Liverpool Mercury, Wednesday, January 12, 1859

An inquest was held yesterday on the body of William BELL, aged 36, a porter at the Wapping station, who, yesterday morning having just hoisted a case of goods from a waggon fell down suddenly and died, verdict, "died by the visitation of God".

On Sunday morning the body of a man named SCOTT aged 45, was found in the river at Bootle, a watchman, for many years employed by the dock trust, to attend to the light at the extreme end of the north river wall. It is supposed whilst trimming the light he fell over the wall into the water. Inquest on Monday at the Dolphin Hotel, verdict, "found drowned".

An inquest was held yesterday on the body of Jane ROXBURGH, aged 9mths, child of William ROXBURGH, bookkeeper at the main bridewell, and a resident of Watkinson's buildings, Pembroke Place. On Saturday the mother and a servant went to the market leaving the child in the cradle in charge of a little boy, who, having lost a halfpenny in the cradle, took a candle to look for it. The candle dropped into the cradle setting the clothes on fire, injuring the child so severely, she died on Monday, verdict, "accidental death."

An inquest was held yesterday on the body of Farrell GALLAGHER, a labourer, aged 26, of 21 Court, Ford St. On Saturday deceased went to look for work and and between 5 and 6 in the afternoon was found at the corner of Waterloo Rd and Oil St in a state of insensibility. He was removed to a house in Ford St, where a surgeon attended and supposed the deceased had been drinking, used a stomach pump but found no spirits. He died on Sunday, Dr CAMPION made a post mortem and found death was due to congestion of the brain, produced by excessive drinking, verdict accordingly.

An inquest was held yesterday on the body of Luke PAPPEN, aged 44, a German labourer, employed at Macfie's sugar warehouse, who, having been for some time in a despondent state, cut his throat on Saturday last and died on Sunday at the Northern Hospital. His wife said about a month ago the deceased took the sacrament at the German church, St Thomas's Buildings and from that time was occasionally in a low and melancholy condition, and continually talked of religion.. On Friday he went to see the minister and talking in a strange way, wishing to be christened again, the minister declined and left the deceased very much dissatisfied, he was never right afterwards and continually raved about religion. On Friday night he went to bed and appeared to go to sleep immediately, at 4am his wife was awakened by an unusual noise and asked the deceased what he was doing. He replied, "nothing" and went downstairs, and being followed by his wife told her to go back to bed and not stand starving in the cold. The woman went back to bed, but, got up again and got a light and went downstairs, she found the deceased lying upon his back on the sofa and doing something at his neck, and found he had cut his throat with a razor which was in his hand. The jury found the deceased had committed suicide while in a state of temporary insanity.

A child, aged three weeks, named Peter MOORE, whose parents live in Doric St was overlain by his mother on Saturday night

Liverpool Mercury, January 15, 1859

The remains of Capt COOKE, late superintendent of pilots, were interred yesterday at St James cemetery. The funeral cortege consisted of a hearse and two mourning coaches, in the latter of which were two sons of the deceased and several friends of the family. At the cemetery a considerable number of pilots and other gentlemen formed a procession and followed the body to the grave where the funeral service was read by Rev Mr SALT of Chester, formerly of St Ann’s, Birkenhead, which place of worship the family of the deceased had been in the habit of attending.

Liverpool Mercury, January 19, 1859

Inquests held yesterday before the borough coroner

On Thomas FLEMING, boot and shoe maker of Brownlow Hill, who resided at Spokefield Cottages. On Friday afternoon the deceased was crossing Church St when he was knocked down by a shandry, one of the wheels past over his breast fracturing his ribs. Of these injuries he died on Monday. The shandry belonged to Mr S. W. ACKERLEY of Halewood and was being driven by a man he employed, no blame was attached to the driver, verdict, "accidental death".

On the body of Margaret BURNETT, a woman addicted to drink, the surgeon who made a post mortem stated the cause of death was effusion of blood on the brain and spinal cord, but, whether as a result of violence or of natural causes he could not say, jury returned a verdict according to the surgeons opinion.


6th April 1859

The body of John EVANS aged 15 was found in mud on the ebb tide he had been missing since thursday from the Schooner MARGARET JONES in the Princes Dock.

Inquest held at the Derby Arms Hotel Rockferry,on the death of of Joseph MARSDEN 15 late pupil of the Reform Ship AKBAR under Capt FENWICK death occured after fit when breathing ceased. Boy had history of fits. Verdict Accidental.

26th April 1859

Inquest on the death of Elizabeth BRETTLE age 24 wife of John BRETTLE a porter for Lancs and Yorkshire Railway, Violence by husband contributed to her death. Eliza CLARKE Bootmakers wife of 11 Everton Terrace said on the 10th Jan Elizabeth BRETTLE had a son she and Nurse Elzabeth OVERALL heard screams upstairs, husband by the bed, saw lump on deceased head, said she had banged it on bed post, husband left house Since that time deceased had suffered headaches and fits. Dr ROWLAND attended 19th Jan, found compression of brain, paralysis , For Crown Court.


George MITCHELL 2wks 74 Hornby St found dead in bed with his mother verdict overlayed suffocation.

Thomas COTTON 66yrs retired butler loding at house of J.J.COMPTON 9 Olive St collapsed in shop of Mr DOBSON cabinet maker Mirtle St , verdict Apoplexy

Peter GRANT 26 dock labourer, No1 Court Newhall St while acting as ships keeper on the EVANGELINE Brunswick Dock went into galley clothes caught fire, susceptible to fits, verdict found burnt.

Thomas DOBSON 26 boarding house keeper had been drinking heavily and fell down stairs Mgt KELLY his house keeper found him in Woolfe St dead. verdict intoxication related death

William SHAW bookkeeper 4 Back Castle St Kirkdale found dead in bed by Ann WALTHEW a neighbour with his throat cut, dau left 2wks ago, he had suffered despondency and was missing his dead wife , verdict suicide

Margaret EGAN dau of Martin EGAN of 14 Court Martin St pulled boiling tea on arms and chest, last tues died through Scalding

Peter LUNDEY 2 and half fell into cellar Mill St died of injuries

Thomas ROBSON ships carpenter 38 of 43 Nursery St fell from ship into graving Dock died of injuries

Richard McMULLEN child killed by a Dray in the Street

Mary OWENS 40 residing with James SMITH docker 9 Court Ford St died from excessive drinking, when falling off the chair.

Thomas HUGHES 50 of Sherwood St threw himself into Princes Dock ,his wife was a drunkard and had run off with another man, taken to Northern Hosp died later verdict insanity and suicide

John SCOTT 60 shipmaker drowned in Brunswick Dock

John GIBSON 55 run down by a spring cart

Edward THOMPSON 5wks overlaid in bed

Mary ROBERTS 66 clothes caught fire in home in Dover St burnt to death

Mary ROTHWELL 70 of 10 Court Circus St fell in St died later

Mary SIMNER 44 of Ben Johnson St died from the effects of drink

Mary SPELMAN 66 of Spitelfields burned house down and died there




May 2nd 1859 Coroners inquests

Body of Michael WALSH 45 labourer knocked and killed by spar on board American Ship CHANCELLOR accident

Child found in petty in Lace St off Great Crosshall St, died of want of attention at birth Charge of wilful murder on persons as yet unknown.

Lawrence HALL 23 injuries recieved by steam oat thrasher belonging to Mr LAFONE Fazakerly, Leg shredded..accident

Michael BUTLER Scalded at parents house age 14mths 26 Hudson St accident

I. E. J. HENDERSON 5wks son of James Tallow Chandler 22 Clarence St Edge Hill overdosed with Paregoric verdict accident

W James PARKER 5wks found dead by mother 27th Apr verdict suffocation by overlaying

James SIMMS 42 Seaman steamer GENOVA fell 25ft from boatswain accident

Sarah COCKSHOOT 35 Herbalist Richmond Row widow 6yrs Helen THORNTON lived with her and for the past 5yrs said she had given way to intemperate habits, been drunk every night for 2wks, on day of death drank 35 glasses of brandy. The Coroner remarked that apart from a fishwoman from St Johns MARKET who was not sober for 20yrs he had never met with such a case and it should be regarded as a poisoning.

Thomas NORRIS Painter 42 of 15 Court Circus St addicted to drink since a boy, was a Freeman and since elections has been drinking heavier, died suddenly in PONTACT INN Christian St were he was described as a "hanger-on," verdict excessive drink


On 7th May Patrick MOOR of Beckwith St B'Head scalded to death.

Mary SHAW wife of Christopher SHAW a Cooper of Meadow Buildings Rose Place, congestion of the brain through strangulation, husband for trial.


J. G. MILLS late Capt of the schooner SATYR age 35 in bad health, fell dead in Pheasant Inn Park Rd, natural causes

W. Linsay UMSDEN age 30 found insensible in Silkhouse Lane ,drink related.

Richard BEECHER age 60 sudden death, natural causes


13th May 1859

John WILKINSON age 2 of 39 Blundell St died when scalded with cup of tea.

Man drowned in Stanley Dock, Ship keeper Charles. C. DUNCAN heard a splash saw John P. RUSH or PRUSH ( hard to read ) struggling in water, Shipkeeper Joseph PEDLEY threw rope but victim did not grasp it and sank.

INQUEST 21st May 1859

Body of Margaret HAYFIELD age 20mths daughter of bricklayer 17 Every St. Father was taking child to workhouse he was in a bad way and Mother was in Ireland. Met John IRVINE of Back Portland St in a beerhouse in Hygeia St of Mr McINTIRE. IRVINE offered to take the child to be looked after by his wife who had no children. Witnessed by Elizabeth Mc INTIRE wife of beerhouse keeper who also stated this had happened on other occasions with other children. IRVINE took child and stated that put child in bed about 10pm , window was open, child had fell out of window. Suffered fractured skull. No evidence to show what happened Discharged

DAILY POST 23rd May 1859


Held by Deputy Coroner Mr STRATHAM

On Agnes SEFTON, aged 40 , wife of a plumber who resides at her fathers residence a keeper of the FALSTAFF INN, Springfield St- died through excessive drinking.

Charles H. REED, aged 12 whose father is a brewer died when falling into a mash tub on thurs and badly scalded- accidental death

25th May

Inquests held by Deputy Coroner Mr STRATHAM

William Bateson WHITBY aged 29, wholesale paper dealer, business at 41 Pitt St, residing in Huyton.

Died from injuries received on leaving the Collegiate Institute on Monday.

Witnesses called.

Henry DUCKWORTH, Merchant of 2. Gambier Terrace.

Attended the Church Missionary Meeting and on leaving the premises saw a horse cart upset by a large lamp at the top of Islington, he saw the deceased coming from the lamp with blood rushing from his left leg. He assisted him and sent for Mr HANNAH Surgeon. In the meantime his brother a student of the Royal Infirmary tied a ligature round the deceased leg and took him to the Royal Infirmary. Deceased told him he was rushing to catch a train home when the car rushed up and knocked him down.

Mr Dyce DUCKWORTH Medical student said the deceased died from mortification of the leg on Saturday night.

John BOWEN Carman in the service of George WALKER, Chestnut St said he was proceeding to the Colliegate for a fare when the horse whisked his tail catching it in the reins. He tried to avoid the crowds leaving the premises when the horse took fright. He pulled on the reins so that the horse would go into the lamp.

Mr Thomas WRIGHT Manager of the paper works of the deceased said the deceased told him he ran to the lamp for safety the wheel tore off the calf of his leg up to 9ins- accidental death

Margaret LITTLER aged 40, widow of 86 Portland St, for many years addicted to drink, some months back an inquest was held on her husband.

On Sunday week was very drunk and had drank every day after. On Friday she was rambling in her talk. On Saturday morning was found dead with her head on the chest of one of her sons asleep in bed – excessive drink

DEATHS 23rd May 1859

Isabella BODELL died suddenly, aged 52 of 30 Lower Mann St. Found dead in bed, was of intemperate habits.

Yesterday Mary MARSH aged 21/2 of 76, Grange Lane found drowned in a small tub containing 4 ins of water. Last seen sat on a rocking chair next to the tub, it is supposed she fell headfirst into the tub. Dr CRAIG immediately called but life was extinct.

On Sunday a number of boys were swimming in the Ribble at Walton-le-Dale near Preston at a deep and dangerous part of the river. Hugh KELLY, aged 12 was swimming on his back when he was carried into the depths. A youth looking on named MELLING made several dives to find him to no avail

May 27th 1859

Inquest held on Thomas GILL a Clothier age 62yrs who died suddenly after a somewhat irregular life of late- natural causes


Held by Mr P. F. CURRY Coroner

John GASKELL age 9wks, son of the Master of the flat JOB, found dead in bed in mothers arms on friday morning- accidental suffocation.

Anthony HILL, Porter Lime St acted as breakman for the express from London at 10’o’Clock, found on the rails, slipped and banged head –accidental

John DAVIS age 48, a rigger of, 9 Court, Kitchen St, found dead in the water closet, heath had been failing for some time – natural causes.

William CROWLEY, aged 37, butcher, 13 Court, St Andrew St, died suddenly at his occupation at the slaughter house, Towbridge St on Thursday – natural causes.

Agnes GIBSON aged 35 wife of a slater and plasterer of 44 Trueman St, kept a stall at the fish market, had recently lost her two sons within 6wks of each other, one son 21yrs crushed to death on the Chester railway the other died from brain fever, had become very unsettled and addicted to drink. Her body was found near the Dingle in the river on Friday morning – found drowned

Body of a new born male child found in a box near St Anthony’s Chapel, Gt Homer St, Found by Agnes HOWARTH wife of Robert HOWARTH, Seaman, 72 Tarleton St. Who saw a woman leave something in the graveyard and run away.- child had lived, murdered by persons unknown

James JACKSON aged 33, lodging at 4 Sydney St found dead in his bedroom on Friday was addicted to drink –excessive drink

Sarah EVANS aged 31 wife of William EVANS, Whitesmith, 5 Court Blenheim St. Husband was aquainted with a woman names Alice McALLISTER who lived opposite and was a drunkard. He and his wife and other women where sat round the fire talking and drinking tea when McALLISTER entered in a drunken state and using bad language, he threw her out, she returned and began throwing ornaments from the fire place at them. One china dog hit his wife on the head and she fell, McALLISTER jumped on his wife on the floor and set about thumping her. Alice LINDON present at the time gave corroborative evidence a charge of manslaughter be made against the woman Mc ALLISTER.

31st May 1859

On Sunday night Elizabeth HUGHES found dead in a cellar in Henderson St. She was drunk the day before.

John COTTERALL a labourer of Knowles Court Kensington died from Lock jaw on Sunday caused by an injury sustained some weeks ago.

On Saturday night William JOHNSON a seaman belonging to the GOVERNOR LONGDON at the Stanley Dock, whilst attempting to board slipped and fell in the dock and drowned.

Yesterday Annie WADDINGTON age 40 wife of Joseph WADDINGTON Proprietor of the Islington Vaults, was found dead.


June 1st 1859


Samuel WILLESEY aged 15 the son of a labourer, 5 Court Primrose Hill, employed in the rice mills of Messers IRVINE, Son and JONES, Blackstock St, on the 7th ultimo was hoisting bags of rice when rope broke, the bag fell on his leg and fractured it. The leg had to be amputated and he died on Saturday night- accidental death

John WALKER aged 19, a seaman, on the 14th ultimo he went on board the BALTIC of New York. Information was sent on Sunday by Mr De COSTAS that he had drowned and was found in the sea off Garston- open verdict

William NEWTON, aged 15mths son of a labourer of Back Claremont St, Kirkdale, found dead in bed, subject to fits – natural causes

Charles FROST the Capt of the KITTY FLOYD an American ship on the Sandon Dock died on board his vessel on Sunday night. Being long in bad health was attended by Dr OSBORNE and Mr MOORE Homeopathic surgeon – died by the visitation of god

Alice HESKETH, age 21 servant of Mr DAVIES, Falkner St on Tuesday was engaged in washing and fell down dead, died instantly, adjourned for P.M.

Bridget McKENZIE age 7wks, mother was looking for her husband out drinking at Lumb’s Public House, Hornby St. She sent her young son in to get him, he returned saying his father was in a passion. His wife being afraid of his violence ran home with her children she fell with the baby in her arms and the baby hit its head on a kerb stone. The husband reached home first and locked the family out. Mother and children spent the night in the petty. She didn’t realise the extent of the injuries as child was wrapped up in her shawl. Accidental death


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