Deaths and Inquests1857

Liverpool Mercury Jan 5th 1857

Suspicious deaths of three children

An inquest was held on Saturday last touching the deaths of three children, Ellen DAVIS aged 4, Thomas WALLACE aged 3, and William WALLACE aged 1, who died in No 8 court Pall-mall. Ellen DAVIS it appears is the daughter of John DAVIS, who has been separated from his wife for nearly 4 yrs, but, during that time the latter has gone to live in a state of adultery with Thomas NUGENT by whom she had two children and are at present occupants in a disreputable house in the court mentioned, in Pall-mall. The former died on New Year’s Day, and the two latter who are the children of William WALLACE, a roper, by Mary GIBLING, died within a few hours of each other. The children had all been attacked with similar symptoms previous to death, namely, pains in the throat, sickness and vomiting. The coroner’s jury were dissatisfied with the appearance of the children and requested a post mortem be made. This the coroner agreed to and Messers KEMP and BROWN surgeons were deputed to make the necessary examinations, inquest was adjourned till Monday [this day].

An inquest was held on Friday upon Catherine MURPHY, aged 7, daughter of John MURPHY a labourer of Back Portland St, who died on Thursday from injuries received four weeks previously when her clothes caught fire. Accidental death due to burning.

An inquest was held on Friday upon Thomas IRVING, aged 67, a ship’s carpenter of 3 Hardy St. Deceased was employed at a vessel in No 2 Queens Graving dock, on Thursday last, and upon the water being let out of the dock, after the removal of the vessel, the body of deceased was found shortly before 8pm lying at the bottom of the dock. Found drowned

An inquest was held on Friday upon William HENDERSON, a publican of 24 Chisenhale St, on Christmas Day he complained of giddiness in his dead and haziness in his eyes. He went to bed at 10pm and woke his wife at 3am complaining of sickness in the stomach. He dressed himself and went into an adjoining room, he was gone no more than 3mins when his wife heard the crash of a pane of glass. Upon going to him she found him with his head fast in a square of window, the glass of which was broken by the fall, and the deceased was bleeding from a cut nose. His wife tied on a bandage and he went to bed. At 4.30am she was a woke by the deceased who complained of being very wet, she found him saturated with blood down to the waist.. The deceased remained very ill and died on Tuesday last. He had been for some time past in a very excited state of mind, from the fact of being tried at the sessions and acquitted on a charge of stealing a barrel of beer. The jury returned a verdict of, “died from exhaustion, consequent upon accidental injuries received from a fall”.

Yesterday afternoon John ROULSTON, sexton of St Mary’s Church, Kirkdale, on going into the cellar of his house, fell fracturing his arm and dislocating his shoulder, he was removed to the Northern Hospital.


The Liverpool Mercury Nov 4th, 1857

A widow, Ann Eliza WAINWRIGHT, aged 68, living with her daughter Jane WAINWRIGHT, at 43 Cheapside, fell down the front steps on Monday week, dislocating her hip. It was afterwards "set" but the operation proved too much for the woman, she died on Sunday. Inquest held yesterday, "Verdict death resulted from injuries produced by a fall."

Yesterday and inquest was held by Mr CURRY, on the body of Elizabeth WRAGG, aged 8wks, the daughter of a sailmaker of 55 Bridge St. The mother said that before going to bed on Monday night she had 4 glasses of ale and a half glass of sherry, she put the child to her breast and fell asleep, when she awoke at 6.30am yesterday the child was dead. The jury found the child had been suffocated whilst in bed with her mother who was intoxicated.

A boy aged 9, Philip MURPHY, the son of a dock labourer, of Charters St, went out on Friday week with another lad, named Thomas SHARROCK, whose uncle is the captain of the flat David, which carries coals between Wigan and here. They went in the boat from the bottom of Charters St to the manure quay, where MURPHY left the flat and went towards Gallows Bridge, which was on his way home. He never returned and was missing until Sunday last when his body was dragged out of the canal, 50 or 60yrds from the bridge. Inquest held yesterday, "Verdict Found drowned."


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