Deaths and Inquests 1856

Liverpool Mercury, January 4, 1856

Thomas JOHNSON, 3yrs and 9mths, son of Richard Johnson, 9 Court, Ford St, died on Monday last from the effects of being severely scalded a fortnight last Tuesday, verdict, "Accidental death"

The body of a tailor, John MACK, was found on Tuesday last by a labourer, Anthony Tucker, at low water outside the Duke's Dock, verdict of "Found drowned" recorded yesterday by the coroner.

Thomas WELSH, aged 73, of 21 Brick St, died on Tuesday last from injuries received by his shirt taking fire on the 20th December last, whilst warming himself by the fire, At the inquest yesterday jury returned a verdict, "Accidentally burned"

The body of Eliza BRIDGE, widow of Thomas Bridge, boatman was found on Tuesday last floating in Clarke's basin of the canal, nr Leeds St, The deceased earned a living by wheeling coals from Messers Barton's coalyard in Oldhall St, and was last seen alive 5wks last Tuesday, on which day she was drunk. At the inquest yesterday jury returned a verdict, "Found drowned"

On Wednesday morning Jane WILLIAMS, wife of John Williams a blockmaker, of Warwick St, went to visit her aunt who lives in Mrs Coffee's public house, James St, whilst coming downstairs at 4pm she fell and was picked up insensible bleeding from the nose and mouth. Mr Stephen surgeon was called in and the poor woman lingered until yesterday, when she expired.

Patrick RILEY, aged 32, shipkeeper of 95 Upper Henderson St, Toxteth Park, left his home on Wednesday evening to keep tide watch on board a vessel in the Brunswick Dock, and was seen passing along the quay by a shipkeeper named David Edgar. In half an hour Edgar heard a shout and saw the deceased sink in the water close by the spar rigged for the stage at the ship's bow. The grappling irons were immediately procured, but threequarters of an hour elapsed before the body was secured. At the inquest yesterday jury returned a verdict, "Found drowned"

An inquest was held yesterday relative to the death of Mary BARRY, aged 51, wife of Daniel Barry, beerhouse keeper, 30 Queens St, who was dead in bed at 3am Wednesday, it appeared deceased had been addicted to drink for the past 5yrs and during the last 3yrs had not been a day sober, verdict, "Died from excessive drinking".

On Sunday morning last Ellen HILL, wife of James Hill, a barber of Bridge St, St Helens, was found dead in bed having retired in her usual health, verdict, "Death from Apoplexy".

Liverpool Mercury, January 5, 1856

An inquest was held on Saturday on the body of Michael KILLKELLY, aged 14, who resided with his parents at 48 Great Crosshall St. On Thursday deceased was standing on a lorry at the George's Pierhead, watching a detachment of militia embark, when the horse suddenly moved forward, he fell with his head on the pavement and died from his injuries at the Northern Hospital the same night, verdict "Accidental death".

Richard CHESHIRE, aged 6, grandson of Richard CROOKALL, brickmaker of Aughton was accidentally drowned in the claypit at the brickfields of Messers Watkinson and Livesey, Aughton on Thursday afternoon week, he had not left the house more than five minutes when he was taken out of the water.

Deaths of two women through drunkenness, inquests held on Tuesday on the two women, the first Dorothy HALE, aged 58, wife of Peter Hale, butcher, No 10 Court, St Andrew St, who went to bed drunk at 8.30pm pm Monday night, and upon a witness, George Moore, taking her husband Peter Hale up to bed at 9.30pm she was dead, verdict, "died from excessive drinking"

Ann SYKES, aged 52, wife of Thomas Sykes, 2 Dance St, who for some time had been suffering from cancer of the breast, died on Sunday morning last, her death was accelerated by excessive drinking.

Ann ANDREWS, a servant in a disreputable house in Finch St aged 28, widow of John Andrews, seaman, died suddenly in a fit on Friday night, Jury at the inquest request a post mortem.

Liverpool Mercury, January 7, 1856

On Saturday last the coroner's jury returned a verdict that Elizabeth RATH, aged 78, Southwell St, Toxteth Park, was accidentally burned on Wednesday afternoon from the effects of which she died in the Southern Hospital on Friday.

On Saturday last an inquest was held on the body of a watchman, Arichibald HOSTON, in the employ of Messers Charles McIver and Co, engaged on board the screw steamship Emu. On Wednesday last deceased made a false turn whilst going to meet his wife who was standing on the quay of the Huskisson Dock with his supper, verdict, "Accidentally drowned."

James Harrison DEWHURST, aged 7, 10 Melville Place, whilst playing with some children in the neighbourhood of his parent's residence was accidentally choked by a bean which he had in his mouth on Thursday last, at an inquest on Saturday, "Accidental death" was recorded.

An inquest was held before Mr Churton on Saturday at Mr Austin's public house, Watson St, Birkenhead, on the body of Matthew DUNNIGAN the son of a labourer St Anne St, who was accidentally scalded about 4wks ago, and died on Friday last from injuries he sustained, a verdict of "Accidental death" was returned.

Liverpool Mercury, January 9, 1856

An inquest was held yesterday on the body of Ellen McLAUGHLAN, aged 7, daughter of Michael McLAUGHLAN, bricklayer's labourer, 5 St Martin St, who died in convulsions on Monday morning, verdict, "natural causes"

On Friday last Owen DOOLEY, aged 55, 15 Court, Chisenhale St, a printer by trade, latterly obtaining a livelihood by cleaning the brasswork in the cabins of vessels, was passing through the Princes Dock gateway he slipped and fell across the railway used for excavation of the new docks. A waggon coming up went over his right leg crushing it severely, he was conveyed to the Northern Hospital where amputation was found necessary. The unfortunate man lingered until Monday last when he died from his injuries, inquest held yesterday, a verdict of "Accidental death" was returned.

Dreadful suicide by a lunatic at Birkenhead

Yesterday Mr H. Churton held an inquest at the Bird-in-Hand public house, Chapel St, Birkenhead on the body of Thomas WELSTALL, aged 66, who was found dead in the yard of his residence on Monday morning last. The deceased was a joiner and builder, carrying on business with his son-in-law Richard CLARKSON in Oldhall St in this town, with whom he lived in Price St, Birkenhead. From the statement of Mr Clarkson it appeared the unfortunate man who had been much addicted to drinking spirits, betrayed symptoms of insanity about two months ago and precautions were taken for his safety. The deceased slept in a back attic by himself, the door of which was fastened. On Monday shortly before 7am Mr Clarkson on going into the yard and discovered the old man lying dead on the pavement, both of his legs were fractured and he had sustained other injuries.. Mr Clarkson afterwards examined the bedroom and found the deceased's nightcap on the slates of the house, the unfortunate man had some time during the night opened the skylight and had precipitated himself from the roof into the yard, death being instantaneous. The servant stated she had heard the deceased speak in a manner in which he contemplated suicide, and a few nights since he opened the window and shouted, "police, murder" etc. She had been cautioned by the police to keep the window fastened. Mr M. McNerney, relieving officer said he saw the deceased, his son and his son-in-law on the 29th ult, were symptoms of insanity were quite apparent. Witness left on a promise from the son and son-in-law they would attend a meeting of the poor law guardians on the 2nd inst, in order that steps might be taken to remove the old man to the Lunatic Asylum and in the meantime a person should take charge of him night and day. The parties however did not attend the meeting and on Mr Mc Nerney meeting Mr Clarkson on the Friday following, that gentleman said the deceased was considerably better and that proper care would be taken of him.. The coroner remarked there had been gross neglect on the part of the son-in-law [whom he reprimanded] the son had been even more culpable in not taking the efficient and proper charge of the old man, Jury returned a verdict that the deceased, "committed suicide whilst in a state of insanity, coupled with a presentment of negligence against his son and son-in-law."

Liverpool Mercury, Aug 27th 1856

On Monday morning whilst William BEVIN, aged 14, of 26 Prince William St, an apprentice with Messers T. A. MACKAY and Co, shipwrights, was going on board the ship SALACIA in the Brunswick Dock, where he was employed, he fell into the water and although his body was recovered in about 10mis life was extinct, yesterday at an inquest, accidentally drowned was returned.

An inquest was held yesterday on the body of William WELLS, aged 66, of 30 Thurlow St. On Sunday last he attended the wedding of a friend John LOXON and had some drink during the day, not much, a little after 9pm, the deceased was putting on his hat, when he gave a reel in the middle of the parlour floor and fell backwards through a door into a cellar, down ten steps and received such injuries to his head as to cause his death the following day.

Fatal stabbing case

Inquest yesterday on the body of William GOTT or RAE, who was stabbed on Sunday morning last by his paramour, Emily MASON, after hearing the evidence of five witnesses the jury returned a verdict of manslaughter. On Monday the prisoner was brought before the magistrates, the evidence produced was from a man named DUFFY living in the same house. Who stated the prisoner and GOTT were together on Saturday night and were quiet and peaceable. On Sunday morning GOTT went out about 7am and brought in some ale which was drunk. A few minutes afterwards the deceased came into his room witness perceived he was bleeding and asked what had happened. Deceased replied he was stabbed in the toe. Witness said, “No you are not” he then replied, “I am in the heart, and she did it with my own knife.” On saying that he fell back. DUFFY immediately went for a policeman and doctor, desiring his wife to look after GOTT. The prisoner had run into the street, but soon returned and went into DUFFY’S room, she stooped down and kissed the deceased. The knife she had used was the pocket knife of the deceased. Mr SAYER surgeon of the Northern Dispensary who had carried out a post mortem and had traced the wound through the left lung, after which Mr MANSFIELD committed the prisoner for trial on a charge of murder. The deceased was the son of Thomas GOTT, Shoemaker, Kent St, Kendal and was a shoemaker by trade and was 29yrs old last Wednesday. His remains will be interred in St James cemetery today


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