Deaths and inquests 1879

Liverpool Mercury Jan 18th, 1879

Coroner's inquests before Mr Clarke ASPINALL, Borough coroner

On the body of Patrick NOON, aged about 28, a labourer of 19 Tintern St. He was last seen alive of Friday night, 10th inst, when he took a man's supper to the alkali works in Lightbody St, and last Thursday evening his body was found in the canal. An open verdict was returned.

On the body of Marcella FOX, aged 8, daughter of a labourer of 7 Croston court, Hockenall-alley. The child's clothes caught fire on Monday evening, she was so severely burned that she died the following night at the Northern Hospital, verdict, "Accidentally burned."

Liverpool Mercury April 7th, 1879

Coroner's inquests before Mr Clarke ASPINALL, Borough coroner

On the body of Daniel JONES, aged 65, an engine driver, of 7 Back Bittern St, about 10 days ago he fell downstairs and injured his head so badly that he died on Thursday, "Accidental death."

On the body of Joseph RICE, a carter, who resided in Knotty Ash, on Monday morning week, the deceased went with a horse and cart to Mr T. ASPINALL'S coalyard, Broadgreen. The horse ran away and when the deceased tried to stop it the cart and horse turned over and fell on his legs, he was taken to the Royal Infirmary where he died on Thursday last, "Accidental death."

On the body of Sarah Ann PATTERSON, aged 12, daughter of a joiner of Stanhope St. The deceased was employed at the dyeworks in Myrtle St. About a fortnight ago the premises caught fire and the girl was severely burned, she died on Thursday, "Accidental death."

Liverpool Mercury April 18th, 1879

Coroner's inquests before Mr Clarke ASPINALL, Borough coroner

On the body of Joseph MOON, aged 41, cotton porter of 21 Westmoreland St. It appeared the deceased drank to excess and his wife was in the habit of occasionally drinking with him. They were both worse for liquor on Tuesday last, and he was unable to go to work on that day. His wife on that day had redeemed a pair of trousers which had been pledged, and during that day he returned without his coat, stating he had given it to a woman to pawn, and she had run away with it. On being informed of this his wife began to cry, and in a short time he went out, telling her that he would not be long, and not to cry. He did not return, and the landlady of the house on going upstairs about 2pm, found him hanging from the banisters, a rope being tied tightly around his neck. She immediately raised the alarm and the body was cut down, when life was found to be extinct. The jury returned a verdict that the deceased destroyed himself whilst in a state of temporary mental derangement, the result of drinking habits.

On the body of Margaret DOWD, aged 14, daughter of a labourer of 1 Burnet Place, Kew St. On Saturday night the deceased had been left alone in the kitchen by her mother, shortly afterwards she was seen running into the court with her clothes on fire. A rug was thrown over her and the flames extinguished, but she was so severely burned about the body that she died from her injuries in the Royal Infirmary on Tuesday night. She told the nurse at the infirmary that her clothes caught fire whilst she was asleep, verdict of "Accidental death," was returned.

Liverpool Mercury May 2nd, 1879

Coroner's inquests before Mr Clarke ASPINALL, Borough coroner

On the body of Mary PARTRICK, aged 20, wife of a hairdresser's assistant, of 35 Sheriff St, Alfred PARTRICK, said he had been married to the deceased for over 12 mths, recently he suspected she had been pawning things out of the house, about 3 wks ago he asked her for a satchel, which he had presented to her, she said she would get it for him and produced it some time afterwards. He then threw it on the fire saying, "That shan't go again where it has been." He afterwards went out and on his return was informed that his wife had taken poison. He found a paper labelled, "White precipitate - poison," and asked the deceased what caused her to take it. She replied she did not know. She was sick for some time, but appeared to recover. A few days afterwards she complained of pains and a doctor recommended her removal to the Royal Infirmary, where she died on Tuesday last. It was stated that the deceased was some times absent-minded and often complained of langour through ill-health. Dr HODGSON of the Royal Infirmary, said he considered that her mind was affected, she died from exhaustion, the effect of the poison being to render her unable to retain food. The symptoms were those of poisoning by white precipitate of mercury. A verdict was returned to the effect that the deceased destroyed herself whilst suffering from temporary mental derangement.

On the body of Margaret O'NEIL, aged 4ths the daughter of a marble polisher of 24 Mill Rd, Everton. The mother found the child lying dead on her arm about 6am on Wednesday. It appeared there were six children, the three eldest slept on a bed on the floor in one room, whilst both parents and three other children, including the deceased slept in one bed in the second room. The father, James O'NEIL had not been working during the week, on Monday he was out drinking and on coming home beat his wife, discolouring her eyes. He was drinking again on Tuesday, but was sober when he retired to bed at 1am on Wednesday, after being in a drunken sleep from 2pm until 10pm the previous day. It was stated that when he was in regular employment, he made 31s a week. The jury returned a verdict of, "Found suffocated," the coroner repremanded the father for his dissolute habits.

Liverpool Mercury May 14th, 1879

Coroner's inquests before Mr Clarke ASPINALL, Borough coroner

On the body of Sabina CLARKE, 10wks old daughter of Catherine CLARKE, 33 Gerard St, the child was found dead in bed by the mother on Sunday morning, verdict "Accidentally suffocated."

On the body of Michael MURPHY, aged 24, 11 court, Marlborough St, the deceased was a labourer at Messers Macfie and Sons, sugar refinery, in Batchelor St. On the night of Tuesday 22nd April, he was engaged in removing a charcoal from a large cistern, and in order to shovel it out with greater facility he got into the cistern when it was half empty. He soon afterwards shouted out, and he was found up to his waist in hot charcoal. He was very severely burnt and died from his injuries in the Northern Hospital on Saturday. It appeared the charcoal had been cooling down from the previous Sunday night. There was no occasion for the deceased to get into the cistern, the men having proper tool provided for them in order to obviate such a necessity. A verdict of "Accidental death" was returned.

On the body of John Carnel Beer WORRALL, aged 5, son of an engine driver, of 337 Westminster Rd, the child was playing with a boy aged 14, on the works of the new railway between Sandhills and Walton, on Saturday afternoon, when he was run over by a ballast waggon and killed. The men had stopped work at the time and the waggon which stood on an incline, had been properly "scotched" before they left, verdict of "Accidental death" returned.

Liverpool Mercury, June 16th 1879

Child fatally scalded at Birkenhead

On Saturday an inquest was held at Birkenhead before Mr Churton coroner on the body of Albert DUNBAVIN, 18mths, whose parents live in Corporation Rd,. on the 2nd inst deceased upset a basin of hot water and scalded himself so severely that death ensued on Friday last, a verdict of "Accidental death" was returned.

Mrs MILLER the landlady of the Yacht Inn, Watergate St, Chester who cut her own throat and the throats of her two youngest daughters on Friday 6th June has been removed to the County Lunatic Asylum at Upton. The older child Alice died from her injuries on the Sunday morning, the other child has been removed to the Chester General Infirmary, and hopes are at present entertained of her ultimate recovery.

An inquest was held at Warrington on Saturday on the body of John MOLYNEAUX, aged 13, who on Thursday was drowned while bathing in a pit in a brickfield there, verdict "Accidental death"

On Saturday James HAYES brakesman was run over by a train at Tyldesley station, he was taken to the Salford Dispensary, but died 15mins after admission.


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