Deaths and inquests 1880

Liverpool Mercury Jan 2nd 1880

Corners inquests, before Mr Clark ASPINALL, Coroner of Liverpool

On the body of James Samuel TAYLOR, aged 19, of Pickwick St. Steward on board the steamer Alice, lying in the Brunswick Dock. On Tuesday evening the deceased who was in drink, fell off the ship's ladder into the dock, he was got out and taken to the Royal Southern Hospital, where he died shortly after admission from the effects of the immersion. Verdict, "Accidentally drowned."

On the body of Samuel ACKERS aged 42, house painter, who was employed as a scene shifter at the Adelphi Theatre. George SNAPE an employee at the theatre said that on the night of the 23rd, he was engaged behind the scenes to look after the "thunder sheet", to resemble thunder, and the firing of a gun, which at a given time had to go off together. Witness shook the "thunder sheet" with one hand and discharged the gun with the other. The gun went off sooner than anticipated, and the deceased, who was near, was injured on the leg. He was taken home and died on Tuesday. He said before he died the occurrence was purely an accident. Verdict, "Accidental death."

On the body of David BOWEN, aged 76, formerly an accountant, who has been latterly employed as an assistant at a ragged school. The deceased and a boy were collecting food from ships on Tuesday for the ragged school, the deceased was going up the gangway of a ship in the Wellington Dock, when he fell from it into the water and drowned. Verdict, "Accidentally drowned."

On the body of John DAVIES, aged 37, a porter of Mulberry St, who was employed by Mr HEYES, furniture remover, Hood St, on the 15th ult he was riding on the shafts of a van, when he fell and was run over. He was in drink at the time. He was taken to the infirmary where he died on Monday night. Verdict, "Accidental death."


Liverpool Mercury Jan 5th 1880

Corners inquests, before Mr Clark ASPINALL, Coroner of Liverpool

On the body of William JOHNSTONE, aged 27, a cooper of 53 Latham St. On Wednesday afternoon the deceased was working on board the steamship OHIO, which was lying in the river outward bound, when a span [4inch wire rope stretched from mast to mast to fasten blocks to it for the purpose of loading or unloading] fell on him. One of the rings in the span struck him on the head and he was taken to the Northern Hospital insensible, where he died from his injuries the following morning. Verdict, "Accidental death."

On the body of John VENN, aged 25, a clerk in the employment of a railway company. Margaret Agnes BUTTERY stated the deceased had lodged at her house 3 David St, Toxteth Park since August last. He occasionally seemed in a depressed state of mind. On Wednesday afternoon he complained of being ill, and as he had not appeared down stairs the following morning, his bedroom door was forced open about noon, he was found dead in bed with his throat cut. A razor was found by his side. Verdict, "Committed suicide whilst suffering from temporary mental derangement."

On the body of Ann WARD, aged 2mths, daughter of a labourer of 6 house, 28 court, Bond St. Catherine WARD the mother said she found the child dead in bed at 8am on New Year's morning. Witness said her husband was quite sober when they went to bed, they and their two children slept on a bed on the kitchen floor. Verdict, "Found suffocated" the jury censured the parents for their conduct.

On the body of George THOMPSON, blacksmith, aged 31, deceased lodged at the registered lodging house 71 Sawney Pope St, on the night of the 26th Dec, he did not get up the following morning and the wife of the lodging-house keeper went to rouse him, when she found him insensible in bed with his face covered in blood. A police constable who was called noticed his throat was cut and found beside him on the bed a knife and a spirit bottle, labelled "Spread Eagle Inn, Ashton". The deceased subsequently recovered consciousness and on Tuesday last a doctor ordered his removal to the workhouse. He there stated he was unmarried, had no relations and belonged to Ashton-under-Lyne. He gave no reason for attempting to destroy himself, he died from his injuries on Wednesday. Verdict, "Committed suicide, but there was no evidence to show the state of his mind."

On the body of William RILEY, aged 4, son of a labourer of 13 Goring St. On Christmas morning the child was severely burned in consequence of his night shirt coming in contact with the fire. He died in the Royal Southern Hospital on Thursday. Verdict, "Accidentally burned."

On the body of Bridget M'SULLEY, aged 36, wife of a tailor of 60 Devon St. The deceased was addicted to excessive drinking. She left home on Saturday evening the 27th ult and did not return. On the following Wednesday she was found dead in bed in a room occupied by her mother in Grayson St. Medical testimony showed death was due to failure of the heart's action, accelerated by excessive drinking. Verdict in accordance.


Liverpool Mercury Jan 6th 1880

Corners inquests, before Mr Clark ASPINALL, Coroner of Liverpool

On the body of Eliza HARRISON a widow, aged 61, of 29 Henderson St. The deceased was found in an unconscious state at the bottom of the stairs leading to her room on Friday, medical evidence was to the effect the deceased died from apoplexy. Verdict, "Natural causes."

On the body of Daniel O'LEARY, warehouse-keeper aged ?4 of 3 Joshua St. The deceased was found lying unconscious in Scotland Rd on Saturday morning, a post mortem was made at the Stanley Hospital which showed a blood vessel in the brain had ruptured. Verdict, "Natural causes."

On the body of John KIRKMAN, aged 38, coach builder who was found dead in bed at 22 Salisbury St, on Friday last. Medical evidence showed that death was due to effusion of blood upon the brain, brought about by excessive drinking. Verdict accordingly.

On the body of Elizabeth DOWLING, aged 29, who cohabited in 3 court, Naylor St, with a cattle drover named Patrick MARTIN. She was found lying in a drunken condition in Leeds St on Friday night and was removed to the Vauxhall Rd Dispensary, and afterwards to the Northern Hospital, where she died soon after her admission at midnight, The jury found that death had resulted from chronic inflammation of the brain, induced by excessive drinking.


Liverpool Mercury Jan 10th 1880

Corners inquests, before Mr Clark ASPINALL, Coroner of Liverpool

On the body of Frederick TURNER, a labourer aged 47, of 131 Arkright St. The deceased was working on Monday last heaving salt from a flat onto the steamship Brazilian in the Waterloo Dock, when he fell from the stage to the deck of the flat, alighting upon his head. He was lifted up unconscious and taken to the Northern Hospital where he died on Tuesday afternoon, his skull having been fractured. The jury found that death had resulted from an accidental fall.

On the body of Francis George LINDON, aged 5wks, the child of William LINDON, and engraver, of 12 court, Horatio St. The infant was found dead in bed by its mother at half past one on Tuesday morning. Verdict, "Death from suffocation, how caused there was not sufficient evidence."

Corners inquests, before Mr Clark ASPINALL, Coroner of Liverpool

On the body of James M'DONALD, aged 47, ironfounder of 21 Meadows St. The deceased was employed in the foundry of James M'CROSSAN. Edgar St, three weeks since he and another man were carrying a pan of molten iron , the pan fell and some of the molten matter got into the right shoe of the deceased. His foot was badly burnt and on Thursday last he died from lockjaw, having been attended in the meantime by Dr WILLIAMS. A verdict of, "Death from lockjaw." was returned

On the body of Richard Charles Danderdale HARPER, aged 5mths son of George James HARPER, licensed victualler, 7 Roe St. Its parents went on a visit on Sunday last, leaving the infant in the care of a servant, who put it to bed at 8pm. Shortly before midnight the child was found in bed lying on it face,, close to a board placed at the side to prevent it falling out. Verdict "Accidentally suffocated."

On the body of Owen THOMAS, aged 32, a seaman who resided when ashore at 16 Ray St. His wife had to leave him 3yrs ago on account of his ill-treatment and drunken habits. He made voyages to Bombay through the Suez Canal, and was home periodically from 10 days to a fortnight and would drink continually. For the past 2wks he had been frequently intoxicated, an on Tuesday the 6th instant he looked very ill and died on Saturday last. Dr R. W. PUGH said death had resulted from excessive drinking, the jury found a verdict to that effect. On the body of George RIMMER, aged 3wks, child of Robert RIMMER, labourer of 17 Milton St. The infant was found dead in bed upon its mother's arms at 5am on Sunday last. Verdict, "Accidental death."

On the body of Michael SHORTALL, aged 3mths, child of John SHORTALL, painter, at present looking for work in Manchester. The child's mother lived in her mother's house, 3 court, Milton St. The infant was found dead in bed with its mother and grandmother at 8am on Sunday. An open verdict was returned. On the body of William FARRELL, aged 52, warehouse porter of 7 court, Burlington St. Deceased had been drinking heavily since before Christmas, and was last seen alive by his family on Monday last week. His body was found on the shore in 3ft of water off the Waterloo pierhead at 4.30 pm on Saturday. Verdict "Found drowned."


Liverpool Mercury Jan 21st 1880

Corners inquests, before Mr Clark ASPINALL, Coroner of Liverpool

On the body of James CONNOR, aged 36, cotton porter, of 2 court, Back Berry St. On the afternoon of the 7th inst the deceased was engaged in "breaking out" cotton from a pile in Messers Singlehurst and Co's warehouse in Redcross St, when one of the bales rolled over and fell on his side. He died from pleuro-pneumonia the result of the injury, on Sunday last. Verdict, "Accidental death."

On the body of Hugh LEWIS, aged 21, an able seaman on board the barque Guilding Star. James Edward MUNROE, boatswain, said the vessel left Peru for Liverpool on the 26th September. The deceased became ill 3wks afterwards and laid up for a week. He was then ordered to "turn to" by the captain and kept his watch for about 2days, after which he was laid up the entire passage home, except for one day three weeks ago when the captain sent him to the wheel, but he was unable to remain he was relieved at once. James BURNS cook and steward said he served the deceased with sufficient food throughout the voyage and the captain gave orders he should have what ever he required. The vessel arrived in the river on Saturday and the deceased died the same evening. Dr BATTY stated that a post mortem examination showed that the cause of death was paralysis, the result of natural causes. There was no evidence of ill-treatment or neglect. The jury returned a verdict of "Died from natural causes" and said they were satisfied that no blame was attached to the captain.

On the body of Sarah HOGG, aged 79, of 23 Harbord St, Edgehill. The deceased fell down the stairs on Sunday night and was seriously injured. She was taken to the Royal Infirmary where she died the following morning, from compression of the brain. Verdict, "Accidental death."

On the body of Peter RAWLINSON, aged 3wks, son of a cooper of 15 Postance Place, Ashwell St. The child was found dead in bed by the mother on Sunday morning. Verdict, "Accidentally suffocated"

On the body of Thomas MEAMY, aged 40, a brazier, of 4 Prudoe St. The wife of the deceased stated that he had done very little work for several years, and had been addicted to drink, excessively. For a short time before his death he was able to partake of sufficient nourishment, and on Thursday last he asked for something to produce sleep. A small quantity of paregoric was procured, and a teaspoon of the mixture was given to him. He died on the following morning. Dr PEARSON who examined him, said he was of the opinion that death was the effect of the opiate. The jury returned an open verdict.


Liverpool Mercury Jan 31st 1880

Corners inquests, before Mr Clark ASPINALL, Coroner of Liverpool

On the body of Annie Francis MORRIS, aged 10days, child of Michael MORRIS, carter, 40 Empire St. The infant was found dead in bed at 6.20am on Wednesday. Dr J. M. JOHNSON had seen the remains and had no doubt death was due to suffocation. Verdict "Accidentally suffocated."

On the body of Wilson PEARSON, aged 81 who lodged at 5 court Blair St, formerly a master mariner. The deceased had grown very deaf and near sighted, on Monday Dec 29th he walked against a passing omnibus in St Jame's Place and was knocked down. He was taken to the Royal Southern Hospital, where it was found one of his legs were broken. He remained in the hospital until his death on the 26th inst. No blame was attached to Walter BLEWETT the omnibus driver. Verdict, "Accidental death."

On the body of Thomas HAYES, aged 53, carter of Wood Lane, Little Woolton. The deceased was returning with a horse and cart from Liverpool on Wednesday last, by way of Edge Lane, when he fell off the front of the vehicle and his head was crushed against the wheel. After being seen by a medical man in Wavertree he was removed to the Royal Infirmary where he died the same evening. Verdict, "Accidental death."

On the body of Mary SEPHTON, aged 45, wife of John SEPHTON, dock labourer of 78 Raymond St. The deceased and her husband had been drinking to excess on Wednesday last, and they were left lying on the floor in front of the fire that evening by their son, who went out for a walk. Upon his return he found his mother had been burnt. One of the neighbours had entered the house and had found the clothing of the deceased ablaze as she lay on the hearth. The flames were extinguished and when Dr A. E. LIVESEY arrived he found the woman dead from the shock caused by burns. Verdict, "Accidentally burned to death while in a state of drunkenness."

On the body of Winifred CAIN, aged 26, wife of George CAIN, labourer, of 101 Elias St, and of their child George Francis CAIN, aged 1yr 8mths. The mother was nursing her child before the fire on Sunday afternoon, 11th inst, when she fell asleep. The child's clothing took fire then the mother's. They were both badly burnt and removed to the Stanley Hospital, and the child afterwards to the Children's Infirmary. The child died on Tuesday last, the mother on Wednesday. Verdict, "Accidental death."


Liverpool Mercury, April 1st, 1880

Coroners inquests before Mr Clarke ASPINALL, Borough Coroner

On the body of Robert BRADFORD, aged 2mths, the son of a labourer of 12 Back Mansfield St. The father and three children slept in the same bed on Thursday night, on the following morning found the infant dead in bed. Verdict, "Found suffocated."

On the body of James FOY aged 3mths, illegitimate son of Ellen FOY, who lodges at 14 court, Brindley St, who was found dead in bed by its mother on Sunday morning. Verdict, "Found suffocated."

On the body of Sarah Alice WILSON, aged 4mths, daughter of a labourer of 13 court, Boundary St, mother found the child dead by her side when she woke on Sunday morning. Verdict, "Accidentally suffocated."

On the body of James Henry COURTNEY, aged 5, son of James COURTNEY, labourer, 55 Howe St. The child was playing in Great Nelson St on Monday afternoon, when he was run over by a lorry and killed. Verdict, "Accidental death."

On the body of John O'BRIEN aged 3yrs, son of a labourer of 10 court, Lambert St. The child was playing in Soho St on Monday when he was noticed to walk underneath a loaded waggon, which was proceeding slowly along the tract, and swing on the axletree of the vehicle. He became entangled in one of the wheels of the waggon, and sustained injuries which caused his death on Tuesday morning. Verdict, "Accidental death."


Liverpool Mercury, Friday, April 23, 1880

A woman drowned in a sunken flat

Yesterday morning about 2 o'clock, the flat Trevor, laden with soda ash, sprung her hatches when opposite the Albert Dock wall and began to fill rapidly. Her captain, named LYONS, who belonged to Runcorn, and the mate, named HOLLAND, who belonged to Widnes, succeeded in saving themselves, but Mrs LYONS, the captain's wife, went down with the flat, although efforts were made to get her out of the cabin. The flat sunk in a few seconds, and the two men were saved by a tug boat. Yesterday, at low water, the flat was aground on the Pluckington Bank, and when the cabin was pumped out, the body of Mrs LYONS was recovered and conveyed to the deadhouse at the Prince's Dock to await an inquest.


Liverpool Mercury Nov 8th 1880

Mr George PURVIS who committed suicide in Hoboken [America] recently, was once a wealthy resident of Liverpool, but a dishonest partner is said to have ruined him.

The death is reported of Mr George Hamilton BOLD, youngest son of Mr Thomas BOLD of Liverpool. In march last Mr G. H. BOLD left this city for America, with the view of settling there and entering upon the business of stock raising. For that purpose he purchased a farm in Iowa, where he was accidentally killed last week by being run over by a waggon.

An inquest was held on Saturday, at the Queen's Hotel, Birkenhead, before Mr Churton, coroner, on the body of a young man George WILSON, engineer on board one of the steamships trading between this port and China. On Thursday the deceased was engaged with some other men overhauling the engines when he was struck by the cylinder cover, and injured shockingly. He was removed to the Borough Hospital and died the same day, "Accidental death" returned.

Elizabeth LOWE died on Saturday at Wigan Infirmary, from burns received the previous Wednesday. The woman in company of a man went into a public-house vault, and, being cold, stood near the fire. She was poorly clad and a portion of her clothes caught fire. She ran out into the street, and several persons attempted to extinguish the flames, but were not in time to prevent her sustaining serious injuries, which resulted in her death at the infirmary.

An inquest was held on Saturday at the Manor Hotel, Union St, Tranmere, before Mr Churton on the body of Richard HUGHES, aged 3, whose parents live in Birkenhead Buildings. On Thursday deceased was run over by a tramcar in New Chester Rd and was killed on the spot, "Accidental death" was returned.

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