Liverpool Mercury Jan 24th 1873

The remains of the late John FERNLEY, J.P, of Southport were interred yesterday at the Southport Cemetery, there was a large gathering of the inhabitants on the occasion.

Fatal accident yesterday afternoon

James KERLEY, aged 15, who lived with his mother in Sherwood St and who was employed at the lard refinery of Messers Irvine Bros, Love Lane, met with an accident of a shocking character, which terminated fatally. Whilst engaged at the works he was caught by a portion of the machinery and carried several times around the shaft. His body was shockingly mutilated and his death was instantaneous.

Killed by an overdose of medicine

Yesterday an inquest was held at St Helens on Mary Jane TIERNEY aged 9wks, the daughter of a labourer who had been found dead in bed. It transpired that the infant was sickly and cross and the mother administered paragoric, but used nearly a teaspoonful. Next morning the child was found dead in bed. The jury returned a verdict of death by congestion of the lungs accelerated by an overdose of paragoric.

Coroners inquests before Mr Clark ASPINALL, borough coroner

On the body of Margaret Catherine FIRTH, aged 4, the daughter of an engineer of 116 Howe St. Last Tuesday morning during the absence of Mrs FIRTH, the clothing of the deceased accidentally caught fire, she was so severely burned about the body she died the same day. Verdict, "Accidentally burned."

On the body of John George HUMPHREYS, aged 4, the son of a shipwright of Laxey St. About a fortnight ago the child upset a kettle of boiling water, the contents going over his body. He was severely scalded and died at the Southern Hospital on Monday last. Verdict, "Accidentally scalded."

On the body of Margaret Helen CLARKSON, aged 2, the daughter of a brush maker of 4 Union St, Boundary St. Some time since when her mother was absent, the child upset a kettle of boiling water, over herself, she was severely scalded and died a few days ago. Verdict, "Accidentally scalded." On the body of John COOGAN, aged 29, foreman, coal heaver. He left home at 9pm on the 16th inst to look after some men at work on a ship in the Huskisson Dock and left at 10.50pm. On Tuesday his body which was very much decomposed was found floating in the river at the entrance to the Clarence Dock, and removed to the deadhouse. Verdict, "Found drowned."

Yesterday the adjourned inquest on the body of John TAGGART, a driller, who it was alleged had died from the effects of injuries received in a fight with James MARSDEN, a turner, in the beerhouse in Abbey St, Birkenhead, on Saturday week, was held at the workhouse, Higher Tranmere, before Mr Henry CHURTON, coroner. Mr BLACKHURST represented the police and Mr Charles PEMBERTON appeared for MARSDEN. After hearing the evidence of Dr DOWNING, who had made a post mortem examination on the body, the jury returned a verdict of "Died from natural causes." The Coroner sympathised with MARSDEN, who had been charged with causing the death of TAGGART. MARSDEN had received a considerable amount of provocation in the squabble, for no violent blows had been exchanged. Mr PEMBERTON said MARSDEN had received very hard treatment in being taken into custody and someone would have to answer for it. Mr BLACKHURST added it was hard on MARSDEN but the police believed they were doing their duty in taking him into custody. The Coroner expressed a hope that the matter would be allowed to drop.

Liverpool Mercury Jan 27th 1873

Coroners inquests before Mr Clark ASPINALL, borough coroner

On the body of Hugh BRENNAN, aged 73, a shipkeeper, who was engaged upon the vessel Martha Jackson while lying in the Albert Dock. On Thursday last deceased was assisting to take off the hatches, when he fell head foremost into the hold in consequence of his foot slipping off a spar on which he was standing. He fell about 18ft, and was dead before being taken to the deck. Verdict, "Accidental death."

Liverpool Mercury Jan 30th 1873

Coroners inquests before Mr Clark ASPINALL, borough coroner

On the body of James CARR, aged 11mths the son of a baker of St Andrew St. On Sunday evening while lying in his mother's lap, the child pulled over a cup of hot tea and was severely scalded on the chest and arms and died on Tuesday morning from his injuries. Verdict, "Accidentally scalded."

On the body of Patrick LYNCH, aged 4, the son of a labourer of Sawney Pope St. The mother of the child left him in charge of the landlady on Monday last. Afterwards the landlady went out of the house and when she came back she found the child had gone back to the room occupied by his parents. There was a "wake" in the house at the time and a girl who was at the "wake" informed the landlady that "a child was burning upstairs" The landlady ran up and found the child alone in the room with his clothes burning. The child was taken to the Northern Hospital where he died from his injuries 3 hours after admission. Verdict, "Accidentally burned."

Liverpool Mercury Feb 1st, 1873

Coroners inquests before Mr Clark ASPINALL, borough coroner

On the body of Ann DONNELLY, aged 4, the daughter of a labourer of 7 court, Gildart's Gardens. About 8 wks ago the child was standing on a chair in front of the fire when the chair fell and she was thrown into the fire, receiving injuries from which she died on Thursday. Verdict, "Accidentally burned."

On the body of Lydiate JAMES, aged 4, the daughter of a labourer of Milford St. On Tuesday the deceased fell into a pan of boiling water which was standing on the floor and was severely scalded and died the next day. Verdict, "Accidentally scalded."

On the body of George ORRALL, aged 55, a labourer of Jordon Place, Mill St. On Monday morning he attempted to get a lorry in motion in Old Hall St, but in doing so his foot slipped and he fell, the front wheel of the lorry going over his leg and crushed it. He died from his injuries on Wednesday. Verdict, "Accidental death."

On the body of John William JENKINS, formerly an ordinary seaman on board a brig. On 22nd Oct last when the ship was outward bound the deceased fell from aloft to the deck and broke his thigh and was taken to hospital in France and subsequently brought to Liverpool and removed to the Southern Hospital on the 20th November where he died on Wednesday. Verdict, "Accidental death."

On the body of Joseph ROBERTS, aged 60, a rigger of 55 court, Upper Mann St, while about unhooking fish tackles from the main yard of the ship Cornwallis at the Albert Dock, the deceased fell to the deck about 40ft and was killed on the spot. Verdict, "Accidental death."

On the body of James COOGAN, aged 40, a labourer of 14 Johnson St, about 6.30am on Thursday the deceased who was said to be short sighted fell into the basin of the Queen's Graving Dock and sustained injuries to his head which caused his death almost immediately. Verdict, "Accidental death."

Liverpool Mercury, May 29th 1873

An inquest at Sale, Chester last evening, on the body of the newly born child of Mary Ann SYMMONS, domestic servant in the house of Mrs RYDER, the jury returned a verdict of, "Wilful murder" against the mother. The skull of the child had been fractured, there were several wounds on the head and neck, and a cord was tightly drawn over the throat

Supposed suicide at the North Western Hotel

Yesterday afternoon an American gentleman who was staying at the North Western Hotel, Lime St, was found dead in his apartment under circumstances which point to suicide. He arrived at the hotel on the 16th inst, signed his name James WARDEL and took room on the 2nd floor. He appeared about 30 to 35yrs of age and attracted no notice from his general behaviour in the hotel except he appeared low spirited, and almost constantly smoked when in the public room. He frequently slept until the afternoon and when aroused became angry, on one occasion, threatening to shoot the person who next awoke him. Yesterday afternoon the room was found to be fastened from the inside, the manager by climbing from the next apartment, obtained a view of Mr WARDEL'S room and found the occupant lying dead on the floor. Mr BLAKE, the coroner's beadle, Detective Inspector CARLISLE, and Detective officer MAXWELL were quickly in attendance. Upon the table in the room was a loaded revolver, and in several parts of the room bottles of morphia were found, as well as a bottle of chloroform. In the pocket of the deceased several cards, bearing the address of "James WARDEL, Albany, N.Y." were found. An inquest will be held today or tomorrow.

Liverpool Mercury, June 14th, 1873

Sudden death of a Welsh Captain

On Sunday evening last, Captain Hugh HUGHES left Amlwch Port with his vessel Mersey of Amlwch, bound for Runcorn, with his wife and two daughters, before they reached their destination he was seized with violent cramp in the stomach which caused almost instantaneous death. He was much respected and great sympathy is felt for his bereaved wife. The corpse was taken to Amlwch and interred on the 12th inst at Salem burying ground.

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