of 6 Langley St. The child while sleeping with its mother on Monday last was suffocated. The mother had left her husband on account of him threatening her when drunk and took the child to her Mother's place in Brassey St, where while she was in drink, over layed the infant. The jury returned an open verdict.

The Coroner would have the case looked into, was there any evidence, whereby the mother could be made responsible for her carelessness. He called upon Det MARSH to institute inquires

On Thursday on the body of J. HORTON, aged 50, a labourer on the Cheshire lines. On the 24th ult when at his work was injured and removed to the Southern Hospital, where he died on Tuesday - accidental death.

Yesterday on the body of Edward REYNOLDS, aged 33, a dock labourer, lodging at 33 Ben Johnson St. Deceased came out of gaol at Christmas and at once commenced drinking, he became delirious and was taken to the Workhouse Hospital, where he died on the 4th inst - effects of drink

Liverpool Journal 8th Jan 1881

On Tuesday Mr B. H. THELWELL resumed an inquest on the bodies of six men who died as a result of a boiler explosion at the New British Iron works, Ruabon, on Saturday, Nov 20th last.

Mr E. B. MARTEN Chief Engineer to the Midland Steam Boiler Insurance Co, a position he has held since 1862, stated 2 boilers were disconnected in March 1871, the last inspection took place in 1875, the boiler exploded due to the plate wearing thin because of corrosion.

Charles JEFFRIES, Inspector to the Midland Steam Boiler Insurance Co, said the boilers should have been examined once or twice a year, the plate produced was not fit for a pressure of 30lbs, it was only fit for a water tank.

Both JEFFRIES and his successor COULSON, thought the condition of the plate should have been discovered 12 mths previous to the explosion.

Mr Cortney Osborne WEEKS, read his report, the inquest was again adjourned.

The death is announced of Mr William TAYLOR, aged 83, Senior partner of Messers GREEN and TAYLOR, Warehouse owners of this city. Mr TAYLOR came to this city in his early life from the North of Scotland and with the late Mr Thomas GREEN entered into the employment of Sir John TOBIN, under his encouragement they started Messers GREEN and TAYLOR, Warehouse keeping concern, it is now the largest of its kind in the city

We regret to announce the death of Mr Benjamin JOHNSTONE, Dept City Treasurer, aged 47, which occurred at his home in Berkley St on Thurs evening, He was connected to the Corporate treasury for 32 yrs. He was prominently connected to the Welsh Congregational denomination.

The death is announced of Edmund BUCKLEY, aged 64, Wool broker of Colonial buildings, Liverpool and resident at 94 Huskisson St. He was candidate for Rodney ward IN Nov 1878 in opposition to Mr Thomas BROCKLEBANK Jnr, but was defeated by him, by a considerable majority, since which time he has made no further attempt to take a share in Municipal affairs.

Liverpool Mercury, March 29th 1881

Death of a prisoner at Walton Gaol

Mr Clarke ASPINALL held an inquest at Walton yesterday touching the death of William HINESON, aged 20, a prisoner undergoing one months imprisonment in default of paying a fee imposed upon him by the Bootle bench for drunkenness. Verdict, "Natural causes"

Fatal accident at Birkenhead

An inquest was held yesterday at the Queen's Hotel, Birkenhead on the body of William CRAIG, a seaman belonging to Liverpool. On Friday the deceased was employed on board the steamship Texas, which was discharging cattle at the Woodside Landing-stage, and fell from one of the masts of the vessel on to the deck fracturing his skull and sustaining serious internal injuries. Death ensued at the Borough Hospital on Sunday. Verdict "Accidental death"

Fatal quarrel at Wigan

On Sunday afternoon the wives of Daniel O'NEIL and John LEARY were quarrelling in Great George St, Wigan, when LEARY came up with the object of separating the women. O'NEIL objected to this and struck LEARY on the face, breaking the bridge of his nose and knocking him to the ground. LEARY fell on the iron grid close to his own doorstep and was picked up insensible, having sustained a fracture of the skull. He never regained consciousness and died yesterday morning. O'NEIL was taken before the Wigan magistrates yesterday and remanded until Thursday.

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