Deaths and inquests 1865

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 2nd, 1865

Coroner's inquest before Mr P. F. CURRY

On the body of James GLYNN, aged 4, the son of Martin GLYNN, a labourer, of 2 court Blenheim St. On Tuesday last Ellen GLYNN deceased's sister was sitting in the kitchen and observed him going upstairs to the middle room where there was a fire. A short time afterwards she heard him scream and found him in the lobby with his clothes on fire. The father extinguished the flames and Dr SPEERS was called and attended to the child up to the time of his death on Wednesday, verdict, "Found burned."


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 5th, 1865

Coroner's inquest before Mr P. F. CURRY

An inquest was held at the Liverpool Inn, Widnes, on Tuesday on the body of Michael DARGAN, aged 32, a labourer. It appears on the 18th ultimo a quarrel took place between the deceased and his lodger James KEARNS, KEARNS threw a poker at the deceased hitting him on the forehead and inflicting a severe wound. Dr FULLAR was sent for, but deceased gradually grew worse and died. Dr FULLAR, on a post mortem examination ascertained that death was caused through the wound, and a verdict of manslaughter against KEARNS was returned. We understand KEARNS has absconded.


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 7th, 1865

Coroner's inquest before Mr P. F. CURRY

On the body of William MALCOLM, dockgateman aged 57, of 2 court Roscoe St. The deceased had for some time been in low spirits as a result of ill health, which prevented him attending to his duties. On Thursday afternoon he went to his room, on his daughter-in-law going to his room half an hour late she found him suspended by the neck to a bedpost by means of a rope. He was immediately cut down and found to be dead. Verdict, "Temporary insanity"

On the body of Mary DOYLE, aged 48, of 6O Raymond St. On Thursday afternoon she was found in her room full length on the floor with her hand in a bucket, quite dead. It appears she was subject to fits, Dr LUCAS made a post mortem and found death was due to a fit of epilepsy. Verdict, "Natural causes."

On the body of George RAINFORD, aged 4, son of a blockmaker, of 27 Cazeneau St. About 3wks ago deceased was playing by the fireplace when a pan of boiling water fell on him, and he was severely scalded, his injuries terminated fatally on Thursday. Verdict, "Accidentally scalded."

On the body of Margaret WALLACE, aged 8, daughter of James WALLACE, fireman, of 1 court Victoria-buildings, Boundary St. On Wednesday last deceased was sitting by the fire when a cinder fell upon her pinafore, and she was soon in flames. Being alone at the time the deceased ran into the street and a man who was passing extinguished the flames. She was severely burned and died shortly afterwards. Verdict, "Accidentally burned."

On the body of John DAVIS, aged 60, a carter of 13 Molyneux St, Derby Rd, Bootle. On Wednesday morning last the deceased who had been on board a vessel in the Sandon Graving Dock, was returning, when his foot slipped and he rolled over the gangway into the dock, falling on to some stones at the bottom a distance of about 30ft. He was taken insensible to the Northern Hospital where he died within 3hrs of admission, from fractured ribs and severe internal injuries. Verdict, "Accidentally killed."

On the body of John OFFLAND, a gardener aged 25, who resided with his father at Knutsford. On Wednesday afternoon the deceased was returning home with a friend from Liverpool, and they hurried down to the Landing-stage to catch the 12 0' clock boat. As soon as they reached the stage the deceased, addressing his friend said, "John, I am done" and fell backwards. He died 10mins afterwards, Dr ARMSTRONG made a post mortem and found death was due to disease of the heart and other causes. Verdict accordingly.


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 9th, 1865

Coroner's inquest before Mr P. F. CURRY

On the body of James LEATHERBARROW, aged 8, a scholar at St Silas's ragged School, Oak St, and son of William LEATHERBARROW, woodturner, of 10 court St Andrew St. In May last he went to school at 9am and was in the school yard, one side of which is on Ansom Terrace, playing with a number of boys, when a stone came over the yard wall and struck the deceased on the head, cutting him severely, Mrs RIMMER, the teacher directed the deceased to be taken to the Infirmary, where his head was dressed, and he was subsequently taken home. William GRAHAM, aged 9, stated he saw a boy named John STOTT pick up half a paving stone and throw it over the yard, he then ran into his house. A few minutes later witness saw the deceased taken from the school bleeding from his head. Mrs LEATHERBARROW stated on the day in question she sent the deceased to school at 9am, then quite well, about 12 midday he was brought home with his head bandaged and his clothes saturated with blood. The deceased attended school for a week afterwards, and also the Infirmary as an outdoor patient for about three weeks. He was unable to attend school after that week and complained much of his head. He was subsequently attended by Dr JAMES and Dr BARNES, Witness had seen the wound on his head. There was a wound through the skull. Miss RIMMER, states that SCOTT was a vicious boy and had been continually annoying them by throwing stones over into the school yard. The jury said they believed the deceased died from a fractured skull, but as they had only the evidence of one boy who saw SCOTT throw stones, their verdict would be "That the deceased died from injuries received, but how those injuries were received there was no evidence to show" Mr CURRY addressed the boy John SCOTT and said that he had heard a very bad account about him. He was quite sure he had thrown the stone which caused the death of the boy. If SCOTT had not had a merciful jury he would not have got off so easily, for he [Mr CURRY] would have him sent to a reformatory, and he thought that was the best place for him. SCOTT, who did not seem affected at all by what the coroner said, went out of the court apparently unmoved.


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 24th, 1865

Coroner's inquest before Mr P. F. CURRY

On the body of William M'DONALD, aged 1mth, son of Patrick M'DONALD, a labourer of 23 Gomer St. On Saturday last the deceased's mother went to bed, taking the child with her, and on awakening at 7am found him dead. Verdict, "Accidentally overlain."

On the body of William BINNS, aged 4mths, the son of John Thomas BINNS, a butcher of 29 Gerard St. On Saturday last the deceased was found dead in bed by the nurse. Verdict, "Accidentally overlain."

On the body of Mary Francis CAULFIELD, aged 2mths daughter of John CAULFIELD, mariner, 24 Clarence Grove, Everton. Yesterday morning the deceased was found dead in bed by the mother. Verdict, "Accidentally suffocated."

On the body of Mary Elizabeth LOONEY, aged 5, daughter of Thomas LOONEY, a tailor, of 8 court, Lower Bean St. On the 8th December last the deceased was sitting by the fire undressing himself, when a kettle containing boiling water slipped off the fire on to the hearth, the boiling water going over the deceased, scalding her severely. She was attended by Dr RAE of St Anne's Dispensary up to her death which took place on Saturday last. Verdict, "Accidental death."

On the body of Richard Thomas BOARDMAN, aged 6mths, son of Richard Thomas BOARDMAN, carman, 5 court Mansfield St. On Monday last Mrs BOARDMAN observed that the child had a cold. On Thursday night she took him to a druggist shop in William Henry St, Dr FLYNN saw the deceased on Friday night and told the druggist to make up a bottle of medicine, for which the mother paid 8d. She said, she did not get the medicine as she had no money to pay for it. He died on Saturday morning. The father of the deceased stated that on Monday last he observed that the deceased had a cold, and told his wife to take him to a doctor, she did not do so and on Thursday a girl took the child to the druggist shop in William Henry St. The child coughed very much, the breathing became difficult, and he died on Saturday morning last. The mother had been frequently in drink since the deceased took ill. Witness stated that this was the third of his children on which an inquest had been held, his wife got drunk when she could get liquor, and he was often driven to drink in a consequence of her conduct. The jury, in returned a verdict that the child had died from natural causes, made a presentment to the effect that there was great negligence on the part of the mother in not getting medical advice for the deceased.


Liverpool Mercury, Oct 9th 1865

Coroner's Inquests

Before Mr P. F. CURRY, Borough Coroner

On the body of Mary GLOVER, aged 83, living with her son-in-law, car proprietor, 10 Haigh St, Everton. Whilst she was in the yard attached to the house on Tuesday evening, a child pulled her for the purpose of preventing her being struck by a horse which was passing and she fell and fractured her thigh, of which injury she died on Friday. Verdict, "Accidental death from a fall."

On the body of Andrew ANDERSON, aged 70, a seaman, of No 2 court, Fisher St, Toxteth Park. On Wednesday morning whilst attempting to remove a coat lying on the rail of the stairs, he lost his balance and fell to the bottom of the staircase, sustaining injuries to his head, from which he died on Friday. Verdict, "Accidental death from a fall."

On the bodies of Patrick KING, 12wks infant son of William KING, 8 Bebington St, Everton, a verdict of, "Accidentally overlain," was returned.

Mary JACKSON, aged 7wks, the daughter of Charles JACKSON, 8 Clayton St, a verdict of, "Accidentally overlain," was returned.

Elizabeth Ellen SHACKLOCK, daughter of Enoch SHACKLOCK, 26 Ascot St, a verdict of, "Accidentally overlain," was returned.

Fanny Ellen McINTYRE, aged 4mths, daughter of Robert McINTYRE, 12 Regent St, a verdict of, "Accidentally suffocated in bed." was returned

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