Deaths and inquests 1878

Liverpool Mercury Jan 3rd, 1878

Coroner's inquests before Mr Clarke ASPINALL, Borough coroner

On the body of Joseph FRENCH, aged 10wks, son of a boilermaker of 47 Henderson St. On Sunday night deceased went to bed with is parents and next morning was found dead, verdict, "Accidentally suffocated."

On the body of Samuel WALKER, aged 7wks, son of William WALKER, railway porter, 30A Langsdale St. On Monday last deceased was found dead in bed by the side of its mother, verdict, "Accidentally suffocated."

On the body of Jane SHUFFEBOTHAM, aged 47, wife of John Miles SHUFFEBOTHAM, a pawnbroker, out of business, of 35 Walton Breck Rd. On Saturday last at 5pm the husband of the deceased went and lay down in the parlour, leaving the deceased in the kitchen with her stepson and niece. About 8.30pm he was aroused by the barking of a dog, and going to the kitchen found the deceased lying on the floor with her head close to the oven. There was a quantity of blood about her and she was quite dead. A witness deposed the deceased was drunk on the day in question. Henry F. FISHER, a physician who was called to see the deceased about 9.30pm on Saturday, stated, he found her dead. He made a post mortem on the body, and found death was a the result of drink, all the organs being thereby diseased. There was a superficial injury of the head. The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the testimony.

On the body of Ellen HANDLEY, aged 74, wife of Mark HANDLEY, a seafaring man, of 12 Spalding St. The deceased was addicted to drink and on Monday last was found dead sitting in a chair in the home. Verdict, "Death from natural causes, accelerated by drink."


Liverpool Mercury Jan 18th, 1878

Coroner's inquests before Mr Clarke ASPINALL, Borough coroner

On the body of Mary Ann WRIGHT, aged 18days daughter of a labourer of 5 Newport St. The child was found dead in bed by her mother on Tuesday morning, verdict, "Accidentally suffocated."

On the body of a man unknown who died suddenly in a house of ill-fame in Norman St on Monday night. The man stayed for a short time and tried to get up out of a chair, when he fell back in a fit and died soon after. The woman who kept the house said she heard the deceased called by a shipmate, Henry Edward DEAN, PC 480, said he found on the deceased £3-11s-6d and a warrant for a silver watch sold to a Henry DILLON by a Liverpool tradesman in November 1877. He was a seaman dressed in a tweed suit and blue reefer jacket, about 38yrs of age, 5ft-10inchs and had a sandy complexion.. Dr ROWE was of the opinion death was due to apoplexy from excessive drinking, jury returned a verdict accordingly.

On the body of Richard WILLIAMS, aged 52, coachbuilder, of 1 Violet St, Toxteth Park. About a fortnight ago deceased left his situation as a foreman coachbuilder and since that time had been in a despondent state of mind. On Monday morning his daughter found him insensible in bed, she found a glass with a little dark fluid in it in the room. He remained insensible until Tuesday afternoon, when he died. Dr WILLIAMS, of Great George Square was of the opinion that death was due to narcotic poisoning, the jury returned a verdict that the deceased committed suicide while temporary insane.


Liverpool Mercury Jan 21st, 1878

Coroner's inquests before Mr Clarke ASPINALL, Borough coroner

On the body of Patrick McCANN, aged 46, a painter, of 37 Prince Edwin St, about a month ago deceased was painting the ship DUNSKEIG in the Prince's graving dock, whilst standing on one of the steps on the east side of the dock his foot slipped, and he fell to the bottom of the dock, a distance of about 16ft. He was removed to the Northern Hospital, suffering from a fractured hip and an injury to his head, from which he died on Wednesday, verdict, "Accidental death."

On the body of Margaret LYONS, aged 46, the wife of a seaman. The husband of the deceased said he returned to Liverpool about a month ago after a voyage to Calcutta. After being paid off he redeemed his wife's clothes out of pledge. H e placed £8 in the chest and his wife broke into the chest and carried off the money. He did not see her for 4 days after that and when she returned he found that she had spent the money. She then commenced to pawn the clothing in the house. Witness added that during the 25 yrs he had been married she had never been sober, and would procure any money to spend on drink. He went out on Thursday to try to get a ship, and on his return found his wife lying on the kitchen floor, "dead drunk." There was no fire, and there was nothing to eat in the house. The deceased wok about 6pm, he gave her a cup of tea and helped her to bed. Dr McGRATH, stated death was due to heart disease accelerated by excessive drinking, the jury returned a verdict to that effect.

On the body of Ellen CHAFFERS, aged 20, a domestic servant, who died in her brother-in-law's house, 26 Mornington St, on Thursday evening after drinking a quantity of carbolic acid. The jury returned a verdict that the deceased committed suicide whilst labouring under temporary insanity.


Liverpool Mercury Feb 4th, 1878

Coroner's inquests before Mr Clark ASPINALL, Borough coroner

On the body of Elizabeth O'DONNELL, aged 57, wife of Michael O'DONNELL, a scavenger. On Thursday morning the deceased was picking up sandstone at the extensive works at Lime St station, when she was run over by some trucks that were being shunted. She was removed to the Royal Infirmary, but died soon after, verdict "Accidental death."

On the body of Mary Ann DAVIES, infant daughter of William Joseph DAVIES, engine fitter of 63 Beresford St, on Friday last deceased was found dead in bed by the side of her mother, verdict "Accidentally suffocated."

On the body of Bernard HUNT, aged 44, marine fireman, who came from a voyage about a week ago, and from that time was frequently the worse for drink. On Wednesday night last he returned drunk to 16 court Saltney St, where he lodged with some relatives, while attempting to go down some cellar stairs he slipped and fell to the bottom, when he injured his head. He remained in an unconscious state till the next evening when he died, verdict "Accidental death."

On the body of Mary FLETCHER, aged 40, wife of John FLETCHER, foreman at the Stanley Dock, who resides in 3 court, Love Lane. The deceased was in the habit of taking sprees of drinking for some years. On Wednesday last she was the worst for drink and told her husband she was going out to make some purchases. She did not return and the next day her body was found in the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, jury found the deceased drowned herself during a fit of insanity.


Liverpool Mercury, Feb 7th, 1878

Suicide on the railway

An inquest was held yesterday at Wigan on the body of a man who was found decapitated the previous evening on the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway near the Wigan station. The body was identified as that of John HOLDING, colliery labourer, aged 42. The deceased had been drinking hard for 2 or 3 weeks, and at one time suffered from delirium tremens. After hearing the evidence the jury returned a verdict that the deceased committed suicide whist in a state of temporary insanity.

Fatal accident at West Derby

Yesterday Mr C. E. DRIFFIELD, county coroner, held an inquest at the Sefton Arms, West Derby, on the body of James Jackson FORBES, aged 47, a labourer who lived at the barracks, West Derby Village. It appeared on Sunday afternoon the body of the deceased was found lying across a hole in the back yard at the rear of a building in course of erection in Deysbrook Lane. He was lying doubled with his head beneath him, there was a slight scar on the back of his head, which was lying against a brick. About an hour previously deceased had been seen in an intoxicated condition, standing alone close to a partly built wall, and it is supposed whilst leaning against the wall he had fallen over it into the yard. Verdict, "Accidental death."

Supposed suicide in Newsham Park

An inquest was held at the St George's Hotel, Green Lane, before Mr C. E. DRIFFIELD, county coroner, on the body of William HOLLAND, aged 46, chimney sweep, of 61 Fryer St, Everton. Edward HAIG who lives in Newby Terrace, Belmont Rd, said that on Sunday afternoon he was walking with a friend across Newsham Park, towards the Seaman's Orphanage, when he noticed a coat beneath the ice in the lake. He called the park keeper, and by means of a long pole the body of the deceased was dragged from under the ice. The body seemed to have been in the water for some time, there were no marks of violence upon it. Police sergeant ROBINSON proved the identification of the body, and said the deceased had been missing since 29th December, after a spell of drinking, which had left him poorly and in a despondent state of mind. The jury returned a verdict of, "Found drowned."


Liverpool Mercury, April 22nd 1878,

Fatal shunting accident at Chester

An inquest was held at Chester on Saturday on the body of John ROSS, aged 22, a shunter employed at the Chester General Railway Station, who was killed on Thursday evening, while conducting some shunting operations, he crossed in front of a moving engine, fell down, and was crushed to death almost immediately by the fire box. Verdict, "Accidental death."

A man drowned at St Helens

On Saturday forenoon, Thomas KAY of Haydock was found in the canal near Baxter's copper works, Parr. He left his lodgings on Friday morning to go to St Helens to see his aunt, where he stayed all day and left at 11pm to return home to Haydock, and was then sober, About midnight, James HARRISON, who was standing on the bridge about 100yds from where the body was found, heard a splash in the canal and gave the information to the police, who at once dragged the canal but the body was not found until 11am on Saturday.

Accident at the landing stage

On Saturday morning while the lading operations in connection with the Cunard steamer Abyssinia were being carried out from the landing stage, a heavy truck which was being used for conveying goods down one of the bridges suddenly broke away from the rope attached to it, and ran down the incline with considerable velocity. In its course it caught a man named William EVANS and crushed him with such force against one of the iron pillars of the stage as to break one of his legs and severely crush one of his hands. He was taken to the Northern Hospital where he was attended to.


Liverpool Mercury, May 23rd 1878

Found drowned at Woodside

An inquest was held yesterday at the Victoria Hotel, Cleveland St, Birkenhead, before Mr Henry CHURTON, on the body of George PRESCOTT, aged 28, a grocer belonging to Ludlow. Some time ago the deceased was employed in Liverpool and resided in Bentinck St, Birkenhead. On the 19th ult, he paid a visit to the latter place and at 9pm left a public house in Conway St. Nothing further was heard of him until Monday evening last when his body was found in the river at the Woodside landing-stage. Verdict, "Found drowned."

Distressing suicide at Bootle

Yesterday morning Mr Anthony MUSKER, of 19 Merton Rd, and the occupier of a farm at the junction of Litherland and Merton Roads, Bootle, destroyed himself by jumping into the Liverpool and Leeds Canal. The deceased was only 34, the son of Edward MUSKER of Aintree, and had for several weeks been drinking very heavily, and since Saturday last had been under the care of his brother-in-law, the peculiar state of his mind rendering it necessary that he should be watched. The deceased left his bedroom soon after 5am yesterday and went into the shippon, where one of the labourers was milking. The man observed something very strange about his master's manner, but did not interfere. As Mr MUSKER was leaving he exclaimed, "I've made a mistake", and the labourer thought that his master went into the house to correct something wrong. Instead of doing so he appears to have gone into a field on the north side of Merton Rd, and to have thrown himself into the Leeds Liverpool Canal, the body was seen about 6 o' clock by a passing flatman, who made no effort to recover it , but went and alarmed a gentleman living near the spot, and it was not until the arrival of Sergeant's DAWSON and PRESTON, of the Bootle police that it was drawn out of the water and taken to the deceased house. Dr CLAMPITT of Merton Rd was soon in attendance, and used every means to restore animation but in vain. The deceased has left a widow and young family.


Liverpool Mercury July 17th, 1878

Coroner's inquests before Mr Clark ASPINALL, Borough coroner

On the body of John James HOLDGATE, aged 9, son of a fruit sampler, of 2 Daisy Grove, off Dorothy St, Edgehill. The deceased had been sent on an errand on Saturday evening last by his father and was killed in Upper Parliament St, by being run over by a horse and van belonging to Messer DEAR Bros, grocers, Islington. A witness said the vehicle was going at a slow rate up Upper Parliament St, when the deceased endeavoured to cross the street ran in front of the horse, and, was knocked down, one of the wheels passing over his head, killing him almost instantaneously. The driver William WHITTAKER stated he did not see the deceased and was not aware of the incident until he was informed afterwards by a bystander, verdict "Accidental death, " with no blame on the driver.

On the body of Ann TYLER, aged 2mths, child of Samuel TYLER, a sailor of 92 Avison St. The deceased was found dead in bed by the side of her mother, verdict, "Found suffocated."

On the body of Arthur Thomas RYAN, aged 5mths, son of a corn porter of No 7 court,. Raymond St, on Saturday afternoon last the mother fell asleep with the child at her breast, and on waking she found it dead, verdict, "Found suffocated."

On the body of Patrick CURRAN, aged 40, a brick layer's labourer, of Chapel Yard, Waterloo St, Wavertree, and worked in Aigburth. On the 8th inst the deceased was found in an unconscious state at the bottom of a ladder leading to a hay loft on the premises where he was employed. He died in the Royal Infirmary, jury returned an open verdict.

On the body of Hannah Maria MANGAN, aged 2, daughter of Michael MANGAN, labourer of 4 court, Gildart St. On Saturday last the deceased was badly scalded, having pulled a can of boiling water over herself from the fire-place, she died on the 15th inst from her injuries, the jury returned an open verdict, as nobody saw the occurrence.


Liverpool Mercury, Aug 14th 1878

Fatal accident at Birkenhead

On Monday afternoon a fatal accident occurred at Messers LAIRD Bothers, shipbuilding yard at Birkenhead to a carpenter named John JONES who lived in Thomas St. The deceased was employed on board a vessel in the course of construction, when he fell in the hold and was killed on the spot. The body was removed to the deadhouse.


Liverpool Mercury, Sept 23rd 1878

Singular Fatal accident to a woman

On Friday afternoon two soldiers belonging to the 96th regiment at present stationed at the North Fort, and two young women, one of whom was named Hannah NEEDHAM of 95 Arley St, left the fort in a car for the purpose of going to town, and, while proceeding up Battery St, the young woman who is unknown jumped out of the cab and fell on the carriage way. The wheels of a float going in the opposite direction ran over her chest. She was taken to the Stanley Hospital where Dr GORMERLY pronounced life extinct. The body remains at the deadhouse of the hospital awaiting a coroner's inquest. The woman NEEDHAM states that she met the deceased during the day and accompanied her to the North Fort, but could not tell her name and address. The soldiers say that both women were under the influence of drink when they arrived at the fort, where they remained about an hour, and that on proceeding along Battery St NEEDHAM and the deceased had a quarrel about a handkerchief, where upon she jumped out of the car.


Liverpool Mercury, Dec 18th 1878

Suicide of a retired Liverpool merchant

Yesterday morning a melancholy incident took place at Waterloo Rd, Waterloo. It seems for some time past Mr William BROUGHTON, who was well known in commercial circles in Liverpool, but who had retired from active business was in a depressed state of mind consequent, it is said on the fall in price of some shares he held. Yesterday morning while in a room in the house in Waterloo Rd, along with his wife, he thew himself out of the window. Mrs BROUGHTON was just able to grasp his foot, but was unable to prevent him falling into the street, and he was so seriously injured he died soon after.


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